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The Last Black Man Standing

The Last Black Man Standing

By D. Carter & F. James

Intellectual conversations pertaining to situations and events in American society.
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Intergalactic Manosphere

The Last Black Man StandingJun 24, 2021

Intergalactic Manosphere

Intergalactic Manosphere

We finally delved a little deeper into some of the issues that plague black male and female relationships. Join the discussion. Like. Share. Subscribe. Call-in and we will send you a free t-shirt!

D. Carter, F. James, & Bro. Torry. 

Jun 24, 202136:41
Tulsa, Self-Hate, & Power Plays

Tulsa, Self-Hate, & Power Plays

Join us as we discuss the Tulsa Massacere, the definition of self-hate, and the power plays of politicians that play games with black folks. Join the discussion. Leave us a voicemail on our anchor profile and get a free The Last Black Man Standing tee-shirt. 

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Jun 10, 202136:44
Asking For What You Won't Give

Asking For What You Won't Give

Do Black ask of others the same thing they won't give to themselves? Peace. Fairness. Benefit of the doubt?

Join the conversation. Message us on our Anchor Profile. Support the show. 

May 27, 202132:46
The Walking Dead: Who, What, When, & How?
May 19, 202132:51
Don't Do It For The Money
May 12, 202134:57
Standing In Line For $90 Oppression

Standing In Line For $90 Oppression

What in the hell is going on in America? Listen in as we discuss gym shoes, imaginary racism, and daycare shootings. Join the conversation.


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May 05, 202136:25
From: The Dark Side of The Moon
May 01, 202102:07
American Reprieve: Merry Go 'Round Into Oblivion

American Reprieve: Merry Go 'Round Into Oblivion

American Reprieve. What's that? Join us as we discuss the crazy events from this past week. Black denial, ignorance, and preservation are all misunderstood. Is America postponing its judgement?

Apr 21, 202133:48
Edibles, Guns, & Infiltrators

Edibles, Guns, & Infiltrators

Why are people laughing at this little girl high on edibles? Please tell me it is a hoax. Join us as we examine edibles, gun control, among other things. This is a dope episode. Tune in. Join the conversation. 


Girl High on Edibles [Alledged]

Apr 14, 202136:22
Catching A Wolf w/ Bloody Razorblades
Apr 07, 202133:40
Lynchings, Burnt Toast, & Black Gloves
Mar 31, 202135:30
Mind Ya D@mn Business!
Mar 24, 202130:53
Pee In The Pond: Royals, Bullies, & Big Mouths

Pee In The Pond: Royals, Bullies, & Big Mouths

Oh man! We have reached episode 10. Join us as we give our opinions on the Royal Family dealings, and why you shouldn't care. We also discussed SeMarion Humphrey who was made to drink pee and abused during a sleep over. Sheesh. We know we talk a lot of junk, but what about those loud mouths that are saying nothing. What say ye?! Support the show at the links below. We appreciate every single one of you. Leave a message for us. Listen now. 

Mar 17, 202129:54
Cancelled, Convicted, & Caught Up
Mar 10, 202130:54
The Black Messiah [Church]: Failure, Abandonment, & Refusal
Mar 03, 202132:40
Texas 2-Stepping Without Power: Failed Grids, Leadership, & Men

Texas 2-Stepping Without Power: Failed Grids, Leadership, & Men

It takes two to tango and in this case, Texas 2-Step. In this episode we discuss the tragedy in Texas, black leadership, and absentee men. Join us as we explore these topics. Listen. Think. Call in and let us know what's on your mind. Leave a voicemail on the main page of our anchor profile. Click Here. Support the show. Click Here. Check us out on IG. @thelast_bms Email us. Resources  We receive a small commission for any purchases made through our affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you. Books: Psychopathic Racial Personality & Other Essays by Bobby E Wright To Be A Slave by Julius Lester Trick Baby by Iceberg Slim
Feb 24, 202129:18
Gorilla Glued To Stupidity: Are You Out of Your Damn Mind?
Feb 17, 202129:48
Throat Babies, Home-grown Terrorists, & Scared Negroes
Feb 10, 202133:01
Caught At a Cosmic Crossroads: The Role of Black Men, The Mantle, & The Challenge

Caught At a Cosmic Crossroads: The Role of Black Men, The Mantle, & The Challenge

Join us as we discuss the role of African American men in American society, the crap that comes with it, and Black History Month. We even brought up a few statistics in this episode. Please chime in.  Leave us a voicemail and share your opinion. Email -  We look forward to engaging with you.  Resources: Articles- No Progress For African Americans in Over 50 years by Tracy Jan for Washington Post Books-  Black Rage by William H Grier & Price M. Cobbs The Falsification of Black Consciousness by Amos Wilson From the Browder File Vol 2: Survival Strategies for Africans In America by Anthony T Browder The (Y)isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Feb 03, 202133:31
Non-Violent Expectations of Non-Existent Friends
Jan 27, 202144:12
Power Struggles, A Virtual Learning Fiasco, & $1400 Chicken Wings
Jan 20, 202139:48
Insurrection, Ignorance, & No Solutions

Insurrection, Ignorance, & No Solutions

Join us, D. Carter & Frank James IV,  as we talk about the current events in America. We will discuss the Capital Building Insurrection, the Stimulus Package, and the misinformation that "black folks" gladly consume. Our goal is to get people to think, regardless of your position or perspective. 

Leave us a comment, message, or voicemail. We want to hear from you!

Jan 13, 202154:37