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The Nurse Break & Nurses Collective - Live Interviews

The Nurse Break & Nurses Collective - Live Interviews

By The Nurse Break & Nurses Collective

Welcome to The Nurse Break & Nurses Collective Podcast, where we engage in enlightening conversations with dedicated nurses and healthcare professionals across Australia. Discover the rich tapestry of their careers and delve into the diverse and dynamic world of healthcare. For more insights and stories, explore articles written by Australian nurses at If you're a nurse or a nursing student in Australia, be sure to join our thriving community at It's your gateway to networking, learning, and connecting with fellow nurses Down Under.
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The Lifesaving Twin Sisters | Ambulance Paramedic and Emergency Nurse

The Nurse Break & Nurses Collective - Live InterviewsJun 04, 2021

Maternal, Child & Family Health Nursing in Australia

Maternal, Child & Family Health Nursing in Australia

🎙️ Join us for a fascinating episode where Louise Wightman, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Chair of Maternal, Child & Family Health Nurses Australia, shares her journey into maternal, child, and family health nursing in Australia. We explore the evolution of this field, the unique challenges and rewards, and the diverse roles within it. Louise also discusses her experiences in rural and remote nursing, emphasising the significance of healthcare access in these areas.

Discover key developments and initiatives in maternal and child health nursing and gain valuable advice for those interested in pursuing a career in this vital sector. Listen now to gain insights from a true nursing expert."

Oct 21, 202344:04
Olympian, Rehab Nurse and Manager Rachael Lynch
Sep 22, 202136:33
My patient is what? Caring for Deaf patients

My patient is what? Caring for Deaf patients

Hundreds from across Australia tuned in to watch our FREE class for nurses, paramedics, doctors and students about Auslan and caring for deaf patients with Auslan educator Gail Smith. 

Some topics covered? 

 - How to book an Auslan interpreter?

 - Why do I book an Auslan interpreter?

 - Where and how can I learn some basic Auslan sign language?

 - Why can’t Deaf patients just lip-read ?

 - Can a Deaf person read and write English?

 - What not to assume about a Deaf patient!

 - Gaining consent with deaf patients?

 - Some very sad stories from Gail's experience advocating for deaf patients in hospital

 - What is VRI? 

- What is tactile Auslan? 

- How do deaf patient's call an ambulance or emergency services?

 - How long can interpreters stay in hospitals with patients?

 - "If I speak louder or clearer won't they just understand me?"

 - "Why can't I use family or friends to interpret?"

 - Some tips to make your patients hospital experience Deaf friendly!! 

- Basic signs to introduce yourself and help the patient feel more comfortable. 


Gail's FB group:

For FREE Auslan training contact Gail:  

Stay updated:

Jun 30, 202101:40:49
Occupational Violence & Aggression in Nursing
Jun 22, 202101:32:46
Disaster Nursing Preparedness
Jun 10, 202158:51
The Lifesaving Twin Sisters | Ambulance Paramedic and Emergency Nurse

The Lifesaving Twin Sisters | Ambulance Paramedic and Emergency Nurse

We chatted with Tenesha who is an Ambulance Victoria Paramedic and Britt her twin sister who is a Registered Nurse working in Emergency!

A must-listen for all paramedic & nursing students and everyone else interested in hearing about their clinical journeys. They are also amazing singers and performed at the start and the end!

We covered a range of questions including how to succeed as a graduate and student, funniest stories, how to manage shift work, tips and tricks and so much more!

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Jun 04, 202101:05:04
Nurse Midwife Mental Health and Wellbeing

Nurse Midwife Mental Health and Wellbeing

We went live with Carolyn McDonald and Mark Aitken.

Carolyn McDonald is a registered nurse with over 25 years’ experience in nursing, who joined the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) as a Senior Clinician in 2009.

Mark Aitken is a Registered Nurse and the Stakeholder Engagement Manager with Nurse & Midwife Support, the national 24/7 support service for nurses midwives and students.

So many topics were covered including insights and experiences shared on nursing, career journeys, mental health, wellbeing, lived experience, drug & alcohol, burnout, grief & loss, stress, self-care, leadership culture, reaching out for help and the services that are ready to help if you are struggling.

May 24, 202101:10:55
Graduate Nurse Program Panel Discussion

Graduate Nurse Program Panel Discussion

This was an AMAZING live Q&A/Webinar with a bunch of recent and current graduate Registered Nurses from across Australia!

This is a must watch for nursing students, soon to be graduate nurses and current grads. We covered every topic you could imagine that relates to graduate nurses in Australia!

Just a few examples of topics covered:

  • things you need to know before starting
  • what it's like working in critical care (NICU), ED, an acute wards
  • seeking help (who and how)
  • self doubt and imposter syndrome
  • tips and advice on interviews
  • managing and preparing for nightshift
  • first met calls and patient deterioration
  • communication and advocating for patients
  • covid19 impact
  • tips and advice on acing your grad year
  • rural vs metro
  • communication
  • key pieces of advice for new grads
  • + much more...

Our guests you will hear from are

Amber Louise (VIC): Orthopaedics, COVID 19 ward, Anaesthetics & Recovery, Scrub & Scout

Emma Haylett (NT): Surgical Ward, ED

Will McOrist (VIC): Neonatal ICU,  Adult/Paed ED

Amy Humme (VIC): Outpatient Haemodialysis, Upper GI/Gen Surg

Wesley Woodborne (QLD): Adult/Paed ED

Jenny Liz (QLD): Orthopedics & Urology,  Medical (Cardiac)

All our live previous Q&A/webinars are turned into podcasts + are kept as videos on FB and Youtube.

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Apr 01, 202101:51:40
Senior Nursing Lecturer - Behind the Scenes

Senior Nursing Lecturer - Behind the Scenes

Hosted by Jackson & co-hosted with Amber Duncan, we were joined by Ashton Kline who is a well respected Senior Lecturer in Nursing at the Australian Catholic University.

We covered the following!

- Intro + Ashton's journey into nursing, his journey as an orphen

- 7.50min: Advice for Health care workers who may be exposed to patients experiencing domestic violence

- 12:30min: Ashton's journey through his first few years as a nurse including roles experience of rejecting a graduate year at the Royal Childen's Hospital, paediatrics, management, chronic health

24:14min: Multidiciplinary teams

29.10min: WHAT IS CHRONIC HEALTH!!?? And how do we make it sexy?

38.30min: Chatted about his brother who has been getting dialysis everyday of his life since he was a kid

50.50min: How can we improve nursing education at univeristy? How do you become a lecturer?

56:00min: Tips for lecturers to be effective and engaging educators

1:00:54: What is it like being a nursing lecturer? Behind the scenes reality!

1:05:03: A tricky Question!! Is university to easy to get into? Or is the nursing degree to easy to pass?

1:12:40: What is the best gift you have gotten from a student!!?

1:14:10: What are the qualities of a great student? + Covid19 impact in 2020

1:22:13: Amber has been a nurse on a Covid ward! What was that experience like?

1:27:50: What is the biggest lesson took from your final year of studies into your practice?

1:29:08: What is the biggest piece of advice you would give your junior nurse self?

1:32:40: If you could change one thing in Nursing in Australia what would it be?

1:38:10: Why are students not paid for their placements?

1:40:08: What advice would you give to students to ace their clinical placements?

1:42:18: What's next for your careers!

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All videos are turned into podcasts and can be listened on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and more

Listen to them here:

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Nov 27, 202001:47:21
Agency Rural & Remote Nursing in Australia
Oct 11, 202001:18:30
Cosmetic Nursing with Adj Associate Professor Elissa O'Keefe
Aug 21, 202001:12:49
Emergency Nurse Educator & Manager Role
Aug 19, 202001:13:08
Indigenous Nursing in Australia
Jun 20, 202001:32:26
Palliative Care Nursing in Australia

Palliative Care Nursing in Australia

What is palliative care nursing?

We chat with Melanie Davies, a Victorian based Clinical Nurse Consultant. We discuss a range of topics and break down what palliative care nursing really is and what it isn't. From end of life conversations through to what a dignified death looks like at the bedside or at home, we debunk and discuss the true essence of palliative care nursing in Australia.

Watch the video recording: Facebook Q&A Live interviews:










Jun 13, 202001:09:32
Interview with New York Covid19 ICU Nurse
May 09, 202001:29:00
Emergency Nurse Practitioner (Adults & Paediatrics)

Emergency Nurse Practitioner (Adults & Paediatrics)

Interview with Emergency Nurse Practitioner Simon!

- The who, what, when, where and why's of being a Nurse Practitioner / being an NP in a major Paediatric Emergency Department

++ heaps more!

Facebook Q&A Live interviews:











May 01, 202057:13
Junior Nursing in ED and ICU

Junior Nursing in ED and ICU

We livestream on FB Q&A with Aussie Ben Jenkins and talk about his graduate year in ICU in QLD, transitioning to ED and answer some live questions from the audience! Check out The Nurse Break on Facebook!

Apr 25, 202059:15