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The Leadership Gap

The Leadership Gap

By Level 7 Leadership

Hi, we’re Laura and Jonathan, unorthodox leadership coaches.

We are so so so bored with the same old conversations about what it takes to be a great leader. They have gotten us to where we are, but won’t take us to where we need to go.

Join us as we explore two riddles we’re absolutely obsessed with: “what the HECK is leadership?” and “what does it take to BE a highly effective leader?” In our attempts to revisit and answer those questions, we will detail tools, tips and topics all in the name of bridging The Leadership Gap.

This is not just another leadership podcast.
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Ep 14: EQ Part 4: 3 Areas of Communication Mastery

The Leadership GapDec 20, 2021

Ep 14: EQ Part 4: 3 Areas of Communication Mastery
Dec 20, 202128:52
Ep 13: EQ Part 3: Deep Listening
Nov 24, 202141:24
Ep 12: Creating Lasting Behaviour Change (In Yourself AND Others)
Oct 25, 202140:18
Ep 11: EQ Part 2: Self-Regulation
Sep 09, 202133:25
Ep 10: EQ Part 1: Self-Awareness
Aug 10, 202127:13
Ep 9: The Hour of Power
Jul 15, 202132:04
Ep 8: How To Be a Friend and Be a Boss at the Same Time
Jun 22, 202130:39
Ep 7: How to Solicit and Integrate (The Right) Feedback
May 25, 202123:19
Ep 6: How to Keep Your S*** Together In Difficult Situations
Apr 26, 202125:03
Ep 5: Our favourite hack for shifting our perspective
Apr 03, 202126:03
Ep 4: 6 Reasons Why You're Not Feeling Motivated
Mar 09, 202129:09
Ep 3: The Code To Cracking Any and All of Your Problems
Feb 16, 202125:22
Ep 2: 3 Major Mindsets Getting in the Way of Your Self Care
Feb 10, 202134:51
Ep 1: What It Takes To Be a Great Leader
Jan 20, 202117:21
Introducing: The Leadership Gap

Introducing: The Leadership Gap

Hey there! Welcome to our podcast. We're Laura and Jonathan, leadership coaches and co-founders of Level 7 Leadership. This episode will introduce you to us and give you an idea of what to expect on the show. 

Jan 05, 202103:38