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The Public Relations Podcast

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If you are doing the PR and marketing for your organisation then you'll know things have changed. Sending a few press releases is no longer enough.

Today organisations are developing direct “personal relationships" with customers, staff and communities. And they have to, because in a world with so much marketing, it's no longer enough to win people's minds with great products, you have to win their hearts as well.

Each week, former journalist and PR officer, Richard Midson hunts the world for the best ideas to build "connection".

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How to do tech public relations

The Public Relations PodcastNov 28, 2022

The Long Game: Long-Form Content, TikTok Influence, and the Future of Business Strategy

The Long Game: Long-Form Content, TikTok Influence, and the Future of Business Strategy

Is long-form content just a passing trend, or is it fundamentally changing how consumers and B2B audiences engage with brands? We discuss it with Jacquie Potter, Managing Director - Corporate & Business at Ogilvy PR ANZ We also uncover some interesting research about where today's decision-makers are really consuming their content - and it's not just LinkedIn. Surprisingly, platforms like TikTok are playing a bigger role than you might think, raising questions about the future of B2B marketing as a whole.

Plus we're looking ahead to series 6.

Aug 27, 202308:40
The Future of PR : Jeroen Bos

The Future of PR : Jeroen Bos

There are just 2 more episodes to go in this interim series 5.5 of The Public Relations Podcast.

This series has the bits of interviews we never got to run in series 5 of the show.

Today it's the final bits from the chat I had with Jeroen Bos from

If you heard the original chat you'll know it was a fascinating one because Jeroen is a real forward thinker about the industry.

In this un-released section, we discuss AI, it's ability to handle press releases and even chat with itself between organisations. We also reflect on the essence and purpose of public relations.

There is just over a month to go now until Season 6 begins with the totall new format.

Don't forget the free newsletter at

Aug 22, 202309:25
Using the power of personal to connect with media

Using the power of personal to connect with media

In episode 5 or series 5.5 (how many 5's can you get?) we speak to Kayley Hamilton, a 2X Emmy Award-winning producer from Los Angeles and the founder of KAYLEY Media.

Kayley is not only a PR but a former journalist who understands how to use the "personal" to create connections with journalists and the public.

It's a chat that is packed with actionable ideas.

Kayley talks about the importance of personal narratives in public relations and the parallels between journalists chasing headlines and brands striving for connection.

You'll hear firsthand tales of celebrity encounters and the intertwining of showbiz with PR. Whether you're a PR pro, a business owner, or a media junkie, this episode reveals the secret sauce behind what makes a story truly captivating.

Join us as we bridge the worlds of Hollywood, traditional news outlets, and modern PR tactics to uncover the magic behind the story.

Aug 15, 202314:21
Tech, PR and Crisis with Alexandra Annable of Techfugees

Tech, PR and Crisis with Alexandra Annable of Techfugees

Sign up to the newsletter at

Welcome back to series 5.5 of The Public Relations Podcast, a series of "parts" of chats which were never or only partly used in the previous shows due to lack of time.

In this one we chat to Alexandra Annable from the non-profit "Techfugees", and shed light on the interplay between technology, the refugee experience and PR.

In the previous episode, where Alexandra first appeared, she shared some of the strategies and techniques she uses in her work but today we get the bigger picture.

Alexandra touches on how her work as a PR impacts displaced individuals. She talks about how she views the people she is working with as an untapped potential for bridging the digital skills gap.

She provides a glimpse into her typical day, highlighting the role of crisis management in her profession. Discussions revolve around the importance of strategic storytelling, ensuring genuine partnerships, and the pitfalls of "greenwashing."

And finally, we talk about the nuances of PR in a humanitarian context and a few techniques.

Aug 06, 202317:29
How to be authentic and PR skills for the future

How to be authentic and PR skills for the future

In this episode, I have two chats for you.

1) We delve into the future of PR, the impact of technology, and the integration of various functions within organizations with Lucy Newcomb from Salt and Shein, an executive recruitment company focused on PR-related roles

2) We talk about authenticity with fearless podcaster, Dr. Rita Jablowski. Her no-nonsense approach has gained her a dedicated fan base despite the fact she makes the show all by herself. So what can PR people learn from her about developing a connection with an audience through "authenticity"?

Note: The chat with Rita contains some candid conversations and some language that may not be suitable for all audiences but it does reflect how being authentic allows you to connect with a target audience who want that.

Aug 01, 202319:09
Influencing a niche industry

Influencing a niche industry

In this second episode of series 5.5, I chat with Jon Woodroof from a cycling-focused PR agency.

We delve into the topic of using personal passion combined with strategic thinking to fuel PR success in a competitive niche. We talk about everything from campaigns to managing an agency to AI and more.

If there was one main message it would be this:- Being a 'doer' rather than just a spokesperson builds real connections and trust with the media.

Jul 25, 202329:43
Why PR is changing with Matt Holmes - Poem

Why PR is changing with Matt Holmes - Poem

We're back for a season 5.5 and if you don't know why it's called 5.5 then you haven't signed up to the newsletter yet at!

In this thought-provoking episode, Matt Holmes from Poem (an international PR agency in Australia) challenges the traditional approach to public relations, stressing the need for data-driven insights and consumer psychology to steer strategies, rather than relying on gut feelings.

We talk about the evolution of the industry and the importance of a two-way conversation with consumers. The conversation further delves into the importance of data, not only as a tool for market trends and consumption behaviour but also in achieving emotional resonance in campaigns.

Matt also emphasizes the need for human-centred narratives and storytelling to captivate audiences.

And we talk about AI. Despite advancements in AI, why the 'human bit' of the profession will always be crucial.

Jul 18, 202317:45
Does AI have a problem and how will this effect PR?

Does AI have a problem and how will this effect PR?

A.I. has a problem.

It's a problem that could influence the future of Public Relations and Communications roles.

In this final episode of series 5 of The Public Relations Podcast, we look at the future of AI in public relations.

Will AI take over the role of communications professionals? How should comms pros adapt to AI and what should they focus on in their work? How might AI redefine PR and communication roles? Will humans still be needed?

.........The Public Relations Podcast will be back for series 6 soon, in about a month. It'll be better, more focused and more useful in any comms role.

Speak soon,


Jun 05, 202316:40
Should your organisation have an opinion and learnings from South Korea
May 24, 202318:21
Mastering Modern PR: Diversification, MarTech Mastery, and the Art of Storytelling?

Mastering Modern PR: Diversification, MarTech Mastery, and the Art of Storytelling?

Will these things be the future of PR? Diversification, Martech mastery... and storytelling?

In this episode, I talk to Damian Frances, a journalist who studies PR and comms.

Damian is also the Editorial Director of Mumbrella, the organisers of CommsCon 2023, the biggest PR-focused event in Australia. He invited The Public Relations Podcast along to the recent event in Sydney.

Once the sessions were over, we sat down for a chat to discuss what we had heard.

The conversation moved from fax machines and press clippings to modern strategies involving diversification and digital. We look at how the general mindset around marketing is likely to change. We look at PR and the problem of measurement with MarTech and how that will help but also talk about the problem of agreeing on measurement standards. And, we talk about this event and how it is helping to inspire people for the future of PR.

May 15, 202318:29
Unlocking the Power of Influencer Marketing and Embracing Anti-hero Brands

Unlocking the Power of Influencer Marketing and Embracing Anti-hero Brands

In this episode, I dive into the world of influencer marketing with Maria Jordan from Fireflies Management, discussing her experience working with a family of influencers and the importance of aligning their brand values with their partnerships. We also explore a thought-provoking article by Trevor Thomas about the rise of anti-hero brands and the potential rewards of taking risks with organizational avatars. Plus, we share insights on how PR trips, content creation, and targeted pitching have evolved in the travel industry. It's a fascinating topic.

May 07, 202318:35
Pitching mistakes - Getting the right content in front of journalists

Pitching mistakes - Getting the right content in front of journalists

If you want to get your story across to the traditional media then you need to get your pitch right.

There is almost a checklist you can go through to make sure you cover all the bases.

It ranges from a good headline to making sure you have the right pictures in the details.

Jeroen Bos, the CEO of, joined me for a chat about our experiences with bad pitches and what you need to do to get it right. Then as the episode goes on, I share more of my thoughts on this and break down a recent press release as well, to show what's wrong with so many approaches.

Apr 30, 202315:27
Could you help a journalist's careers in return for coverage?

Could you help a journalist's careers in return for coverage?

I've just got off the phone with a seasoned journalist where we were talking about the problem reporters find today or getting back to research in-depth stories. As the media landscape evolves, it raised the question as to whether PR professionals could help in this process but not just by pitching an idea and sitting back but by getting actively involved in helping the journalist's career without compromising their integrity. Let me know what you think. You can reach me on LinkedIn. Details in the episode.

Apr 23, 202310:29
Disaster Fatigue: PR in Humanitarian Crisis

Disaster Fatigue: PR in Humanitarian Crisis

In this eye-opening episode of The Public Relations Podcast, I chat with Alexandra Annabelle, the lead PR from to discuss the challenges and strategies of promoting humanitarian causes in a world plagued by disaster fatigue.

Discover how Alexandra and her team use human stories, meaningful relationships, and collaboration with other organizations to get the message across.

We also talk about what her approach says about the role of PRs and how it's evolving to be much more than just about talking to journalists or influencers.

If you are not already a newsletter subscriber head to for show notes and more here -

Apr 17, 202314:40
The latest impacts of AI on Public Relations

The latest impacts of AI on Public Relations

In this week's "The Public Relations Podcast" we delve into the latest AI breakthroughs that are shaping the PR industry.

Learn why the growth of AI-driven newsrooms and content creators who rely on AI for their content, will put more and more emphasis on PR professionals to deliver high-quality pitches.

We look at why chatbot companies could increasingly become the brand voice of some firms.

We look at a potential job opportunity for you!

And we find out why now, or at least for the next couple of months, could be the perfect time to write a book about your company.

AI is changing everything, and this episode brings you up to speed on a few more ways it's affecting the Public Relations industry.

Apr 03, 202314:55
Are you missing lots of PR opportunities?

Are you missing lots of PR opportunities?

In this episode, we delve into the concept of "bridging" and how it can help you expand your reach and tap into new audiences outside of your typical sector.

We explore the common mistakes people make when attempting to "bridge", and share a step-by-step process to identify the right connections and pitch your story effectively.

The technique works whether you are doing this as an individual, in an SME business or in a large PR agency or department.

The episode is packed with tips and real-life examples that will help you understand the power of bridging and how to use it to your advantage.

Learn how to make the most of PR opportunities by building bridges and connecting your story to new audiences.

Mar 27, 202317:26
Crisis Comms : A case study

Crisis Comms : A case study

In this fascinating episode, we take a deep dive into a real-life crisis communications scenario as our guest Eric Olsen (senior advisor and communications directory to a member of the US congress) shares his experience managing a potential dam collapse that threatened thousands of lives.
We discover how he utilized strategic planning, proactive messaging, and collaboration between political parties to provide critical information to the public in a time-sensitive situation.
We'll pick up some valuable insights on crisis management, the importance of preparedness, and the significance of controlling the narrative when every minute counts.
Whatever area of PR or marketing you are involved in, this is a great episode for one in any organisation where a crisis could arise.
Mar 20, 202321:07
Are your PR abilities good enough?

Are your PR abilities good enough?

In this episode, we explore the importance of empathy, self-doubt, and passion in the world of PR. 

We look at how empathy and sensitivity are key traits for successful PR professionals and how rejecting the hard-sell approach is crucial to lasting success. 

We also delve into imposter syndrome, something that many PR practitioners face and how trusting our gut and finding passion in the stories we pitch can help overcome self-doubt.

Richard shares a personal story of a missed opportunity with three of the UKs top news editors that could have been a game-changing moment and he talks about chatting with two PR practitioners in the disaster and hobby spaces about how their personal involvement and passion in these areas have made them successful in their PR efforts.

The episode concludes with a discussion of how our feelings can help us understand the nuances of the stories we pitch and connect with journalists and content creators. 

This episode is all about the role of empathy, self-doubt, and passion in the world of PR and how we should all learn to trust our gut in order to find success in our comms efforts.

Mar 13, 202312:08
Getting organic media for founders and thought leaders
Mar 09, 202318:44
Announcement: The future of the show

Announcement: The future of the show


This show has reached a bit of a turning point. I either need to grow it or scale it back.

I've been giving advice to people privately, interviewing, making show notes, etc. It's amazing fun but as most of you know I also have a full-time job. So I've been trying to work out what to do.

What I'm proposing is to build a tool that accompanies the show and I want to see if there is enough interest before I do it.

Here is the idea. Imagine a platform that fixes PR problems during your day. Maybe you are trying to get coverage and it's not working, maybe you need the latest stats to convince a client of the value of PR, perhaps it's preparing a client for a media interview, planning for an emerging crisis, or coming up with an event on zero budget, etc, etc.

The platform would contain all the ideas and analysis from the show (and beyond) but be delivered in clear practical steps you can use to break through that issue at the exact moment you need it. As always the goal would be to not just fix the problem but to allow the user to be that person who stands out in the office for "their" solution. No need to tell anyone where you got it! It'll be constantly updated with new ideas and if something isn't there, you'll be able to ask for advice.

What do you think?

If you "might" be interested (no obligation, this is research) then please do tell me by adding your name to the interested list here -

Depending on the numbers, I'll then decide whether to do it.

Thank you again for your amazing support,


Mar 07, 202304:32
The lecture : A.I. and PR

The lecture : A.I. and PR

It may not have been delivered in a lecture theatre but it's a comprehensive look at how artificial intelligence may impact public relations over the coming years.

This is an extended special episode in which I read aloud the article that is sent out to all new newsletter subscribers.

It covers a lot of different implications for PR people from legal issues to what is possible with A.I. (especially ChatGPT) and what we need to watch out for.

If you would like a hard copy of this talk, sign up to the newsletter at or head to the PR manual on the website.

Have a good weekend!

Mar 02, 202330:51
Get clients to realise the value of PR

Get clients to realise the value of PR

In this episode of the Public Relations Podcast, we explore the nuanced approach to convincing clients and bosses about the value of PR. 

While there are certain things you can say and data you can share, getting a client or boss on board with PR requires a more nuanced approach. 

In this episode we hear from Kaylee Hamilton, owner of Kaylee Media, who believes that getting a client on board actually starts with them, and that interviewing a potential client (or boss) before signing on the dotted line is crucial. 

We also recap some points made by another PR and journalist in the United Kingdom, Funmi Lijadu in which she highlights the fact that sometimes you just to accept you can't work with someone however skilled you are. 

But what do you think? 

Join the conversation and let us know what you think about this topic or even better, come on the show and share your thoughts. All the details are available on When you get there click on the link that says "guest" at the top.

Feb 27, 202307:23
Chould reality TV stars present an opportunity?

Chould reality TV stars present an opportunity?

Funmi Lijadu is back with me for part 2 of our chat this week.
In today's episode of the Public Relations Podcast, we talk about arts PR and reality TV.
In particular, we delve into the world of Love Island and how PRs could partner with them.
But we also look at attention fade and how a super-star reality TV show contestant may be worth nothing with months or even weeks of their appearance.
We talk about the need to avoid long-term deals and caution about inflated expectations of their value, the demographic biases that exist in the industry and the competition among agencies for representation of the most popular contestants.
Join us as we explore the practical considerations of using reality TV stars in PR campaigns.
Feb 23, 202315:52
The Mindset of Journalists: From a journalist who is also a PR

The Mindset of Journalists: From a journalist who is also a PR

If you want to be successful at reaching journalists as part of your public relations effort, then the best way to approach it is to "think" like a journalist.

In this episode, I talk to Funmi Lijadu, a PR and journalist about how she approaches both. What is the mindset?

We look at the unique challenges journalists face when interpreting article briefs, navigating legal issues, and dealing with online criticism. 

We also discuss how PR professionals can approach journalists effectively by understanding their publication's needs and crafting a pitch that resonates with their audience's interests.

Feb 20, 202316:42
BITESIZE: Is AI bad for SEO?

BITESIZE: Is AI bad for SEO?

BITESIZE episode.
Keeping you up to date with the latest developments on how A.I. could impact Public Relations.
Feb 17, 202303:46
Get media attention: Challenge narratives
Feb 13, 202314:11
A.I. for Public Relations part 2

A.I. for Public Relations part 2

In part 1 we talked about what A.I. is and how it could affect crisis public relations. 

In part 2 today, we're talking about what it will cost and who might use A.I. in PR, whether it will affect people's jobs who build relationships with the public and more. 

Plus there is a short guide in the show on how to explore A.I. yourself. For the full article though head to and click on the "PR Manual" option in the menu. Then search for AI on the page.

Feb 06, 202315:34
BITESIZED: An A.I. update for PR pros

BITESIZED: An A.I. update for PR pros

There have been a few developments I want to share with public relations folks that raise some more questions about using A.I.

It's over A.I. image generators.

If you would like the full article which currently comes in at 2600 words, then it's free. Subscribe at

Feb 02, 202302:22
How to use A.I. and ChatGPT for public relations

How to use A.I. and ChatGPT for public relations

For the detailed guide based on this chat and other research make sure you are signed up for the newsletter at - or go to the "PR Manual" on the website and look for the AI section. 

Public Relations is about to change because of AI. 

Over the next couple of years, almost every aspect will be touched by this emerging technology.

So, what do you need to know? How do you use it and what are the implications? 

Dr Mark van Rijmenam is someone who speaks on AI at large global conferences and has written multiple books, and he is also a friend. 

We got chatting and the chat is eye-opening for PRs.

Jan 30, 202313:02
EXTRA: Strategies for turning around a narrative

EXTRA: Strategies for turning around a narrative

Following on from this week's episode, I share some extra practical examples of how you can start to turn around a negative narrative against your organisation using public relations tactics and strategies.

Jan 26, 202307:27
When saying nothing is a good idea

When saying nothing is a good idea

Should you just keep quiet if the public seems to be against you?

It's an approach many organisations take.

How do you decide whether to speak up and do some public relations building or just keep a low profile?

Jan 24, 202313:39
Turning around a negative perception

Turning around a negative perception

Michelle was facing an issue. 

Some members of the public were calling for students at her college to be "hung" because of their behaviour but the attitude was unfair and wrong in Michelle's view.

As the Public Relations person building relationships with the public, what should you do? Tell the public they are wrong?

Jan 17, 202315:48
Why can't you get positive stories in the press

Why can't you get positive stories in the press

Good news stories are hard to sell to the press, especially if you are working for an organisation that generally always feels like it is under fire.

So, how can you get across good news stories and how can you turn around a long-running negative perception of an organisation? 

In this episode, I share some advice on why good news doesn't work and how to package good news so it does get used. 

Jan 10, 202309:17
Can organisations fight back - Sailing La Vagabonde
Jan 04, 202312:51
What we can learn from Tom Cruise about connection

What we can learn from Tom Cruise about connection

Have you seen Tom Cruise's latest video?
It's gone viral and despite you and I not being Tom Cruise, there is a lot we can learn from what he did.
How can we take people into our worlds in order to build a great connection with them.
Dec 22, 202208:18
Thinking bigger with tiny budgets

Thinking bigger with tiny budgets

I don't need to tell you that a good PR stunt can have a massive impact but when everything seems to have been done, how can you stand out?

I had a conversation with a chap at a children's birthday party the other day that went from fairy bread (not kidding) to the discussion of an epic PR stunt across a continent with potentially huge media coverage.

So can you as a small team of PRs or even on your own, punch way above your weight and get noticed on a national level without spending a fortune? Could you even get everyone to do it for free?

Dec 20, 202211:25
Why the press might be ignoring your press release

Why the press might be ignoring your press release

A press release can fail from the first line. 

There are lots of reasons why but a post in a PR group on LinkedIn this week got Richard thinking.

Dec 13, 202206:27
Crisis PR : Where Balenciaga went wrong

Crisis PR : Where Balenciaga went wrong

Balenciaga, the luxury fashion brand has been caught up in a firestorm of criticism after releasing some ill-judged images as part of its edgy marketing campaigns.

It's the hot topic in the fashion world right now and raises some big questions for public relations and brand management.

So where did it go wrong? What could they have done differently and how would you have handled a situation like this?

Dec 06, 202213:55
How to do tech public relations

How to do tech public relations

What can we learn from working with the tech press? 

I've just been chatting with Chenda Ngak, the head of Public Relations for 

It's a firm that owns brands like, WooCommerce, Tumblr, Pocketcasts and more.

In the chat, I asked Chenda to share some of what she has learned dealing with the tech press for years.

Nov 28, 202214:16
How to stick in people's minds forever

How to stick in people's minds forever

How can you stick in people's minds forever?

This week I had a conversation with one of Australia's highest-rated radio show hosts but it had nothing to do with radio. 

The conversation highlighted how you can leave a lasting impression on people in your PR and frankly personal relations.

This is what happened plus I also share a way to use this in your PR today.

Nov 22, 202205:54
Get the press to come to you

Get the press to come to you

Can you get the press to come to you?

I've always been fascinated by a book written by a PR called Ilyana Stareva. The book argues that it is possible to get journalists coming to you rather than the other way round. 

I am always on the hunt for fascinating ideas in PR and I finally had a chance to talk to Ilyana and of course I couldn't help but hit the record button as we chatted.

Nov 15, 202212:02
How to lean in to customers

How to lean in to customers

There are two techniques I'm sharing in today's show.

Firstly, the importance of being an advocate for your customers or followers and secondly, the importance of leaning into their style but without copying them.

Both are techniques I learned from journalism that help you gain a connection with your followers.

Nov 07, 202209:25
Series 4 trailer

Series 4 trailer

Welcome back to series 4 of the public relations podcast

Nov 07, 202202:13
Series 3 - Finale

Series 3 - Finale

I'm taking a 4-week break. The Public Relations Podcast will return in late September for Series 4. 

If you missed any of the last 32 episodes in series 3 then there is a tonne of content sitting in your podcast app feed right now waiting for you. 

I'll be announcing the return in the newsletter so if you are not already signed up, head to 

Speak soon.

Aug 22, 202201:22
Does your messaging need to change?
Aug 13, 202211:26
Are you using data?

Are you using data?

A very quick episode rounding up a few data points I've been noticing with this podcast that you may also find useful.

There are so many tools out there that can be used to identify who is you are reaching with your public relations efforts.

Aug 10, 202205:43
Get inside your audiences head

Get inside your audiences head

Imagine the next time you put out a bit of "comms" material that you were laughed at or voted the worst comms person if it went wrong?

That's the kind of pressure many PR people feel but not necessarily immediately. 

Now imagine you got instant feedback from your audience. How would you handle your PR now? What would you do to ensure you connected with your avatar? How would you adjust your public relations strategy to make sure you engaged with them on an emotional level?

In this episode, I talk about a group of people who do get instant feedback and ask the question, what can we learn from them from a PR perspective?

Aug 08, 202209:59
Using your personality to drive your organizations brand

Using your personality to drive your organizations brand

Could you use your own personality to drive your organization's brand?

That's exactly what Dominic Walker is doing. 

He's using his own personality and contacts in the city where he lives popular sporting venues to connect with people and develop his firm's reach.

Could you do that too?

Aug 03, 202213:50
Will Smith breaks silence - What can we learn for PR?

Will Smith breaks silence - What can we learn for PR?

Will Smith has broken his silence.

The Hollywood star who slapped Chris Rock live on stage during the Oscars has released a video on social media.

So, what can we learn from what he said? What can we learn from a PR and comms perspective about his apology and what he said as he addressed the key questions he's being asked?

Did he do it right?

In this episode, we play a part of Smith's video and analyze what he did from a PR perspective. 

#publicrelations #willsmith #pr #comms #marketing

Aug 01, 202216:25
The science behind short form videos

The science behind short form videos

Why do short-form videos work? How are they being used and could you use them for your organizationhighlights?

Short form videos are popular. They are highly engaging and highly addictive. It's no wonder so many people are using them.

In today's episode, I discuss a recent Instagram post that highlight work the Washington Post had done with videos like these.

So could you use them too and what would you need to think about?

Jul 28, 202209:43