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The Reading Riot Podcast

The Reading Riot Podcast

By Kim Riot

A podcast for readers, writers, & fans of short stories! One of the best places to get writing advice and book recommendations. Each episode includes a guest and short stories written from a writing prompt. Enjoy bookworms!
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Episode #25 with Callan J. Mulligan

The Reading Riot PodcastNov 13, 2022

Episode #31 with Bookstagrammer Marissa

Episode #31 with Bookstagrammer Marissa

Yo! Another episode is here you reading riots! Join Kim and aspiring writer Marissa on this new adventure. The girls chat about books and their work in progresses. Both ladies finish the episode strong with short stories filled with a fearsome princesses, loyal orcs, cocky knights, and vicious nightmares.

Connect with Marissa on Instagram:

Apr 08, 202348:34
Episode #30 with Patrick Nilan

Episode #30 with Patrick Nilan

Do you have zombies on the brain or is a zombie eating your brain?

Well, either way The Reading Riot Podcast is back with a new episode featuring your favorite writing meme account: @memesforwriters

Hang out with Patrick and Kim as they talk social media, writing tips, and short stories featuring flesh craving zombies.

Mar 18, 202336:42
Episode #29 with F.S. Autumn

Episode #29 with F.S. Autumn

Welcome back reading riots! We've got another episode for you.

Please, say hello to fellow short story writer F.S. Autumn! The girls talk all about writing and the importance of mental health. 

And don't forget some killer short stories involving melodic sirens and curious dryads. 

Connect with F.S. Autumn on Instagram:

@turn_down_for_smut (bookish/writing account)
@feelinstabbybyfaith (small business) 

Join her Patreon:

Feb 25, 202344:35
Episode #28 with Jal Solski
Jan 29, 202340:49
Episode #27 with C.N. Maxwell

Episode #27 with C.N. Maxwell

Hey Reading Riots! 

It's a new year, which means new short stories with demons and alluring phantoms! Kim Riot has put together another episode full of fantasy, romance, and adventure! C.N. Maxwell is also back in da houuuuuse and she's here to gush about her new book. So get excited bookworms. This episode is a treat just for you!

Buy C.N. Maxwell's debut novel To Free the Rising Storm at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and for personalized copies.

Jan 08, 202343:19
Episode #26 The Reading Riot Christmas Special
Dec 10, 202222:32
Episode #25 with Callan J. Mulligan

Episode #25 with Callan J. Mulligan

Welcome back to The Reading Riot Podcast!

In this episode Kim goes down under with indie author Callan J. Mulligan!

Together the two break down writing goals, give advice, and end the episode with a bang!

Yup, killlllller short stories that involve steampunk pirates and courageous knights on the battlefield. 

Connect with Callan:

Instagram: @callanjmulligan

Nov 13, 202249:59
Episode #24 Halloween Special with Best Bud Megan

Episode #24 Halloween Special with Best Bud Megan

Hello ghouls! It's the last Halloween Special for The Reading Riot Podcast!

Kim's best gal pal Megan is back and together they talk about scary folklore and their plans for Halloween.

Buckle up for some spooky short stories intended for mature audiences that include werewolves and skin walkers. 

Halloween themed music compliments of 

Oct 29, 202240:37
Episode #23 Halloween Special with Bex Hemlocke

Episode #23 Halloween Special with Bex Hemlocke

Hey witches! Another spooky episode is here. Hang out with Kim and Bex Hemlocke as they talk paranormal experiences and what pushes someone to become a writer. And don't forget some halloween short stories that involve love-struck witches and ancient ghosts!  This episode also has a sneak peek of the upcoming novel named Haunt by Rachel R. Drake. You can preorder your copy of Haunt by clicking the clink below: @rachelhdrake  Follow Bex Hemlock on Instagram: @bex.hexandrecs

Oct 16, 202249:04
Episode #22 Halloween Special with Rain Sullivan

Episode #22 Halloween Special with Rain Sullivan

Hello witches and ghouls! It's officially October, which means The Reading Riot Podcast is celebrating Halloween all month long.
Join Kim and revisiting guest Rain Sullivan as they talk about their favorite Halloween movies, paranormal experiences, and read spooky short stories which include a haunted house, and a mystical Halloween party.
Follow Rain on Instagram:
Oct 02, 202245:13
Episode #21 with Alyssa J. Pressely

Episode #21 with Alyssa J. Pressely

Welcome back reading riots!
In this episode Kim is with joined with aspiring author Alyssa J. Pressley!
These two girls break down what it is like to write your first book and give their advice for success.
Then the girlies finish the episode with short stories that involve a prankster god and a sexy disguised elf.
Connect with Alyssa on Instagram:
Sep 18, 202243:44
Episode #20 with Bookstagrammer Bex

Episode #20 with Bookstagrammer Bex

Welcome back to another episode of The Reading Riot!
In this episode Kim features her first punk bookworm Bex!
Together the ladies chat about the bookstagram community and what it's like being an ARC reader.
They end the episode with short stories that extend to the far reaches of space back to the humid jungles of Brazil.
Follow Bex on Instagram:
Sep 04, 202250:43
Episode #19 Joyride to Planet Terror
Aug 09, 202232:38
Episode #18 with Connor & Lauren

Episode #18 with Connor & Lauren

Buckle up kids we got an episode talkin' Stranger Things, horror books, and writing advice with Connor Matthew and his girlfriend Lauren. 

And let's not forget listening to some killer short stories involving spunky alien friends and creepy hitchhikers.

Connect with Connor on Instagram:


Listen to Connor and Lauren's podcast:

Date Night Round Table

Jul 10, 202201:01:05
Episode #17 with C.N. Maxwell

Episode #17 with C.N. Maxwell

Welcome back to The Reading Riot Podcast!

In this episode Kim hangs out with indie author C.N. Maxwell.

Together they discuss Maxwell's upcoming release and her writing journey.

Also be freaking ready for short stories with handsome warlocks and sexy shape-shifting dragons. 

Enjoy Reading Riots!

Connect with C.N. Maxwell on Instagram:


Jun 26, 202240:43
Episode #16 with Rain Sullivan

Episode #16 with Rain Sullivan

Sup listeners!

Kim Riot is back with another episode featuring querying author Rain Sullivan!

So if you're a fan of dinosaurs, bomb techs, and girl chat about writing then tune in!

Follow Rain on Instagram:


Jun 12, 202239:54
Episode #15 with Chandra Snicker

Episode #15 with Chandra Snicker

Do you like fairy tales that take place in a creepy cabin? Then take a listen! 

This episode is loaded with dark short stories and a fun chat with indie author Chandra Snicker. 

Follow Chandra on Instagram: 


May 29, 202237:12
Episode #14 with J.M. Ivie

Episode #14 with J.M. Ivie

Hang out with J.M. Ivie and Kim Riot! 

The girls talk about a new book launch, what inspires a writer, and how important music is to the writing process...

And let's not forget some SHORT STORIES read aloud by these chicks. 

Follow J.M. Ivie:
-Instagram: @thejmivie

Read along with Kim's short story called Favored by the Sea by going to Ficiontate.Me

May 08, 202237:08
Episode #13 A Kiss for Sleeping Beauty
Apr 16, 202231:24
Episode #12 with Rebecca K. Sampson

Episode #12 with Rebecca K. Sampson

Do you like vampires? Do you like girl talk? Do you like fantasy novels?

You're in the right place for this episode of The Reading Riot! 

Meet Kim's friend and fellow writer Rebecca K. Sampson in this interview and enjoy some exclusive short stories from these two creative ladies. 

Follow Rebecca on instagram @rebeccaksampson

and on Wattpad by going to

Apr 03, 202235:24
Episode #11 with Natasha D. Lane

Episode #11 with Natasha D. Lane

The Reader Riot Podcast is a place for writers and readers to connect. So join the adventure in my latest episode meeting my indie writer friend Natasha, and enjoy listening to our short stories. 

Mar 17, 202234:06
Episode # 10 I’m back with short stories!

Episode # 10 I’m back with short stories!

After a year long hiatus, Kim Riot is back with The Reading Riot podcast!
Catch up with Kim! Get life updates and listen to a surprise writing prompt segment with her best friend Megan.
Feb 20, 202223:56
July 16, 2020

July 16, 2020

Jul 16, 202000:33