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The Mystery Kids Podcast

The Mystery Kids Podcast

By Tess O'Driscoll

A podcast about the weird and unexplained! Think Unsolved Mysteries for kids!
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71: Foo Fighters UFO

The Mystery Kids PodcastSep 22, 2022

Original Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film

Original Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot Film

Sep 01, 202316:13
Blue Dragon
Sep 01, 202309:02
90: Bigfoot Mattress Print
Sep 01, 202318:23
Keep Oregon Weird

Keep Oregon Weird

I was hoping to get an episode up this week before our Oregon Vacation but my audio has been having some issues. This is a Patron bonus episode I made available for you as an extra! Plus a recap before we go to Oregon for the first time.

Aug 15, 202313:58
Harry Potter Facts
Jul 31, 202310:41
89: Mokele Mbembe
Jul 29, 202315:30
Virginia’s Coded Treasure
Jul 29, 202321:39


The Gorilla used to be a cryptid! Here's how they were found and more facts about the incredible Gorilla!




Jul 29, 202315:04
Bonus: How Smart Are You?
Jun 28, 202313:38
The Missing White Bird

The Missing White Bird

Have you ever heard of the pilots who tried to get from Paris to New York before Lindbergh? This is all about The Missing White Bird.


Jun 28, 202315:40
All About Snakes

All About Snakes

Jamison picked to learn about snakes for his birthday! So for this episode we will be diving into lots of questions about snakes!

Jun 28, 202313:22
88: Chernobyl Disaster
Jun 28, 202321:24
Horney Toad

Horney Toad

Found this crazy story about a Horney Toad that made me do this whole episode!



May 27, 202309:10
Missing Mona Lisa

Missing Mona Lisa

What happened when the Mona Lisa was taken in 1911?


May 27, 202309:48
87: Great Lakes Cryptids
May 27, 202338:57
MM: The Loveland Frogman
May 08, 202303:46
MM: New Homes for Ocean Animals
May 01, 202304:46
Weird Ocean Animals

Weird Ocean Animals

Want to know some weird ocean animals? Here's some oddballs of the sea!


Apr 30, 202309:03
Sunken City: Thonis-Heracleion

Sunken City: Thonis-Heracleion

The Thonis-Heracleion city used to be a myth. A city lost in the sea 1200 years ago. It was real though!



Apr 29, 202314:55
86: Ghost Pets
Apr 29, 202312:29
MM: The Largest Organism on Earth
Apr 17, 202302:17
85: Megalodon Sightings
Apr 13, 202318:39
MM: Cat Island, Japan
Apr 10, 202303:18
84: Bermuda Triangle
Apr 07, 202317:08
World War II Cryptids

World War II Cryptids

Want to know some of the strange encounters of WWII? Let's dive into 4 different cryptids!



Apr 04, 202316:12
Great Eared Nightjar

Great Eared Nightjar

Let's learn about the interesting Great Eared Nightjar! They look like baby dragons!


Mar 31, 202307:05
83: Fly Geyser
Mar 31, 202308:23
82: Missing Le Prince
Feb 03, 202318:27
Mini: Newly Found Sinkhole!
Jan 30, 202305:41
MM: The War on Cats
Jan 23, 202306:21
81: Collyer Brothers Eccentric Hoarders
Jan 19, 202332:06
Facts about the Grand Canyon
Jan 16, 202314:36
80: Disappearance of Glen & Bessie
Jan 15, 202310:48
MM: New Year's Eve Bird Massacre
Jan 09, 202303:58
79: Titanoboa
Jan 05, 202313:14
78: Moon Landing Hoax or Fact Pt. 2
Dec 15, 202213:41
MM: The Man Who Survived in a Sunken Ship
Dec 12, 202205:07
77: Moon Landing Hoax or Fact Pt. 1
Dec 09, 202219:12
MM: The Luggage Cat
Dec 05, 202202:01
76: Alaska Megatsunami
Dec 01, 202212:56
Monday Mini: The City Built Atop a Crater
Nov 28, 202202:25
75: Presidential Turkey Pardon
Nov 24, 202207:32
Monday Mini: Red Crab Migration
Nov 07, 202204:30
74: The Ghost that Solved Her Own Murder
Oct 31, 202210:32
Monday Mini: The Emperor's New Telephone
Oct 10, 202204:14
73: The Nazi Gold Train
Oct 07, 202209:25
Monday Mini: The Time Caesar was Captured by Pirates
Oct 03, 202202:59
72: Cowboys and Dinosaurs
Oct 02, 202212:56
Monday Mini: Operation Tootsie Drop
Sep 27, 202202:07
71: Foo Fighters UFO
Sep 22, 202208:58