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Therapy Swag Radio

By Jere'My (Jer-Ruh-My) Rankins

A shortcast on how to win in this unfair game of life. We should form our own views and opinions and maintain our own values while accepting and seeking understanding from others. Listen to understand. Here to help you turn your "Minor setbacks into Major comebacks."

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#6 High Value Men

Therapy Swag RadioJul 06, 2021

#56 Relationship vs. Single Life

#56 Relationship vs. Single Life

Self- Growth is by far more important than getting involved in a romantic relationship. Listen to this episode to learn why I take this position. Stay single. We have our own opinions about how we should live. If we all choose to live life the way we want to individually then we are ran by our flesh. We make decisions based on what we feel is right or “Feels” good. When we live this way then everybody is doing their own thing. This leads to chaos, disorganized, and no structure. Work on self-growth. Build your self-esteem and learn about your identity. Self-Growth over Relationship. Enjoy todays episode. Listen to learn.
Aug 30, 202325:58
#55 Parenting Alone- Full-Time Job + Parenting

#55 Parenting Alone- Full-Time Job + Parenting

Being a single mother who works full-time can be an incredibly challenging and overwhelming experience.
Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with the demands of a job leaves little room for personal time or self-care. Single mothers often have to juggle the roles of both caregiver and breadwinner, which can lead to feelings of exhaustion and stress. The lack of a partner's support means they have to handle all the household chores, financial decisions, and emotional support for their children alone. This can result in a constant feeling of being pulled in multiple directions, with limited time and energy to focus on their own needs or interests.
Furthermore, the struggle to find adequate childcare can add to the burden. Finding reliable and affordable daycare or after-school care can be a constant source of worry for single mothers. The guilt of not being able to spend as much time with their children as they would like can also weigh heavily on their minds. Additionally, the financial strain of being the sole provider for the family can lead to feelings of anxiety and insecurity about the future. Without a partner to share the responsibilities and provide emotional support, single mothers may find it challenging to maintain a healthy work-life balance, resulting in potential burnout and feelings of isolation. Despite these difficulties, single mothers often display immense resilience and determination as they strive to create a stable and loving environment for their children while navigating the complexities of modern life.
If you are in need of an experienced Immigration Attorney to represent you for legal services feel free to reach out to one of the best in the game.
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Aug 07, 202324:19
# 54 Carlee Russell, Trump Charges, and Hunter Biden | All 3 topics get packed up today

# 54 Carlee Russell, Trump Charges, and Hunter Biden | All 3 topics get packed up today

Carlee Russell, Trump Charges, and Hunter Biden | All 3 topics get packed up today in this episode.

I've gotten an upgrade to my streaming software and this was the first episode experimenting with the new RodeCaster Pro setup.

If you like today's live, share with me your thoughts on

Carlee Russell embarrassed the black community!!

Trump will never go to prison because of his wealth, power, and influence!!

Hunter Biden needs to be stopped!!!!!

Aug 01, 202354:13
#53 How to know the felon is reformed

#53 How to know the felon is reformed

Get the simple three key areas for recovery post incarceration. How to date the convicted felon? Should you hire this felon for my business? Will he/she be an asset not a liability to our company? These answers and more in todays episode.
Jul 12, 202324:49
#52 Overcoming Obstacles and Crushing Goals #mindset #motivation

#52 Overcoming Obstacles and Crushing Goals #mindset #motivation

Imagine living in a world where you think of something that you would like to accomplish, and it comes to pass. I live in that World. Since 2009, I’ve managed to set goals and turn them into my reality. I believe you have that same super power. Listen to all Therapy Swag Radio episodes on https://www.TherapySwag.Club Don’t forget to share this with your network
Jun 02, 202321:51
#51 Locked and Loaded: Untangling the Debate on Gun Control in America

#51 Locked and Loaded: Untangling the Debate on Gun Control in America

Locked and Loaded: Untangling the Debate on Gun Control in America

In this riveting live interview episode, join us as we gather a diverse panel of followers on my TikTok page, activists, and gun owners to delve into the hotly contested topic of gun control in the United States. From passionate advocates of stricter regulations to staunch defenders of Second Amendment rights, our guests engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on whether there should be increased gun control measures or a preservation of the current state of firearms accessibility. Tune in as we explore differing perspectives, examine the impact of gun violence, analyze constitutional implications, and navigate the complexities surrounding this crucial issue that has sparked intense debates across the nation. Get ready for a dynamic exchange of ideas, as our guests passionately present their cases and challenge conventional wisdom, all with the goal of fostering a better understanding of the gun control landscape in America.



May 21, 202301:10:02
#50 Racist White woman dates blk man #karen

#50 Racist White woman dates blk man #karen

We are in the day and age where a 70 year old white women raised racist in the 40 & 50’s has the desire to date young black men of the 2000’s. Meet Mrs. Brave. That older white woman who finds herself in love with who her grandmother would call a Nigger. Your thoughts on our show are always welcome. Comments to each episode are available or you can message the host via email.
May 09, 202336:04
#49 "My boo thang is white" Blk women dating white men: Join the Conversation

#49 "My boo thang is white" Blk women dating white men: Join the Conversation

Black Women Dating Outside of the Black Community: Join the Conversation #podcast Join the conversation on TikTok where we are discussing issues pertaining to black and brown communities. Follow me on TikTok @TherapySwagger to be informed of our next show. These convos are juicy. TikTok Mental health and social issues run hand in hand. You will watch videos of many different sorts but the core content of this channel is to help you live the best life possible. Thank you for rocking with me on this journey. You need to stay tapped in to the many initiatives that I have and I would encourage you to visit my website to learn more about me as a THOUGHT LEADER not a YouTube content creator. Get to know me and you will understand my vision. Follow me on IG. It is on here were you can message me and I will respond. Tell me what video you are responding to so that I can be familiar with where you are coming from. Order the copy of my book Minor to Major: Turning Minor setbacks into Major comebacks
May 04, 202301:11:54
#48 Surviving Childhood Trauma: True Stories and Events with guest Samuel White
Mar 14, 202344:52
#47 Who are Mexicans and why do they Hate black people so much?

#47 Who are Mexicans and why do they Hate black people so much?

Mexican or Native American, Who are you? #mexican 

Who are you? Many Spanish-speaking Americans identify with a false narrative. Ricardo Ignacio and Therapy Swag unpack what it means to be Native American and truly know who you are as a "Mexican" in America.   What is the difference between Mexicans and Native Americans? 

Race relations are very important, and you must have some form of cultural competency about Mexicans/Hispanics living in the states. Why do so many Mexicans hate Black people? You can also listen on Therapy Swag Radio's official website. Be sure to follow Ricardo on all social media platforms. Listen to his Audiobook today on YouTube

Mar 07, 202352:11
#46 Reaction to Tyre Nichols Fallout and More
Feb 02, 202343:16
#45 Artificial Intelligence at your FingerTips
Jan 24, 202330:12
#44 Anti-Social and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: MisUsed and Represented Mental Health Diagnosis

#44 Anti-Social and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: MisUsed and Represented Mental Health Diagnosis

Anti-Social and Narcissistic Personality Disorder: MisUsed and MisRepresented Mental Health Diagnosis
This week's episode is no question one Therapy Swag rants about what really makes his skin crawl. Two of the most stigmatized mental health diagnosis in the DSM-5 TR are some of the most misused and misrepresented mental health challenges that come out of people's mouths and it is obviously bothersome to the host of Therapy Swag Radio.
This episode will inform, educate, and edify you all in one 40-minute sitting. Narcissism is one of the biggest claims in divorce court used by one or both of the people getting the divorce. Why?
Because too much information is at the fingertips of all of us. Simply Googling mental health challenges is not enough to educate yourself on Axis-II mental health disorders. Personality Disorders are some of the most difficult to diagnose and doing your "Own Research," is not satisfactory. There are much more factors that go into these two diagnoses.
Tell me what you think
Jan 17, 202338:16
#43 Building Confidence and Self-Esteem #teens
Jan 12, 202314:06
# 42 What is the meaning of Life?

# 42 What is the meaning of Life?

Ultimately, the meaning of life is a deeply personal and individualized concept, and what brings meaning and purpose to one person's life may be different from what brings meaning to someone else's. The important thing is to be open to exploring different avenues and to be willing to try new things in order to find what brings meaning and fulfillment to your life. Today's shortcast is just a surface level examination of this very deep question that one may have.
Many people will ask themselves this question in examination of the deeper reflection of, "Why am I here?" This is often processed when in a depressed mood or during the onset of suicidal ideations. This question is very important and should be to all of us. This very existential question is answered in your Bibles if you identify in the #Christian faith.
Listen to more episodes on TherapySwag.Club and be sure to read our Blog
Dec 27, 202209:30
#41 Social Media: Not for everybody

#41 Social Media: Not for everybody

I've got a take on the Brittany Griner swap and release for Arms dealer Victor Bout. Listen to my reaction to being restricted from Facebook for 24 hours for one of my most recent Reels that was just beginning to go viral. Thoughts on recent suicide completion by Steven Twitch Boss, all of that and more in episode 41 of Therapy Swag Radio.
The Facebook post that was controversial. They allowed the post to remain but removed the REEL. The same REEL was reposted to YouTube as a SHORT and this is where the mocking really starts. lol
Be sure to share with me your thoughts and opinions at TherapySwag.Club
Dec 15, 202234:19
#40 Advice for Small businesses

#40 Advice for Small businesses

Increase your Profits by learning how to mimic what the largest corporations are doing to break the bank. Click the link below to get more info on how you too can generate subscription based business models that work best for you and yours. 👇👇👇👇👇👇 Don’t forget to pay me for the value I’ve provided for you in todays episode 😊. Digital currency goes a long way. Visit our new website at ⬇️ https://www.TherapySwag.Club
Dec 07, 202230:11
#39 Dating Advice (35 and Under)
Nov 30, 202226:49
#38 New Year's Resolutions 2023: How to be successful with your Goals
Nov 16, 202227:48
#37 Antisemitic vs. The Truth (controversial)

#37 Antisemitic vs. The Truth (controversial)

Kyrie Irving and Kanye West recently came out speaking against the powers to be. In this episode I do rant about the truth that is being shunned upon and scrutinized as of late. There is no doubt that the Holy Bible is the spoken word from God. How do I know this? I tell you in this episode. Join the email list at where I will personally send you a welcome home pdf. Download. Go to our new website and download your copy today and learn for yourself, don’t listen to the world. You have been informed and now it is your responsibility to act on what you have been given.
Nov 09, 202225:47
#36 Where did the value of marriage go? #marriage #weddings

#36 Where did the value of marriage go? #marriage #weddings

Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B lead the rap industry in female artists who promote the lavish lifestyle of women empowerment and sex appeal.  One common theme amongst these women, they are all in committed relationships or married.  Hot girl summer is about being free and flamboyant with your life.  This includes partying, earning money, and body positivity which typically entails dressing provocatively and sexy.

The message doesn't match their lifestyle but fans still ascribe to their music and identify with these controversial lyrics "Wet ass pussy!"  What then is a result? Single parent mothers who complain about fathers who are not involved. These men are going after beautiful women to have sex and in return have no intentions of marrying them.  Women are going after the biggest baller with the largest pockets. Selling themselves to the highest bidder. 

In consequence we all have to suffer the consequences of these decisions as children who are raised in single parent homes lack the consistency and support of fathers.  Poverty levels are higher in single parent homes and high percentages of young men who enter the judicial system is a product of the foster care system and single parent homes. 

This matters.  Listen to this episode on valuing marriage in our community. Be offended and inspired all at the same time. #marriage #wedding 

Nov 01, 202227:35
#35 Not of this World
Oct 26, 202224:21
#34 Recession Proof
Aug 02, 202206:49
#33 Felonies Stopped me Again | What do I do after taking this L?
Jun 26, 202223:18
#32 504 Accommodations Pt. 2
Jun 19, 202212:38
#31 At 18, Kick your kids out the home!!!
Jun 15, 202217:37
#30 504 Accommodations in Public Schools
Jun 04, 202214:57
#29 Be Resourceful and have trust in God (Part 4: How to recover from falling down)
May 01, 202214:53
#28 It takes a Village (Part 3: How to recover from falling down)

#28 It takes a Village (Part 3: How to recover from falling down)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs gives us an illustration of what the human needs to thrive in their environment. One of the basic needs that helped me find a level of success after prison is alive and Belonging. This is the third level from the bottom where the human needs to fill loved and a sense of belonging amongst family and friends. Let’s unpack this in todays episode of you cannot do it alone.
Apr 24, 202222:57
#27 Mindset is Everything (part 2 of how to recover from falling down)
Apr 18, 202216:53
#26 Delay Immediate Self-Gratification

#26 Delay Immediate Self-Gratification

Parenting with a Purpose Telegram Channel- Join this community to learn how you can better improve your parenting. I share tips and strategies on how to improve your overall relationship with your children. Ask questions to be addressed in either a voice message or audio response. This helps close the gap in communication and offers a clearer response than solely messaging applications.

Please visit our website to learn how you can purchase the Minor to Major: Turning Minor setbacks into Major comebacks.

One of the strategies I use to further my career and life goals/ambitions is delaying immediate self-gratification.  My life has been built on the premise of patience. My loc journey is an example of this. When I first started this journey it was extremely difficult. The look was horrible and it was very unprofessional at times. I still struggle with the locs and this journey but I am able to see the beautiful end game. 

Go back to my earliest YouTube videos to see my locs and how of a mess they were then. Learn to love the journey. 

Apr 10, 202220:10
#25 "Cancel Black History Month"
Feb 08, 202214:46
#24 Interviewing a Leader: Zideco Redd
Jan 31, 202223:11
#23 Dealing with Suicide: Processing the death of Ian Alexander Jr.
Jan 24, 202228:51
#22 Kanye Interview: Black Culture in the United States
Jan 16, 202225:31
#21 Tap into the Subconscious
Dec 10, 202118:39
#20 Meet My Mom (Interview)
Dec 02, 202137:04
#19 Who Is Neil Haley? (Interview)

#19 Who Is Neil Haley? (Interview)

Just two men having a chat about marketing, business, opportunity and much much more. Meet Neil haley, an awesome 6 foot 5' man who was once a pro wrestler as discussed in the interview and is now a marketing entrepreneur leading the way in innovative ways to push your brand out into the world. Check out Neil Haley's show #minortomajor Be sure to stay tuned to hear more interviews in the future. 

#NeilHaleyshow #NeilHaley

Nov 26, 202130:44
#18 Advice for Teens
Nov 05, 202110:21
#17 Fighting Porn Addiction

#17 Fighting Porn Addiction

Today's topic is pretty heavy on the horrible habits we have behind closed doors. Fighting porn addiction by yourself can be difficult and I would recommend getting help in fighting our demons. You are not alone. Be informed of how pornography is negatively impacting us in the community and what can you do to improve your quality of life and relationships without porn in your life. Please share this podcast with someone who could benefit from its' content and value. Thank you.

Special Shoutout to a Mary G. for supporting my show and sponsoring me on this podcast journey.
MInor to Major
Nov 02, 202121:18
#16 African Americans lead Incarceration Rates in the US
Oct 19, 202124:56
#15 The Paradigm Shift
Oct 19, 202114:25
#14 Addressing Homelessness!
Oct 01, 202129:14
#13 The black community values sports more than education

#13 The black community values sports more than education

Trigger Warning!!!!!! This is just a friendly reminder that the views and opinions on these episodes are my own. Changing the mindset of minorities across the world is a priority for me. When you think of cultural values, think of mindset. The values influence our mindsets. I challenge both of those assets in each episode. Enjoy.
Sep 10, 202127:56
#12 Four ways to improve your mood and feelings

#12 Four ways to improve your mood and feelings

Most people who are feeling anxious or easily irritated could use an emotional revamp. In order to feel better you must change your habits. Change your routine and watch how the quality of your life improves. This may not solve all your problems, but one thing remains constant... If you work on these four areas in your life, there will be positive change.
IG @minortomajortx
visit the website
Sep 03, 202113:47
#11 Coping With Life
Aug 21, 202114:37
#10 It takes a Village
Aug 14, 202112:47
#9 Screen Time Addiction

#9 Screen Time Addiction

In this day and age our kids are becoming more and more dependent on electronic devices. Jere'My talks about ways parents can prevent the addictive behaviors while maintaining order and structure in the home. Childhood development does not have to look like going through a phase of social media addiction.  Social Media Addiction becomes a life long habit. Nip it in the bud!!!!

Follow me on Instagram @minortomajortx and @Twitter

My dm's stay open for feedback and collabs. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions, please dm your inquiries. Always feel free to visit my website and see what's happening next with Minor to Major LLC and if you haven't downloaded your copy of my book please do so today. Read it and let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment on one of my posts or feel free to leave a review on Amazon

Jul 29, 202117:45
#8 How to improve the quality of life in the black community
Jul 23, 202124:43
*Bonus* Public Vulnerability

*Bonus* Public Vulnerability

This is really behind the scenes vulnerable content for the listeners who want the tea. If you want more content like this subscribe to my Patreon membership account and support support support. I don't forget.

Jul 17, 202115:57