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The Mindfield

The Mindfield

By Michael Fritzius

Mental health is a big thing, and a lot of people feel like they're navigating a minefield when it comes to living life. Lots of things pull our minds in different directions. But some people have learned to wield their mind powerfully and use it instead of it using them. These guests share what they've learned and ways you can master your mind.
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Kathryn Bennett - Toxic Positivity and Embracing the Suck

The MindfieldOct 18, 2021

Kathryn Bennett - Toxic Positivity and Embracing the Suck

Kathryn Bennett - Toxic Positivity and Embracing the Suck

Kathryn Bennett is becoming a really cool friend, and in getting to know her I realized I needed to get her on the show and pick her brain ABOUT brains. She shares how she got her start in the proposal writing industry at first, and has a pretty funny story about how she got into journalism in college. Her hot take is about how so many people wait until they feel good to move ahead, and how that can actually slow you down. You don't have to have an overly positive attitude to succeed in life, and as a champion strongwoman of Utah, she knows the mental fortitude it takes to just get in and get stuff done. You'll find you hold yourself back if you wait for all conditions to be perfect, and feel awesome, instead of just acting. We talk specifically about toxic positivity and embracing the suck in this episode. After listening, check out her nice side on LinkedIn by searching for 'kathrynbennettwrites', and then head to Instagram @kaybeelifts to see her Viking side. 

Oct 18, 202126:41
Abby Brooks - Be Nice To Yourself
Aug 18, 202125:19
Kim Kristensen - There Are No Difficult People

Kim Kristensen - There Are No Difficult People

Kim Kristensen told me after the show that this was his first podcast, and I was like, 'No way.' This guy is super composed and knowledgeable about his craft when it comes to conflict resolution. On today's episode, we talk about the idea that there really is no such thing as a 'difficult person'. What we think of as difficult is really someone not feeling like they're being heard. And yeah it's heckin' frustrating if you've been in those shoes. Kim's strategy plays on helping calm the nervous system and letting people get to a place where they no longer perceive a threat and can finally feel like they're being heard. And once they do, corporate interactions move smoothly. Check out for more tips about conflict deescalation, and much more. For now, let's jump into the episode. 

Aug 17, 202137:49
Michael Levitt - How the Pandemic Amplifies Burnout
Jul 19, 202131:37
Svetlana Kogan - Wildcard Topic! The In-Between State
May 27, 202131:11
Scott Mason - Gotta Go Down to Go Up
May 20, 202139:32
Austin Bollinger - We Don't Grow in Our Comfort Zone
May 19, 202137:57
Vamsi Polimetla - The Power of Someone Believing in You
May 19, 202126:47
Dr. Denise Dennis - Distracted to Success
May 19, 202121:39
Karl de Leeuw - Dyslexia, The 'Seagan' Diet and Chakras
May 18, 202147:36
Riana Milne - Surviving Love Trauma
May 11, 202131:56
Charlene Norman - Giving Back While Taking Back Control
Apr 01, 202131:30
Patrick O'Malley - Going Against the Grain of Traditional Learning
Apr 01, 202143:10
Sarah Rawz - Magical Coaching! And Allowing Discomfort to Happen
Apr 01, 202134:01
Kevin Strauss - Deep Bonding Over Conversations
Apr 01, 202134:28
Devon Phillips - Mushroom Nerd by Trade

Devon Phillips - Mushroom Nerd by Trade

Devon Phillips got his start as a software developer who got together with a few buddies to kick off a new company. But some 'things' happened, yadda yadda, and now he's in Colorado. (I promise it's legit I'm just trying to be funny here, he's one of the good guys.) Now he's deep into the psychedelic space and super knowledgeable about psilocybin and the effects it has on the human mind. Today's episode is a mind-opening story of how he got to where he is, what he's learned about mushrooms and how he's helping people help themselves. Lots of cool projects in the pipe. Check him out on Instagram under the handle @dphil21, and look up the All One book project as well. Let's join in now. 

Apr 01, 202138:50
KC Rivera - Is it a Career or a Careen?

KC Rivera - Is it a Career or a Careen?

KC Rivera and I used to work together back in 2018, and in catching up with her recently I found out that she's a huge fan of one of my shows. And as a brand new podcast guest I had her on to talk about her background in software development, along with the path she's working on in her career. She's got some neat perspectives on what makes a true leader, what leadership looks like in a software development capacity and how she's blending education and training into what she's doing now. A student of the FIRE movement, she's got knowledge of how to live financially independently, which turns out is a great way to mitigate fear in the corporate workplace. Lots to get into here, so let's jump into the episode. After listening, if you'd like to contact her, find KC Rivera on LinkedIn and follow more about her quest to educate people and impact the lives of as many of them as she can. 

Apr 01, 202135:21
Don Finley - From Creating Cool Stuff to Cultivating Cool People
Apr 01, 202135:05
Terry McDougall - When Executives Go 'ugh.'
Apr 01, 202130:54
Purdeep Sangha - Why Guys Have a Hard Time Opening Up
Apr 01, 202129:30
Moritz Farbstein - On Psychiatry and How Superstition Happens

Moritz Farbstein - On Psychiatry and How Superstition Happens

Apr 01, 202128:29
Mike Casavant - People Need to Bet on Themselves
Apr 01, 202137:25
Tom Check - One Foot on the Brake, One Foot on the Gas
Apr 01, 202141:03
Meaghan McElroen - Fed Up with Incomplete Diets
Apr 01, 202126:57
Andrew Ecker - In Touch With Deep Native American Roots
Mar 01, 202138:31
Craig Inzana - From Addiction to Mindfulness

Craig Inzana - From Addiction to Mindfulness

Craig Inzana and I met just a few months ago, so when I started up this podcast he was one of the first people I reached out to. And he's the first guest on the show! From the first time we met, he shared about how he's worked to overcome addiction and build mindfulness into his daily life. And that's the topic of this episode. We covered what mindfulness really is, along with talking about the difference between letting it be vs. letting it go, and how mindfulness is a helpful stopgap to help you respond in a calmer way when life throws you a curveball. He's seen in his own life that he responds logically and is able to make decisions faster. Practicing mindfulness is work, but it's work that you'll see even small results in fairly soon. And it'll help you stay the course. At the end, Craig has some great tips if you're wanting to get better at being mindful, including some apps that have helped lots of people. And if you'd like to reach out to him, he's Craig Inzana all over social media. Let's unpack our minds in this episode now. 

Mar 01, 202133:14
Michael Bryant - On Getting Unstuck
Mar 01, 202138:41
Jennifer Garman - Count Your Blessings. It Could Save Your Life.
Mar 01, 202118:29
Dawn Ellery - The Enemy Was Always There
Mar 01, 202133:33
Dr. Renee Exelbert - Show Me Your War Face!!1
Mar 01, 202129:24
Rev. Fred Shaw - Just Because You're Different Doesn't Mean Something's Wrong With You
Mar 01, 202130:15
Laura Staley - Declutter Your Space, Declutter Your Heart
Mar 01, 202133:47