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The Real Paul Show

The Real Paul Show

By Paul Buice

My podcast is about passion in music. I am a musician, discussing with other musicians from different stages and walks of life, how music has influenced their life, what music is doing for them now, and where do they see it taking them or where do they hope it does. Join us and learn something new or be entertained by the variety of personalities I will be speaking with.

If you are a musician who would like to be on the show, please visit . Listeners, If you have questions, comments or critiques come join the community at
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Clara Waidley Interview

The Real Paul ShowAug 16, 2022

Jesse Adams and Saad Sheikh Talk about their new release Perfect Mess

Jesse Adams and Saad Sheikh Talk about their new release Perfect Mess

Saad: Saad Sheikh (he/him) is a singer-songwriter, theatre maker, and performer from Toronto, Canada. He is currently working on theatre projects that combine his songwriting with narrative storytelling. This November, Saad is songwriting for The Force of Habit, an original musical adaptation at McMaster University. Stay tuned for Saad’s independently released music, which will be on streaming platforms in early 2023. His insta link is: Jesse: Life can be bittersweet. Jesse’s music captures that elusive state somewhere between defeat and resolve, misery and joy. After experiencing disparate moments of bliss and devastation, Jesse reached back into her childhood diary of songs, yanked them from their resting place, and revisited each from a more mature perspective. Now 23, Jesse has well over thirty songs waiting to be produced.

After writing her LSATs, Jesse slammed on the breaks, turned toward the beckoning vines, the darkened forest, the moss-covered knot holes where the sun glimmers then retreats teasingly saying, come now. Where is your sense of adventure, courage, commitment to your own life? She looked to her 7 year old self who said, “Go for it you fool” and so she brings you the fool, the lover, impulsive child, wise adult, injured bird, the embittered witch, the princess, the rabbit, and the rabbit hole where you might just find a deck of cards, some tea, and further down the path… Jesse at the piano.

Her newest single, Then I Do, is about the crazy things we do when we love someone we shouldn’t. It begs the questions: how far will you go for the slimmest hope? How much will you sacrifice for an unlikely chance at happiness? And how long will you wait. Her insta:
Oct 10, 202201:11:38
Jesse Adams live Wisdom App interview
Sep 18, 202201:03:58
Clara Waidley Interview
Aug 16, 202233:08
Samantha Ryan - Live Session Podcast
Jul 24, 202201:00:07
Computer Crash Announcement
Jun 20, 202203:09
Sharon Glassman Interview s3e2
Jun 08, 202232:46
Karina Kantas Interview Season 3 Episode 1

Karina Kantas Interview Season 3 Episode 1

Sometimes it's the little things in life we take for granted and we dont realize how the simplest joys in life can be altered until it happens to us. Fibromyalgia is an unseen disease that makes your body feel like it's on fire or theres surges of lightning rushing through your body and for someone who loves to sing it can be like breathing fire. However, Karina Kantas uses it as a fuel to drive her passions even more. This world renowned 14 time best selling author reveals not only her love for writing but also for her passion behind the music and what it means to her and her family.
May 31, 202239:15
Grizzy Wynter Interview S002E016
Apr 07, 202247:21
Enda Suparman Interview - S002-E015

Enda Suparman Interview - S002-E015

Enda is a pianist and has been playing since she was a young child. She plays music for the love of Classical music and her own personal mental health. We discuss how music helped her through tough times, we talk about her experiences with tiktok live and how she loves to be the Diva! :) We also discuss the impact of technology and its repercussions both good and bad. You can easily find Enda by going to and entering the keyword Enda. Also on this episode I started yet another alternating segment. I call this one "Listener Focus". Listener focus is where I ask you a question and you answer it either in a video reply on tiktok (be sure and tag me @therealpaulshow) or insta audio dm me. You may also leave me a message at 1-561-32-1761 with your answer. If you want to just call up to say hi, leave a comment, or a question... that's ok too. On a side note if you are curious about the "Entertainer / The Shape of You" mashup that Enda was reffering to the link is and last but not least. I had an accedent in my apartment almost two months ago now. The damage cost me $4,000 I do not have but am paying back very slowly. If you want to donate to the cause That would be appreciated. I have a link for that fund raiser at .  Thank you in advance and I hope to see you next week when I interview Grizzy, another Vancouver based Musician.

Apr 02, 202257:06
Interview with Alexnder Misko - s002e014

Interview with Alexnder Misko - s002e014

Alexander is a Russia based guitarist who will surprise you with what sounds he can produce out of his guitar! Every song he plays is like listening to a new adventure because you don't know what you will hear next. It's very exciting and beautiful music that you will not regret checking out. You can find his homepage by going to and entering the keyword "Alex". To join the new TRPS Patreon just head on over to and pick which tier you would like to be a part of and thank you in advance for your support! Since there was no On Focus in this episode be sure and go support Sarah, Nathalie and Konstant by typing their name in the forum keywords box and check them out!
Mar 24, 202201:09:04
Interview with Sarah Tolle - s002-e013
Mar 16, 202201:02:39
Interview With Brian - S002-E012

Interview With Brian - S002-E012

Brian plays keyboard and sings on his tiktok lives. I met Brian through some mutual friends. He is a very down to earth guy who loves his music. He states that music is very cathartic. He has played music in churches and other live venues. Come listen to the story of Brian.

Some links that were mentioned in the podcast. Just go to the forum at and use keyword DK7 to get 7% off your startup with distrokid. Use the keyword audacity to download your free audio editing software on pc, Mac or Linux. And if you want to make professional sounding music on your phone use the keyword bandlab to download a great app for that also! Have fun, see you soon.
Mar 10, 202239:22
Interview with Ron Burton - S002-E011

Interview with Ron Burton - S002-E011

In this episode we discuss with Ron his music career in the Navy, in multiple churches as a choir director and in a band doing live shows at restaurants and other live venues. Ron talks about his years in the Navy and discusses encouragement to new musicians.
Mar 02, 202201:00:26
Interview with Konstant - S002E010
Feb 23, 202248:20
Interview with Darryl Anderson Music
Feb 10, 202242:07
The story behind my music
Feb 02, 202217:13
Part 2 of the interview with Eddie Lam
Jan 26, 202229:45
Interview with Eddie Lam
Jan 19, 202234:39
Interview with Nathalie Miranda
Jan 12, 202229:04
Interview episode with Michael Agate Sr.
Dec 28, 202119:37
Broken Resolution
Dec 16, 202125:42
Update on where I've been and what to look forward to in the podcast.

Update on where I've been and what to look forward to in the podcast.

This podcast covers the backstory on 2021 and I give you a sneak peek at some of the guests that will be on the podcast for 2022.
Dec 13, 202114:27
TheRealPaulShow with LorindaHawk

TheRealPaulShow with LorindaHawk

In this episode I talked with LorindaHawk who was and is a mentor of mine from back in the days when I lived at the LA Mission in Los Angeles California. Lorinda not only has musical talent but she is an actress and a comedian. Join us as we discuss her passion for music and how it has affected her life.
Mar 19, 202101:14:10
TheRealPaulShow with Clean Heart (Dana Rogers)

TheRealPaulShow with Clean Heart (Dana Rogers)

In this episode I discuss how music has affected Dana Rogers life. I literally just recently met Dana Rogers just a couple weeks prior to this episode. While listening to his music and feeling the passion in his music I decided to give it a try to contact him and see if he'd be on my show. He willingly accepted and thus this 4-Hour episode was produced. This man is a goldmind of information and has a heart for music like none other.
Mar 16, 202104:02:02
The Real Paul Show Podcast Trailer

The Real Paul Show Podcast Trailer

The Real Paul Show podcast is not just another music talk podcast. It is a community of passionate music enthusiasts. Singers, songwriters, producers, managers, all those who are behind the scenes of the musician support team to the music creation team. I look at my show as an opportunity for them to share the story that's not always heard in the music. I want to both hear and share their story with my listeners and their fans to form a more close community bond. So if you are one of those mentioned contact me and if the show sounds like something you'd like to listen to, follow rate and review the show and thau for your support!
Mar 16, 202100:52