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TheoTech Podcast

TheoTech Podcast

By Christopher Lim

Technology is constantly reshaping our lives, disrupting the status quo and creating new possibilities. Stay up to date, satisfy your curiosity, and live more intentionally through our mix of interviews with people integrating faith and tech, theological takes on the latest tech news, stories from the frontlines of industry, book summaries, and more. Join us as we apply the theology of technology to all of life and help each other demystify tech to use it for God’s purposes.
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Why theology of technology?

TheoTech PodcastJan 29, 2020

The New Parents Episode

The New Parents Episode

In this podcast episode, Chris Lim and his wife Kathleen discuss their experiences as new parents and how technology has played a role in their parenting journey. They talk about creating an Amazon Echo skill that helps them track various aspects of their baby’s care, such as feeding, diaper changes, and pumping. This technology has proven to be a helpful hands-free solution for managing their busy schedules and staying organized in the midst of caring for their son, Athanasius (Athos). They also touch on the challenges of balancing technology use and human interaction for their child, emphasizing their choice to limit screen time and encourage more interactive and imaginative play. The episode explores their personal insights into how technology fits into their parenting philosophy and the ways they adapt to their baby’s needs and their own changing lifestyle.

Aug 31, 202331:37
A Decade Since “From the Garden to the City”
Dec 19, 202253:14
The Dorean Principle
Aug 18, 202201:01:36
AI Ethics Redefined
Jun 20, 202201:11:40
Leveling The Playing Field
Feb 24, 202242:27
A Global Hackathon for Missions
Jan 19, 202239:55
Towards a Theology of Bitcoin
Dec 13, 202155:01
How to Start a Multilingual Church

How to Start a Multilingual Church

What does it really take to start a multilingual church? Hear the story of One Voice Fellowship, a church plant in Northern Virginia using to translate worship services into 10 languages. Discover why immigrants, refugees and people from many nations choose to worship in this multilingual community and how it reflects God's heart in Scripture. What are the challenges and how can technology help?

Here's one choice quote from Pastor Chris Sicks:

> There was one woman who had been coming for six months, is not a believer, but loved the way she was loved, she just really appreciated being prayed over, but she didn't understand a whole lot of what was going on until the first time we did And the whole time I was preaching, she was like, elbowing the person next to her and smiling and nodding and pointing at the screen and at the end of the service, she said, "this is the first time I felt included".

Languages spoken at One Voice include: English, French, Farsi, Amharic, Arabic, Spanish, Punjabi, Uyghur, Chinese, and Urdu

Project Pentecost:

Sep 29, 202123:43
Church Management Systems and the Digital Transformation

Church Management Systems and the Digital Transformation

What if churches had software tools that went “beyond Sunday” to enhance fellowship, ministry, and outreach? Jeff Hook is the founder and CEO of Communitas Technologies, a new congregant-centered church software platform. Jeff and Chris talk about trends in tech adoption in churches, what digital transformation means, and how technology offers new opportunities for churches to serve and support their members and communities.

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Apr 18, 202143:60
EdTech Lessons on Technology Adoption in the Church
Mar 12, 202130:45
First Fruits: Tech Professionals Serving God
Feb 26, 202133:28
On The Frontier: AI & Missions

On The Frontier: AI & Missions

James Adams is an AI professional with 12 years experience in foreign missions. In this episode he and Chris discuss ways cutting edge AI technology could be applied to support missions to unreached populations. AI recommendations, AI generated media, and even chatbots could all be used to spread the gospel.

If you’re interested in developing tech tools that make a difference for communities and churches, registration is now open for Code For The Kingdom, a virtual 24 hour hackathon on March 20th. The event is free and open to developers, creatives, church workers, and anyone interested.

And as mentioned in the episode, you can get reminders to pray for the people in your life with the Ceaseless app, available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. And for free, quality small group discipleship training, be sure to check out Zúme.

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Feb 08, 202139:55
Digital Transformation and the Global Church
Jan 19, 202139:15
Charitable Conversations: Bringing Together Faith, Science, and Academia

Charitable Conversations: Bringing Together Faith, Science, and Academia

Academic life is busy; students, postgrads, and faculty rarely find time to dig into “the big questions” of their work. Dr. Hannah Eagleson is Associate Director of the Emerging Scholars Network, an InterVarsity ministry supporting Christians with an academic vocation. And she believes that people of faith have an invaluable role in academia: making space to pursue these big questions. Chris and Hannah discuss her work in this area, from co-hosting a 500 person digital dinner party on the subject of science and religion, to publishing a book “Science and Faith: Student Questions Explored”. She shares her insights on how “charitable conversation” and “the gift of listening” can help people with seemingly disparate beliefs come together to find common ground and shared truths.

To learn more about how the Emerging Scholars Network is encouraging and equipping undergrads, postgrads, postdocs, and faculty you can check out their Website. If you’re interested in the work Dr. Eagleson is doing, you can sign up to attend the Virtual Event she's hosting on December 16th, a relaxed and interactive evening reflecting on God’s work in student ministry at Cornell.

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Dec 12, 202033:37
Management and Trust Building in Software Development
Dec 03, 202027:23
Fostering Language Diversity in the Church
Nov 19, 202023:17
Connecting the Church in the Digital Age

Connecting the Church in the Digital Age

What does it take to build applications that support ministry? In this episode Chris talks with faith driven tech founders Taylor Doe and Matt Lombardi. Taylor is the Co-Founder of Notebird, a relationship management software that helps organizations invest in their employees. Matt is the founder of Shaar, an online marketplace designed to help churches source freelance ministry talent. They discuss the launch and direction of their respective companies, and the needs of the modern church facing COVID. As Sir Winston Churchill famously said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  Chris, Matt, and Taylor talk about how the church can use technology to navigate the crisis, and become more personal and connected.

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Oct 09, 202033:34
#mindblown: Communicating for Insight

#mindblown: Communicating for Insight

Digital Media Manager and Photographer Allen Wong talks with Chris about...talking. Chris and Allen share their thoughts on how to do the mental work that allows for big-picture thinking, collaborative communication, and mind-blowing A-Ha moments. Through back in forth discourse they build a word-picture of communication as jazz music, and Chris shares a musical metaphor of his own.

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Sep 19, 202028:28
AI: What does faith have to do with it?

AI: What does faith have to do with it?

In this special episode Chris talks with guests David Brenner and Gretchen Huizinga, two founding members of AI and Faith. They explain what AI is, how it’s being used, why people of faith should care, and what a faith perspective can add to the AI ethics discussion. AI and Faith describes itself as a cross-spectrum consortium of faith communities and academic institutions. The AI and Faith organization strives to serve “as a channel for faith-based perspectives to help shape the development of AI in ways that are deeply ethical and life-affirming.”

David Brenner worked as an attorney for 25 years, practicing law with a focus in technology and risk management. Having left private practice, he now serves as a founder of AI and Faith. He is also director of SCOPE, a partnership of the University of Washington Global Health Dept., Gondar University in Ethiopia, and the Diocese of Gondar of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which trains village priests as health advocates for mothers and infants and studies the efficacy of this approach.

Gretchen Huizinga is the former Executive Producer and Host of the Microsoft Research Podcast and the founder of the Center for Digital Wisdom, a nascent consortium of cultural guardians dedicated to the qualitative search for wisdom in a quantitative world. She is currently completing a PhD exploring voices of faith in the responsible AI conversation. She is also a founding member and Executive Director of AI and Faith.

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To support AI and Faith, visit their website directly to make a tax deductible donation. 

Aug 27, 202030:49
Hacking Together an Open Source Vocation
Jul 30, 202026:44
Supporting Transformation: The Role of Church Government In a Pandemic
Jul 09, 202028:22
Race, identity and the courage to follow God's call
Jun 23, 202036:14
3-D Printing PPE & the Rise of the Makers
May 26, 202031:37
The Post-Pandemic Future of the Church
Apr 28, 202035:13
COVID-19 and Higher Education
Apr 07, 202040:09
COVID-19: What Can You Do?
Mar 23, 202031:37
Growing through Building Tech for Scripture Memory
Mar 09, 202039:03
When Bias in AI is Necessary
Feb 26, 202032:27
Data in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
Feb 12, 202028:08
Why theology of technology?
Jan 29, 202033:32
January 18, 2020

January 18, 2020

Jan 18, 202000:35
Social Media and Serving God
Nov 16, 201931:29
God’s Calling from Unemployment to Entrepreneurship
Oct 14, 201939:21
Polity & Tech: The Glue that Keeps Churches Connected
Sep 25, 201927:41
Introversion, Fear, and Competition in an Extroverted World

Introversion, Fear, and Competition in an Extroverted World

Can an introvert be a public speaker? Referring to Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (affiliate link), Natasha and Chris (Theotech co-founders) discuss what introversion has looked like in their own personal experiences and its impact on dealing with fear and competition. Join them as they explore introversion and the theology of competition in today’s technology  infused world.

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Aug 19, 201939:58
A Second Reformation?
May 26, 201930:45
From picking coffee to picking minds: The Grace of Education

From picking coffee to picking minds: The Grace of Education

Kimani picked coffee beans for $2 a day since he was four. Most adults and children in his village lacked the funds necessary for secondary school. Thanks to the Hilde Back Education Fund, Kimani not only attended secondary school but was featured in an HBO documentary, A Small Act, which led a US Benefactor to sponsor his college education at Northwest University in Communications.<br />
<br />
Hear firsthand the challenges of living on $2 a day and how learning to trust God in all things from his mother profoundly shaped him. Listen in as Kimani shares his entrepreneurial dreams for Kenya by increasing technology access.
May 23, 201932:18
Bridging the Cultural Divide through Christ

Bridging the Cultural Divide through Christ

How do we form healthy, Christ-centered communities with people from vastly different cultures? And how does the gospel bring us together when our languages and cultural norms tend to separate us? We discuss these questions and more in this episode with Todd Blackhurst, pastor of Taichung International Fellowship.
Apr 18, 201944:42
Don’t Code in Vain, Code for the Kingdom

Don’t Code in Vain, Code for the Kingdom

Have you ever felt like your work was in vain? Or wondered how to grow in your faith and work? In this episode with Eric Gan, a software engineer at Microsoft, we discuss what it means to work for the kingdom of God, and the promise Christians can cling to in the bleakest times.
Apr 07, 201925:04
How the Gospel Unleashes Entrepreneurship

How the Gospel Unleashes Entrepreneurship

How does the gospel unleashes entrepreneurship? How is pursuing profit different than the love of money? How does cultural context affect economic policy? All these questions and more are discussed in this episode of the TheoTech Podcast.
Mar 26, 201939:44
The Biblical Basis for Diversity and Reconciliation

The Biblical Basis for Diversity and Reconciliation

In this interview with Pastor Samuel Son we discuss the biblical basis for diversity and reconciliation. Touring through Acts, Galatians, Romans and Ephesians we discovered some often (intentionally?) overlooked, but powerful truths along the way.We also talk about the role technology plays in bridging the barriers of language and culture that have long divided the church. Listen in to hear the reason behind common barriers churches face when it comes to diversity and reconciliation as well as one simple phrase that opens doors for transformation.
Mar 14, 201940:27