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The Money Shot

The Money Shot

By Damien Fogg

You're listening to The Money Shot Podcast with Damien Fogg, Making personal finance and investing easy to understand, less intimidating and even bordering on fun.
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TMS020 Interest Rates

The Money ShotSep 10, 2018

TMS020 Interest Rates
Sep 10, 201823:50
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Jul 30, 201818:45
TMS018 Robo Investment Funds
Jul 23, 201819:13
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Jul 09, 201818:44
TMS015 Preparing For a Mortgage
Jul 02, 201820:15
TMS014 Investing Remotely
Jun 25, 201828:26
TMS013 What Are Your Financial Priorities?
Jun 18, 201810:31
TMS012 The Money Shot Book Launch
Jun 11, 201819:57
TMS011 What Would I Do If I Had 100K To Invest?

TMS011 What Would I Do If I Had 100K To Invest?

Welcome back to The Money Shot podcast! In this episode, Damien takes a sum of money, in this case 100K for the sake of percentages and easy math.


In This Episode

  • Things to consider before investing your cash

  • The assumptions Damien will make during this scenario

  • Breaking down his reasonable approach to risk

  • What is meant by small caps and large caps?
  • How Damien would spend his money


“The smoother the increase you can get, the better for the long run”

“When we refer to large caps, we're really talking about the top 100, 200 companies in an entire economy”

“Re-balancing on an annual basis is a good way to make sure you're taking profit off the table and reinvesting in things that are probably, more likely, to be profitable again in the future”

Jun 04, 201820:06
May 28, 201832:25
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May 14, 201833:54
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May 07, 201818:24
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Apr 30, 201808:37
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Apr 23, 201820:11
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Apr 08, 201823:49
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Apr 07, 201825:18
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Apr 02, 201821:25