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A great network can be the difference between having the career we love or the job we need. For 30,000+ members, The Pilot Network has reconnected old aviation colleagues, provided knowledge in the face of the unknown, and extended the helping hand to those coming up in this booming vocation. If you are a career aviation professional, please join us in one of the fastest-growing networks for professional pilots.
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Space Lasers, The Experience Evacuation and Inspiring the Next Generation With David Cohen

The Pilot Network PodcastNov 15, 2023

Space Lasers, The Experience Evacuation and Inspiring the Next Generation With David Cohen

Space Lasers, The Experience Evacuation and Inspiring the Next Generation With David Cohen

Cohen traveled globally as an instructor pilot and commissioned officer in the United States Air Force, rising to the rank of colonel. After serving over 26 years in the Air Force, Cohen moved to Florida to inspire the next generation of pilots by teaching the Air Force Junior ROTC in Orange County Public Schools and Aviation in Lake County Schools. Cohen started his experience in higher education by bringing dual-enrollment aviation programs to the Orange and Lake County school districts as an adjunct professor with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for six years.

Cohen earned a B.S. in aerospace engineering from Boston University, an M.S. in industrial engineering from New Mexico State University, and an MBA from Washington State University. He was also a National Defense Fellow with the Institute for Defense Analyses in Alexandria, Virginia.

David is a thoughtful, insightful, and inspiring guy who works with young pilots and has a passion for education and improving the lives of pilots everywhere. It was a pleasure to interview him today, and this interview cannot be missed! 

Nov 15, 202301:09:60
Alicia Godfrey: The life of an artist and pilot spouse

Alicia Godfrey: The life of an artist and pilot spouse

We have a phenomenal interview with a vendor, Alicia Godfrey, who runs Azul Timber. If you are looking for an aviation-related gift, her site is the place to go. She has beautiful engravings and aviation related artwork. It’s the kind of artwork any aviator would want in their home or workspace. 

We also talk about the life of a spouse of an aviator. So this is a great way to hear some perspective for any married pilots out there. 

Nov 07, 202326:26
Adam Answers Your Questions

Adam Answers Your Questions

Adam drops into your feed today to answer some of your questions. If you have a question you would like to ask, you can email or post it on Facebook. 

Nov 02, 202314:22
Solo show: Adam delves into his personal side...

Solo show: Adam delves into his personal side...

This is a special episode from Adam personally to you. We are going to get personal. New contracts, what it’s like to work at the airlines right now, and some self-care advice. He also talks about some podcasts and masterclasses he is currently listening to. 

Oct 20, 202314:38
Re-Release: Richard McSpadden: AOPA Air Safety Institute Sr. Vice President and former Commander of the USAF Thunderbirds

Re-Release: Richard McSpadden: AOPA Air Safety Institute Sr. Vice President and former Commander of the USAF Thunderbirds

We are deeply saddened to report that Richard McSpadden died in an aircraft accident outside Lake Placid, New York, on Sunday afternoon. The Cessna 177 Cardinal in which Richard was in the right seat experienced an emergency after takeoff. The airplane attempted to return to the airport but failed to make the runway. Both occupants lost their lives.

Richard was a very accomplished pilot, including serving as commander of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds during his military career, and a trusted colleague, friend, son, husband, and father. 

Richard is survived by his wife, Judy; his son, Grant; and his daughter, Annabel. 

Our thoughts are with Richard’s family at this time.

The Pilot Network wants to echo the AOPA with our sincerest and heartfelt thoughts to Richard's family. He led through selfless action and was a pilot's pilot. Thank you for making us all a little better at flying airplanes; your legacy will live on through aviators everywhere. Tailwinds Rich...  

Oct 10, 202347:05
John McFarlin is saving USAF pilot recruiting all by himself!

John McFarlin is saving USAF pilot recruiting all by himself!

Today on the show we are joined by John McFarlin, also known as SLAP. For those of you looking for that coveted guard or reserve gig, and need some help figuring out the next step, this episode is for you. He also talks about a new service he is offering to help people streamline their applications for the airlines. 

Oct 06, 202345:16
Shane Platt - Airline Apps
Sep 29, 202344:28
Adam and Anthony (our amazing correspondent!) debate sleep protocols
Sep 20, 202301:00:10
Back again! Tait Duryea brings the knowledge about markets, money, and management
Sep 13, 202349:40
Mental Health with Keith Roxo of Wingman Med
Aug 08, 202351:28
TPNx Live 3: Pilots, Piedmont, and All-Americans featuring Grace Wilson
Jun 05, 202315:14
TPNx Live 2: James Szydlowski…That Coffee Dude

TPNx Live 2: James Szydlowski…That Coffee Dude

James Szydlowski joins us live from TPNx to talk about a coffee company he started recently. James has managed to combine his two passions of coffee and aviation by creating coffee for pilots. Coffee is an essential part of any pilot’s daily life, so please enjoy Adam and James talking about coffee. James also shares some details on his aviation career and what he’s doing at TPNx. 

3:01 - How James got into the coffee business 

3:55 - The details of how they source their beans and make the coffee 

4:57 - About James’s aviation career and what brought him to TPNx 

7:49 - The most underrated and overrated layover cities in the world 

James’ coffee company -

May 19, 202314:47
TPNx Live 1: DALPA’s Mike Bell’s Union 101

TPNx Live 1: DALPA’s Mike Bell’s Union 101

In the next three weeks we are releasing interviews recorded during TPNx back in April. 

In this episode, we are featuring a live convo with Mike Bell, a pilot with Delta. Mike has all of the critical info that pilots need to know about unions. A lot of pilots don’t understand what their union can do for them, so this interview will set you up with a basic understanding and more. 

Pilots can benefit a lot from getting involved in their unions and other networks that are there to support them. Make sure you take advantage of the people who are here to support your career from the unions to TPNx. 

May 12, 202317:54
Cory Glenn - Director of Pilot Recruiting and Development at American Airlines Lays it Down!

Cory Glenn - Director of Pilot Recruiting and Development at American Airlines Lays it Down!

This is the last episode of the TPNx prep series, and it is with Cory Glenn, the director of recruitment and pilot development at American Airlines. They are going to be giving out CJOs to anyone who earns them. He joins us today to talk about what American is looking for in resumes and interviews today. 

Cory has been an instructor in the military, and he is going to be celebrating his 9th anniversary with American Airlines this Saturday during TPNx. You are not going to miss this episode, because Cory will be sharing what you need to know if you want to be on the fast track to a multi-million dollar career with American.

4:56 - Corey’s background and how he got into aviation 

9:12 - How American has handled the last couple of years

15:46 - The typical hiring timeline for American Airlines 

23:25 - How to make sure your application stands out with American 

38:43 - How to use TPNx to your advantage if you want to join the American Airlines crew 

52:55 - Cory’s biggest advice for pilots going through the hiring process with the airlines 

Apr 19, 202359:49
United Airlines - Captain KP Kirpatrick
Apr 19, 202341:52
Delta Air Lines with Captain Ashish Naran
Apr 18, 202329:52
Avelo Air - Scott Hall
Apr 17, 202337:48
VA Disability, Your FAA Medical, and Managing Health Concerns with Dr. Keith Roxo
Apr 17, 202356:08
Raven Career Development - James O'nieal

Raven Career Development - James O'nieal

James O’Neal is the founder of Raven Careers and a good friend of TPN. He founded Raven Careers in 2010 to provide aviation professionals with the resources to successfully develop their careers. He is an ATP-certified pilot with type ratings in King Air 300, Citation Sovereign, and Embraer 170/190 aircraft. He understands pilots and the challenges they face during their careers. 

TPNx is just around the corner, and the airlines are currently going through a hiring boom. So in this episode, James shares some valuable tips for job interviews, job fairs, and fielding job offers. 

8:43 - Navigating the problem of multiple job offers 

11:30 - Staying true to what career path serves you best 

18:03 Is there another furlow in the future? 

21:58 - Advice for anyone going to TPNX

30:58 - Mindset tips for job hunting and interviews 

Connect with James:

Apr 17, 202340:48
Safety First

Safety First

There has been a lot going on in aviation recently, and a lot is happening in the TPN universe. The subject of today’s episode is more important than any hiring event, meetup, or conference.

In this mini episode, Adam shares his thoughts on some of the recent safety concerns in the media and he shares how we can all improve as an aviation community.

Mar 09, 202313:40
TPNx 2023: The Best Job Fair Out There for Pilots

TPNx 2023: The Best Job Fair Out There for Pilots

Matt and Adam are back on the pod together. Things have been busy with both work and personal, but today there is a big announcement to share with the TPN community. TPNx is fast approaching, and it will be here before we know it. So on the show today, we will also discuss how TPNx is different from any other job fair you can attend.

In This Episode 

  • 2:57 - The difference between TNPx and other job fairs
  • 5:07 - The number one thing you need to know about TPN events
  • 7:01 - Why you should bring your spouse to a career fair
  • 8:53 - How TPNx manages to eliminate lines
  • 11:22 - The details for the next TPNx event
  • 17:25 - Why the vendor are at TPNx
  • 21:11 - Fun stuff to look forward to at the next TPNx

Get your ticket for TPNx 2023:

Feb 21, 202332:46
Myth Busting and Mathematics with Dr. Catherine Cavagnaro

Myth Busting and Mathematics with Dr. Catherine Cavagnaro

Cavagnaro graduated from Santa Clara University in 1987 and completed her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1995. Her doctoral dissertation, A Homotopy Reciprocity Law for Ribbon Disc Complements, concerned homotopy in low-dimensional topology, and was supervised by Robert F. Craggs. In it, she credits Paul Halmos for, as she puts it, ordering her to go to graduate school.

Meanwhile, she joined the mathematics faculty of Sewanee: The University of the South in 1993. She has served as chair of the mathematics department at Sewanee and introduced mathematics courses relating to her aviation interests, on topics including aerodynamics and the use of differential equations to model physical phenomena.

In 2001, Cavagnaro and William T. Haight II co-edited the Dictionary of Classical and Theoretical Mathematics, published by the CRC Press as the third volume of their Comprehensive Dictionary of Mathematics book series.

One of Catherine’s specialties is dispelling common aviation myths. In today’s episode, we dig into a number of things including her time at the University of Tennessee Space Institute and some commonly held aviation myths.

In This Episode 

  • 3:51 - What is longitudinal stability?
  • 13:39 - Why icing conditions deserve our respect and how to handle them
  • 15:30 - Catherine’s career in mathematics
  • 24:55 - Equal transit theory myths and facts
  • 36:14 - Busting common myths about takeoff
  • 40:01 - Catherine’s experience with the upset training
  • 53:32 - Current projects Catherine is working on
Feb 13, 202301:03:27
Intercepted by the Soviets, Thoughts for Young Pilots, and VA Benefit Challenges with Prof Tom Peterson

Intercepted by the Soviets, Thoughts for Young Pilots, and VA Benefit Challenges with Prof Tom Peterson

Tom Peterson is an aviation professor at Minnesota State University, Airforce Academy Graduate, and flew for the airforce in multiple variants of the 135 Platform during the cold war. He has some interesting encounters with Russians that we get into during the episode. He also has some experience with models that many of you may not have heard of.

He has some great advice for young pilots, those getting from student to professional, and people who want to use VA benefits to pay for flight training. And his career spans some really fascinating history, so get ready for a fascinating conversation.

In This Episode 

9:55 - Stories from Tom’s time in the military during the cold war

14:03 - A civilian flight that was mistakenly shot down and why that happened

15:11 - Tom’s career timeline and how he became a pilot

27:48 - Tips for success in flight training

55:38 - Navigating bureaucracy in the airforce and important lessons learned

1:00:39 - Getting academic people to accept coursework in aviation in universities

1:11:15 - Supporting students when they are struggling

1:20:16 - Cultivating professionalism as a young pilot

Feb 08, 202301:55:15
Will Raising the Retirement Age Solve Staff Shortages?

Will Raising the Retirement Age Solve Staff Shortages?

With all the staffing shortages in the airline industry, the mandatory retirement age for airline pilots has been raised from age 65 to 67. Joe and Adam discuss that today and the parallel it has with the switch from 62 to 65 in the past.

All of the other pilot shortages in the past pales in comparison with what we are experiencing now. There are a lot of problems that could arise from this raising of the retirement age, so Adam and Joe discuss the pitfalls and the ethics we will all be facing.

In This Episode 

7:00 - The politics behind the raising of the retirement age

9:48 - Is the raising of the retirement age going to help with staffing shortages?

16:08 - The difference between bringing back a retired pilot and a new hire

24:30 - How staffing shortages shows up differently in the airline industry vs other industries

36:05 - Why the recession is not going to decrease the amount of demand for air travel

Nov 21, 202246:07
New Hires Going Straight to Captain Positions?
Nov 09, 202216:09
Let's talk age 67... (and Joe hosts his first show!)

Let's talk age 67... (and Joe hosts his first show!)

Joe’s newest podcast correspondent joins Adam to chat about some current industry news. Today’s top story is the age 67 rule. With all of the events going on in the world today, we are possibly raising the mandatory retirement age from 65 to 67. Adam and Joe offer their takes on the new retirement age and talk about some of the other top stories in the airline industry.

In This Episode

  • 7:03 - About some of the legislation that is being pushed related to the new retirement age
  • 9:53 - Are people actually going to keep flying after age 65?
  • 16:07 - Why bringing people back from retirement is not that different from a new hire
  • 27:00 - The reality of the staffing shortage and why flights are really getting canceled
  • 36:11 - Revenge travel is coming!

We are looking for correspondents! If you are interested, then email us at

Aug 01, 202247:08
New Voices of TPN - Introducing Joe Sacco

New Voices of TPN - Introducing Joe Sacco

Today we are introducing Joe Sacco. Those of you who went to TPNX might have met him. He’s one of the gems of the TPN community, and he is going to be one of the new podcast correspondents!

On the podcast today, we get to know Joe, his interests, and what he plans to bring to the TPN community as its newest correspondent. Joe and Adam bond over their common interest in Jiu Jitsu, keeping perspective as a seasoned pilot and helping those who are hoping to make it.

If you are interested in being a correspondent, send an email to! 

Jul 29, 202226:06
Major General Craig Wills - 19th Air Force Commander

Major General Craig Wills - 19th Air Force Commander

Here at TPN, we explore issues and ideas that explore the entire arch of a pilot’s career. We talk about technology, entrepreneurship, and more from the lens of aviation. Today’s episode features the 19th Airforce Commander, Major General Craig Wills talking about changes in how the air force trains and invests in their pilots.

In This Episode 

  • 2:15 - Major General Craig Wills’ journey into aviation
  • 8:08 - The current state and mission of air force pilot training
  • 23:25 - Non-aviation skills required to train as a pilot
  • 29:22 - Is the pilot shortage real? Will that shortage last?
  • 32:04 - How modern technology has improved pilot training
  • 40:05 - What you need to know about the pilot shortage
  • 45:03 - Find more info on pilot training 2.0
Apr 26, 202246:25
Turbine Capital's Tait Duryea: Passive income is more than a possibility!
Apr 15, 202201:06:50
Keith Roxo - Wingman Med
Mar 22, 202244:29
Cockpit2Cockpit eLearning Course
Mar 15, 202230:23
Airline 101 Lecture 3
Mar 10, 202226:30
Airline 101 Lecture 2

Airline 101 Lecture 2

This is part two of our Airline 101 series where we talk about what happens after you get that airline job. We will go over what to expect and how to progress your aviation career from this point.

This episode is about the actual grind once your initial training process is complete. How do you get your flying schedule sorted out? We go through all the basics of bidding in this episode. It gets quite complicated, so this is just an overview. Consider this a starting point to getting this down to a science.

Feb 23, 202225:14
Airline 101 Lecture 1

Airline 101 Lecture 1

Many of you are making transitions in your career, and might benefit from an Airline 101 series.

Also the TPNX is coming up shortly for those of you who are looking to make some changes in your career.

In this episode, we are talking about the first phase after the interview process. How will your career be starting off once you land that job at an airline? This is a point where things start to go quickly. There’s going to be a lot of information coming at you, so in this short episode we will cover some of the biggest points that you need to make sure gets covered during this phase of the process.

Feb 17, 202225:40
Adam Waxes Poetic

Adam Waxes Poetic

This will be a quick down and dirty to just say hello and share some updates on what is up and coming with the podcast.

TPNX is coming up, and there are a few major airlines that will be showing up. Go to the TPN pro app to get early access to the tickets and deep discounts.

We are working with our correspondents on the podcast to bring some fantastic new content to the show.

Adam shares some updates on his personal life and some of the things he has been doing outside of his work. Sometimes the grind of being a pilot can wear you down if you don’t have something else to be an outlet on the side.

Feb 12, 202210:55


Craig Fuller is the founder and CEO of Freight Waves and recently became the new owner and CEO of Flying Magazine. We are so excited to have him on the show because Adam and Matt have been huge fans of the publication. On the show today, we dive into Craig's journey in aviation, and what he sees in the future for the industry. We also talk about some of the plans Craig has for Flying Magazine under his leadership. 

3:35 - Craig Fuller’s journey in aviation and founding his company

10:53 - What’s next for Flying Magazine under Graig’s leadership

13:44 - The aviation renaissance and the future of aviation

16:55 - How COVID has changed the direction of aviation

24:26 - Leveraging digital articles on Flying Magazine to report on fast-paced stories in aviation

36:35 - What Craig does when he’s not running his two companies

Mark your calendars for the TPNX Conference in 2022

Contact Us -

Jan 11, 202243:37
All Call: Podcast Correspondants

All Call: Podcast Correspondants

We’ve had a lot of success with corespondants in our written content, so we would like to extend that practice to the podcast. We are looking for TPN members who are interested in dabbling in the podcast space and doing interviews about aviation. No prior experience is required, you just have to be motivated!

If you are interested, please email us at

Nov 12, 202109:04
Bill Sims - From fighter pilot to entrepreneur to airline captain

Bill Sims - From fighter pilot to entrepreneur to airline captain

Bill Sims is the co-founder of Spitfire Elite, an interview prep company that can help you to take your career in the direction of your dreams. We have a great conversation today about the aviation field, entrepreneurship, and so much more. This episode is great for those of you who happen to find your career in transition at the moment.

8:35 - How Spitfire is helping pilots through transitions in their careers

14:00 - “Interviewing is a competitive sport.” - Bill Sims

19:08 - What you absolutely have to study before a job interview

25:26 - What young pilots need to know about the hiring process

Nov 04, 202143:33
So frustrating! A tiny look at why TONS of flights cancel...

So frustrating! A tiny look at why TONS of flights cancel...

This is a quick PSA and some thoughts on what happened to Southwest over the weekend. It was not the best look for the company, and media has really taken over the story. I see this as a learning opportunity and a chance for us to talk about what happens behind closed doors in our industry.

Oct 19, 202105:43
Can I get a letter? How not to suck at asking for letters of recommendation
Oct 12, 202132:12
Charlie Venema and Adam talking apps... delicious, delicious apps
Oct 05, 202144:14
Jason Depew and Nick Narbutovskih - Authors, Pilots, Storytellers!
Sep 14, 202101:09:20
Thoughts on Afghanistan

Thoughts on Afghanistan

Emotions are running high as we continue to move through some crazy times. This is your reminder that TPN has your back no matter what you may be going through. 

Aug 24, 202106:35
Evey Cormican CEO and Founder of VTR (Visionary Training Resources)
Aug 10, 202131:44
#75 - Adam and Matt - 10 Things to Do Today To Start Your Airline Career

#75 - Adam and Matt - 10 Things to Do Today To Start Your Airline Career

Matt and Adam are both here, and we have something to get off our chests. It has been a rough 16 months and we are currently in an intense recovery in the airline industry. Some of you may be looking to get into the airline industry at this time, so this episode is about 10 things to work on if you want to fly for the airlines, regardless of what stage you are in your career.

34:43 Recap

  1. Read Cockpit2Cockpit: This is a great read that gives you the high-level view of things you need to know coming out of pilot training (3:38)
  2. Get your logbook together: We recommend using MilKEEP. They have the easiest system for transcribing military records. (4:43)
  3. Get your ATP and CTP: Once you have this stuff, you are done, because you might be in a situation in the future where you will need it. (7:41)
  4. Official copies of high school and college transcripts: This is often put to the last second and they can take forever. (11:53)
  5. Applications and resumes: Use Checked And Set to review your application materials. They are the people who are going to help you get your stuff into perfect order when you are applying for airline jobs.  (14:36)
  6. Get your letters of recommendation: Start very early with this, give them ammunition on what to write, and send a thank you after they write the letter. (20:13)
  7. Get your FCC Radio Operator’s License: If you have never flown outside the military, you may have never heard of this, but it’s really easy to get and you will need it. (23:55)
  8. Get your driving record: There is the National Driving Record, but it might be different based on your location. If you have a ticket, be prepared to explain why. (25:08)
  9. Form 8 History: Look all the way back to pilot training and make review any less than 100 percent you have and be prepared to reflect on it. (27:44)
  10. Interview prep: There are a lot of resources out there. It’s really important to become a good communicator for the interview and to enhance your career in general. (30:29)

Send TPN an email

The Pilot Network Community

Jun 01, 202140:33
#74 - Jeff Nielsen - The Airline Pilot Guy
May 25, 202145:49
#73 - Dave Jesurun - High Country Air Service and Skillbridge
May 18, 202131:21
#72 Pete Larrabee - DoD Skillbridge Program
May 11, 202116:22
#71 - The Dangers of Automation with Jack J. Hersch
May 04, 202135:47
BONUS: Pat And Adam Are Scared!

BONUS: Pat And Adam Are Scared!

My guest from the last episode, Pat, he and I had an emergency together. He and I had very different perspectives, and we break it down in this episode. If you liked this episode or if you have any thoughts, let us know! Email us at

“If you are flying airplanes, there are people who have had something happen to them and people who will have something happen.” - Pat

Mar 23, 202130:26