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The PA Is In | Tracy Bingaman

The PA Is In | Tracy Bingaman

By Tracy Bingaman, PA-C | The Money PA | Physician Assistant | Physician Associate

Tracy Bingaman is redefining success as a Physician Associate & answering PA questions: How do I find work-life balance as a PA? How can I increase my income as a Physician Assistant? Am I ready to change specialities? How can I chart less? How do I land a raise? A workshop-style podcast helping PAs to create better balance in their lives, you'll learn how to earn more money, own your energy, take back your time and build a life where you feel great about.
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226: [SCHOOL] How to Rock Your PA School Clinical Rotations

The PA Is In | Tracy BingamanSep 28, 2023

226: [SCHOOL] How to Rock Your PA School Clinical Rotations
Sep 28, 202337:39
225: [LIFE] Real Talk: Your Work-Life Balance and Negotiation Questions Answered
Sep 21, 202328:41
224: [WORK] How to Feel Competent and Confident in Your Next Negotiation
Sep 14, 202341:32
223: [LIFE] What No One Tells You About Negativity and Mistakes in Medicine
Sep 07, 202327:34
222: [WORK] Know Your Numbers: What to Track and How to Track It
Aug 31, 202324:46
BONUS [BTS] Self-Care, Rainstorms and Sunshine

BONUS [BTS] Self-Care, Rainstorms and Sunshine

Why self-care strategies matter during seasons of sunshine and seasons of rain. I'll tell a little story from life and remind you why you get to choose what self-care you need during this time.

Aug 26, 202307:16
221: [LIFE] My Secret Weapon - Rest as a Power Move
Aug 24, 202319:08
220: [WORK] 5 Reasons to Know Your Revenue Numbers in 2023
Aug 17, 202320:54
219: [WORK] Shift Work Vs. Office Hours - Which One is Right For You?
Aug 10, 202320:08
218: [PA] Elevating Your Career with Coaching for 4 Types of PAs
Aug 03, 202322:14
217: [WORK] Top Ten Tips for New Graduate Physician Associates
Jul 27, 202322:33
BONUS [BTS] Leaning Into Rest & Seasons of Life

BONUS [BTS] Leaning Into Rest & Seasons of Life

What to expect from The PA Is In during this Summer season. Press play for a reminder to lean into rest and pump the brakes or lean into work and hit the gas, depending on what season you are in.

Jul 22, 202305:28
216: [PA] What’s Missing from Modern Healthcare Delivery
Jul 20, 202322:20
215: [LIFE] The Anatomy of a Healthy Boundary
Jul 13, 202327:32
214: [PA] Screw the Clinical Leadership Ladder, It’s a Jungle Gym in Healthcare Now
Jul 06, 202327:15
213: [UNICORN] Empowering PAs: 5 Essential Questions Unicorn PAs Are Asking Themselves & Others
Jun 29, 202323:17
212: [UNICORN] Be Brave Enough to Speak Up, Even When No One Listens
Jun 27, 202351:56
BONUS [BTS] How to Assess New Information - Be Solid & Open
Jun 24, 202308:13
211: [TIME] Creating More Margin in Your Life & Work for Optimal Success
Jun 22, 202325:32
210: [UNICORN] You Are More Than a PA; You Are a Person
Jun 20, 202358:18
209: [PA] Maximizing Education and Networking at CME Conferences
Jun 15, 202325:16
208: [UNICORN] Finding Inspiration From Sickle Cell Patients
Jun 13, 202343:39
207: [LIFE] Are You Thriving or Surviving as a Healthcare Worker?
Jun 08, 202319:31
206: [UNICORN] Insider Tips From PA Sleep Consultant

206: [UNICORN] Insider Tips From PA Sleep Consultant

Jun 06, 202344:45
BONUS [BTS] I Didn't Even Know This Could Happen in Your Inbox...
Jun 03, 202312:43
205: [PA] The Top 10 Mistakes I’ve Made When Negotiating
Jun 01, 202316:32
204: [UNICORN] Setting High Goals as an Ironman Triathlete & PA
May 30, 202348:00
203: [WORK] The Secret to Overcoming Clinical Imposter Syndrome
May 25, 202331:32
202: [UNICORN] Cardiothoracic Surgery x 40 Years: How to Take Risks & Reap Rewards
May 23, 202340:49
201: [PA] A Beginner’s Take on Advocacy as a PA
May 18, 202334:34
200: [UNICORN] Heart Health & Movement Habits for Kids
May 16, 202357:37
199: [WORK] How to Design Your Dream Job
May 11, 202319:19
198: [UNICORN] Pediatric Oncology Survivorship - It’s Not What You Think

198: [UNICORN] Pediatric Oncology Survivorship - It’s Not What You Think

May 09, 202329:38
197: [WORK] Play For the Antidote to Healthcare Burnout
May 04, 202321:47
196: [LIFE] Traumatic Birth, Postpartum Depression & Surviving as a New Mom
May 02, 202349:32
BONUS [BTS] What My Daughter Thinks I Do For Work...
May 01, 202309:46
195: [LIFE] My Hope for Healthcare & Roundup of Resources
Apr 27, 202325:06
194: [UNICORN] That Actually *Is* Your Job – Here’s How to Change Your Mindset