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The Mindful Femme

The Mindful Femme

By Abby Molina

Welcome to the podcast for mindful and modern people. Our topics of discussion include mindful living, social issues, relationships, and conservation. Listen on Anchor and Spotify!

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An Election Update and Coping with Election Anxiety

The Mindful FemmeNov 04, 2020

An Election Update and Coping with Election Anxiety
Nov 04, 202024:54
It's Cuffing Season! Part 2

It's Cuffing Season! Part 2

Abby and Casey continue the dating conversation this week by talking about the importance of receiving relationship advice with a grain of salt as well as mindsets around the term "men are trash."  Tune in to hear how they're cultivating healthy relationships in their 20's and helpful resources for staying mindful and expanding romantic relationships.

Nov 02, 202058:14
It's Cuffing Season! Part 1
Oct 26, 202059:09
It's Scorpio Season!
Oct 19, 202001:05:25
Body Dysmorphia (feat. Voting Info!)

Body Dysmorphia (feat. Voting Info!)

In this week's episode, Casey & Abby have a candid conversation around the dangers of body dysmorphia, and share some tips on forging healthy habits and relationships with our bodies. The girls also take a few minutes to discuss the importance of voting, and how you can vote early depending on your state.  Resources FOR VOTING: Virginia early voting Maryland voting info DC Voting info voting stats To Read: Hunger by Roxane Gay To Watch: Miss Representation If you haven't yet, listen to the Mindful Femme's Twenty Something's playlist on Spotify! 
Oct 12, 202058:45
10 Lessons We're Learning in Our 20's
Oct 05, 202057:38
What are Chakras? And Why Should We Balance Them?
Sep 14, 202050:40
Toxic Masculinity: Part 2

Toxic Masculinity: Part 2

The Mindful Femme hosts Abby and Casey continue the conversation on Toxic Masculinity with a new host in the final episode of this two part series. This week, the team speaks with Ben Roston, a close friend and insightful guest on the growing up battling society's masculine expectations. Ben gives some history on the evolution of his relationship with his masculinity, advice for boys out there trying to understand their own identity, being an emotionally expressive man, and more. Casey and Abby also take some time to share some conclusive thoughts on how society can discourage the perpetuation of toxic ideals for men. 

Make sure to also listen in to part 1 of this episode, where The Mindful Femme had a conversation with special guest Cam Molina, and discussed the history of the term "toxic masculinity."

Follow Ben Roston on Instagram @roston_the_road_again

Ben's Resources

To watch:

The Mask You Live In documentary on Amazon

My Little Pony on Hulu

To read:

Academic Papers

Sculos (2017) - Who’s Afraid of Toxic Masculinity

Elliot (2018) - Challenging toxic masculinity in schools and society

“Toxic masculinity, masculinity based on simplified norms and understandings of traditionally masculine characteristics such as violence, physical strength, suppression of emotion and devaluation of women (Connell, 2005; Pascoe, 2005; Posadas, 2017) to flourish unfettered.”

Zalewski and Parpart (1998) - The “Man” Question in International Relations

“Rather than highlighting the absences and presence of women in the theories and practices of international relations, the authors concentrate on questioning the practices of masculinities, the hegemony of men, and the subject of "man." In this way, they hope to destabilize the field in ways that "adding women and stirring" has not.”

Lighter Reads

Tracy E. Gilchrist - What is Toxic Masculinity?

Planned Parenthood - What are gender roles and stereotypes?

Sep 07, 202043:26
Toxic Masculinity: Part 1
Aug 31, 202059:03
Environmentalists You Should Know
Aug 24, 202043:42
Mindful News for the Week of August 17th

Mindful News for the Week of August 17th

Abby and Casey give listeners an overview of some of the hottest news topics in the media today.  They talk about the selection of Kamala Harris as the VP democratic nominee, the restructuring of the U.S. Postal System and how it will affect voting this November, the explosion in Beirut, and give updates on the Black Lives Matter Movement and coronavirus cases in the US.


To Sign:

Petition for Congress to fully fund the USPS in its next stimulus bill

To Stay up to date:

OZY Daily Briefing Newsletter: Quick and digestible news to your inbox

C-SPAN: for nonpartisan political media coverage

To Donate:

Bustle: Where to Donate to Help Beirut


On Portland...

On the U.S. Postal System...

On the Beirut Explosion...

On TikTok...

On Covid... NYT's Covid News Page

On Schools Reopening During Covid...

Aug 17, 202001:02:42
Mental Health During a Pandemic

Mental Health During a Pandemic

This week, The Mindful Femme has a very special guest, Maria Peters! Casey and Abby talk with Maria about the mental health issues surrounding college graduation, living through a pandemic, and figuring out their futures when it remains so uncertain. They also share some resources to make their health and emotions a priority each day!


To read:

The Book of Joy - a conversation about joy from Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama
The Daily Stoic - email newsletter, daily meditations for perseverance, wisdom, and the art of living

To download:

Insight Timer - free guided meditations & timer

ZenCare - find a therapist that fits your insurance, location, types of therapy

BetterHelp - online counseling sessions

To listen:

RAIN of self-compassion from Tara Brach - focused on reflection and being gentle with yourself

Jack Kornfield and Sharon Salzberg - guided meditations, including many on Loving-Kindness

Daily Wellness playlist on Spotify

Daily Shine podcast does guided meditations for stress and anxiety

Daily breath with Deepak Chopra

Wake Up with Niall Breslin

Follow Lindsey Rook @lindspire_  on Instagram for guided meditations!

Aug 10, 202001:26:58
Astrology Crash Course

Astrology Crash Course

In this week's episode, Abby and Casey look for the truth in the stars ✨ (And not just in their horoscope). Abby relays how to break down your Astrological birth chart, and Casey gives the low down on each sign's personality! Get ready to learn about more than your star sign, and to hear some chat about how our friends and family may or may not fit the stereotypes of their sign!


To follow:

Sanctuarywrld on Instagram: Quick astrological breakdowns of the traits of the signs

Kayxstars on Instagram: Funny astrology memes

Scorpiomystique: For my scorpios! An amazing astrologist named Dossé-Via who does weekly, daily, and monthly horoscopes, Also runs Know The Zodiac website and instagram for all signs!

Sistersvillage: In depth breakdowns of the personalities of the signs as mothers, friends, fathers, lovers etc.

To read:

You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self Acceptance by Chani Nicholas- Can also get your detailed chart for free on her site!

Moon omens: Also an instagram, but if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get daily messages to your inbox alerting you of the shifting planetary alignments and how they’ll affect you (shoutout to mercury retrograde;))

To watch:

Bracha Goldsmith: Horoscopes on Youtube (SO gentle and uplifting and smiley...also they’re super accurate)

The Tarot priest: Individualized tarot readings for each zodiac sign for individual messages and monthly outlooks

To download:


The Pattern

Aug 03, 202001:06:05
Travel Tales with TMF
Jul 27, 202001:06:32
Intersectional Environmentalism

Intersectional Environmentalism

After a week away, Casey and Abby are excited to talk about intersectional environmentalism in this episode! They discuss statistics surrounding the communities both, most impacted by and most aware of,  the effects of climate change. They also study the whitewashing of the green movement, and how their education systems failed to highlight the stories of the diverse environmentalists that shaped the United States. Finally, Casey and Abby share how they came into the environmentalist movement, and how they plan to continue integrating principles and learning into their own lives. 


To Follow on Instagram

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson @ayanaeliza


Nataly Neri @natalyneri

Lauren Singer @trashisfortossers

Queer Brown Vegan (Isaias) @queerbrownvegan


Mari Copeny @littlemissflint

IE @intersectionalenvironmentalist

Leah Thomas @Greengirlleah 

Sydney Porter @thesydneyporter

To Listen

Majora Carter Ted talk: “Greening the ghetto” and making urban spaces more green

To Read

Civil Eats' Article: "Dollar Stores Are Taking Over the Grocery Business, and It’s Bad News for Public Health and Local Economies"

Online platforms

Grist media platform

Research Links from Episode:

Jul 20, 202001:03:53
Let's Talk About...Dating!
Jul 06, 202001:08:43
The Personal Episode
Jun 29, 202001:03:37
Pride Month and the History of Femme
Jun 22, 202037:27
Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

In this episode, Casey and Abby talk about the history of the Law of Attraction, how they’ve experienced it’s effects in their lives, and how you can start implementing manifestation!


To Watch:

The Secret on Netflix

Kalyn Nicholson (or her account called Koze) on Youtube

Luca Whitaker's Law of Attraction series on Youtube

To Read: 

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

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Jun 15, 202057:36
Justice for Black Lives - The Mindful Femme Episode 1
Jun 08, 202001:12:55