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The Mom Next Door: Stories of Faith

The Mom Next Door: Stories of Faith

By Pam Fields

Mom life is tough. Come and hear what God has done in the lives of ordinary moms just like you and me.

Because when we tell of God's faithfulness, we never run out of stories!

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166 - Purposeful Grandparenting - Joni Topper

The Mom Next Door: Stories of FaithOct 07, 2023

175 - Attitude and Determination - Melinda Berg
Dec 09, 202349:18
174 - Finding Strength in Motherhood - Betty Predmore
Dec 02, 202343:47
173 - The Power of Words: Cultivating Habits of Speech - Sarah Molitor

173 - The Power of Words: Cultivating Habits of Speech - Sarah Molitor

You may know Sarah from her Instagram account, @ModernFarmhouseFamily where she shares her family and their lives with the world. Today, we are chatting about the power of words and how we can create an atmosphere that gives life in our homes. Are we speaking to get our point across or to build relationship with those who talk to? If you recognize room to grow in this area of life, join our conversation! We pray it will be a blessing to you and to your home.

Sarah's website is Modern Farmhouse Family

Check out her books, "Well Said", "I Grew With You", and "The Song That Goes On and On and On and On" (Affiliate links)

Sarah's sister-in-law Ann Dunagan has a wonderful group for mission minded women. You can find her at

You are invited to chat with Pam and Friends over on Facebook at the Tending Fields Mom's Group.

#wellsaid #holdthatthought #relationshipbuilding #wordsoflife #christianparenting #applesofgold #momlife #pleasantwordsareahoneycomb #speaklife

Nov 25, 202341:02
172 - A Million Dollar Baby and The God Who Provides - Jocelin Whitaker

172 - A Million Dollar Baby and The God Who Provides - Jocelin Whitaker

My guest Jocelin and her husband run a health food store called Whitaker's Natural Market in Bellville, Ohio. But their story goes much deeper than just owning a store. Jocelin is a doctor of traditional naturopathy and a certified fertility counselor, specializing in toxic mold syndrome, Lyme disease, and fertility issues.

Today she is sharing her personal journey of faith and the challenges she faced in her high-risk pregnancy (with preeclampsia) to the premature birth of her daughter, Yalissa, weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces. Jocelin's faith and community played a central role in guiding and supporting her every step of the way.

Whitaker's Natural Market is Jocelin and Marc's company and Jocelin's natural health practice is On Facebook Whitaker's Natural Market

and on YouTube at Whitaker's Natural Market

To watch a short video about their family and Samaritan Ministries need sharing, click here.

Check out this link to find out more about a Samaritan Ministries membership, like Jocelin and Pam's families both are part of.

If you would like a place to fellowship with other women "between the Sundays", please join Pam and her friends on Facebook at Tending Fields Mom's Group. Come say "hi" on Instagram @Tendingfields

#naturalhealth #preemie #nicubaby #prolacta #Samaritanministries #SMI #healthcaresharing #peacefromgod #godsustains #godprovides

Nov 18, 202341:36
171 - Standing By Their Side: How To Support Military Wives and Families - Valerie McNulty
Nov 11, 202333:16
170 - The Santa Claus Dilemma - C.C. Bloom
Nov 04, 202338:09
169 - Mending Generational Wounds: Repairing Mother-Daughter Relationships - Blythe Daniel
Oct 28, 202339:37
168 - Passing on a Legacy of Faith - Casey Hilty
Oct 21, 202338:01
167 - Raising Sons (With Confidence!) - Rhonda Stoppe

167 - Raising Sons (With Confidence!) - Rhonda Stoppe

Are you raising a son? Are you in a position of influence in the life of a young man? Rhonda has literally written the book about that! Today my guest Rhonda Stoppe shares her genuine faith and practical advice about the gift of sons and the opportunity to raise them to be men.

Check out her website at

On Instagram @rhondastoppe and FB @Rhonda Stoppe No Regrets Woman

Focus on the Family interview

Old Ladies Know Stuff podcast

OR TEXT the number 55444 with the word "Noregrets" for a free video

To order your own copies of Rhonda's books, check out these affiliate links:

Moms Raising Sons to Be Men

The Marriage Mentor

Life in the Estrogen Free Zone compilation

Pam recommended Legacy of Prayer by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

We would love to have you in our Facebook Group called, Tending Fields Mom's Group

#boymom #raisingsons #boyswillbeboys #boymombook #boystomen #growingup #parentingadvice #practicalparenting #connectingwithsons #christianparenting #mentormom #siblingrivalry #encouragementformoms

Oct 14, 202347:10
166 - Purposeful Grandparenting - Joni Topper
Oct 07, 202335:34
165 - Triumph Over Trauma - Rana McIntyre
Sep 30, 202333:59
164 - The Joy Factor: Discovering Happiness and Abundant Life - Ann Dunagan
Sep 23, 202340:49
163 - Living with Purpose: Finding Meaning in Every Day - Kim Cusimano
Sep 16, 202339:12
162 - Pray Bold - Rachel Risner
Sep 09, 202347:04
161 - Flourishing through Change: Finding Purpose and Joy in Every Season of Life - Grace Wabuke Klein
Sep 02, 202340:51
160 - More Than Just Lessons - Leah Carter

160 - More Than Just Lessons - Leah Carter

 Today, Leah Carter, shares her experiences and insights on raising resilient children who have a genuine, personal relationship with God. She emphasizes the need for parents to actively teach their children about the character of God and the importance of nurturing our own faith as parents and how it impacts our children.

Some resources shared today (affiliate links)

More Than a Story: New Testament by Sally Michael

More Than a Story: Old Testament Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson

You Lost Me by David Kinnaman

Barna Research and resilient disciples

Interview with Patty Abel #133 Homeschooling and Beyond

Join Pam, Leah and their friends over on Facebook at Tending Fields Mom's Group

Also follow TendingFields on Instagram to catch new episode releases.

#momtalk #parentingchallenges #christianparenting #prayingcircles #prayingmom #homeschoolmom #homeschoollife #resilientdisciples #teenmissions #getconnected #ownyourfaith #spiritualformation

Aug 26, 202356:25
159 - Prayer: Finding the Right Words - Sharon Czerwien
Aug 19, 202336:50
158 - Highlighting the Victory: Overcoming Addiction and Battling Mental Health - Ruthie Hedlund -
Aug 12, 202352:43
157 - Bearing One Another's Burdens - Stephanie Davis
Aug 05, 202325:34
156 - Resilient, Renewed, Remade - Ruth Hovsepian
Jul 29, 202343:33
155 - Faith, Family, and Fabric - Naomi Fata
Jul 22, 202352:01
154 - Turning the Page on Suicide and the Journey to Healing - Karisa Moore
Jul 15, 202343:19
153 - No Longer Silent: Hope After Rejection and Betrayal - Cheri McKeag
Jul 08, 202358:52
152- Triggers to Triumph: A Biblical Approach to Parenting and Relationships - Amber Lia
Jul 01, 202337:06
151 - Help For Processing Life's Challenges - Elisa Allen

151 - Help For Processing Life's Challenges - Elisa Allen

On this episode of The Mom Next Door: Stories of Faith, therapist Elisa Allen breaks down some common struggles in families and misconceptions about therapy. She explains how good therapists empower their clients and can be a great objective influence for families. She addresses the difficulty of processing traumatic memories at a young age and how therapy can help shift perspectives and equip us with the tools we need to grow in our faith and our relationships with each other.

Run on over to Elisa's website, Wildly Curative where you will find her course, Before You Begin, Into Me I See and Into We I See.

Elisa is also on Instagram @Wildly.Curative

Also mentioned in today's podcast, marriage interview with Dean and Kristy McKenzie , Building an Intentional Marriage

Join Pam and her friends on Tending Fields Mom's Group on Facebook or on Instagram @Tending Fields  #ProblemSolvingSkills #TraumaRecovery #UncoveringCoreWounds #truthorlies #speaktruth #therapygoals #trauma #PTSD #gettotheroot #christiancounseling #christianparenting #traumainformed #familycounseling #feelingunworthy #shame #guiltandshame #newlife #freedom

Jun 24, 202347:33
150 - Motivating Kids - Elisa Allen
Jun 17, 202333:53
149 - Joy and Sorrow Can Coexist - Nancy Manos
Jun 10, 202344:46
148 - Trusting God's Timing While Waiting for a Spouse - Cally Logan

148 - Trusting God's Timing While Waiting for a Spouse - Cally Logan

Invite your teen and young adult daughters to join us today as we explore the topic of marriage and waiting on God's timing. Cally Logan shares her story of how to wait with expectation. She reminds us that our worth is not dependent on being married and how to constructively trust God's timing in the wait. Cally also shares how she said, "yes" to God's request to write a book about the vulnerable letters she wrote to her future husband and how this experience led her to trust God's will even more deeply. 

Hop on over to Instagram to connect with Cally at CallyLogan

Her website is and you can also find her on Facebook @CallyLogan and on Twitter @CallyLogan

Please check out Episode # 129, Mentoring Young Adult Women Where Cally shared with me about her first book for young adult ladies, Hang In There Girl (affiliate link)

The new book, Dear Future Husband is also available on Amazon (affiliate link)

You can connect with Pam on Instagram @TendingFields and also over on Facebook in the group, Tending Fields Mom's Group.

#waitingongod #trustingodstiming #faithjourney #relationshipgoals #prayerpartnership #contentment #patience #findingbeautyinwaiting #delightingingod #christianwomen #titus2 #mentoringwomen #mentoringyoungwomen #waitingwell #Christianteen #christiandating #datingandcourtship

Jun 03, 202353:23
147 - Courageously Expecting - Jenny Albers
May 27, 202348:31
146 - Grief, Loss and Community - Kim Mendoza
May 20, 202345:55
145 - Fruitful Motherhood - Tabitha Deller

145 - Fruitful Motherhood - Tabitha Deller

Powerful words of wisdom today from Tabitha Deller, mom of 4 boys. Join us as we discuss faith driven motherhood and marriage. Sometimes it gets messy but today we are offering encouragement to creatively stay the course.

You can find Tabitha over at . On Instagram @Tabdeller and on Facebook @TabithaDeller

Make sure to check out her books, Called, Brave and Near (affiliate links)

Some resources mentioned in today's episode

The Mountaintop of Marriage and Vision Retreat Guidebook by Jimmy &Karen Evans

Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel

Podcast Episodes with Louise (Pam's Mother-in-law)

Parenting Young Children with Gramma Lou

Parenting Teens with Gramma Lou

#boymom #christianparenting #titus2 #creativeparenting #peacefulparenting #prayingforourchildren #prayingchristianwomen #prayingmom #lessonsinmotherhood #encouragementformoms #maketimeformarriage #marriagebuilding #mamarecharge

May 13, 202350:39
144 - Lord, Bring the Feast - Erin Davis

144 - Lord, Bring the Feast - Erin Davis

Are you parenting on fumes? We're inviting you to slow down and fill up your tank. Today we are talking about fasting, feasting and dysfunctional homes. It turns out that God's word has a lot to say about our lives today. He wants us to be whole, healthy and walk in freedom. So linger a little while for some soul care, you are worth it.

Head on over to Erin's website and check out her podcasts

The Deep Well with Erin Davis and Grounded

Some books we mentioned today (affiliate links) are

Fasting and Feasting

My Name is Erin

Beyond Bath Time

Lies Boys Believe (available fall of 2023)

If you need a place to connect, join Pam and her friends over on Facebook at Tending Fields Mom's Group or on Instagram @TendingFields

#thedeepwell #fastingandfeasting #fasting #brokenness #dysfunction #redemption #chainbreaker #abidinginchrist #stewardship #foodaddiction #relationshipwithfood #soulcareformoms #boymom #hungrymama #christianparenting #christianmothering

May 06, 202343:18
143 - Faith Based Books to Nurture Your Daughter - Tricia Goyer and Robin Jones Gunn

143 - Faith Based Books to Nurture Your Daughter - Tricia Goyer and Robin Jones Gunn

Make valuable faith based conversations with your teen daughters matter! Tricia Goyer and Robin Jones Gunn—award winning authors—are joining us today to introduce their newest book about preparing your daughter for her future. This starts by preparing her heart to seek God's best for her life and cultivate a firm relationship with the Lord. Are you looking for practical solutions or resources to help you accomplish this? Look no further! You'll find inspiration today as we explore how to engage our teenage daughters concerning the big topics of their hearts.

You can find out more about Tricia at: and follow her on instagram @TriciaGoyer and on Facebook @TriciaGoyer

Check out her podcasts The Tricia Goyer Show and the Daily Bible Podcast

You can Find Robin at: and listen to her podcast at: Women Worth Knowing

your daughters will love the Christy Miller series (affiliate link)

Together, Tricia and Robin have authored two amazing books for teens; Praying for Your Future Husband and Before You Meet Your Future Husband (affiliate links)

If you're looking for a community of moms to chat with, please join us on Facebook at Tending Fields Mom's Group

While you're listening hop over to the episodes with my friend Gina, she's a wealth of knowledge.

Anchored During the Stress of Life

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

#Teendaughters #teenfellowship #rolemodels #booksforteens #devotionsforteens #prayingforyourhusband #prayingforyourfuturehusband #beingpatientinwaiting #waitingforahusband #momsanddaughters #mentorship #christiandating #christianmotherhood #mentoringteens

Apr 29, 202342:58
142 - Courage and Confidence for Women - Amy Debrucque
Apr 22, 202339:59
141 - Mama Systems - Laura Hernandez
Apr 15, 202336:54
140 - The Miracle Wins! - Brittany Gilchrist
Apr 08, 202352:28
139 - Illustrating the Miracle of Life, For Kids! - Teresa Krager
Apr 01, 202333:28
138 - Living On Mission - Lydia Teh
Mar 25, 202344:43
137 - Baby Names and Birth Stories - Megan Stoltzfus
Mar 18, 202301:21:48
136 - Faith Through Adversity - Alice Simcox
Mar 11, 202340:32
135 - Hungry for Rest - Lisa Rowell
Mar 04, 202346:48
134 - What If They Knew? - Jayme Sinsmyr

134 - What If They Knew? - Jayme Sinsmyr

Trigger warning- Today we are talking about adultery. We are talking not only about the shattered lives but the healing and forgiveness that God gives when there is repentance. Though Jayme knew it was wrong, her life spiraled out of control down that slippery slope until she felt that she was a prisoner of her own making. Jesus brought forgiveness and new life. Healing from the shame and guilt of sin. Now Jayme is living as an overcomer through the blood of the lamb and the power of her testimony.

To follow Jayme's story and podcast,  check out her website . You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram @Jayme Sinsymr 

If you are interested in the ministry in Haiti, check out Reach Out LaFond

Needing some mom friends to talk to? Join Pam and her friends on Tending Fields Mom's Group on Facebook. You can also follow Pam on Instagram @TendingFields 

#shareyourstory #divorceinthechurch #christiandivorce #christianwomen #affair #adultery #guilt #shame #dontbelievethelie #repentance #forgiveness #overcomer #poweroftestimony #wordofourtestimony #compassionforthehurting #forgiveyourself #healing #valued #loved 

Feb 25, 202354:17
133 - Homeschooling and Beyond - Patty Abel
Feb 18, 202343:12
132 - Victorious Motherhood - Sandrine Tucker

132 - Victorious Motherhood - Sandrine Tucker

What powers your motherhood? Today, Sandrine encourages us to abide in Christ because that is where we will be filled up and strengthened for our mothering journey. 

Connect with Sandrine on Instagram @Sandrinentucker   and on Facebook at Sandrine Nyembo Tucker

Make sure you connect with Pam on Instagram @Tendingfields , in the Facebook group at Tending Fields Mom's Group 

and please, join my email list for encouragement straight to your inbox. 

#momlife #overwhelmed #exhausted #motherwounds #radicalsalvation #healedandfree #freedominchrist #noaccidentswithgod #layitatthefeetofjesus #abundantlife #abideinchrist #newmercieseverymorning #motherhood #trustinggod #largefamilylife #bigfamily #peacefulparenting #victoriousmotherhood 

Feb 11, 202342:41
131 - Hope After Child Loss - Jill Sullivan
Feb 04, 202345:21
130 - Parenting Adult Children - Teresa Janzen
Jan 28, 202349:26
Midweek - 03 - Make it Happen
Jan 25, 202306:16
129 - Mentoring Young Adult Women - Cally Logan
Jan 21, 202336:09
128 - What Do You Believe? - Ronda Werre
Jan 14, 202349:27
127 - Real and Risky Motherhood - Michelle Warmuth
Jan 07, 202346:18