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The MindAxis Connection

The MindAxis Connection

By Geoff Seow

A series of empowering conversations with purpose-driven, impactful people from across the world.
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Episode 8 - Eliza Collins

The MindAxis ConnectionJul 18, 2022

Episode 19 - Justin Clapp

Episode 19 - Justin Clapp

Everyone wants to be free. Yet who is willing to pay the price? To attain life freedom, you must sacrifice what doesn't serve you, and instead, focus entirely on your natural skills, talents and ambitions. Join Justin Clapp and I, as we provide you a roadmap on how to build the life you desire, in a manner that is naturally aligned to you.

Oct 10, 202347:16
Episode 18 - Maja Savic
Dec 13, 202201:04:01
Episode 17 - Ash Shastry
Nov 28, 202256:57
Episode 16 - Crystal Le
Nov 14, 202249:27
Episode 15 - Tim Lodgen
Nov 02, 202259:15
Episode 14 - Edward Collins
Oct 17, 202256:41
Episode 13 - Luke Page
Oct 04, 202245:06
Episode 12 - Lotta Siebold

Episode 12 - Lotta Siebold

Your lifestyle has a massive influence on your mental health.

The physical, mental and spiritual elements of the human experience are deeply intertwined. Choosing a well-suited positive lifestyle can truly be a game changer.

On this episode of The MindAxis Connection, the great & powerful
Lotta Siebold will be joining me to share the secrets to creating an optimal lifestyle.

Join us for the replay as we explore the intricacies of developing an optimal lifestyle and how altering your habits and choices can help you swiftly achieve your personal goals.

  • Learn about Lotta Siebold here
  • Discover more about Geoff Seow here
Sep 13, 202201:03:00
Episode 11 - Itzik Rapaport
Aug 29, 202257:29
Episode 10 - Emma van Grieken
Aug 17, 202201:11:43
Episode 9 - Conor Meyer
Aug 02, 202201:29:59
Episode 8 - Eliza Collins
Jul 18, 202254:01
Episode 7 - James Dunn

Episode 7 - James Dunn

Have you defined your personal narrative?

It’s the story of your life you perceive, believe and identify with.

This week, I’ve got the great & powerful
James Dunn joining me on The MindAxis Connection to discuss the power behind a personal narrative.

Join us, as we explore how to overcome past trauma and why aligning your past, present and future into a definitive personal narrative can be a game changer.

  • Learn about James Dunn here
  • Discover more about Geoff Seow here
Jul 04, 202201:05:07
Episode 6 - Caleb Nelson

Episode 6 - Caleb Nelson

Ever heard of The Pursuit of Happiness?

It’s the ultimate journey for humanity, to chase, discover and create happiness within our lives.

This week, the great & powerful
Caleb Nelson joined me on The MindAxis Connection to share his expertise on the secrets of happiness.

Join us as we discuss the origins of human happiness, how to create more of it and how to direct it towards a powerful, singular purpose to create more abundance in your daily life.

  • Learn about Caleb Nelson here
  • Discover more about Geoff Seow here
Jun 29, 202201:10:02
Episode 5 - Jason Johns
Jun 29, 202201:20:06
Episode 4 - Jordan White

Episode 4 - Jordan White

This week, I’ve got the great & powerful Jordan White joining me to tackle the topic of finding your authentic self.

For many people, it can be difficult to drop the mask and express themselves authentically, particularly in our modern day society.

It’s why Jordan and I are teaming up to delve deep into the neurological side of it, where we’ll explore how you can use neuro-hacking and mindset adjustments to bring out your truly authentic self.

Join us as we share our passion for neuroscience and how you can use neuro-hacking to truly discover your authenticity.

  • Learn about Jordan White here
  • Discover more about Geoff Seow here
Jun 29, 202201:06:47
Episode 3 - Simon Dutton
Jun 27, 202201:04:05
Episode 2 - Sachi Antkowiak
Jun 23, 202201:10:22
Episode 1 - Elvis Tadlanek
Jun 23, 202247:11