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The Love Offering

The Love Offering

By The Love Offering

Loving Fully and Living Faithfully
Real stories of women who are living out their faith in love to God, others, and even to themselves. Tune in to discover how you too can be a love offering to those around you and learn to believe that what you offer matters.
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A Little Clothing Goes a Long Way with Katie Lewis

The Love OfferingMay 30, 2023

A Little Clothing Goes a Long Way with Katie Lewis
May 30, 202319:04
A Little Thought Goes a Long Way with Dr. Michelle Bengtson
May 23, 202330:25
A Little Courage Goes a Long Way with Toni Collier

A Little Courage Goes a Long Way with Toni Collier

Show NMany of us feel the pressure to be perfect, but what we really want is the freedom to be broken. We long to hear that our brokenness doesn't discount us, and we want a way out of the pain that threatens to overwhelm us.

Toni Collier is on the show today sharing about her book titled Brave Enough to Be Broken. She shares a biblical road map you can use to heal from the pain, the shame, and the regrets that have tried to steal your joy, so you can rest in the unconditional love, healing, and hope of Jesus. Join is to discover how to bravely process your brokenness so that you can experience the fullness of God's restoration power.

Connect with Toni:
May 16, 202332:48
A Little Gesture Goes a Long Way by Dr. Gary Chapman
May 09, 202336:14
A Little Tradition Goes a Long Way with Crickett Keeth

A Little Tradition Goes a Long Way with Crickett Keeth

Do you have any traditions, special dates, activities, or places that help you commemorate significant events in your life? Especially those events where God has done something for you? While traditions often revolve around major events such as the birth and resurrection of Jesus, they can also serve to celebrate personal moments—the little things maybe only you would recognize, such as how God answered a certain prayer, supplied for your need, or made himself incredibly known to you.

Crickett Keeth is in the show today chatting about her favorite traditions and leaving a legacy. She asks us to consider what we are passing down to the next generation. Think about what heritage you want to give to your family and the significance your customs carry. How can you tell others of God’s faithfulness by creating a new tradition of your own or by continuing a tradition that was passed on to you? Whatever traditions you and I practice, I pray they are rooted in biblical truth and keep God at the forefront so future generations can connect with him and connect with each other. Because if there is anything worth passing on, it is Him.

What is your favorite tradition?

Connect with Crickett:
Crickett Keeth is the Women’s Ministry Director at First Evangelical Church in Memphis, Tennessee, where she writes and teaches the women's Bible studies. She is the author of Before the Throne (Moody), On Bended Knee (Moody), The Gift of Rest (CrossLink), and Sumatra with the Seven Churches (AMG, coauthored with Sandra Glahn). Crickett served on staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) for ten years and is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. In addition to speaking regularly at her own church, she speaks and teaches seminars. In her free time she likes to read, play games with friends, travel, and love on her two cats. For more resources for ministry, visit her website at
May 02, 202332:42
A Little Testimony Goes a Long Way with Joanna Weaver

A Little Testimony Goes a Long Way with Joanna Weaver

What is your testimony? Have you ever had a hard time articulating it or believing in its power? While our experiences with Jesus may vary greatly, the impact of sharing them does not. In fact, Scripture tells us the devil is defeated by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony (Revelation 12:11). Jesus already completed his part, and now, it’s our turn to follow through with ours. Consider for a moment how your life might have unfolded if someone hadn’t shared their testimony with you. Because those who have gone before us were faithful to their mission, we heard the good news and had the opportunity to believe. Now we have the same responsibility to tell others about his saving grace. Once we experience him, we are meant to become witnesses for him. Their eternal salvation is at stake. Joanna Weaver is on the show today sharing her testimony with us as she has learned to find intimacy with God in the midst of the busyness of life and embrace trust. What could transform someone’s life more than a relationship with Him? We don’t have to have any special skill to be a witness for Christ. Simply tell your God story and how he has changed your life. This is how the gospel is spread. Your testimony could be the reason someone else can have a testimony of their own. Connect with Joanna: Christian Author & Speaker - Joanna Weaver ( The Living Room podcast @joannaweaverbooks Free 5 Day Challenge: Embracing Trust 5-Day Challenge | Join Today! - Joanna Weaver (
Apr 25, 202337:13
A Little Inclusion Goes a Long Way with Nicole Langman
Apr 18, 202334:28
A Little Grace Goes a Long Way with Rachael Gilbert
Apr 11, 202338:16
A Little Hospitality Goes a Long Way with Amy Hannon

A Little Hospitality Goes a Long Way with Amy Hannon

Now more than ever, the world is hungry to gather and thirsty for connection. Many of us wish to share a meal, share our faith, and share our lives with others. We want to open our home to friends and neighbors for the sake of meaningful community, but we’re overwhelmed with hospitality hang-ups. How do I extend an invitation? What will they think of my house or the food? Our welcome has been influenced by the messages of the world that tell us hospitality is about our ability to be, host, live, and cook a certain way. In today’s episode, Amy Hannon shares insights through her book Gather & Give to inspire you to embrace the simple hospitality of the Bible that values connection more than perfection and people more than presentation. Amy shares scriptural principles and practical ideas to make everyday hospitality a natural, joy-filled part of your life. Join us to discover that the hospitality of the Bible is uncomplicated and effortless, that a welcome can be used by God to share His love and hope with the world, and that there is abounding joy in following the Lord in His hospitality command. Whether preparing shrimp and grits for a crowd or picking up barbecue with new neighbors, you can invite with intention, plate with purpose, and love others well. Connect with Amy:
Apr 04, 202348:05
A Little Money Goes a Long Way with Rachel Cruze

A Little Money Goes a Long Way with Rachel Cruze

A little money can go a long way to create beautiful memories. While big vacations and expensive purchases can be nice, so can things from the dollar store. When we use a little creativity and give gifts from our hearts, even items that are free can have a big impact.

This principle is beautifully displayed in the life of a poor widow who gave all she had in the Gospels of Mark and Luke. While her donation was meager in comparison to those of the other givers that day, Jesus drew the disciples’ attention to her offering in particular. I love that Jesus valued her humble gift. From our earthly perspective, we question how in the world her minuscule donation could make any difference, but to Jesus, it made all the difference in the world. Jesus used the little money she had to teach a lesson about the heart of giving and show that any amount spent from the heart can yield an eternal dividend. Rachel Cruze from Ramsey Solutions is on the show today chatting about how a little money can go a long way through her books Know Yourself, Know Your Money: Discover WHY you handle money the way you do, and WHAT to do about it and Love Your Life Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want. Join us to learn tips to give generously and steward your money well to create a life you love.

Connect with Rachel:
The Rachel Cruze Show
Smart Money Happy Hour Podcast

Episode Sponsor: Crowned Free

Crowned Free is a fashion and gifts brand that’s on a mission to end the injustice of human trafficking.

They give back a portion of all profits to organizations both in the United States and internationally that work to restore, rescue, and rehabilitate survivors.

Crowned Free also creates sustainable jobs for girls who have been rescued from human trafficking to make over half of their products. This opportunity equips survivors with vocational skills that they can use to provide for themselves and their families.

This month, spend $75 and receive this month’s ethically made, survivor made item at a 50% discount.

To learn more, get involved or to start shopping, visit
Mar 28, 202326:41
A Little Humility Goes a Long Way with Chelsey DeMattais

A Little Humility Goes a Long Way with Chelsey DeMattais

When we truly understand who Christ is, our self-importance melts away. This is true humility, the basis for greatness in any work we do for the Lord. But how do we live a life more focused on Christ in a me-centered world? Chelsey DeMatteis is on the show sharing about her book More of Him, Less of Me. In today’s episode, Chelsey points us to the cross and away from the trap of our self-centered culture. Join us to encounter a shift in the way you see the world and how God sees you. Your lens will go from a "me" perspective to a Kingdom perspective. Your heart will be shaped by the truth from God's word and the overflow will cause others to lean in, listen, and desire a life of more Jesus!

Connect with Chelsey:
Living with Less podcast

Episode Sponsor: Crowned Free

Crowned Free is a fashion and gifts brand that’s on a mission to end the injustice of human trafficking.

They give back a portion of all profits to organizations both in the United States and internationally that work to restore, rescue, and rehabilitate survivors.

Crowned Free also creates sustainable jobs for girls who have been rescued from human trafficking to make over half of their products. This opportunity equips survivors with vocational skills that they can use to provide for themselves and their families.

This month, spend $75 and receive this month’s ethically made, survivor made item at a 50% discount.

To learn more, get involved or to start shopping, visit:
Mar 21, 202341:45
A Little Effort Goes a Long Way with Rebecca George
Mar 14, 202339:41
A Little Conversation Goes a Long Way with Shannan Martin
Mar 07, 202333:52
A Little Faith Goes a Long Way with Kelly Minter
Feb 28, 202332:25
A Little Prayer Goes a Long Way with Niki Hardy
Feb 21, 202323:38
A Little Touch Goes a Long Way with Leighann McCoy

A Little Touch Goes a Long Way with Leighann McCoy

There is just something comforting about the touch of a loved one, isn’t there? An encouraging pat on the back, a reassuring squeeze of the hand, a playful rustle of the hair, a quick kiss on the forehead, or a lingering embrace—these kinds of touches can strengthen our connection, soothe our emotions, and communicate understanding without a word. From the moment we are born to the final days of our lives, touch is an integral part of the human experience, impacting our physical, mental, and emotional health. ​In today’s episode, Leighann McCoy is joining us to talk about her book Women Touched by Jesus and how He understood the power of touch. Jesus held children, washed feet, and healed the sick through physical touch. Just as He was moved by compassion, compassion can move us to reach out to others too. Your simple, wordless gestures could be exactly what is needed to strengthen a connection, soothe an emotion, communicate without a word, or heal a hurting heart. Does someone need a touch from you today?
Feb 14, 202341:04
A Little Time Goes a Long Way with Kerry and Chris Shook
Feb 07, 202351:45
A Little Celebration Goes a Long Way with Leslie E. Thompson
Jan 31, 202331:52
A Little Companionship Goes a Long Way with Michele Howe
Jan 24, 202332:15
A Little Song Goes a Long Way with Hannah Anderson
Jan 17, 202328:25
A Little Work Goes a Long Way with Jordan Raynor
Jan 10, 202326:13
A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way with Jodi Rosser
Jan 03, 202331:35
A Little Dream Goes a Long Way with Shayne Moore and Carolyn Castleberry Hux
Dec 27, 202233:47
A Little Walk Goes a Long Way with Trudy Lonesky
Dec 20, 202229:33
A Little Meal Goes a Long Way with Erin Davis
Dec 13, 202224:57
A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way with Carol McLeod
Dec 06, 202245:27
A Little Belief Goes a Long Way with Nicole Jacobsmeyer
Nov 29, 202224:05
A Little Group Goes a Long Way with Hal Donaldson
Nov 22, 202226:21
A Little Presence Goes a Long Way with Grace P. Cho
Nov 15, 202229:40
A Little Encounter Goes a Long Way with Alice Matagora
Nov 08, 202245:45
A Little Yes Goes a Long Way with Jennifer Hand

A Little Yes Goes a Long Way with Jennifer Hand

Isn’t it time you said yes to God? What’s holding you back? The risk? The unknown? The unwillingness to shake up the comfortable status quo? Whatever it is, if you’re not in God’s best place, you’re missing out on something great. The Lord is calling you into a Promised Land. But it’s going to take some faith steps to get there.
Jenn Hand wants you to be able to say to God, “My yes is on the table.” Not halfheartedly. Not half the time. Not halfway there. Jenn wants you to go all in with God—because God is all in for you.
My Yes Is on the Table takes you into the story of the Israelites as they journeyed out of the wilderness and into the Holy Land that God had granted them. Each chapter will challenge you to move from a fear stop to a faith step. And once you’ve started taking those steps with God, there’s no telling where you’ll end up.
For too long, you’ve been paralyzed by fear of the future. You feel God calling. You want to go forward with His plans. Yet fear has stopped you from taking the leap. No more! Instead of letting fear stop you short, let faith call you forward with newfound confidence and holy boldness. Put your “yes” on the table, and watch God do more in your life than you could have ever imagined.

“God said yes to me, so I pray I continue to say yes to Him.”

If you’ve never said yes to God, please reach out to Jennifer or me. We’d love share the Good News of the Gospel with you!

Nov 01, 202228:00
A Little Invitation Goes a Long Way with Barb Hill
Oct 25, 202221:43
A Little Vessel Goes a Long Way with Lynn Cowell
Oct 18, 202228:13
A Little Love Goes A Long Way with Megan Lacefield

A Little Love Goes A Long Way with Megan Lacefield

High school sweethearts who started out on shaky ground but through hard work and commitment decided that marriage is worth the work. Chad and Megan Lacefield launched Built for Two so they could inspire and empower couples of all ages and stages to pursue God and each other for the sake of their legacy They call themselves two people who have defied the odds stacked against them and in spite of it all, love all things marriage and family.

Megan is on the show today sharing their story and encouraging us to keep the main things the main things. She is honest to say that they didn’t arrive at a great marriage overnight but after years of practice and making little shifts they’ve learned how to love each other well, cheer each other on and deal with the junk when it gets in the way of all God has for them. Join us today to discover how a little love goes a long way.
Oct 11, 202238:29
A Little Beginning Goes a Long Way with Mike Novotny
Oct 04, 202240:19
Our Inherent Significance with Shari Rigby

Our Inherent Significance with Shari Rigby

As women in today’s world, we face extraordinary pressure to pursue a great calling and perform to prove our worth. This pressure breeds anxiety, and we often find ourselves “toiling and spinning,” as Jesus described.

After striving to find purpose in the competitive environment of Hollywood, Shari Rigby reminds us that our purpose and significance have already been spoken by God. Through her devotional Consider the Lilies and in today’s episode, Shari guides us back to the Scriptures to discover the will of God for their lives and remind us of our inherent value. Connect with Shari:
The Women In My World
Oct 03, 202235:37
When Life Feels Strangely Dim with Heather Anderson

When Life Feels Strangely Dim with Heather Anderson

Have you ever questioned God’s leading when following Him costs you your greatest joy? Has your acceptance of God’s plan brought you grief instead of peace? Do you find that waiting for clarity is excruciating when you’re suffering in the present?

These are some of the questions Heather Anderson wrestled with. When her husband, Josh, left his professional baseball career in obedience to Christ’s calling, years of pain and brokenness followed. Not only did God require Josh to die to himself, but Heather also experienced a pouring out. Together, however, they learned that being separated from your dream doesn’t mean you’ve separated from God.

Through this episode you will:

▫️Take active steps to mend your relationship with God.
▫️Restore your trust in God when He changes your circumstances.
▫️Gain confidence to speak with the Lord after you’ve been disappointed.
▫️Overcome the urge to shrink back from your mission when your purpose is unclear.
▫️Discover satisfaction in your new phase of life.

Join us as Heather shares how to return to your first love. Because as she will show you, personally experiencing the Lord is how you obtain His light, because in Him there is no darkness. Your pain will grow dim in the light of your commitment and God’s glory.

“We can be love offerings by staying committed to the Lord and doing what He’s called us to do. Your faith and your commitment can change the world.”

Connect with Heather:
Sep 27, 202234:47
Your Second Chapter with Vera Holloway
Sep 20, 202201:04:18
Things That Matter with Joshua Becker

Things That Matter with Joshua Becker

Do you want to live a meaningful life—with very few regrets—and make a positive difference in the world? But is culture distracting you from doing so? Perhaps moments, days, and years go by without you stopping to ask yourself, Am I living out my true purpose? Even if that question whispers to you, are you brushing it aside because you don’t know what to change in life’s busyness?

Joshua Becker is on the show helping us identify the obstacles—such as fear, technology, money, possessions, and the opinions of others—that keep us from living with intention, and then he provides practical ideas for letting go of those distractions today so we can focus on what matters most. He uses practical exercises and questions, insights from a nationwide survey, and success stories to give us the motivation we need to:

• identify the pursuits that matter most
• align our dreams with our daily priorities
• recognize how money and possessions keep us from happiness
• become aware of how others’ opinions of us influence our choices
• embrace what we’re truly passionate about instead of planning that next escape
• figure out what to do with all those emails, notifications, and pings
• let go of past mistakes and debilitating habits

Today’s episode is about living well. It’s about overcoming the chatter of a world focused on all the wrong things. It’s about rethinking the common assumptions of today to find satisfaction and fulfillment tomorrow.

How do we get to the end of our lives with minimal regrets? We set aside lesser pursuits to seek lasting meaning. And we discover the joy of doing it every day.

“We become our best love offering by not being sidetracked from what we can offer the kingdom of God by what the world is offering.”

Connect with Joshua:

Sep 13, 202231:07
Following God’s Will with Brittany Ann
Sep 06, 202254:49
A Love-Stretched Life with Jillana Goble
Aug 30, 202252:42
Speaking Truth in Love with Cheryl Marshall and Caroline Newheiser
Aug 23, 202238:12
Designed to Last with Dino and Ashley Petrone
Aug 16, 202238:12
How to Trust God’s Heart by Tracing His Hand with Alexandra Hoover

How to Trust God’s Heart by Tracing His Hand with Alexandra Hoover

“Where were you, God? I can't see your hand in my story. Have you ever really shown up for me? Your heart might be good, but just not to me.”

If you've thought these things, you aren't alone. Alexandra Hoover has been in that dark place too. On today’s show, she reveals that God offers a clear way out—by getting your eyes off your surroundings and raising them up to the Ebenezer stone moments in your life. Ebenezer stone by Ebenezer stone, God did this for Alexandra, helping her trace his grace. He lifted her eyes to see the places He had met her and helped her along, even in the darkest parts of the story, and on top of that, He casted vision for her mission and purpose as a member of His family. Join us to learn to:

Chart your own Ebenezer-journey with God, stone by stone
Learn how to embrace God's sovereignty in every twist and turn of your life
Enjoy the gift of confident faith, no matter what part of the story you face today
Walk away with your own clear testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life to share with others who need help and faith right now
Understand your place in God's family and His mission for your life

Are you ready to finally see God's hand at work in countless moments that lay behind you—and more than that, trust His heart and see His vision for the moments ahead? Then look up to the Ebenezer stones that God has not only built in your story, but wants to use in mighty, missional ways.

“We are called living stones. Because of Christ you are someone’s answer to prayer.”

Connect with Alexandra:
Aug 09, 202233:10
Encouragement For the Sufferer with Colleen Chao
Aug 02, 202254:21
Why You Don't Have it Together with Scarlet Hiltibidal
Jul 26, 202234:47
The Path to Peace with Ann Swindell
Jul 19, 202236:08
Distraction Detox with Billie Jauss
Jul 12, 202250:05
Ordinary on Purpose with Mikala Albertson
Jul 05, 202222:33
Prayers of Rest with Asheritah Ciuciu
Jun 28, 202247:37
Surrendering All with Michelle Lazurek
Jun 21, 202252:28
How to Keep Dreaming with Emily Jansen
Jun 14, 202236:34
The Sacred Truth of Who You Are with Aubrey Sampson

The Sacred Truth of Who You Are with Aubrey Sampson

Who am I? Does God see me? Does God love me? What is my purpose?

So much is tied up in our longing to know who we are: our worth, whether we’re loved, what we’re meant to do with our lives. But there’s a powerful truth that settles every question: God has named us, and the names he has spoken over us settle every question and pain we have experienced in our search for identity.

Names help us know that we belong and to whom we belong. Names carry authority and power. But we also carry other names―painful, damaging names that we have spoken over ourselves or that others have branded on us. Too often, in times of low self-worth, grief, or failure, we exchange our God-given identity for those false names.

When we believe God’s names for us, we will discover a life lived with purpose and passion. Are you ready to accept God’s invitation to silence the inner voice that keeps you from living freely, joyfully, and confidently?

A lot is at stake in understanding the sacred truth of who you are. The names you believe about yourself impact how you live, how you love, and how you move and bear witness to the gospel.

Hear this: God has true names that he speaks over you and wants you to hear above the false banter.

Aubrey Sampson is on the show inviting us to understand and embrace what it means to be created and named in the image of God. In the process, it will ignite a passion to speak life-giving names over others, to bless them through the power of the Name that is above every other.

Join us to discover what it means to be powerfully and personally made and named in the image of God. Everything changes when you believe this incredible truth: You are known by God.

Connect with Aubrey:
Nothing is Wasted Podcast
The Common Good Talk Show
Jun 07, 202250:13
Finding, Keeping, and Loving Our Friends with Bailey T. Hurley
May 31, 202230:37
Trusting God in All the Things with Ruth Schwenk
May 24, 202236:15
Becoming a Confident Mom with Renee Swope
May 17, 202249:00
Why Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots with Mary Marantz
May 10, 202251:45
Raising Strong Children with Amy Bloye

Raising Strong Children with Amy Bloye

From energy and injury to surviving middle school, moms are asking questions. They want to know
about training, role models, overcoming fear, dealing with ADD, how to talk to their teenagers and how to get them to have a conversation. Moms want to know if they have permission to take care of themselves, how to not act shocked, and how to experience God’s
grace and joy in being a mom. Amy Bloye is on the show today sharing her wisdom she has learned through motherhood in her book titled Between Ball Games. Join us to feel more equipped to raise the boys in your life into strong men and the girls in your life into strong women.

Eph 3:19 We have to let ourselves be loved by God and then let that love overflow.”

Connect with Amy:
Cultivate_women in ministry
May 03, 202244:57
How God Loves Us with Jessica Thompson
Apr 26, 202245:54
Finding Identity in a Culture of Loneliness with Bonnie Gray

Finding Identity in a Culture of Loneliness with Bonnie Gray

Growing up as a Chinese American daughter of a mail-order bride and a busboy working in San Francisco Chinatown, Bonnie Gray had never truly felt beautiful or beloved. She had built her life to look pleasant and ordinary, with a wonderful husband, two amazing boys, and a thriving career. But despite these blessings, she still felt the tugging emptiness of a missing piece.

At 39, a long-forgotten birth certificate in an old file cabinet sparked a curiosity Bonnie couldn’t ignore. Determined to uncover family secrets and understand the home she was born into, Bonnie embarked on a journey that would leave her forever changed. Returning to the culture, places, and stories that shaped her, her search led her to soul-shaking discoveries about her identity, human kindness, and what it truly means to be loved.

Bonnie is on the show today sharing her memoir titled Sweet Like Jasmine. It is a profoundly moving account of how God uses our unique and broken stories to create a beautiful mosaic of His love, one life at a time.

Feel seen and valued, because you are worthy of loving, resting in God’s love for you.
See the grace woven in each chapter of your life and embrace the wholeness of who you are.
Learn to listen deeply to your life and feel empowered in your true worth.
Find freedom, hope, and healing in rewriting your stories with faith.
Through powerful truths and insightful reflection prompts, find beauty out of brokenness and belonging out of loneliness.
Be love offerings by sharing with others what brings us joy and peace. But you first have to receive it yourself.
Connect with Bonnie:
Apr 19, 202251:48
A How-To-Guide to Friendship with Amy Weatherly

A How-To-Guide to Friendship with Amy Weatherly

Is it just me? Am I the only one who’s lonely? Am I the only one without friends? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, founders of the widely popular “Sister, I Am with You,” are raising their hands to say, “Yeah, us too.” And they want to encourage, equip, and reassure you that you have what it takes to build the kind of friendships you want. I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) provides you with the how of cultivating deep relationships in this messy, chaotic, beautiful life. Through this episode, you’ll learn how to: ▫️admit you need friends—then go out and find them, ▫️dismantle the lies you’ve believed about friendship, ▫️love yourself so you can find people who will love you for you, ▫️be a good friend even though you can’t be a perfect one, and ▫️heal from a friend breakup—and find the courage to try again. It’s time you felt completely accepted as you are—from the top of your messy bun to the tips of your unpedicured toes. Let’s start making friendships a priority—together. “To be a love offering view every connection as a gift from God.” “Instead of working for love, come from a place where you’re working from love.” Audio Book sample: Connect with Amy and Jess:
Apr 12, 202244:22
Embrace Your Life with Elizabeth Woodson

Embrace Your Life with Elizabeth Woodson

All of us live with some sort of longing in our hearts—a gap between the life we want and the life we actually have. As we try to navigate this sense of longing and the circumstances we desperately wish would change, we try to hang on to the belief that God will fulfill our desires, while waiting to see the answers to our prayers realized.

For some, those prayers are answered. Yet for others, the longing persists, making us weary at best and debilitated at worst. Living this way leaves us asking the same questions: “How do I find God’s joy in this life when it isn’t the life I hoped for?” or “How do I deal with the gap between the life I want and the life I’ve been given?”

Elizabeth Woodson is on today’s episode equipping us for joyful living in that gap. You’ll learn to:

▫️Realize joy is possible
▫️Avoid emotional escapism and naïve blindness to reality
▫️Have your eyes opened to what “biblical contentment” really means
▫️Enjoy God’s unfailing presence
▫️Understand your divine calling

Elizabeth shares life-changing truth that has the heart-healing power you’ve been searching for, and helps you walk through your current life situations from a new perspective—one that embraces actual, real, deep joy in the midst of the inevitable longings of life.

“This week’s love offering is to see other people. No one is as strong as we think they are.”


Apr 05, 202220:38
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Ricky and Krista Ortiz
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Mar 15, 202232:08
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Mar 08, 202233:31
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Feb 01, 202242:56
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Jan 18, 202237:25
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Speaking Truth into the Darkness with Ellie Holcomb
Jan 04, 202229:49
One Good Word A Day with The Ruth Experience

One Good Word A Day with The Ruth Experience

If you were to pick one word for the year, what would it be?
Invite . . . Abide . . . Balance . . . Simplify . . . ?

Every January, many of us proclaim our word for the year, choosing something inspiring that will help us set our intention for the coming months. But what would happen if rather than choosing one word for an entire year (because let's face it, some of us forget by March), we focused on one good word each day―one thought-provoking, spiritually relevant, and encouraging word that reveals the many lovely and delightful truths of who Jesus is in our lives?

The Ruth Experience is on the show today talking about One Good Word a Day. This 365 day devotional offers simple, but deeply spiritual meditations that will help us linger on one word each day to identify and reflect on how Jesus as the Word influences our daily lives.

We pray you realize that Jesus is more than one word. He offers us abundance, hope, peace, kindness, courage, mercy, and so much more. One Good Word a Day reminds us that in Christ, we find all we need to live encouraged and uplifted every day.

“Keep your eyes open. God sends us in the places and spaces we already are.”

“Spend time with God and focus on Him. Remind yourself of His care and love for you. Then, out of that place, be aware of how you can love the people around you.”

“Be intentional and look for opportunities around you.”

Connect with The Ruth Experience:
Dec 28, 202128:30
Tending To Our Hearts and the Hearts of Others with Charity Rios
Dec 21, 202140:19
How Every Small Kindness Makes A Big Impact with Becky Keife
Dec 14, 202146:37
Resolve Your Internal and External Conflicts with Ashley Abercrombie
Dec 07, 202150:25
Tools for an Emotionally Healthy You with Janell Rardon
Nov 30, 202140:36
Repairing Relationships and Restoring Community with Jennie A. McLaurin and Cymbeline T. Culiat

Repairing Relationships and Restoring Community with Jennie A. McLaurin and Cymbeline T. Culiat

Our bodies are designed to heal. We fall off our bikes and skin our knees―and without effort on our part, the skin looks like new in a few days. But while our skinned knees easily heal, it can sometimes feel like our emotional and relational wounds are left gaping open, broken beyond repair. If our bodies instinctively know how to heal physical injuries, could they also help us understand how to restore painful emotional and relational ruptures?

In their book Designed to Heal: What the Body Shows Us about Healing Wounds, Repairing Relationships, and Restoring Community, and on today’s episode, physician Jennie A. McLaurin and scientist Cymbeline Tancongco Culiat:

• address the immense felt need for reconciliation, wholeness, and function in our broken relationships and divided communities,
• explain the science behind the stages of physical wound healing and how this reveals parallel insights into how people can recover from social wounds,
• share current research on brain science as it relates to the damaging effects of trauma and the protective effects of positive emotions and experiences,
• equip readers with new concepts and tools to use in resolving interpersonal conflict, and
• offer hope and encouragement to readers as they pursue the healing of divisions within their greater communities.

Join us to learn how the body is created with mechanisms that optimize a flourishing recovery from life’s inevitable wounds. We pray after listening, you realize we are given a model for hopeful, faithful, and enduring healing in all other aspects of our lives. Our wounds don’t have to have the last word.

“We want people to be hopeful about healing and see it as the healthy design. We believe that readers can extract a lot of principles from the book so they can become better agents of healing in their lives/circles—offering themselves as agents of healing — to be essential components of the healing matrix in the circles they live in.” Cymbeline T. Culiat

Connect with Jennie and Bem:
Nov 23, 202132:14
God's Goodness In Suffering with Summer Gordon
Nov 15, 202128:01
Rekindling Hope with Jackie Aviles
Nov 09, 202149:46
God, Do You Hear Me? with Derwin Gray

God, Do You Hear Me? with Derwin Gray

If we're honest, that's a sentiment we’ve all shared. Prayer can be challenging and confusing. Often we feel abandoned, betrayed, and anxious. We don't know what to pray for, we don't know the words to say, and sometimes it just feels like there's no one on the other side. Pastor and bestselling author Derwin Gray addresses all of these feelings and thoughts today on the show. Using his book “God, Do You Hear Me?” (B&H) as a guide, Derwin walks us through the Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6:9-13). We also chat about: ▫️His time playing in the NFL ▫️God’s transformation process ▫️Partnering with God Tune in to discover the prayer God always answers. We pray this episode helps you break through to a completely new and refreshing prayer life. “When we try to be good without God we end up being bad. So, the way you become a love offering is you let the unlimited, life-giving, sin forgiving, love of Jesus ravage you.” Connect with Derwin: @derwinlgray
Nov 02, 202148:45
When God Says No, Wait, or Go, and All The Feels Throughout It All with Elizabeth Laing Thompson

When God Says No, Wait, or Go, and All The Feels Throughout It All with Elizabeth Laing Thompson

Emotions—love them or hate them, we’ve all got them. And we’ve all got to figure out what to do with them. But wait—can we do anything about our emotions? Can we learn how to identify, express, experience—and yes, sometimes wrangle—our feelings in order to live a vibrant, healthy, fruitful life for Jesus?

Elizabeth Laing Thompson uses her experiences as a big feeler to encourage and equip different kinds of feelers with the biblical perspectives, practical tools, and scriptural reservoir they need through her book All the Feels (Tyndale) and All the Feels for Teens (Wander).

As a woman who has lived every day of her life having All The Big Feelings All The Day Long, Elizabeth knows what it’s like to live life through our emotions—and how important it is to understand, take control of, and grow from those emotions. Whether you have a sensitive soul with more feelings than you know how to name, a logical personality that doesn’t quite know what to do with feelings, or a steady flow of emotions somewhere in the middle, this episode will help you:

▫️discover your own God-designed “feelings style” and how it impacts your life and relationships,
▫️distinguish fact from feeling and figure out which feelings you can trust, and
▫️understand which emotional gifts God wants you to expand, explore, and enjoy.

Get ready to throw open the doors of your heart, bringing God to your emotions and your emotions to God—the One who invented feelings and who always welcomes yours.

Plus we chat about Elizabeth's other books When God Says No (Barbour), When God Says Wait, and When God Says Go (Shiloh)! So much goodness in one episode!

This week’s love offering is to “love someone else through their hard time. Comfort those who need comforted. That is how we redeem those difficult times.”

Connect with Elizabeth:
Oct 26, 202144:33
Celebrating and Embracing Our Differences with Heather Avis

Celebrating and Embracing Our Differences with Heather Avis

The Lucky Few is a social awareness brand on the mission to make a more inclusive and loving world with an emphasis on shifting the Down syndrome narrative. Heather Avis is the founder and chief visionary officer of The Lucky Few and mom of three adopted children, two of which have Down Syndrome. She is on the show chatting about her children’s book titled “Different—A Great Thing To Be!” (WaterBrook & Multnomah, imprints of Penguin Random House). Join us as Heather shares about learning to value the "different" in all people, leading the way to a more inclusive, kinder world in which our differences are celebrated and warmly embraced. This week’s love offering is to say to ourselves and to say to those around us “who you are, exactly as you are, you are loved and you are worthy. Who I am, exactly as I am, I am loved and I am worthy to be loved.” Connect with Heather:
Oct 19, 202139:16
Mental Health and Faith with Michelle Nietert

Mental Health and Faith with Michelle Nietert

Anxiety and depression are on the rise. Michelle Nietert is the Clinical Director of Community Counseling Associates in Dallas, TX. She is a mom of two and a former school counselor with over 20 years experience in private practice. She is on the show sharing her expertise on how to protect our mental health and the mental health of our children. We chat about: Empowering our children to struggle well in hard seasons Managing difficult emotions and age-specific vocabulary to use Warning signs to look for & how moms can help 5 ways moms can protect their own mental health We pray after this episode you are better equipped to handle the mental health challenges life brings. This week’s love offering is “to be a vessel and be open to the moments to experience God. Let him do the work.” People and Books mentioned: Sissy Goff Dr. Caroline Leaf Henry Blackaby - Experiencing God Connect with Michelle:
Oct 12, 202146:55
How What We Know About God Impacts How We Live with Amy Gannett

How What We Know About God Impacts How We Live with Amy Gannett

We live in a polarized time. Christians are quick to conceive of themselves either as theologically-minded or worship-minded; either thinking Christians or feeling Christians. The results are damaging: theology without worship is muted, stifled, and cold, and worship without theology is ungrounded, unrooted, and uninformed. This is not the way it was meant to be. Amy Gannett is the author of “Fix Your Eyes” (B&H books) and she is in the show sharing how our theology (our study and knowledge of God) should always lead to doxology (our worship of Him). Worship should always be rooted in theology. When we study the nature and character of God as revealed in his Word, we are invited to respond in the affectionate, obedient discipleship of worship. How can we keep our theology from being mere head knowledge? How do we give our worship roots that will last? By fixing our eyes on God Himself—the object of our study and the object of our worship. Join us to understand core doctrines of the Christian faith, apply them in our daily worship of God, and live them out in daily life. This week’s love offering is to “make your whole self available to God. So often we withhold a part of ourselves. There is a reason that God asks us to love Him with our whole mind, body, heart, and strength.” About Amy: Amy Gannett (M.Div, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) is a speaker, writer, and Bible teacher. She is the author of several exegetical Bible studies, and her teaching and writing has been featured on Christian outlets like Well-Watered Women, The Gospel Coalition, JourneyWomen, Risen Motherhood, and Christ and Pop Culture. She is also the founder of Tiny Theologians, which offers training tools for parents and children’s ministries, equipping them to pass on the Christian faith to the next generation. You can find her online at, and on social media at @amycategannett and @tinytheologians.
Oct 05, 202147:30
The Friendship Initiative and Finding Common Ground with Amberly Neese
Sep 28, 202152:29
How To Live Out Your Unique Calling with Jodie Niznick
Sep 21, 202143:45
Transform Your Most Important Relationships with Nicole Unice
Sep 14, 202138:57
How To See The Good Even After Hard Times with Lisa Whittle

How To See The Good Even After Hard Times with Lisa Whittle

Hard things are a part of life. Yet they don’t have to have the final word. They can become the keys to our greatest usability in the kingdom of God—that is, if we let God make good of them, rather than running away and refusing the growth we truly crave. Lisa Whittle is on the show today discussing her new book The Hard Good. In today’s episode, Lisa guides us on a powerful path to progress as we learn to: accept things we wish were different, apologize and forgive first, cheer for someone who gets what we want, open our hearts again when we’ve been hurt, find joy in the waiting, and show up when we want to shut down. Written for those who desperately want to move forward, The Hard Good gives voice to the hard places we all have lived and Lisa’s clear directions as to where to go next. We pray through this episode you realize your hard place is never too hard for God. Allow it to change you, help you, and ready you for the greatest comeback you have ever known. This week’s love offering is to remember that “You can’t fix it so don’t try. We try to offer our story as help, but sometimes we need to just listen. Don’t be afraid to let silence sit. Sit in the grief.” “If you don’t love Jesus you can’t love people. If it doesn’t come from an overflow of our hearts eventually it will become service that in some way serves us.” Connect with Lisa: Lisa Whittle | Author, Speaker & Teacher | Put Your Warrior Boots On (Book)
Sep 07, 202143:07
A Sacred Call and an Eternal Purpose 
with Carol McLeod

A Sacred Call and an Eternal Purpose with Carol McLeod

Aug 31, 202142:36
The Peace Project With Kay Wyma
Aug 24, 202143:39
Letting Go Of Not Good Enough with Barb Roose
Aug 17, 202126:19
Love Large With The Little You Have with Julie Sunne
Aug 10, 202144:38
Grasping The Goodness Of God With Sarah Clarkson
Aug 03, 202135:23
Love Where You Are with Somer Colbert
Jul 27, 202153:18
Cultivating and Creating Community with Rachael Wade

Cultivating and Creating Community with Rachael Wade

Olive Us ministry leader Rachael Wade is on the show today encouraging us to lean into our in-process stories. We chat about the value of remembering the goodness & faithfulness of God, practicing presence, and growing in the midst of tough seasons. Join us in the place of already and not there yet. We pray through this conversation we realize that when we are connected to one another and connected to the Source, we can survive and flourish no matter what comes our way. Mentioned: Jenn Jett Barrett & Camp Well: & Scotti Beth Lawson's Digital 25 Day Devotional "Esther's Arising" for Mothers and Daughters: Books Mentioned: Ann Voskamp 1000 Gifts Connect with Rachael: Connect with Olive Us.
Jul 20, 202139:03
Full Circle Parenting With Kristin Scroggins
Jul 13, 202142:52
Trusting God Through Struggles with Misty Phillip
Jul 06, 202123:53
Powerful Declarations To Take Back Your Life with Margaret Feinberg
Jun 29, 202147:24
Life-Changing Stories with Karen Kingsbury
Jun 22, 202101:10:31
Love-Centered Parenting With Crystal Paine

Love-Centered Parenting With Crystal Paine

Jun 15, 202137:00
When Life Is Hard and Doubt Is Rising with Nicki Koziarz
Jun 08, 202130:49
Identity with Alexandra Hoover
Jun 01, 202150:03
She Smiles Without Fear with Katy McCown

She Smiles Without Fear with Katy McCown

Many women live with anticipation—but also great anxiety—about what the future may bring. So they work hard to stay one step ahead of their worst-case scenarios. While they’re focused on arranging a secure tomorrow, their fear strangles the peace, joy, and purpose from today. With the Proverbs 31 woman as a guide, Katy McCown is on the show chatting about her Bible Study titled She Smiles without Fear. Join us to discover how to find security in God’s plans and confidence in His control.
This week’s love offering is to be more intentional about praying for others. “Even if we look like we all have it all together on the outside we are all struggling on the inside.”

Connect with Katy:
Katy McCown - Helping you live on purpose for God's purposes
May 25, 202150:59
Don’t Miss Out With Jeannie Cunnion

Don’t Miss Out With Jeannie Cunnion

What if a relationship with the Holy Spirit is the missing link to a fulfilling spiritual life? Jeannie Cunnion, a pastor’s kid and life-long Jesus follower who became a Christian at the age of eight found herself knee-deep in questions such as: Do I really rely on the power of God’s Spirit inside me, or am I trying to do life in my own strength? How can I experience more of His presence? Why do I keep struggling with things I’ve been set free from? These questions led her to discover more about the Holy Spirit and become fully reliant on Him for the answers.

In Don’t Miss Out: Daring to Believe Life Is Better with the Holy Spirit (Bethany House) Cunnion takes readers on her journey to re-discover God’s love through a better understanding of the Holy Spirit, unveiling 30 little-known benefits of being in relationship with God’s divine presence.

Topics of Conversation:
▫️5 things to know about the Holy Spirit
▫️Why the Holy Spirit can be a controversial topic
▫️Finding the fullness of God through the power of the Holy Spirit
▫️Christians and the Holy Spirit: why is there a disconnect?
▫️What it means to live a super-over-natural life
▫️The real key to “self-help” is found in the Holy Spirit
▫️10 truths about spiritual gifts

We pray through this episode you realize why Spirit-help is far superior to self-help, learn how to activate the Spirit’s power in your daily lives, develop a deeper intimacy with Jesus, and see how the Holy Spirit champions us.
May 18, 202141:18
Unhurrying Your Heart With Jennifer Dukes Lee
May 11, 202144:03
Parenting On Purpose with Amy Carney
May 04, 202143:54
Loving Even On The Hardest Days with Meredith Carr
Apr 27, 202127:29
When You Don't Like Your Story with Sharon Jaynes
Apr 20, 202144:29
Slower, Simpler, and More Soulful with Anna Kettle

Slower, Simpler, and More Soulful with Anna Kettle

Do you long to discover a slower, simpler, and more soulful way of life? ‘Sand Between Your Toes: Inspirations for a Slower, Simpler & More Soulful Life’ is an inspiring collection of inspiring daily devotions, hope-filled prayers, and practical tips that will encourage readers to slow down, simplify and find God’s peace each day amid life’s many complications. When are feeling rushed and stressed our connection to God and others is the first to go. So this week our love offering is to rest. Connect with Anna: @annakettlewrites
Apr 13, 202135:31
Giving Hope and Transforming Lives with Angela Lawley

Giving Hope and Transforming Lives with Angela Lawley

There is a lot more to charity work than pure numbers. There are people who are living today who without our work would not be alive; there are surgeons practicing across Africa with the skills gained through our program; and families who’ve been given a second chance due to the support offered through our rehab and wheelchair services. Ultimately every one of these numbers is one of those stories. Stories of transformed lives.

BethanyKids is a compassionate Christian mission transforming the lives of African children with surgical conditions and disabilities through pediatric surgery, rehabilitation, public education, spiritual ministry and training health professionals. Our work transforms lives.

Angela Lawley is an ambassador for Bethany Kids and is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, OK. She is the founder of Giving Hope Ministries, a Women’s Bible group dedicated to teaching women the Word of God while equipping them to fight for themselves and their families. Angela is also the host of the Giving Hope Podcast, that highlights ministries from across the country. Her goal is to bring Hope and Healing to the world through the truth of God’s Word. Join Team Angela.
Apr 06, 202151:22
Keeping and Spreading Joy with Suzie Eller