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The Freelance Friday Podcast

The Freelance Friday Podcast

By Latasha James

An inside look at the world of freelancing, featuring tips, tricks, and interviews with people who are doing it right.
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What To Do When Things Fall Apart

The Freelance Friday PodcastSep 29, 2023

What To Do When Things Fall Apart
Sep 29, 202321:51
From Social Media Manager to Creative Director with SMMA Alum Mauricio

From Social Media Manager to Creative Director with SMMA Alum Mauricio

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Sep 22, 202322:21
How to Become a Full-Time Content Creator Step by Step

How to Become a Full-Time Content Creator Step by Step

Breaking it ALL down! Here's how I've been able to make a full-time income as a content creator -- from brand deals to products, memberships to ad revenue!

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Sep 15, 202332:29
How to Become a Digital Nomad with Shannon Segall
Sep 08, 202324:48
[bonus episode] a very honest update and a very rare ask.
Sep 04, 202313:39
Threads on Desktop, OpenAI Lawsuit, and... Meghan Markle on Instagram? What's New in Social Media Marketing Right Now
Sep 01, 202324:13
[Q&A] AI's Impact on Social Media Manager Jobs, How to Promise Results to Clients, Handling Criticism & more
Aug 18, 202327:08
How to Start a Business & Get Rich in 2023
Aug 11, 202320:45
What's New In Social Media Marketing? Twitter Rebrands, Threads Update, Barbie's $150 Million Budget
Aug 04, 202325:37
Freelancer vs. Agency: Pros and Cons
Jul 21, 202318:23
What Every GOOD Online Course Should Include
Jul 14, 202322:49
What's New in Social Media Marketing Right Now?
Jul 07, 202327:15
What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Freelance Social Media Manager
Jun 30, 202328:39
Highs & Lows of Freelancing (an honest update)
Jun 23, 202328:18
Why You're Not Booking More Clients (FREELANCER Red & Green Flags)
Jun 16, 202325:02
Your Social Media Strategy is Missing THIS Crucial Element
Jun 09, 202321:36
What It's *Really* Like to Quit Your Job to Go Freelance
Jun 02, 202334:37
How to NOT BURN OUT as a Content Creator
May 26, 202326:21
How I Built an Email List of 30,000+
May 19, 202319:47
The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media Management in 2023
May 12, 202323:43
Do I Regret Working in Social Media? [Life and Business Q&A]
May 05, 202333:27
Do THIS Before Trying to Go Viral
Apr 28, 202323:36
How to Prove ROI as a Social Media Manager
Apr 21, 202322:57
How to THINK Like a Six-Figure Entrepreneur
Apr 14, 202319:48
How to Avoid Clients from Hell
Apr 07, 202318:32
5 Ways to Build a $100K+ Content Creation Business
Mar 31, 202319:41
Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023
Mar 24, 202313:38
Networking for Introverts
Mar 17, 202317:18
Making Friends as a Freelancer
Mar 10, 202323:26
How I'd Become a Social Media Manager in 2023
Mar 03, 202325:49
When You SHOULD Work For Free
Feb 24, 202317:00
Freelancing in THIS Economy, What to Charge, and How to Quit Your Job
Feb 17, 202319:32
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Creating an Online Course
Feb 10, 202316:33
Will AI Take Your Marketing Job?
Feb 03, 202321:28
My Favorite Tools for Social Media Management (and more!)
Jan 27, 202325:46
10 Lessons I Learned from 10 Years on YouTube
Jan 20, 202320:12
My 2022 Content Strategy: What Worked & What Didn't
Jan 13, 202320:44
Are Facebook Ads Still Worth It? + Contract Length Pros & Cons, 2023 Goals, and more
Dec 30, 202225:33
RERUN: What Emily in Paris Gets Right (and Wrong) About Social Media Marketing
Dec 23, 202212:19
perfectionism is holding you back.
Dec 16, 202220:46
How to Make Your Freelance Income More Predictable
Dec 09, 202218:02
My Revenue Breakdown for 2022 (+ how to work with me in 2023)
Dec 02, 202220:29
How I'd Start a YouTube Channel in 2023

How I'd Start a YouTube Channel in 2023

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Which Social Media Metrics Should You Pay Attention To?
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Top Habits of Successful Freelancers
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Want More Clients? Do This
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Turning Down Work, Chaos of Freelancing, and How to Increase Capacity
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