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The Nanny Endorsements

The Nanny Endorsements

By Melissa Bauman

Professional nannies share tips and suggestions on how to become a better nanny. Each episode, Los Angeles-based nanny Melissa Bauman interviews a nanny or newborn care specialist on classes and certifications that helped them learn more about their career and hone their childcare philosophy.
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Episode 29: Serena Shinault

The Nanny EndorsementsMay 25, 2023

Episode 29: Serena Shinault
May 25, 202322:15
Episode 28: Franny Wood

Episode 28: Franny Wood

 This week I spoke with Franny Wood. Franny was a nanny for 16 years, and recently began working with HomeWork Solutions, a very well-known nanny payroll company. She helps nannies navigate payroll and how to be paid legally, and has graciously offered to share her email address with us. If you or your employers have an questions about payroll, you can contact her at

Book recommendations: The Lighthouse FamilyTomorrow Most Likely

Class recommendations: International Nanny Training Day

For more information about the SoCal Nanny Convention please check out our website The event will be completely bilingual, with seminars on how to become a better nanny, networking opportunities with agencies and local educational businesses, plus vendor booths for local nannies' side hustles! We will also have a certificate for everyone who attends!

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Apr 26, 202330:35
Episode 27: Giselle Beuscher
Mar 15, 202324:14
Episode 26: Candi Vajana
Feb 01, 202327:19
Episode 25: Tamara L'Hote
Jan 18, 202324:27
Episode 24: Melanie Blauser
Jan 11, 202327:36
New Episodes in 2023!
Jan 04, 202302:27
Episode 23: Danielle Taylor

Episode 23: Danielle Taylor

Danielle Taylor had so many fantastic suggestions, and also gave us our first discount code! She also suggested a positive discipline podcast: Joyful Courage

Book recommendation: Todd Parr

Class recommendation: Fairy Dust Teaching, RIE, Newborn Care Solutions, Positive Discipline, and most importantly a Sproutable class specifically for nannies (use the code THIRTYOFFSP for 30% off the course!)

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Nov 09, 202229:28
Episode 22: Ana Buralli
Nov 02, 202219:39
Episode 21: Melissa Bauman
Oct 26, 202212:18
Episode 20: Lindsay Brown
Oct 19, 202227:07
Episode 19: Suzanne Johnston
Oct 12, 202218:25
Episode 18: Jeny Lynn
Oct 05, 202214:36
Episode 17: Maria Culley
Sep 28, 202218:37
Episode 16: Carrie Bland

Episode 16: Carrie Bland

This week I spoke with fellow former swim teacher Carrie Bland. We agreed on so many important things from water safety to needing a fantastic nanny friend. She also had great suggestions on baby books and chapter books to read with your charges!
Book recommendations: Sandra Boynton, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Winnie the Pooh, Mary Poppins.
Class recommendations: Nanny Care Training, Nannypalooza, Transforming Toddlerhood, and free conferences when you can find them locally to you.
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Sep 21, 202223:58
Episode 15: Crystal Crawford

Episode 15: Crystal Crawford

This week I spoke to Crystal Crawford, the nanny behind Clearly Nanny and Hey Crystal Gail. She is a nanny in Atlanta and is also a motivational speaker who runs a Clubhouse group that supports fellow nannies.

Class recommendation: Childhood Trauma Identification

Book recommendation: Ebony's Purple Scarf

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Sep 14, 202213:06
Episode 14: Chelsey Bahe
Sep 07, 202209:59
Episode 13: Heidi Joline
Aug 31, 202221:18
Episode 12: Kat Lord
Aug 24, 202209:49
Episode 11: Alexandria Noll Mayer
Aug 17, 202214:04
Episode 10: Jennifer Willis
Aug 10, 202217:57
Episode 9: Sue Downey
Aug 03, 202234:35
Episode 8: Janette Collins
Jul 27, 202208:55
Episode 7: Jody Henry
Jul 20, 202217:13
Episode 6: Milly Fuentes
Jul 13, 202214:30
Episode 5: Sarah Salisbury

Episode 5: Sarah Salisbury

This week I spoke with Sarah Salisbury, part of the creative team behind the app RayzKidz. She has so many awesome suggestions, including classes from The Institute of Child Psychology, which I have really enjoyed myself.

Book suggestions: The Doghouse by Jan Thomas and Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Class suggestions: Institute of Child Psychology and Conscious Discipline

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Jul 06, 202220:34
Episode 4: Linda Sylvester
Jun 29, 202212:48
Episode 3: Tina Bannon
Jun 22, 202219:58
Episode 2: Kim Fulton
Jun 15, 202210:19
Episode 1: Lisa Mundy
Jun 08, 202221:19
Episode 0 - Welcome to The Nanny Endorsements

Episode 0 - Welcome to The Nanny Endorsements

Welcome to The Nanny Endorsements! Each week Melissa Bauman will be interviewing other nannies and newborn care specialists about ways we all can become better childcare providers. 

May 29, 202201:01