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There She Rose

There She Rose

By Jamie Sea

Jamie Sea is a mama, CEO, and founder of Rising Wolf Coaching, 7-figure business owner, and the creator of the Wealth Expansion System. Jamie and her team help freedom seeking fempreneurs who desire effortless high cash months without the hustle. Join them for conversations on money manifesting, business growth, passive revenue, and coming home to your birthright of being wildly wealthy.
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How to trust in your business with Kathy Young

There She RoseMar 31, 2021

E 120: Why followers DO NOT equal online sales!
Nov 16, 202329:00
E 119: Messaging is the foundation to SALES
Nov 02, 202328:24
E:118 Need motivation? I got you.
Oct 26, 202323:46
E117: How i'm helping my client reach multi-7 figures in her online business
Oct 18, 202320:29
Your 10k-100k month checklist
Oct 11, 202326:03
E115: 3 steps to launching your online course
Oct 04, 202318:16
E114: 4 ways to get your current or future online offers to sell like hotcakes
Sep 25, 202324:20
E 114: 874 new clients in 8 months? Here's how!
Sep 20, 202328:23
E113: The 3 beliefs holding you back from cash flow
Sep 13, 202327:25
EP 112: Who would you be without this belief?
Sep 06, 202320:12
E111: Expanding your WEALTH container
Aug 31, 202324:28
E110: Go from anxiety to EASE with your money
Aug 23, 202324:50
EP109: How to get BIG results with a small audience!
Aug 16, 202316:19
E108: Manifesting money and toxic hustle
Jul 26, 202319:51
E107: 7 ways to create content without being on camera
Jul 11, 202313:49
106: Overcoming imposter syndrome
Jun 29, 202319:59
E 105: The energy that pushes money away
Jun 21, 202326:00
E 104: The step by step of creating a successful online course
Jun 07, 202324:05
EP 103: 80% of your success is YOU! Here is how to access it!
May 31, 202319:07
EP 102: Energetics & strategy behind a 140k launch
May 24, 202320:34
EP 101: How to create your course sales goal with a small audience
May 17, 202317:28
E100: The 3 things to turn your messaging into SALES!

E100: The 3 things to turn your messaging into SALES!

Learn the 3 things that turn your messaging into sales!

CLICK HERE to watch the masterclass all about CASH FLOW CONFIDENTIAL.

💸 More ways you can learn from me:

CLICK HERE to see the latest offerings

CLICK HERE to go to the website

May 10, 202318:08
E99: Cash flow secrets using Human Design with Lindsey Means
May 05, 202326:14
E98: BTS of manifesting a 100k month
Apr 26, 202330:15
E:97 QUANTUM LEAP into high cash months!
Apr 05, 202327:58
E96: The 7 step FRAMEWORK behind high cash months!

E96: The 7 step FRAMEWORK behind high cash months!

In this episode learn exactly how I am scaling my coaching/education company!

This is the EXACT framework I'm using that scaled by business from 2k months to 90k months!

CLICK HERE to watch the masterclass all about CASH FLOW CONFIDENTIAL.

💸 More ways you can learn from me:

⁠CLICK HERE⁠ to see the latest offerings

⁠CLICK HERE⁠ to go to the website

Have questions on if this program is the perfect fit for you? DM me on IG! @jamieseaofficial

Apr 02, 202329:47
Do THIS if you want 10-100k months!
Mar 29, 202324:16
E 94: Manifesting RESULTS with Human Design with Expert Lindsey Means
Mar 22, 202331:34
E93: How mindset blocks can show up in your business!
Mar 15, 202329:42
E92: How our client manifested a 6k a month client!
Mar 01, 202342:08
E91: How to meet your most wealthy self, NOW!
Feb 22, 202319:43
E90: What is messy manifesting?
Feb 08, 202325:13
E89: Mindset excerpts from my favorite book!
Jan 25, 202319:16
E 88: Use this ONE tool to make your goals feel INEVITABLE!
Jan 18, 202322:37
E87: How to create sustainable goals by doing these 2 things!
Jan 12, 202315:40
E86: The ENERGY expander epsiode
Jan 04, 202318:30
E85: Using the law of assumption for money manifestation!
Dec 28, 202222:26
E 84: Are you in the Stuck Energy Cycle?
Dec 21, 202217:28
E83: THIS is why change feels so hard!
Dec 14, 202221:24
E 82: Do this ONE thing to release self doubt
Dec 07, 202215:60
E 81: 2 BIG misconceptions when it comes to becoming successful & wealthy!
Nov 30, 202220:45
E 80: Why reaching your goals too quickly can backfire
Nov 17, 202219:07
EP 79: A high vibe TRANSFORMATION story!
Nov 09, 202229:09
E 78: Business and Mindset Q&A
Oct 19, 202227:55
E:77 One thing that's holding you back from manifesting cash flow!
Oct 12, 202220:30
E 76: How to rebuild your relationship with money
Sep 28, 202225:06
E75 Honoring your gifts, nervous system regulation & emotion code with Brigitte Arnet
Aug 31, 202228:37
E 74: How to SEE your manifestation before it arrives!
Aug 17, 202215:01
E73: Let's manifest together!
Aug 03, 202217:48
EP 72: How to start your mindset & manifestation journey
Jul 27, 202218:07