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The Outlaw Way

The Outlaw Way

By John Dill and Rudy Nielsen

The official podcast of The Outlaw Way Gym Program
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21.2 Strategy

The Outlaw WayMar 19, 2021

21.2 Strategy

21.2 Strategy

Week two of the CrossFit Games Open has arrived and John and Rudy are back with strategy and tips for all you Outlaws out there! Keep dialing in those healthy habits for the Open and for the rest of the year!💥🦉#owlseverywhere

To see the video - head to our Instagram:

Mar 19, 202119:52
21.1 Strategy

21.1 Strategy

The Open is here and the Outlaws are back! John and Rudy are here with your strategy for 21.1!💥🦉#owlseverywhere

Mar 12, 202124:22
What is an Outlaw?

What is an Outlaw?

In today’s episode of The Outlaw Way, John and Tom discuss what it means to really be an Outlaw in terms of wellness for the individual and the global community.

0:00:21 Levels of responsibility

0:01:30 John’s boring job at the pentagon (and how it began his Outlaw journey)

0:05:44 What is The Outlaw Way?

0:09:00 Committing to a lifestyle

0:10:49 Wellness in the age of Covid-19 and the slow reopening of gyms

0:11:24 The George Floyd demonstrations

0:15:03 What do wellness and fairness look like in terms of community policing?

0:19:00 Wait a minute… who is putting the bricks in the streets??

0:19:41 The power in peaceful protests

0:22:35 Tom’s Call To Action

0:23:50 Wellness in extreme situations

Jun 07, 202025:20
Decision Making

Decision Making

John is back with Tom Reid, business consultant and author of T.A.S.K.: Performance Based Communication. The two sit down to discuss decision-making and their take on the George Floyd tragedy.

0:00:31 30k decisions per day

0:02:45 Do you set an intention each day for how you want to communicate?

0:03:30 Decision-making and the Minneapolis incident

0:05:30 John’s reaction to the video

0:08:50 Decision making, professionalism, and precision in special ops training

0:10:54 FBI statistics

0:11:13 Anti-social personality disorder

0:11:51 Compassion fatigue

0:13:11 Adrenaline in charged situations

0:14:08 Sixteen Shots

0:16:00 Colin Kaepernick’s stance and

0:16:40 John’s take on Kaepernick and the freedom of expression

0:18:52 Police culture and the integrity of individual responsibility

May 30, 202022:43
Talking Business with Tom Reid
May 30, 202024:54
Seven Rules for Keeping the Coronavirus Out of Your Gym!
Mar 15, 202030:51
Episode 9 - The Importance of Technique
Jan 17, 202027:06
Episode 8 - The Benefits and Drawbacks of Strength
Jan 12, 202038:29
Episode 7 - Implementing The Outlaw Way Gym Program: Interview with Ben Roberts (Part 2)
Jan 01, 202026:44
Episode 6 - Implementing The Outlaw Way Gym Program: Interview with Ben Roberts (Part 1)

Episode 6 - Implementing The Outlaw Way Gym Program: Interview with Ben Roberts (Part 1)

Welcome Ben Roberts, AKA Big Beasy to the show!

Ben is the Director of Sites at CrossFit Sua Sponte with two locations in North Carolina.

In this episode, John and Ben discuss the logistics and methodology behind utilizing The Outlaw Way Gym Program at two CrossFit affiliates.

Claim your complimentary month of gym programming by tapping the link below! #owlseverywhere

Dec 28, 201922:48
Episode 5 - Class Structure

Episode 5 - Class Structure

The guys are back again to answer all your questions on how to fitness people! This week, they cover general class structure using the new program and how to time everything to fit seamlessly into a 60-minute window.

Dec 20, 201921:30
Episode 4 - Program Schedule
Dec 13, 201916:03
Episode 3 - Tier 2 and Tier 3 Movements
Dec 07, 201918:51
Episode 2 - Tier 1 Movements
Dec 04, 201942:27
Episode 1 - Program Overview

Episode 1 - Program Overview

John Dill and Rudy Nielsen discuss the creation of The Outlaw Way Gym Program. 

Nov 30, 201914:04