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The Power of 3

The Power of 3


Empowering entrepreneurs to unlock their third eye to grow themselves and their business.

We discuss health, wealth and happiness - the three pillars to the good life; because at the end of the day, we own a business to become free. \

Truly, free.

This podcast will give you the keys to unlocking your inner strength. Empower you to turn your vision into reality, and evolve. We all face difficulties and are underdogs at some point, the real question and challenge we face is in our head.

If we can conquer our inner self, our outer physical self will follow.

Love you all,

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Ep. 56 - Holistic Healing & Spiritual Psychology w/ Beverly Sartain

The Power of 3Aug 13, 2021

Ep. 70 - What Is Really Killing You?

Ep. 70 - What Is Really Killing You?

In this episode Benji discusses fear and its ability to hinder success.

The fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of bad health, criticism, old age, poverty - all play a role in keeping us at a lower frequency.

To overcome fear we must reset our primal states, move with ambition, tenacity, and ultimately, take responsibility for ourselves (don't be a b****!)

Love you all.



Apr 14, 202304:30
Ep. 69 - How To Stay Curious

Ep. 69 - How To Stay Curious

In this episode Benji talks about how to keep curiosity in your life; and how to stay focused on what really matters.

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Big year ahead - lets fly!


Mar 29, 202310:14
Ep. 68 - Ozzy Osbourne's CryptoBatz

Ep. 68 - Ozzy Osbourne's CryptoBatz

This is the next blue chip NFT project. 

Mar 08, 202201:04
Ep. 67 - Ecommerce Marketing, Crypto & Healthy Psychology w/ Stephen Bradeen
Feb 04, 202232:06
Ep. 66 - How To Thrive w/ Luke Coles
Jan 14, 202225:00
Ep. 65 - CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Dec 03, 202105:10
Ep. 64 - How Big Companies Are Stealing Your Data
Nov 08, 202104:44
Ep. 63 - The Three Secrets to Success
Oct 14, 202103:01
Ep. 62 - How to NOT Get Distracted (in your health coaching biz)
Oct 01, 202104:44
Ep. 61 - ABCD (Always Be Closing Deals) ... everyday
Sep 27, 202101:10
Ep. 60 - How to Make Your First $1m Online w/ Jay Miller
Sep 17, 202134:27
Ep. 59 - How to Make More BENJI$💰 Online

Ep. 59 - How to Make More BENJI$💰 Online

Learn how to stack your money. It'll pay off.
For more, join the gorilla gang here
Benji. 🦍
Sep 06, 202105:05
Ep. 58 - How to Decalcify (your pineal gland) 👁
Aug 28, 202103:22
Ep. 57 - Contemporary Sales & Negotiation
Aug 20, 202105:00
Ep. 56 - Holistic Healing & Spiritual Psychology w/ Beverly Sartain
Aug 13, 202129:00
Ep. 55 - How to NEVER Feel Disrespected
Jul 30, 202103:47
Ep. 54 - How to Overcome a Lack of Clarity & Confidence in Your Online Business
Jul 29, 202102:50
Ep. 53 - How to Use Your Intuition to Scale Your Business (online in the 21st century)
Jul 25, 202107:29
Ep. 52 - How to Turn Viewers into Buyers Within 21 Days
Jul 19, 202105:23
Ep. 51 - The #1 "Thing" to Scaling Your Health Coaching Business Online (3 simple strategies to dramatically increase high value leads)
Jul 09, 202105:49
Ep. 50 - How to sell your brand and not your product / service (in 2021 & beyond)
Jul 02, 202103:21
Ep. 49 - How to get your first client(s) online (3 simple strategies)
Jun 25, 202106:11
Ep. 48 - How to Scale Your Health Coaching Business (Within 21 Days)
Jun 18, 202120:00
Ep. 47 - How to Create an Irresistible Offer as a Holistic Professional
Jun 11, 202103:36
Ep. 46 - How to Start & Operate a Vegan Donut Business w/ Nicole Viveiros
Jun 04, 202114:01
Ep. 45 - How to find your ideal audience as a holistic business owner

Ep. 45 - How to find your ideal audience as a holistic business owner

Half the problem is finding the right traffic sources, the other half of the problem is converting those prospects into a customer. 

When you use a sound strategy thats dialled in, as opposed simply just tactics, your business really starts to thank you.

It becomes simpler to find audiences and groups of people who are ready to buy. 

Everything starts flowing and churning. 

Everything becomes predictable. 



May 28, 202107:21
Ep. 44 - How you can START & SCALE your Health Coaching Business Online (within 21 days)
May 21, 202108:01
Ep. 43 - What it's like working for GaryVee w/ Bo Templin
May 15, 202124:23
Ep. 42 - Growing on Twitter w/ Stephen Timoney (75 - 21,000 followers in a year)

Ep. 42 - Growing on Twitter w/ Stephen Timoney (75 - 21,000 followers in a year)

Twitter has HUGE upside when played right. It's probably the loudest platform. 

In today's episode Benji sits down with @MySuccessTheory and the two discuss contemporary twitter tactics. 

Nothing beats personalised, tailored solutions, especially from people online, and so often one comment can lead to 5-10-15+ new leads, clients, partners, employees, investors .. You name it. 

At the end of the day if you want to grow your business, whether it's online OR offline OR both .. you must be sending messages. Messages through the form of video, DM, ads, products / services. People need to be able to find you and have a conversation with you. 

Conversations lead to sales. 

Get Stephen's guide here:


Connect with us on Twitter ...



May 07, 202126:21
Ep. 41 - How to Market Anything 101
Apr 30, 202108:13
Ep. 40 - Accounting & Business School w/ Ronald Hae

Ep. 40 - Accounting & Business School w/ Ronald Hae

In this episode Benji sits down with Mr. Ronald Hae, an accounting teacher at Appleby College and host of the podcast The Teacher Hotline. 

Mr. Hae speaks on how toxic the high school, college and university environments can truly be. Especially for those students who feel extra pressure (whether internally or externally) regarding their future's and future endeavours. 

At the end of the day, it's okay to not know, in fact most of the time not knowing can be the best place to be in. 

If you are someone who's considering business school, college or university this may be the perfect episode for you. 




Apr 24, 202129:38
Ep. 39 - How to get into a routine

Ep. 39 - How to get into a routine

The hardest thing to do as an entrepreneur is to get into a groove and to stay in that groove.

Honestly, many will argue this is humanity’s overall greatest challenge.

Keeping things simple, structuring our days, and ensuring we get the most important task of the day done before 12pm will set us up for huge success and give us the best chances of being happy.

These three things will set us miles ahead of our past selves, not to mention everyone else.

1. Wake up and focus on your health.

2. Go out and make some money.

3. Enjoy yourself.

Life's simple, not easy. 

Don't overcomplicate it. 


Apr 16, 202106:46
Ep. 38 - How to Write the Perfect Ad
Apr 11, 202112:28
Ep. 37 - How to Scale a Local Small Business (3 Advanced Tips)
Apr 02, 202117:37
Ep. 36 - How to Use SEO to Grow Business Online (local and ecommerce)
Mar 26, 202113:34
Ep. 35 - How TikTok's Platform Has Changed The World
Mar 19, 202111:12
Ep. 34 - Branding Your Music & Fine Tuning Your Health w/ Peter Parkkerr
Mar 13, 202131:56
Ep. 33 - Is The World 'Soba'? w/ Katrina Anastasia
Mar 05, 202134:29
Ep. 32 - Why All-in-one Softwares Are The Key To Business
Feb 25, 202114:09
Ep. 31 - The Quickest Way To Disappoint Someone
Feb 19, 202110:02
Ep. 30 - How To Avoid The Health Crisis w/ Nolan Komnick
Feb 13, 202132:28
Ep. 29 - How To Get Anything You Want
Feb 06, 202111:45
Ep. 28 - How To Profitably Market A Residential Contracting Business In 2021
Jan 30, 202113:34
Ep. 27 - What Not To Do When Talking To A Cop
Jan 24, 202107:11
Ep. 26 - Increasing Our Natural Awareness, In Business & In Life

Ep. 26 - Increasing Our Natural Awareness, In Business & In Life

2020 was perhaps one of the most prolific years we've ever seen, yet the future still holds so much uncertainty and misdirection.   

Often at times we lose touch with reality in such a chaotic society; and as ecommerce begins breaking new boundaries, companies like Zoom and Clubhouse take off, it can be so easy to get stuck, to get trapped in what used to be, instead of moving forward, into what's about to be.   

Life comes down to relationships. The first, and most important relationship is the one with ourselves.

This old Chinese proverb sums it up perfectly, "A man who can not smile, should not open a shop."  

Crisis creates opportunity. Find those opportunities and use them, because an idea isn't worth s***, execution is where the money is .. and as the great Pablo Picasso once said, "Good artists copy, and great artists steal."

Find an idea and make it your own. 



Jan 16, 202122:34
Ep. 25 - What To Avoid In 2021
Jan 08, 202107:43
Ep. 24 - Limiting Beliefs
Dec 25, 202009:41
Ep. 23 - Yeshua, Ancient Civilisations & Pyramids w/ Ben Benson
Dec 19, 202051:44
Ep. 22 - $0-700k Organic Facebook Marketing w/ Josh Cousins
Dec 12, 202047:07
Ep. 21 - Connections, Relations & Fruition w/ Keithan Park
Dec 04, 202037:15