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The Manays’ Podcast

By The Manays

Tommy and Claudia are National Co-directors for YWAM PH Impact; their marriage has enabled the coordination of the body of Christ to reach well over half a million people. Their primary mission is to reach the last few unreached countries in Asia by setting up the Philippines as a strategic missions hub. Learn more about their family on mission at
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How to Preach the Gospel

The Manays’ PodcastJan 04, 2019

From Crime to Christ: Bill Corum's Journey (Part 1)

From Crime to Christ: Bill Corum's Journey (Part 1)

In this episode, we delve into the compelling and transformative life story of Bill Corum, as detailed in his autobiographical book 'Ultimate Pardon.' Bill's early life was marred by a descent into crime, involving drugs, pornography, and prostitution, leading to a stark warning at the age of 18 about his inevitable path to prison—a prophecy that soon became his reality. His years of incarceration were marked by the constant constraints of handcuffs, leg-irons, and waist-chains, cumulatively spanning over 2,500 miles. Upon release, he returned to Kansas City, Missouri, with no intentions of reforming but rather to better conceal his criminal activities. Bill’s life continued on a perilous trajectory for 18 years as he evaded the law, driven by an insatiable pursuit of money, power, and influence, deeply entangled in drugs, pornography, prostitution, and organized crime.

However, Bill’s life reached a turning point following his re-arrest, as he faced the looming prospect of spending his remaining years in prison. This critical moment marked the beginning of his journey towards 'the ultimate pardon,' a transformative process that encompassed both legal redemption and spiritual awakening. Join us in this episode as we explore Bill Corum’s journey from the depths of criminal despair to a life transformed by the power of change, resilience, and faith. His story is not just a testament to overcoming the darkest of pasts but also a beacon of hope for those seeking a second chance in life.

Nov 21, 202329:22
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Global Missions 7: Keys to Successful Movements

Global Missions 7: Keys to Successful Movements

For the final session of Global Missions, we will go over the key principles God uses when he unlocks harvest movements. Becoming sensitive to these principles, and knowing when we should operate in certain ones, positions ourselves for even a greater move God than what we are experiencing now. 

For more resources visit

This teaching is from Tommy Manay during YWAM PH Impact's Discipleship Training School (

Jul 21, 201901:08:59
Global Missions 6: Book of Acts Movements
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Global Missions 5: Phases of Movements
Jul 08, 201907:48
Global Missions 4: All and Every Framework
Jul 01, 201901:06:07
Global Missions 3: Love for the Lost
Jun 24, 201922:38
Global Missions 2: The 5 Finish Lines
Jun 17, 201941:33
Global Missions 1: Introduction
Jun 10, 201922:26
Godly Relationships 17: Making Marriage Last (Eph 5)
Jun 05, 201924:17
Godly Relationships 16: Before Marriage Wisdom (Eph 5)
May 26, 201949:57
Godly Relationships 15: Healthy and Unhealthy Dating
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Godly Relationships 12: Proverbs 31 King
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Godly Relationships 11: Choosing Your Closest Friends (David's Inner-Circle)

Godly Relationships 11: Choosing Your Closest Friends (David's Inner-Circle)

Our closest friends will always guide us either closer to Jesus or farther away. There is no middle ground when it comes to our inner circle. Learn the virtues that David lived by that keep his divine name as “a man after God’s own heart.”  For more resources visit

This teaching is from Tommy Manay during YWAM PH Impact's Discipleship Training School (

Mar 24, 201918:34
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Godly Relationships 9: Friends Have a Mission Together (The Apostles)
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How to Teach and Transform Lives
Jan 09, 201920:36
How to Share Your Testimony
Jan 07, 201922:16
How to Preach the Gospel
Jan 04, 201950:41
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Dec 28, 201830:35
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Dec 21, 201816:24
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Dec 21, 201842:31
First Love 12: Never Burn Out
Dec 08, 201820:10