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The Jamal Show - The Place to Get Intelligent

The Jamal Show - The Place to Get Intelligent

By Jamal C. Wright

This show is meant to be the equivalent of your own subconscious, talking to you. If your subconscious was from Harlem.

Everything interesting and nothing UN-interesting with Attorney Jamal C. Wright.

The podcast is recorded live from the studios of WKND "The Power" 97.5 FM/1480 AM Hartford, Connecticut, every Saturday morning from 10 AM - 11 AM

This broadcast is all about Current Events Analysis, Legal Commentary, Inspiring Stories, Consumer Intelligence and Life-Hacking. All from the Harlem perspective.
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The Jamal Show - The Place to Get IntelligentMar 06, 2021

Burnout! featuring Hartford Mayoral Candidate Giselle Jacobs
Aug 12, 202301:00:44


Show Topic: "Balance" 

Studio Attendance:

- Host - Attorney Jamal C. Wright

- Cohost - Dr. Alphonso Mack

Topics (not all-inclusive):

1. Florida schools start teaching how slaves gained good work experience from slavery

2. Climate Change on BLAST as a heat wave touches the world! The Number 1 weather-related killer, is HEAT!

3. Trump is about to be INDICTED for JANUARY 6th riots at the capital! This will be his 3rd Indictment. Should Donald Trump be pardoned?

4. Police Officer fired after ordering a police dog to maul a compliant truck driver (watch this clip now!)

Independent Sound Selections, in order (for Breaks):
1.       "The Music Lesson" by Seeds Of Labor

2.      Jamal Show Support Request Commercial

3.      "Zanzibar" The Remix featuring Joe Legendary, Mex Cortez, and Zenji Boy

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Aug 03, 202352:14
Jul 02, 202352:21
The Right Thing
May 28, 202359:33
May 06, 202301:01:29
Change - The Transgender Broadcast

Change - The Transgender Broadcast

Jamal And Dr. Mack talk about Transgender issues with a studio full of guest hosts, that include:

Please Support the Show Charity: Team Vienna for SUDC Awareness

Please support The Jamal Show

Music for this Episode: "Tougher (REMIX)" By Loski, Featuring Mex Cortez

Thank you for your time!

Apr 23, 202358:60
Apr 08, 202357:08


In this episode, Jamal And Dr. Alphonso Mack talk about:

We apologize for the technical difficulties that prevented music play during this broadcast.

We appreciate any support you can offer by getting us a "Coffee!"

Thank you for listening.

Mar 27, 202352:28
Mar 04, 202301:01:39
Punishment - w/ Guest Cohost, Attorney John Rose, Jr.
Feb 04, 202358:28
Failure (With Guest Host, Artist Cory Pane)
Jan 21, 202358:34
Redemption (With Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Taubes)
Jan 07, 202301:00:55
Dec 03, 202252:37


*Sorry for the fascinating background noise! This show was recorded from WITHIN THE VOCAL BOOTH, so it captures all of the side talk!

Jamal And Mack talk about Boundaries and how important they are. With friends, family, and even in Ukraine. Jamal even tells a personal story about his ex-wife. This is a good one!

Other guests include:
1. Dr. Denise Wunderler, representing Team Vienna for SUDC Awareness, And 

2. Jimmy, with our New Segment: "Jimmy with Books."
(We had ONE NO-SHOW. So there's our proof for imperfection).

Nov 24, 202201:02:37
Nov 05, 202259:47
Oct 22, 202201:02:21


Jamal talks about the importance of maintenance regarding the following subjects, with friends Attorney Anthony Johnson, Dr. Alphonso Mack and Jimmy Muwonge:

-Uncle Joe Biden Pardons Potheads
-Herschel Walker won't be a Senator from Georgia AND he sucks as a father.
- Midterm elections are super important
-Vladimir Putin needs to practice the maintenance of his army

Please join us at

Oct 08, 202201:00:23


From the WKND 97.5 FM Studios in Hartford, Connecticut, by way of Harlem, NYC.

Jamal talks behind the back of Queen Elizabeth II. Then Jamal Talks about how to take advantage of the Student Loan Forgiveness Program put forth by Uncle Joe Biden. Then Jamal unveils a new, exciting segment for the show. "Jimmy with books," is a biweekly Book Review Hosted by James "Jimmy" Muwonge. Then Jamal explores the young Black American girl reaction to a new, Black, Little Mermaid.

All with CoHosts, Dr. Alphonso Mack and Deborah Abram.

Music by The Funkee Uncles (She Badd) and Seeds Of Labor (Spanish Harlem)

Please enjoy!

Sep 17, 202248:08



Attorney Jamal Wright discusses The overly-secretive Secret Service, the Uvalde Shooting coverup, Racism at Sesame Place and Democrats' attempt to codify Interracial and Same-Sex marriage against Republican pushback.

Jul 23, 202255:58
Jul 02, 202201:01:06


Jamal talks with Fragrance Harris, a surviving victim of the Buffalo shooting massacre that occurred on May 14th, 2022. Then we talk gun reform with Attorney Anthony Johnson and much more!

Jun 11, 202257:37


Marijuana Reform, Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood, and Mass Shootings. 


Attorney Christopher Pieper

Attorney Anthony Johnson

Doctor Denise Wunderler

May 28, 202259:50
Apr 09, 202253:30


Jamal talks about the War, and Kanye West. By the way, What is a war criminal?
Unfortunately, only half of this broadcast was recorded due to technical difficulties.

Mar 20, 202224:21
Mar 05, 202256:13
Feb 05, 202201:00:38
Jan 16, 202254:44
Conflict - With Attorneys John Rose, John Britain, and Of course, Dr. Alphonso Mack

Conflict - With Attorneys John Rose, John Britain, and Of course, Dr. Alphonso Mack

Jamal tells stories of conflict. And then his guests get into a discussion of the following topics:

White Supremacy. The Daunte Wright police killing trial. White Supremacy. The recent January 6th Commission text message investigation. White Supremacy. The new FDA-sanctioned mail-order abortion pill. White Supremacy. Joe Biden's Build Back better and Voting rights.

By the way...

Attorney John Rose is one of the first Black males to be licensed in the State of Connecticut, back in 1963. He was Hartford City Counselor and New Haven City Counselor consecutively for many years. He is a proud Yale graduate.

Please share with interesting people.

Dec 19, 202101:02:06
Time (with Special Guests: Attorney John Rose and Dr. Alphonso Mack)
Dec 04, 202159:27
Nov 20, 202159:23
Nov 07, 202152:23


The Theme is Necessity

*The Broadcast was recorded BEFORE the passing of General Colin Powell.

Oct 20, 202155:45
Oct 02, 202158:17


Jamal talks about current issues of Credibility.

Sep 18, 202151:48


Jamal talks about Legacy, in dedication to America's 13 fallen heroes in Afghanistan.

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`Team Vienna

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Sep 04, 202155:19
Aug 21, 202152:21
Aug 01, 202159:32
Compassion. And let's talk Haiti with a Haitian Scholar. And Lets talk Cancer with a Brave young man fighting it.

Compassion. And let's talk Haiti with a Haitian Scholar. And Lets talk Cancer with a Brave young man fighting it.

Why compassion is important. And Haiti, And Cancer awareness. Please visit our adopted Jamal Show Charity: Team Vienna

This Episode includes guest Haitian Scholar Jean Eddy Saint Paul, pHD.

This episode also includes Ms. Jennifer Alvelo, Heroic Mother of a child fighting Cancer. 

Please "like" our Facebook page.

Jul 18, 202101:08:22
Self-Interest. And then there's Critical Race Theory...

Self-Interest. And then there's Critical Race Theory...

Jamal discusses topics of Self-Interest. And then delves into a discussion of Critical Race theory, the new boogieman at the end of every Republican bullhorn. 

Please "like" the Jamal Show Facebook Page.

This broadcast Features a special Guest, Dr. Bryan Stare. He appears on the Show to explain Critical Race Theory for a layman.

Please check out the Jamal Show Charity: Team Vienna

The two songs featured on this broadcast are:

"Tougher" By Loski from the African Diaspora album, "The Lounge"

"Smokescreen" By G Streets, of NYC

Both can be found wherever you get your music.

Jun 26, 202154:37
Jun 12, 202155:52
The Importance of Service
Jun 03, 202153:53


Jamal Talks about Teamwork and how important it is.

Jamal lost his son Simon to SIDS. As a result, The Jamal Show - The Place to Get Intelligent has adopted an appropriate charity to try and do our part to help other families who may face this tragedy. Please visit the Team Vienna Charity to learn how YOU can help us find an answer to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood). Even a dollar helps. Please consider a small donation. It matters.

May 15, 202101:00:12
Perspective - Is America A Racist Country?
May 01, 202158:37
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Jamal Talks Law Enforcement a little.


Apr 25, 202157:00


Jamal talks current stories surrounding the theme: Stability.

There are small technical difficulties with this episode. But it is GOOOD!

Apr 15, 202153:34
Purpose - Featuring Guest Artist The "Legendary LNS"
Mar 20, 202158:03
Mar 06, 202156:31
Feb 14, 202152:10
Jan 30, 202158:39
Jan 16, 202156:03