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The Jeremy B Hill Show

The Jeremy B Hill Show

By Jeremy B Hill

For those that are on the journey to become the best version of themselves, this podcast is to inspire, teach and give hope along the way. Stories from leaders that have “made it” and from those still on their path, Jeremy shares the realities of the journey of success and what it takes along the way.
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Episode 14 - Build Bigger & Build Better

The Jeremy B Hill Show Jul 29, 2021

Episode 14 - Build Bigger & Build Better
Jul 29, 202155:11
Episode 13 - An Unforgettable Life
Jun 06, 202156:56
Episode 12 - The Vision For Long Term Success
Feb 14, 202101:01:26
Episode 11 - Focused on Creating Value
Jan 30, 202159:03
Episode 10 - Investing for Lifestyle
Jan 17, 202158:43
Episode 9 - Building An Elite Organization
Jan 01, 202157:31
Episode 8 -Don't Quit vs Don't Tell

Episode 8 -Don't Quit vs Don't Tell

On our own personal journey of success, often the biggest challenges we meet are from those closest to us.  What do you do when those closest to you don’t understand  how you keep going day after day ?

Dec 16, 202006:54
Episode 7 - Working Toward Things That Matter
Dec 07, 202047:50
Episode 6 - Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
Nov 25, 202001:00:15
Episode 5 -Small Town Kid To Big Time Success
Oct 26, 202001:04:23
Episode 4 - Mental Pushups

Episode 4 - Mental Pushups

A couple of weeks has become several weeks has become several months and is looking as though this may be a year or longer.

The things in our lives that made us feel normal and have been put on hold. The affect of removing most of the human elements from peoples lives is having a greater than expected impact on their mental health and emotional well being.

So how do you keep your head on straight during the covid quarantine election craziness ?

Mental Pushups…….

Oct 04, 202011:10
Episode 3 - The Eye of The Storm

Episode 3 - The Eye of The Storm

There are always reasons to quit. There are always reasons to try again later.  There will always be things in life that are trying to distract you or discourage you from the life you are working towards.

No one said your goals would come easy. No one said it wouldn’t hurt at some point.

Those that achieve the success you fighting for have learned to live among the chaos. 

Sep 21, 202005:08
Episode 2 - From Blue Jeans to Billions

Episode 2 - From Blue Jeans to Billions

Blue Jeans to Billions, yes really.  John Pennington has started 13 different business including one of the most successful families of private equity funds managing over $20B in assets.

From attracting great people to building world class teams with a common goal, John and I discuss, business, partnerships and identifying opportunities in ever-changing economies.

Belief - Persistence - Experience - Attitude =  Tremendous Success

John is one of the good guys.  Thanks for sharing your story.

Sep 08, 202001:13:16
Episode 1 - Everything Looks Easy From The Outside

Episode 1 - Everything Looks Easy From The Outside

We all go through moments of inspiration where life leads to wanting to do more, serve more and become more. We watch as others succeed and think “ if they can do it, so can I “ or “it can’t be that hard”.  The key factor missing from most peoples success equation is persistence and execution.

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to share some time with Jeff Pyatt, the CEO of Broadmark (NYSE:BRMK). Listen to his story of going from startup to struggle to success to going public this last year and ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange.  How amazing !!

Thanks Jeff for sharing the journey with us.

Aug 27, 202054:23
Episode 0 - So It Begins....

Episode 0 - So It Begins....

A quick summary of Jeremy and his background up to today and the motivation to start a podcast to share with you !

Aug 16, 202007:47