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The Naked Cake

The Naked Cake


A show specially designed to educate you on all things cake; from baking, buying, gifting, delivering and so much more.
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Purist vs Adventurer: Which type of cake lover are you?

The Naked CakeAug 05, 2020

Purist vs Adventurer: Which type of cake lover are you?
Aug 05, 202007:56
Who sets your cake delivery price?: delivery price 101 (part 1)

Who sets your cake delivery price?: delivery price 101 (part 1)

Cake delivery pricing 101

First point to note is that many bakeries don't carryout their own deliveries which means they don't actually control how much you pay for your cake delivery

There are only 5 ways a cake can be delivered: An Airplane; A CAR; A BUS; A BIKE or WALKING

Walking: If someone has to walk to deliver your cake, its def close to the bakery. (Bakery sets price)

Bike: though we don't deliver our cakes with bikes, some bakers do (Rider sets price). Bike apps (App sets price)

Public Bus: cakes can either go accompanied (with a staff) (Bakery sets price) or unaccompanied (in custody of eg the bus driver): (bus driver determines price)

Cake delivery Bus: might either be owned by the bakery (bakery sets price) or a delivery company (Company sets price)

Car: might either be owned by the bakery (bakery sets price), a delivery company (Company sets price), an independent driver (Driver sets price) or a affiliated with a ride sharing app like uber (App sets price)

Airplane: Airplane sets the price


9/10 times, bakers. even if a cake is being to the next street, it still cost the bakery something.

  1. Another customer (either split or pays for other customer)
  2. Bakery (from their profits
Aug 01, 202012:56
This is the real reason we are doing a podcast.

This is the real reason we are doing a podcast.

Who are We?
We are the Amazon for cakes in Nigeria, helping you stay connected to your loved ones across Nigerian states. We have partnered with over 80 bakers across 25 Nigerian states to make it super easy for you to buy and send cake to their loved ones.
We have close to 100 google reviews with an average of 4.8 start. We have served a lot of customers since our inception and worked with a lot of bakers as well
The problem we found
One thing we have consistently found is that many buyers don’t understand the cake baking, online/offline ordering and delivery process and this lack of understanding creates a lot of friction and misunderstanding between bakers and buyers. from buyers making request that bakers cannot fulfill, which in turn can lead to disappointment. To sizes, flavors and prices misinformation.
Why are you doing a podcast?

Knowledge is power: to empower the buying public. How can you get the best when you do not know what to lookout for. We will be breaking everything down for you from baking to delivering and everything in between and we will also bring in many of our friends and partners in the baking and gifting world.
Transparency: Know more about the people behind the cake process and they WHY’s
Control: With more knowledge comes control. You can be more in control of the eventual buying process
Teach the Do’s and Don’t when ordering cake

What listeners can take away:

A better understanding of what goes into baking and delivering their cakes
tips and hacks to make your cake buying and delivery process smooth and enjoyable


All the Opinions we will be sharing on the show are entirely our own and are subject to changes in light of new and more relevant information.
the opinions of our invited guests are entirely their own as well


At least 2 Episodes a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays)

For questions and Comments please feel free to email
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Aug 01, 202005:14
The Naked Cake (Official trailer)
Jul 27, 202000:52