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In a country like France, where tradition reigns supreme, even a suggestion of change or newness has long been met with scepticism by locals. This is no longer the case, offers writer and adopted Parisian Lindsey Tramuta in The New Paris podcast, a side dish to her bestselling books “The New Paris” and “The New Parisienne”. Here, with an assortment of other local experts, she takes a closer look at the people, places and ideas that are changing the fabric of the storied French capital.
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98: On stand-up and humor in Paris with comedian Sarah Donnelly

The New Paris PodcastJun 23, 2022

115: On Tunisian olive oil as a form of resistance with Kaïa's Sarah Ben Romdane

115: On Tunisian olive oil as a form of resistance with Kaïa's Sarah Ben Romdane

Of all the cooking essentials we buy and consume, few are as taken for granted or even misrepresented as extra virgin olive oil. Imagine you’re in France scanning the shelves in your local market for a new bottle. The labels might lead you to believe the oil is 100% French, Italian or Greek but inspect the fine print and a fuller picture emerges: Pressed in Italy, Produced Outside of the European Union. And that’s if the bottles specify that distinction at all. But if I learned anything from reporting a story for Afar Magazine about today’s guest, it’s just how much of the olive oil that’s exported in the world is from another country and another region entirely. Tunisia is the world’s 3rd largest exporter and the 1st outside of the E.U. and yet most people would be surprised to know this. Sarah Ben Romdane, the French-Tunisian founder of the brand Kaïa who splits her time between Paris and Tunisian city of Medhia, joins me today to go into context of the olive oil business, the role French colonialism plays in Tunisia’s erasure from the olive oil story, and how having a foot in Paris can help change the narrative. 

Mentioned in this episode:

My Afar Magazine story


The brand on Instagram

Taste of Paris


La Grande Epicerie

Sabah NYC

Thanks to Matthew Jordan for technical production and editing on this episode!

May 25, 202339:29
114: On discovering art in Paris with Alex Weinress of The Seen Paris

114: On discovering art in Paris with Alex Weinress of The Seen Paris

May 11, 202338:59
113: On 'Joie', living well, and lessons from France with Ajiri Aki
Apr 26, 202337:26
112: On Parisian Design & Interior Architecture Trends with Tala Gharagozlou

112: On Parisian Design & Interior Architecture Trends with Tala Gharagozlou

Much like fashion, Paris is a global reference for design. There are the iconic interiors one might imagine when thinking of Paris but then there are the more sceney or concepty places that seem to have big design firms and big investors behind them. In the last 8 or so years, it feels like every new spot has a resident interior designer or architect or a theme that they’re going for. In some ways, it feels more like London with its developed restaurant groups and their sharp designs. What might explain the proliferation of more global less local styles in restaurants and hotels in Paris? Who have been some of the tastemakers over the years and what defines the kind of look and feel we’re seeing now? To get to the bottom of it, I chat with Tala Gahragozlou, an interior architect who trained with and worked for Frank Gehry, has worked for Soho House, India Mahdavi, The Hoxton, and with her design collective Atelier Ramo, designed Bleu Bao and Bao Express, two restaurants from the group Bao Family.

Mentioned in this episode:

Atelier Ramo 

India Mahdavi 

Hotel Costes 

Jacques Garcia

Thierry Costes

Buddha Bar

Christian Liaigre 

Joseph Dirand

Paris Society spots (Monsieur Bleu, Girafe..) 

Stéphane Jego’s L’Ami Jean 


Frenchie / Gregory Marchand

Big Mamma Group

Touriste Hotels / Adrien Glouagen 

Café des Deux Gares 

Soho House

The Hoxton

La Samaritaine 

Cheval Blanc 

Maxime Frédéric pastry chef 

Thanks to Matthew Jordan for technical production and editing on this episode!

Apr 12, 202350:46
111: A Musician's Life in Paris with Pianist Bonnie Brown
Mar 30, 202333:52
110: On the French pension reform and ongoing strikes
Mar 16, 202307:02
109: On Marie Antoinette's Enduring Legacy with Dr. Susan Taylor Leduc
Feb 28, 202334:46
108: French Wine talk with Alison Eastaway of Cavewoman Wines

108: French Wine talk with Alison Eastaway of Cavewoman Wines

If you were to scan a Parisian city block, you’ll land on at least one caviste or wine seller. But while there are a lot of them, they’re not all created equal. Alison Eastaway, an Australian who has lived in Paris for 12 years and today’s guest, saw an opportunity to offer something different. She left her last career in tech to start Cavewoman Wines, a wine store and tasting room in the 11th arrondissement which opened last July. On today’s show, We talk about nonlinear career paths, the impetus for opening Cavewoman wines and some of her favorite producers.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Cavewoman Wines

La French Tech

Domaine Bel Avenir: Cécile and Laura Dardenelli in Beaujolais

Aurélie Tailless "La Fille des Vignes" in Côtes du Rhône

Vins et Volailles and Justine Vigne (wine name is Self Love)

Feb 11, 202341:27
BONUS! 107: On Macron and the World Cup Final with Rym Momtaz

BONUS! 107: On Macron and the World Cup Final with Rym Momtaz

I wasn’t going to publish another episode this year but then the World Cup Final happened, and President Macron went cringe and inspired a whole new conversation I simply had to have before the new year. There’s no better person to discuss Macron with than Rym Momtaz, the former France Correspondent for Politico who spent years reporting on the Macron administration and currently a consulting research fellow on European Foreign Policy and Security with the IISS. We dig into what happened, whether sports are necessarily political, and what challenges lays ahead for the French president in the coming year.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Rym Momtaz 

Macron's Cringe Behavior at the World Cup Final

Rym’s work for Politico

IISS organization 

Dec 31, 202233:52
106: The American baker, Dan Pearson, behind the best pizza in Paris

106: The American baker, Dan Pearson, behind the best pizza in Paris

Of all the incredible foods in Paris, which do you think gets consumed the most? If your instincts led you to say pizza you’d be correct. By some estimates, the French as a whole are the world’s second biggest consumers of pizza after the United States. As the capital, Paris is understandably swarming with pizza joints, some enjoyable and well done, but most of them forgettable. That is, until Dan Pearson, an American sourdough baker, came along and showed pizza lovers how good it really can be. Since the fall, he’s been leading the temporary pizza restaurant at Le Rigmarole, owned by the chefs Robert Compagnon and Jessica Yang, and becoming something of the culinary talk of the town. He joins me for this final episode of 2022 to talk about his journey into baking, what makes sourdough the perfect match for pizza, and how he feels about inspiring a new obsession among the most discerning diners in Paris.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Le Rigmarole

Dan Pearson

Mark Bittman's sourdough bread recipe and video 

Panic bakery Madrid 

Ten Belles Bread

Population wheat

Dec 27, 202233:38
105: Cake Talk with Sweet Paris author Frank Barron

105: Cake Talk with Sweet Paris author Frank Barron

It started with gâteau and continues with, well, more cake. And pastry, and Chocolate! For part two of my focus on sweets, I’m joined once again but an old friend of the show whose first book, Sweet Paris, was released earlier this year. My conversation with Frank Adrian Barron took place in my apartment so you’ll have to excuse any wood-floor echos and cat meows.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Cakeboy Paris Instagram

Cakeboy Paris website 

"Sweet Paris" the book

Maxime Frédéric at Cheval Blanc Paris 

Mori Yoshida

Cédric Grolet

Pierre Hermé

Alain Ducasse chocolate

Magnolia Bakery 

The Hood Paris (for Kaya and Pandan cake)

Nov 30, 202239:56
104: Baking the French way with "Gâteau" author Aleksandra Crapanzano

104: Baking the French way with "Gâteau" author Aleksandra Crapanzano

t’s that time of year: gift giving, baking, holiday planning. Which means it couldn’t hurt to draw your attention to France for some inspiration. This will be a two-part episode all about sweets featuring two authors whose books you absolutely should be picking up for yourself or offering as gifts. To start, I’m joined today by Aleksandra Crapanzano a James Beard–winning writer and longtime dessert columnist for The Wall Street Journal and most recently the author of Gâteau, The Surprising Simplicity of French Cakes. The book includes more than 100 recipes of classic and regional cakes fit for the home baker. Our discussion tackles her enduring connection to France, the baked goods she tried in Paris most recently, and why there’s no reason to feel intimidated when baking the French way.

Mentioned in this episode:

Gâteau: buy the book!

Aleksandra's WSJ dessert column

Christophe Michalak pastry

Ritz Paris Le Comptoir // François Perret

Cédric Grolet pastry 

Nov 25, 202239:11
103: Explaining Europe's Energy Crisis with Laurent Schmitt of Dcbel

103: Explaining Europe's Energy Crisis with Laurent Schmitt of Dcbel

Turn on the nightly news, listen to the radio, or speak with most Europeans these days and the topic on heavy rotation is the energy crisis. This is partly an outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war as Moscow has suspended natural gas supplies in response to economic sanctions imposed by the West. As reported by Fortune magazine recently, the invasion of Ukraine started just after European nations decided to rapidly shift to clean energy and shutter nuclear power plants, which left them vulnerable to an inflationary shock when Russia cut off gas supplies this year. European governments are trying to diversify supplies and introduce measures to reduce demand and save energy. In France, we’ve experienced fuel shortages and high gas prices across France since September and have been told by government leaders to do what we can to reduce our own energy consumption.  To go deeper on the crisis, how the EU is handling the situation and what needs to happen to prevent further trouble for citizens, I am joined by Laurent Schmitt. Laurent is the head of utilities and European Developments for Dcbel, a renewable energy technology company and has also spent years working for the association of European Transmission System Operators and on grid innovation. 

Mentioned in this story:
Laurent Schmitt
A winter of pain ahead for Europe
France sends Germany gas for first time amid Russia energy crisis
Turtle necks are the solution, says France
France threw money at its energy crisis, but people are still angry
Nov 08, 202236:16
102: On European Baking and What's 'New' About It with Laurel Krotochvila

102: On European Baking and What's 'New' About It with Laurel Krotochvila

One of the incredible aspects of living in Europe is the access to rich bread and baking traditions. They may vary between France, Poland, Germany, and Portugal, let’s say, but what they share is the ongoing movement to protect them. It’s also the theme of the new cookbook by my fellow American friend based in Berlin, Laurel Krotochvila, owner of Fine Bagels. The book, New European Baking, was the subject of our conversation that took place at The Red Wheelbarrow bookstore on October 6th. This episode is therefore the recording of that interview. It also features a discussion with Xavier Netry, the head bread baker at the beloved Parisian bakery Utopie, who is profiled in Laurel’s book. That conversation was in French but I summarize the message at the end of the episode. Enjoy!

Thank you to Jay Swanson for facilitating the recording of this episode.

Mentioned in this episode:

Buy the book 

Fine Bagels

Shakespeare & Sons (not & Co!) bookstore

Le Balto Bar

Utopie Paris 

Oct 25, 202226:03
101: On Tourism and Seeing Paris in New Ways with Simon Burke of Txango Tours

101: On Tourism and Seeing Paris in New Ways with Simon Burke of Txango Tours

2022 will be forever be etched in my mind as the year travel and tourism rebounded from the pandemic in a massive way. Essentially, since June 1 or whenever the remaining travel restrictions lifted,  visitors haven’t stopped trickling into the city. I also know this from experiencing a major uptick in requests for my own tour. Now that we’re into the fall and peak travel season is behind us, I wanted to sit down with someone who has spent the last decade of his career in tourism and has built something new during the pandemic. A year ago, Simon Burke launched Txango Tours, a business that takes visitors through Paris and beyond on a sidecar. I’m all for seeing the city in unique and unexpected ways so let’s hear from Simon! 

Mentioned in this episode: 

Txango Tours

Fat Tire Bike Tours

Video of Txango Tours in action

Americans flocking to Europe 

Oct 13, 202240:04
100: Understanding identity through books with "Americanon" author Jess McHugh

100: Understanding identity through books with "Americanon" author Jess McHugh

Since the last episode of this show, I can report two positive things: First, I did indeed spend less time doom scrolling and therefore alleviate much of the anxiety and stress I had been feeling for months. And second, I finished a number of excellent books, many of which you can find on my page which I’ve listed in the show notes, and also returned to review a few other books I’ve enjoyed in the past few years, including the excellent work by today’s guest. Jess McHugh is an American journalist in Paris and the author of Americanon: An Unexpected U.S. History in Thirteen Bestselling Books. With smart storytelling anchored in unbelievably detailed reporting, the book explores the history of thirteen bestselling books and also how these ubiquitous titles have informed, influenced, and updated American ideals at crucial moments in history.

I brought her on the show today to talk about the book but also how that history might have been influenced by the French, how American figures left their mark on France, and some of her favourite books on the France-U.S. experience.

Mentioned in this episode: 

My selection 

Americanon: An Unexpected U.S. History in Thirteen Bestselling Books 

Jess McHugh on Twitter

Jess’s story on bison

Merriam-Webster on Twitter

Read an excerpt from Americanon

Democracy in America by de Toqueville 

Aug 29, 202232:06
99: Some thoughts on tip culture, in France & beyond
Jul 29, 202209:32
98: On stand-up and humor in Paris with comedian Sarah Donnelly
Jun 23, 202245:21
97: Soul Food Paris and Creating Cultural Exchange for Young Migrants

97: Soul Food Paris and Creating Cultural Exchange for Young Migrants

I’m back after a little break to visit family in the states and return to Paris just in time to get knocked out with covid for a week. I’m sounding more like myself and ready to record new interviews for the remainder of season 5! So thanks for your patience. To kick things back off, I’m joined today by someone with a mission to fill in the gaps where French authorities fall alarmingly short. Kryssandra Heslop is the co-founder of the non-profit called Soul Food, an organization she launched in 2018 to expose migrant youth to cultural events and artistic environments, meals, and language activities, in an effort to provide intellectual and cultural stimulation, facilitate positive integration experiences and encourage novel levels of autonomy in their new home country. On top of that, they also create opportunities for cultural exchange between migrant youth and local French teenagers. Kryssandra joins me today to talk about building this mission, who she and her co-founder are helping, and the challenges specific to carrying out this project in France.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Soul Food 

Support Soul Food

Refettorio in Paris au Foyer de la Madeleine

Soul Food MERCH

Soul Food on Instagram 

Jun 13, 202235:01
96: Presidential Election Debrief: Macron part II with Chris O'Brien
Apr 26, 202242:32
95: Navigating the French: 2022 Presidential Election edition with Emily Monaco
Apr 20, 202251:16
94: Women's rights in France and beyond with Megan Clement

94: Women's rights in France and beyond with Megan Clement

One of the first English-language journalists in Paris covering women’s issues both in France and abroad that I first connected with online was today’s guest, Megan Clement. Her reporting has appeared in The Guardian, Bloomberg, The Sydney Morning Herald, Al Jazeera, The New Humanitarian and many other publications. She is now editing Impact, a bilingual weekly newsletter dispatch by Les Glorieuses, which may be familiar to you if you’ve read my second book, covering feminist movements and women’s rights worldwide. She also teaches journalism at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Given our impending Presidential election, the repercussions of the pandemic on women and their advancement, and the ongoing struggle to curb violence against women, it felt like the right time to discuss it all with Megan.

Mentioned in this episode:

Megan's reporting on the hottest day in Paris

Megan on Twitter

IMPACT by Les Glorieuses

The Wolfpack case Spain

Malta’s view on abortion

Malta continued

Impact interview with Mariana Ardila on Colombia’s historic abortion victory 

The situation for women in Poland

Les Glorieuses

Apr 07, 202236:05
93: On French digital culture, productivity, and work with Rahaf Harfoush

93: On French digital culture, productivity, and work with Rahaf Harfoush

One of my goals with The New Parisienne was to highlight the richness of talent coming from women in and around the capital. There’s tremendous creativity, knowledge, innovation, and inspiration and it’s these women and so many others who fuel my own work and thinking. Rahaf Harfoush, one of the women in the book and a longtime friend, is one of the women I admire and whose research, writing, and thinking on technology and the culture of work has been endlessly illuminating.

She joins me today to talk about the research she’s been doing, her work with a French commission on the digital space, and how we can all exert control over technology’s impact on our daily lives.

Mentioned in this episode & additional links:

Rahaf Harfoush's work
Order Rahaf's book Hustle & Float
Rahaf's LinkedIn Course on Humane Productivity
How Burnout Makes Us Less Creative (Rahaf's Ted Talk)
Conseil National du Numérique (Digital commission)
Rahaf on Twitter
Rahaf on Instagram 

Mar 14, 202242:13
92: On fine-dining in Paris with sommelier Etheliya Hananova
Mar 01, 202250:10
91: On France's War on Woke with Cole Stangler
Feb 10, 202233:51
(SEASON 6) 90: French-American General Store Shopping with Landline
Jan 28, 202236:28
89: La Campagne: Understanding the French Elections, Parties, & Candidates

89: La Campagne: Understanding the French Elections, Parties, & Candidates

Dec 18, 202101:03:41
88: Transforming Paris into a bike capital with Nicolas Le Goff

88: Transforming Paris into a bike capital with Nicolas Le Goff

A recent New York Times story had a lot of us Parisians up in arms. It’s mayhem on rue de Rivoli and streets across Paris, we’re told, as bikes take over and the mayor pursues an ambitious goal of making the city a European cycling capital by 2024. The journalist includes comments such as “it’s like anarchy! everyone is just doing as they please. There are no police, no fines, no training and no respect.”

Not only did it sound like a car wrote most of the piece but it was sensational and in many cases, incited fear of a process that is quite standard. The growing pains of a city in the midst of a transformation like this are to be expected. But the automobile lobbies make a lot of noise and so, what is a necessary change to the very urban fabric of Paris is seen as an unbearable complication to daily life.

To talk about this cycling revolution in the city I’m joined by a former guest of the show, Nicolas le Goff, an urban scout, author, and longtime cyclist. How safe is it to ride in Paris? You’ll find out.

Also mentioned in this episode:
Nicolas Le Goff and his work

Making Paris 100% cyclable

Paris en Selle 

Dec 08, 202141:25
87: What the New Wave cinema movement can tell us about contemporary France with Laure Astourian
Oct 30, 202141:01
86: How French healthcare stacks up with Robin Davis

86: How French healthcare stacks up with Robin Davis

Which country has the best healthcare system? It’s a question that is regularly tossed around, particularly as America’s healthcare system looks more and more broken with every passing year. The stories of Americans putting off doctor’s visits due to fees and the fear that a costly ailment will be discovered are so common they seem pulled directly from a dystopian novel.

In comparison, experts look to the Australians, Brits, Dutch, Germans, Swiss, and French who have strong public health systems, some reliant on government and some on private insurers for their universal coverage. In France, Public insurance covers between 70 percent and 80 percent of costs. Voluntary health insurance, which we call mutuelles, can cover the rest. The Ministry of Health establishes funds and budgets and regulates everything from number of hospital beds available to the price for procedures and medications.

Over the last five to six years, I’ve seen more doctors and specialists for a variety of reasons than I ever have in my entire life. My out-of-pocket costs are relatively low and my reimbursements come quite swiftly. What I can’t speak to with firsthand experience is what it’s like navigating the French system with a life-threatening health issue.

Robin Davis, an American journalist and TV producer currently working in an international organization in Paris, was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 3 years ago. She joins the show today to talk about that experience, the quality of care she received throughout a traumatic time, and how the French system really stacked up when she needed it the most.

Mentioned in this episode:

Which country has the best healthcare system? 

Follow Robin on Twitter 

Robin’s website

Robin's recommended resources:
Breast of Us (U.S.) 

Rose Up (France) 

Oct 12, 202133:51
85: On Southeast Asian Cooking in Paris with Khánh-Ly Huynh
Sep 13, 202136:31
84: On food & identity with Puxan
Aug 23, 202140:44
83: The Changing Art World & the Luxe-ification of Paris with Dr. Susan Taylor Leduc
Jul 06, 202133:41
82: On food, cookbooks, and dining out with Victoire Loup
Jun 11, 202131:54
81: Justice for all? The state of things in France with Yasser Louati
May 25, 202134:09
80: Parisian Faces: Behind "Les Gueules de Parisiens"
May 10, 202134:38
79: On Bread (and cheese, and wine) with author Katie Quinn
Apr 26, 202140:27
78: Learning French slang with Paris Phrases
Apr 12, 202134:04
77: Behind the food with the founders of Sunday in Soho
Mar 26, 202146:45
76: Meet Fed By A Frenchman
Mar 09, 202140:59
75: Black History in Paris with Kévi Donat, Le Paris Noir
Feb 24, 202138:17
74: The Paris Library with Janet Skeslien Charles
Feb 09, 202130:56
73: Pamela Druckerman on Storytelling for Kids (Season 4 debut)
Feb 02, 202137:48
72: The Stories that Shaped France in 2020 with guests Lauren Collins and Aida Alami

72: The Stories that Shaped France in 2020 with guests Lauren Collins and Aida Alami

This is the final episode of this train wreck year. But to recap in a way that goes beyond the specifically wrenching horror of Covid, I’m joined by my friends and regular guests Lauren Collins and Aida Alami. We’re going to chat about some of the OTHER big stories that shaped France in 2020.

Lauren Collins:
Aida Alami:
Benjamin Griveaux scandal:
Agnès Buzyn drama:
Gabriel Matzneff investigation:
Christophe Girard scandal:
Lies about masks:
BLM and antiracism protests:
Lauren's Assa Traoré profile:
Knife attack:
Sonic boom over Paris:
Death of teacher Samuel Paty:
France vs the world on laicité/Islamaphobia
Gerarld Darmanin and his anti-"ethnic aisle" stance:
France and separatism/loi sécurité globale:
Macron vs the English-language media:
Ben Smith piece on Macron:
Vaccine delays in France:
Emily in Paris (ugh):
Dec 31, 202046:20
71: On changes and transformations with Zeva Bellel

71: On changes and transformations with Zeva Bellel

For many people around the world, 2020 has contributed to more than just personal upheaval but a professional uprooting as well. Lost jobs, cancelled opportunities, disrupted projects, and in some cases, it’s the realization that now is as good a time as any to bring about changes. To navigate all that, there are experts like Zeva Bellel, a career and life coach based in Paris who has been through several of her own transformations. On today’s episode, she talks to me about her arrival in France twenty years ago, building a career here, and helping women find their way. And since it’s the end of the year, she leaves us with some hopeful lessons for 2021. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Paris by Appointment Only: Zeva Bellel's coaching website: Zeva's newsletter (so good!): Zeva on Instagram: "Burnout" book:
Dec 23, 202040:36
70: On Foreigners in Paris with Sutanya Dacres
Dec 13, 202041:50
69: Inside "Saving Notre Dame"
Dec 04, 202029:50
68: The Business of Champagne with AR Lenoble - Wine and Spirits Part 4
Nov 27, 202033:00
67: Champagne Talk with Cynthia Coutu - Wine and Spirits Part 3
Nov 13, 202036:46
66: Cocktails at home with Izzy's Paris - Wine and Spirits, Part 2

66: Cocktails at home with Izzy's Paris - Wine and Spirits, Part 2

Cocktails in Paris have evolved radically in the last ten years and certainly rival what you can get in any of the big cocktail hubs, such as New York and London. So it’s only natural that from a more sophisticated scene we would see more sophisticated and inventive concepts emerge. Allison Kave is involved in one such project. The creator of Brooklyn’s Butter & Scotch bakery and bar has co-founded Izzy’s, a new plant-based cocktail brand delivered to homes across Paris. Allison talks about moving to Paris during the pandemic, the synergies between baking and cocktail mixology, and her favorite drinks for the season. NOTE: This episode was recorded on Halloween, Allison’s favorite holiday. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Allison Kave: Butter & Scotch: Izzy's Paris: First Prize Pies cookbook: Butter & Scotch cookbook:
Nov 07, 202031:31
65: Girl Meets Glass- Wine and Spirits, Part I
Oct 30, 202038:26
Special News Episode: On crop tops and hijabs in France with Lauren Collins and Aida Alami

Special News Episode: On crop tops and hijabs in France with Lauren Collins and Aida Alami

This episode is the first in what I hope to be a monthly series picking up apart one news story impacting France. And each time, I’ll be joined by my two friends Lauren Collins and Aida Alami. Lauren is a reporter for The New Yorker and the author of When in French: Love in a Second Language and Aida Alami is a journalist for The New York Times and NY Review of Books, among other outlets, and a filmmaker. Both have been guests on this show before. The idea emerged out of our Whatsapp group -- we’re constantly sharing our thoughts on what’s happening in the world, sometimes exclusively in emojis, but I thought that when it comes to Paris and issues influencing life and politics in France, we could go a bit deeper.

So what’s happening right now? After separatism, communautarisme, questioning whether Covid is masculine or feminine (it’s feminine apparently), there’s another obsession taking over the discussion in France: "tenue républicaine" or what is or isn’t clothing fit for the republic. What IS the correct form of dress. And is the state's obsession with the hijab part of a similar problem? We discuss.

Mentioned in this episode:
Background on the issue:

Education minister's comments:

Obsession with the hijab:

Macron's speech on separatism:

Aida's story on Maryam Pougetoux:

On Sibeth Ndiaye's clothes:

Lauren Collins:

Aida Alami:
Oct 16, 202038:57
64: Stories from a French-American, Mother-Daughter Duo
Sep 28, 202038:21
63: Running for Good with Liz Warner
Sep 14, 202030:03
62: On “The Margot Affair” with Sanaë Lemoine
Aug 24, 202036:34
61: Bringing Bourbon to France with Two Worlds Whiskey
Aug 15, 202043:32
60: A discussion about The New Parisienne

60: A discussion about The New Parisienne

On July 7, my second book, The New Parisienne, was finally released into the world. I’ve been delighted to participate in a number of virtual talks, including the hour with author Thomas Chatterton Williams as part of The American Library in Paris’s author program. That’s the conversation you’ll discover in this episode-- I hope both the book and this exchange inspires discussions in your own circles. Mentioned in this episode/Additional links: The New Parisienne book, order now! This discussion on YouTube: Vogue review: The Guardian review:
Jul 29, 202057:39
59: On France's Racial Justice Movement
Jun 27, 202007:35
58: Disability rights and accessibility in Paris with Marina Carlos
May 25, 202028:06
57: On childbirth in Paris during a pandemic with artist Ariane Chang
May 13, 202025:26
56: On rescuing & adopting animals in Paris with Roxanne Matiz

56: On rescuing & adopting animals in Paris with Roxanne Matiz

May 04, 202031:55
55: On the future of bars & restaurants with Josh Fontaine
Apr 27, 202026:39
54: On the Future of Travel & Tourism with Little Africa Paris
Apr 20, 202053:54
53: Paris in confinement
Apr 16, 202011:21
52: Tracing the coffee bean with David Flynn of Belleville Brûlerie
Apr 01, 202030:01
51: On deeper travel experiences with Anne Ditmeyer
Mar 21, 202030:43
50: On evolving style and designing in Paris with Lina Nordin
Mar 06, 202028:57
49: Drinking French with David Lebovitz
Feb 23, 202033:52
48: Documenting life in Paris with Jay Swanson
Jan 31, 202035:01
47: L'Amour: On Love with Stefania Rousselle
Jan 17, 202030:55
Show and book update!
Jan 17, 202001:40
46: Season 3 Finale/2019 Wrap-Up with NPR journalist Jake Cigainero

46: Season 3 Finale/2019 Wrap-Up with NPR journalist Jake Cigainero

Closing out the third season and the year with a look back on some of the major stories that dominated the newsfeed throughout 2019 in Paris , from the Notre Dame fire to Mayor Hidalgo's war on cars and the pension reform strikes that, at the time of publishing this, have continued for four weeks. I’m joined by my friend Jake Cigainero, a fellow journalist and contributor to NPR. NOTE: This episode was recorded on December 4th, the day before the start of the pension reform strikes. We hypothesized how disruptive the strikes would but it ended up becoming far worse than we expected. Mentioned in this episode: Jake Cigainero, NPR: Notre Dame fire & big donations: G7 with Macron: Mayor Hidalgo's war on cars (and Airbnb. And Amazon): Pension reform strikes:
Dec 27, 201933:56
45: On Race & Identity with Thomas Chatterton Williams

45: On Race & Identity with Thomas Chatterton Williams

What does it mean to be a citizen of a given place? How do our origins, beliefs, and race compose our identities? Should they be part of understanding our senses of self at all? This is arguably one of the prevailing issues of our time but one that looks very different in the United States and France. It’s also one of the abiding questions explored by Thomas Chatterton Williams, a cultural critic and author based in Paris, in almost all of his work. His newest book: "Self-Portrait in Black-and-White: Unlearning Race", presents an argument for moving beyond such superficial ways of labeling and categorizing ourselves and proposes alternatives for considering who we are as people. He joins me to talk about his book and how the thorny topic of race plays out in his two homes. Mentioned in this episode: Thomas Chatterton Williams: "Self-Portrait in Black & White" The Good Fight podcast interview with Thomas: "Losing My Cool" (first book): Book excerpt in NYT Magazine: Thomas on Bill Maher:
Dec 09, 201930:15
44: Uncovering the Success of Holybelly
Nov 27, 201931:20
43: On state violence, antiracist movements & discrimination with Aida Alami

43: On state violence, antiracist movements & discrimination with Aida Alami

It’s been nearly a year since the start of the gilets jaunes or yellow vest movement and when I think back on the moments that will forever remain ingrained in my mind, it’s those of intense violence. Violence not only at the hands of the anarchists who latched on to the social demonstrations but violence against protestors at the hands of the police. Police brutality and excessive use of force isn’t only a topic of great controversy and discussion in the United States, it’s also an issue of great concern in France. But suspicion among citizens with regard to the police (and the state at large) didn’t begin with the yellow vest movement. Joining me to talk about this issue is Aida Alami, a journalist based between Morocco and France who covers social justice, immigration, religion and politics for the New York Times, and is at work on a documentary on anti racist activists and state violence.

Mentioned in this episode:
Aida Alami:
Amal Bentounsi:
Rokhaya Diallo (antiracist activist):
Aida's reporting on the headscarf:
Police brutality in France:
French riots after death of 2 teens:
Paris Massacre 1961: What happened on October 17:
Le Code Noir (black code):
Macron admits torture during Algerian War:
"Ici on noie les Algériens" documentary:
Nov 12, 201929:40
42: Baking and Breaking Bread with Apollonia Poilâne
Nov 01, 201926:44
41: Ode to the Seine River with Elaine Sciolino
Oct 25, 201926:49
40: Another Side to Paris with author Nicolas le Goff
Oct 09, 201929:55
39: Researching the French: Journalist Karina Piser
Sep 25, 201928:23
38: On dating and romance in Paris with Sutanya Dacres and Hugo Katsumi
Jul 31, 201933:21
37: Santé! Craft Beer with Thomas Deck

37: Santé! Craft Beer with Thomas Deck

When you think about camping out on a café terrace with a drink, chances are you don't think of craft beer. This is a wine country after all, right? The history is a bit more complicated than that. According to the Brewers Association of France, beer consumption has grown about 3% annually each of the last four years after declining for 36 consecutive years. In my book, I looked into the craft beer rebirth in Paris and wrote about individuals deeply invested in driving the community, including today's guest. Thomas Deck is one half of Deck & Donohue, one of the city's leading brewers and undeniable success stories. Mentioned in this episode: The New Paris book: Deck & Donohue: Where to find the beer:
Jul 17, 201928:58
36: Feminism à la Française: Live Panel Discussion
Jul 02, 201952:37
35: Climate talk with Patrick Galey--How bad is bad and how green is France?

35: Climate talk with Patrick Galey--How bad is bad and how green is France?

Jun 03, 201927:29
34: Paris in Song with Crystal Petit and Jua Amir
May 23, 201926:55
33: What’s at Stake with State Security with PhD candidate Andrew Aguilar
May 09, 201924:27
32: Navigating life and work in Paris with Charli James
Apr 24, 201931:49
31: On chef awards, food festivals and inclusivity in the dining world with chef Lina Caschetto and restaurateur Sabrina Goldin
Mar 21, 201926:29
30: On changing neighborhoods and the Gare du Nord with Alex Toledano
Mar 04, 201927:00
Episode 29: Season 2 Finale / 2018 Wrap-Up with Lauren Collins
Dec 21, 201828:13
Episode 28: The Female Fight Part II with Rebecca Amsellem and Jennifer Padjemi

Episode 28: The Female Fight Part II with Rebecca Amsellem and Jennifer Padjemi

#Metoo, body shaming, fatphobia, feminism, PMA, representation. These are among the words, movements and themes that have gone from niche or seldom addressed to the forefront of conversation across nearly all social stratums. In season 1, I invited Lauren Bastide of the feminist podcast La Poudre to discuss the outcome of #MeToo in France and the rising influence of a new generation of feminists who are raising their voices and taking to the streets. Now a year later, I go deeper into the conversation, looking at how #MeToo has or hasn’t awakened the national consciousness, the issue of representation, and the latest discriminations impacting women, with two important voices on the topics, Rebecca Amsellem, author and creator of Les Glorieuses and the book Les Glorieuses, chroniques d’une féministe, and Jennifer Padjemi, journalist and host of the new podcast Miroir Miroir.

Mentioned in this episode:
Les Glorieuses:
Miroir Miroir:
Jennifer Padjemi:
Serena Williams bodysuit ban:
Rebecca’s commentary on the Serena Williams issue:
Fertility rights (PMA)
#MeToo backlash
Brazil’s Presidential Elections
Nov 09, 201832:06
Episode 27: Let’s Drink! Apéritif with Rebekah Peppler
Oct 11, 201829:21
Episode 26 - Gay Paris with Bryan Pirolli: How LBGTQ friendly is it, really?
Aug 22, 201827:38
Episode 25 - Food Matters with chef Peter Orr
Jul 31, 201827:31
Episode 24: On Immigration, Islam and Identity vs Security

Episode 24: On Immigration, Islam and Identity vs Security

I met today’s guest 3 years ago at a café. He was conducting research on French Islam, I was writing my book on Paris. That café was a source of comfort for both of us after the Nov 13th attacks which killed and injured hundreds. These attacks, carried out by French or other European nationals affiliated with or inspired by the Islamic State, raised serious questions about France’s security, treatment of Muslims in the country, and policies toward integration and deradicalization. Andrew Aguilar, then a visiting scholar at Science Po, had his own views on the issue. Today, Andrew is a PhD candidate in political science at Science Po and continues his research about what’s really at play when we speak about French Islam. On this episode, I speak to Andrew about immigration, Macron’s new quest to restructure Islam in France and how the country’s Muslims feel about their place in French society. Mentioned in this episode: Andrew’s Letter to the Opinion Editor in the Washington Post France attempts to “reform” identity A French variant of Islam: La France Insoumise
Jul 14, 201826:36
Episode 23: Walking through Paris with author-artist Jessie Kanelos Weiner
Jun 28, 201826:03
Episode 22: Rediscovering Paris with David Santori
Jun 10, 201828:08
Episode 21: An Artist’s Home in Paris with Cody Delistraty

Episode 21: An Artist’s Home in Paris with Cody Delistraty

The literary and artistic ties to Paris run deep. From Hemingway to Stein, Davis to Coates, the city’s appeal is everlasting. Today’s guest continues that legacy. Cody Delistraty, named a young writer of the year by British Vogue, is a cultural critic who talks to Lindsey today about working in Paris, the state of art, and his next big project.
May 25, 201826:04
Episode 20: Back to the Land with Lise Kvan and Eric Montéleon
May 15, 201828:07
Episode 19: The Changing Urban Landscape of Paris with Alice Cabaret

Episode 19: The Changing Urban Landscape of Paris with Alice Cabaret

Baron Haussmann, celebrated as one of the greatest urban planners in European history, is credited with having transformed Paris from an overcrowded, dirty and disease-riddled city in the 1840s to a breathable, walkable city with wide, well-lit avenues, cobbled streets, and ashlar buildings with wrought-iron balconies. But there’s more to the Parisian urban landscape than contributions from the 19th century. To talk about urbanism and the changing face of Paris, I chat with Alice Cabaret, a French urban strategist with international experience in the fields of creative industrial reconversion and urban innovation. She is the Founder of The Street Society, a collaborative urban agency based in Paris which promotes innovation in the fields of property development and urban transformation.

Mentioned in this episode:
The Street Society
The Maboneng Precinct
Grand Paris project
Paris Olympics 2024
Paris and its Estranged suburbs
Anne Hidalgo's Plans for Green Paris Falters
Les Grands Voisins
Ground Control
La Petite Ceinture
Apr 11, 201827:27
Episode 18 - From Sea to Table: the sustainable food movement with Poiscaille co-founder Charles Guirriec
Mar 20, 201829:10
Episode 17: President Macron, Tech Life & Start-Ups with Liam Boogar
Feb 26, 201831:01
Episode 16 - A Cinematic Life with filmmaker Dan Sickles
Feb 15, 201829:04
Episode 15 - Season 1 Finale with The Earful Tower's Oliver Gee
Dec 28, 201728:20
Episode 14: Santé! On wine with author Jon Bonné
Dec 06, 201727:07
Episode 13: The Female Fight with Lauren Bastide
Nov 16, 201725:01
Episode 12: Paris Goes Green (and Floral) with Elodie Love and Judith de Graaf
Nov 10, 201725:24
Episode 11: The State of Coffee (And Why We Should Care) with Mihaela Jordache and Daniel Warburton
Oct 09, 201727:03
Episode 10: On Language and Identity with Lauren Collins
Sep 26, 201728:06
Episode 9: Image vs Reality in the City of Light
Sep 20, 201728:48
Episode 8: What's for Breakfast?
Sep 09, 201727:11
Episode 7: Career Shifts and Passion Projects
Aug 31, 201727:17
Episode 6: The New Fashion
Aug 12, 201720:51
Episode 5: On Design & Lodging
Jul 28, 201723:37
Episode 4: The Sweet Stuff with Frank Adrian Barron (Cakeboy Paris)
Jul 18, 201727:56
Episode 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Paris with Rahaf Harfoush
Apr 18, 201724:16
Episode 2: Food for Thought with Clotilde Dusoulier
Apr 14, 201732:41
Episode 1: What's this all about?
Apr 07, 201727:10