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Thermal Soundwaves is the Natural Alternative to fast food media. Your hosts C.Truth and Kev Lawrence provide the talent and fun for this entertainment variety program. We cover music, TV, film, sports, arts, food and health.
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artist/gaming specialist Hip Hop Gamer (@hiphopgamer)

Thermal Soundwaves WorldOct 29, 2022

artist/gaming specialist Hip Hop Gamer (@hiphopgamer)
Oct 29, 202221:23
Linda Hicks (@Adliallc) commissioner of Black Top Streetball Association
Oct 29, 202216:47
Entrepreneur and OWN producer SUNNI (@sunniminx)
Oct 29, 202219:41
Candid speak with artist YaYa Bey (@yayabeybay)
Aug 30, 202214:39
The Kings of Vice visit with señor KAOS & illastrate (@senorkaos + @illastrate_)

The Kings of Vice visit with señor KAOS & illastrate (@senorkaos + @illastrate_)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) chopped it up with artists señor KAOS (@senorkaos) and (@IllastrateC). The guys spoke about: books that have impacted them in the last year, Kings of Vice 2, having the best product out, pandemic lessons, Bruce Lee methods, PTSD science, their biggest vices, subject matter that they cover, being a plug thug, getting featured in NBA 2K and more...

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Aug 30, 202219:12
Director/Writer Dawn Wilkinson (@directordawn)
Aug 24, 202216:21
Actress/Playwright/Educator/Activist REGINA TAYLOR (@therealreginataylor)
Aug 23, 202221:26
Producer/Writer/Filmmaker Marquis Smalls (@smalls.marquis)
Aug 22, 202222:55
Award winning Theater/TV/Film Writer France-Luce Benson (@luceloveslight)
Aug 20, 202221:44
Director/Founder Magaly Colimon-Christopher (@magaly_colimon1) of Conch Shell Productions
Jul 16, 202219:39
Entrepreneur/Marketing VP Carlos Parrott (@carloslexani)
Jun 30, 202233:52
Artist/Educator/PhD Professor Lyrical (@professorlyrical)
Jun 29, 202220:13
Performer/Songwriter Nicole Renee (@nicole.renee.harris)
Jun 28, 202223:54
Creator/ Filmmaker Bobby Yan (@mrbobbyyan)
Jun 27, 202221:59
Director/Filmmaker Stacey Muhammad (@staceymuhammad)
Jun 26, 202216:46
Ronnie Jefferson SVP GMM of Finish Line (@ronniejefferson_)

Ronnie Jefferson SVP GMM of Finish Line (@ronniejefferson_)

The Radio  Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked to executive Ronnie Jefferson SVP GMM of Finish Line (@finishline). Ronnie spoke on coming up in southeast DC and how that helped him navigate the corporate world, his basketball career that got disrupted by injury, being one of the 1st male managers of Lady Foot Locker, learning club promotions at a young age, the infamous Ballers Fest parties that shutdown South Carolina, Master P concert that went left real quick, anger management courses that helped his career, going from making millions to no money, colorful reality working at Nordstrom, thank you notes that lead to referrals in turn racking up sales, Kenny G concerts, becoming a buyer at Nordstrom which got him 20 interviews at Finish Line, ducking VP job at Finish Line for 3 months, angel investing and more...

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Jun 25, 202234:45
Community Advocate Drayton D. Jackson (@drayton_d_jackson) of FH&PM (@FHPM3)
Jun 24, 202226:41
Sr. Client Mgr/A&R, Producer Octavius “Doc Ock” (@AMZN_Doc_Ock) of Symphonic Distribution (@symphonicdistro)
Jun 24, 202227:35
Emcees/ Educators /Healers Mother Nature (@mothernaturebarz)
Jun 22, 202219:53
Actor/Musician Anwan Glover (@anwanglover)
Jun 21, 202223:39
Filmmaker/Writer/Director Mike Benz (@damovieman)
Jun 20, 202226:57
Author/Entrepreneur Dion Sh8kes Williamson (@Sh8kesNC)
Jun 19, 202219:13
Journalist/Editor-in-Chief Jerry Doby (@jerrydoby_) of The Hype Magazine
Jun 18, 202218:42
Drippy artist DIONNI 6X (@dionni6x)

Drippy artist DIONNI 6X (@dionni6x)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with 4X AWARD winning artist DIONNI 6X (@dionni6x). Dionni talked about coming to the New York after being raised in Barahona, the definition of her name, Mariah Lynn (Love & Hip Hop) collaboration, the moment of awakening, the Mangú hook up, why she started rapping, misconceptions on Dominicans, gold mining the land, learning to hustle and more..

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Jun 17, 202214:12
Platinum Producer/Creator Charlemagne (@realcharlemagne)
Jun 16, 202235:15
Actor Louis Martinez (@louis_theactor)
Jun 15, 202223:51
Writer/Creator/Producer KNOTCH (@therealknotch)
Jun 14, 202227:04
Educator/Author/Artist Substantial (@substantialmusic)
Jun 13, 202218:09
Comedian/Stylist Rosie Da Barber (@rosie_on_the_move)
Jun 12, 202216:57
Entrepreneur/Artist Rampage (@rampagethelastboyscout)
Jun 11, 202214:01
The Golden journey of Mic Handz (@michandz)
Jun 10, 202213:22
Professor/Producer J Rawls Ed.D (@jrawls82)
Jun 09, 202213:33
Singer/Songwriter Nyasia Chane’l (@nyasia_chanel_)
Jun 08, 202225:24
Artist/Instrumentalist/Producer J.French (@jaguarjfrench_)

Artist/Instrumentalist/Producer J.French (@jaguarjfrench_)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked to multifaceted artist J French (@JaguarJFrench). J spoke on the experiences of living in different places, legally changing his name, starting a publishing company, going to college for marketing, how royalties work for you, back story on a Sony contract negotiation, why streaming revenue is trash, being number 1 on Amazon & top 10 on iTunes, how to make the business work for you as an artist, being connected to your fans, therapy, playing multiple instruments, Erykah Badu's sister robbing him for $10,000, everybody trying to steal from the independent artist, NFTs being a possible savior and more..

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Jun 07, 202230:41
Celebrity Barber Jomo Kenyatta (@JomoCuts)
Jun 06, 202216:55
Lawyer/Author Marye Dean Esq. (@thewallstreetlawyer)
Jun 05, 202227:28
EarLo of LA Pro reps the Low rider culture (@lostangelzpro)
Jun 04, 202224:19
Original OG³ Influencer of the sneaker game SNKR JOE (

Original OG³ Influencer of the sneaker game SNKR JOE (

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked to SNKR Joe (@SNKRjoe); the OG³ of the sneaker game, Founder of The SNKR PIMP Tournament and #BIGxJAYxNAS Tribute party. Joe dropped science on the sneaker reselling business, how bots are destroying the industry, the rise of independent brands, his most prized footwear possession, famous clients he sold limited editions to (Jay Z, Clark Kent, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Tego Calderón, Fat Joe), why he hasn't had a full documentary out yet, Run DMC setting it off,  being in the Wall Street Journal, the specialized DJ parties he spins and more..


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Jun 03, 202216:43
Armeen Acy - Actor/Writer/Director/Producer (@officialshaliek)
Jun 02, 202217:06
Entrepreneur/Writer/Filmmaker Shanell Red (@shanellred)
Jun 01, 202227:39
Making Boss moves with O'Mega Red (@omegaredsupafan)
Apr 03, 202218:07
Multi-Platinum composer/author Amadeus (@AmadeusPBM)
Apr 02, 202216:02
Gatekeeper to the Stars - Kevin Reed (@da_gatekeeper1970)
Mar 31, 202217:30
Executive Corporate Ken Darpoh (@day_as_a_darpoh)
Jan 14, 202214:17
Mperor Zu Fitness Trainer (@mperor_)
Jan 14, 202223:25
Creative Director/Fashion Stylist Tex Watts (@texw)

Creative Director/Fashion Stylist Tex Watts (@texw)

The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked to creative director/stylist Tex Watts (@texannawatts). Tex spoke about her years of experience on the job, the importance of having showroom contacts, what's ahead at Starter athletic wear, her input at Giii Sports, why it's all about the client, working with P.Diddy during his trial, having a passion for fashion, styling Denzel Washington for Essence cover, The job duties of a stylist, urban street brand Rough Civilian - all sustainable, home goods line "Love Tex", being a Fashion director at BET, Black Girls Rock, time at the men's section in Macys, message to all interested in the business, relationships with former interns, first client Wyclef of the Fugees, and more.

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Jul 05, 202127:52
Crazy DJ Bazarro (@krazydjbazarro) DYSFUNKSHUNAL as usual
May 19, 202122:17
Director Magaly Colimon-Christopher (@magaly_colimon1) of Conch Shell Int'l Film Fest
Mar 29, 202129:48
founder and financier Ava (@ebrinks) of Mobile Excellence Marketing (@mobileexcellencemarketing)
Mar 20, 202123:58
Andrea James the Founder of Nat'l Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (@thecouncilus)
Mar 12, 202121:10
artist/sound designer/perfumer Queen Nejma Nefertiti (@nejmanefertiti)
Jan 30, 202124:57
DJ Shellz is made of love (@shellzwithaz)
Dec 20, 202035:31
John O talks about his new chapter in life (@johnollie)

John O talks about his new chapter in life (@johnollie)

The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talks to artist/actor and Team Everythang member John O (@JustJohnollie). John discussed fatherhood in the Pandemic, the animated series coming with his son, the impact of Chadwick Bosman,  being the 6th member of New Edition, the dream of being an R&B singer, the Lawton album and how it's different from his past work, the support of his inner circle of friends; Aisha Hinds, Omari Hardwick, Affion Crockett, wanting to do films on Gregory Hines/Red Foxx, the status of The Gecko Brothers, the Fatburger reunion update, getting adjusted to life in Oklahoma and more.

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Nov 22, 202048:33
Facilitate a vibe with artist/writer Blakk Soul (@BlakkSoulMusic)
Aug 29, 202051:44
John Jigg$ is getting a Mxnxpxly on the Industry (@john_jiggs)
Jun 24, 202030:46
We Water Detroit with Piper Carter (@pipercarter)
Apr 24, 202041:51
entrepreneur/founder Chris Walker of the Black Nerds Club (@blacknerdsclub)
Apr 12, 202027:32
artist Teeklef is taking over all sides of entertainment (@Teeklef)
Mar 20, 202032:12
Porcelan keeps the Memphis legacy strong (@porcelanmusic)
Feb 27, 202028:48
It's party time with Tracey Lee (@traceyleeesq)
Jan 16, 202026:44
The many Shades of Zakiyyah (@zakiyyah_official)
Dec 10, 201938:13
Positive K (@positive_k_) drops some exclusive stories on his life and career
Nov 18, 201921:49
performer Ali Caldwell on the Voice, writing, food and beyond (@iamAliCaldwell)
Oct 15, 201937:55
artist Joey Golden goes Sole Searching (@JoeyGold24k)
Oct 14, 201931:38
artist Pearl Harba stands strong on music, family and Puerto Rico (@PearlHarba)
Oct 03, 201926:14
Writer/Poet/Mentor Kim Goodlook Seabrook discusses her journey (@goodlookseabrook)
Sep 30, 201942:55
artist and youth activist YELLY (@officialyelly)
Aug 29, 201929:46
Far east empress & content curator Masia One (@masiaone)
Aug 14, 201926:14
producer composer Segnon (@segnontv)
Aug 09, 201944:26
songwriter performer and hitmaker N.K. Morton (@n.k.morton)
Jul 29, 201947:05
Grammy award winning producer songwriter entrepreneur Deric D-Dot Angelettie (ddotangelettie)
Jul 28, 201934:15
SOLEcial studies sneaker curator Sean Williams (@osd_paperchasr)
Jul 27, 201936:08
entrepreneur artist Jaz O the Originator (@jazokkmg)
Jul 15, 201935:33
international dancer strategist and DJ Golden (djgolden_1)
Jul 12, 201938:25
Axe-foliation with artist Jackie Spade (@jackiespade_)
Jul 02, 201921:49
Entrepreneur and Super Producer Self Service (@mrservice)
Jun 12, 201949:26
conversation with minister Abdul Haqq Muhammad (@DefendingKhan)
Jun 06, 201944:10
leader of her own band Lisa Vazquez (@_lisavazquez)
Jun 04, 201924:51
lyricist writer and performer T Barz explains her Genesis (@TBarzzzz)
May 08, 201924:12
entertainer and writer Donald Lacy (@DonaldELacyJr) with Mike Bell
Apr 30, 201901:04:01
Gilles Casanova talks health, music and history (@gillescasanova)
Apr 23, 201923:47
artists Sloppy Joe and Kee visit Thermal Soundwaves
Apr 23, 201952:25
She Real stands on her own word (@sherealtalk)
Apr 22, 201959:16
artist Jabo tells the world what he's about (@JaboEnt)
Apr 22, 201954:06
Coach Raychelle (@CoachRaychelle) gives guidance on health & wellness
Apr 18, 201939:18
Cool runnings hangin' with Director Actor Doug E Doug (@dougedougfromtv)
Apr 18, 201943:52
The Bad Seed talks tactics when all else fails (@NiggalisCage)
Apr 18, 201901:07:58
Don't forget to breathe with Yvette Joseph (@thebutterfly143)
Apr 18, 201937:53
Chief Ayanda Clarke stays true to our native land (@TheFadaraGroup)
Apr 18, 201921:45
Kool DJ Red Alert celebrates 35 yrs in the game (@KoolDJRedAlert)
Apr 17, 201924:43
Producer/ writer/ athlete Dorian Graham (@theystillgotit)
Apr 17, 201901:35:47
entrepreneur Thembisa Mshaka drops #LipGame and other business tips (@putyrdreams1st)
Apr 17, 201931:22
Good times in the Bull City with Mark Steele (@whoismarksteele)
Apr 17, 201901:18:15
Business Music and Health with Mic Handz (@therealMICHANDZ)
Apr 15, 201923:27
Developing business and media with Dove Clark (@FlyLikeDove)
Apr 15, 201901:06:13
Nadhege Ptah (@Nadhege) of Paris Blues in Harlem (@ParisBluesFilm)
Apr 03, 201935:53
Words from the masta artist D-Nasty (@DNasty_ThaMasta)
Apr 02, 201946:20
 Queens duo New Gang City use veteran tactics to master the new scene
Apr 02, 201950:49
Part 2 with artist Big Sence fighting through adversity
Apr 01, 201950:28
driven for stardom with artist Big Sence (@bigsence) Part 1
Apr 01, 201929:47
actor Stephen Hill (@StephenHillActs) talks Magnum P.I. and the humble lane
Mar 06, 201934:11
The Business of artists with Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic)
Mar 06, 201951:38
All in with Chyna Black (@CHYNABLACK718) and M.Reck (@mreckgm)
Jan 30, 201901:05:19
Shana Tucker makes it better with her art (@shanatucker)
Jan 22, 201915:03
 Phlow motion (@Phlowetry)
Dec 20, 201822:40
Isis Kenney on Hip Hop Fine Arts (@HIPHOPFINEART)
Dec 13, 201801:15:24
author Alfred Obiesie of "You made it a hotline" Vol 1 (@crazedafrykan)
Dec 11, 201851:14
Darlene Ortiz is the Definition of Down (@DarleneOGOrtiz)

Darlene Ortiz is the Definition of Down (@DarleneOGOrtiz)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got an in studio visit from B-girl, host, writer, PT trainer Darlene Ortiz (@DarleneOGOrtiz) as well music vet/publisher Paul Stewart (@paulstewart1). Darlene was frank about: her life with Ice T, uprocking in heels, hosting her own radio show, going to prom with her 1st black boyfriend at NBA great Reggie Miller's high school, the infamous Radiotron club, the upcoming audiobook, the relationship between herself and Coco (Ice T's wife), possible film option for her memoir Definition of Down, why she turned down the offer for "Pump it up" that later went to Dee Barnes, how the infamous Power album cover came about, her grandmother's comments on the album cover, the book agents that wanted her to be grimy, why she never said anything shady about Ice T, the entrepreneur/all around man her son turned out to be, meeting Paul at Water the Bush, and so much more. Paul gave a short taste of his entertainment background discovering: The Pharcyde, Warren G, Coolio, Montell Jordan, House of Pain, working on Hustle and Flow, Dear White People, Fast & Furious 2, the Issa Rae show "Insecure." For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Dec 11, 201847:49
emcee Master Ace stars on the Tonight show (@mastaace)
Dec 11, 201839:06
Fashion Pioneer April Walker (@theaprilwalker)
Dec 11, 201830:04
Amen Ra (@Bam2AmenRa) explains why failure is not an option
Dec 07, 201851:44
artist Paris (@paris_gfr) talks Hip Hop, business, and Pistol Politics
Dec 07, 201838:59
Everyone loves the Darmirra Brunson Show (@DarmirraBrunson)
Dec 03, 201854:43
 Margot Bingham on Broadway, Music and Film (@MargotBingham)

Margot Bingham on Broadway, Music and Film (@MargotBingham)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked with the uber-talented performing arts star Margot B. Margot (@MargotBingham) kicked it about: her run in the Broadway revival of the musical "Rent", the Pittsburgh jazz scene, her album "Live at the Hazlett," preferring a live band over singing tracks, working with charities (Boys & Girls Club, Veterans Hospital, Blind & Deaf children school) at a young age, playing Phyllis Hyman in a future movie, choosing performing over sports, love of true crime movies, people watching in New York, winning Miss Black Teen, what it was like working with John Leguizamo, working on the web series "In Between Men" that was picked up by a network, having a pleasant young girl modeling experience, taking Forensic Psychology before musical theater and more. Margot is what you call a quadruple threat. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Dec 03, 201828:41
Phife Dawg of A Tribe called Quest ( @IamthePHIFER)
Dec 03, 201834:13
Ladies and Gentlemen Multiplatinum producer Jazze Pha (@jazzepha)

Ladies and Gentlemen Multiplatinum producer Jazze Pha (@jazzepha)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got live with grammy winning multiplatinum producer Jazze Pha (@jazzepha). Mr Ladies and Gentlemen was candid about: the importance of paperwork, why Houston is still his strongest market, his Tela Tony Draper connection, what he did when he heard "Otis" from Jay Z and Kanye West who sampled his father's music, what makes a quality album, why he stopped working with Ciara, how far back he goes with Future, the trappings of fame, why he had to wear hard jeans in Kentucky, what made him move to Atlanta originally, working on country pop music, doing music for TV, scoring a melo-drama movie that Leonardo Dicaprio is involved with, his views on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, partying in new places with shoe models, being named after one of the Barkays that passed away in a plane crash, not expecting people to give you something in the music business and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Nov 20, 201856:17
The Real Ricky Ross From Compton to Contra to Changed man (@FreewayRicky)

The Real Ricky Ross From Compton to Contra to Changed man (@FreewayRicky)

In the most talked about episode yet, The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke to the real Rick Ross. Freeway Ricky did not side step any topic and let it all hang out on: having the athletic skill to be a star tennis player, meeting the Williams sisters when they were 10 yrs old and spotting their potential then, getting set up by a CIA operative, being illiterate, growing up in the neighborhood of Compton where the crips were founded and other rival gangs battled, becoming one of the most notorious drug traffickers in the U.S. after having an anti-drug mind set, investing in businesses & property, being used as a pawn for the US government to fund the Iran Contra war, how journalist Gary Webb helped expose the truth about his case, the metamorphosis while in prison, accepting responsibility for all wrong he has done, his views on the rapper Rick Ross, his mentoring program and upcoming film being written by Nick Cassavetes (Blow/Face Off). This is a hefty must listen to episode that’s stacked to the max. Also find out: why he wants to meet with President Obama and how Leonardo DiCaprio & Mark Wahlberg are trying to get at him. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Nov 08, 201857:44
The Supa Jeanius Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy)

The Supa Jeanius Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy)

Supa Jeani Jeani Jeani flexes her superhero powers with the Radio Boys (C.Truth & Kev Lawrence). We go all around the world with this one discovering along the way: Why Jean was on stage with an apron grilling chicken, how Germans do the 2 step, history that was taken for granted, how rolling with the machine was a wash out, why she doesn't perform for 92 crack prices, what its like coming from the lineage of 2 great jazz artist, how to quench a love thirst. We also get to: the radio boys nutritional diet, why Jean won't be on a motorcycle with a bikini, breaching contracts, and having white soccer moms at her concerts. You don't wanna miss all of that or the live call we got from Jean's biggest fan from Montreal, Canada. This is one of those classics folks. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Nov 05, 201846:05
Doug Young True Music Industry stories Pt 2
Oct 31, 201847:32
Doug Young True Music Industry stories Pt 1
Oct 31, 201835:57
The Spirited Actor with Tracey Moore (@thespiritedactor)
Oct 30, 201839:28
The Artist Advocate Wendy Day (@RapCoalition)

The Artist Advocate Wendy Day (@RapCoalition)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) connected with a very important woman to know in the music industry, Wendy Day. Wendy Day is the founder of the non-profit company Rap Coalition. The company pulls artist out of bad deals and educates people on what's fair and acceptable. Her company has set up business deals for Master P, Twista, and Eminem to name a few. Wendy has run the company for 19 years and had good perspective on: why you should not seek a record deal in today's industry, using the term "demo" and working for Fedex is a way to eliminate yourself before you even get started, how she is able to break artist out of their contracts with major labels, why it is easier to find an investor than a record deal, the important advice that Tupac Shakur gave her after becoming the first board member, the continued support received from David Banner & Tech N9ne, what her Powermoves company does for properly funded artist, and she exposes Cash Money whom she set up an initial $30 million deal for but had to sue for payment. She won her lawsuit and also confirmed what we've all been learning recently that "they don't pay their artist." For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 30, 201825:18
pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert talks about his history (@KoolDJRedAlert)
Oct 29, 201841:35
Emmy award winning writer Mike Ajakwe (@mikeajakwe)
Oct 25, 201853:19
Nicole Lyons (@nicolelyonsnhra) Pro Race Car Driver
Oct 22, 201829:27
Jennifer Cruté opens up the world of Comics, illustration and Art
Oct 22, 201825:57
filmmakers/artists Corina (@CorinaKattAyala) and Joaquin talk Latins in America
Oct 22, 201801:10:25
 Rappin 4-Tay kicks Bay Area lingo (@rappin_4tay)

Rappin 4-Tay kicks Bay Area lingo (@rappin_4tay)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) took it to northern California with veteran Rappin 4-Tay (@rappin_4tay). 4-Tay was a little winded from being on the road but had enough stamina to speak on: what happens in the other side of San Francisco, meeting Tupac Shakur when he moved out to Oakland from the east coast, having love for east coast music, how the earth is his turf, coming up in the business with Too Short, selling CD's out of the trunk as a business model, his latest tour, advice to upcoming rappers, reading Alex Haley & Langston Hughes, being a father, making music at studios in hotel rooms in New York, meeting Michael Jackson at the MTV awards as he was going to pay his water bill, being a member of the brass ensemble (playing trumpet, French horn, tube, baritone horn) and more. For additional content check out Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 22, 201830:10
Actor Jamie Hector is Moving Mountains (@JamieHector)
Oct 22, 201835:25
entertainer/activist Paul Rodriguez (@ThePaulRod)

entertainer/activist Paul Rodriguez (@ThePaulRod)

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got veteran entertainer Paul Rodriguez to take some time out to discuss some important issues. As an actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez’s multi-faceted career includes starring roles and featured appearances in over 45 films and countless television series and comedy specials. Voted one of the most influential Hispanics in America and awarded the Ruben Salazar Award by The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Paul was fervent in his speech about: his water conservation efforts in Fresno, being the first Latino comedian to get mainstream exposure, the pioneers that paved the way for him, his independent film “I’m not like that no more,” what’s really causing the friction between blacks & Latinos, the innovative ways to finance a film, why there are no German comics, what happened when he had a meeting with Arnold Schwartzenegger, the fights Latinos need to pick , the one thing he disagrees with Obama on, Hispanic representation on TV, how baseball is a new institution of slavery, the nanny syndrome, the effect of eminent domain & the building of Dodger stadium had on his family, and the importance of Mendez v. Westminster school district case that was the predecessor to Brown v. Board of Education. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 22, 201843:35
Tupac Shakur's last year (accounts of Frank Alexander) Pt 2

Tupac Shakur's last year (accounts of Frank Alexander) Pt 2

The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) continue with Part 2 of the accounts of Frank Alexander who was with Tupac Shakur for his last year on earth (1995-1996). Frank further elaborates on: whether Tupac really hated Notorious B.I.G, why he feels Suge Knight had something to do with Tupac's death and that a trained police officer was involved, who the FBI informant was that he worked with, what he does to protect his life after releasing all of this information, how Tupac helped him find his true calling, what he gains from the books, documentaries and other items he puts out on Tupac, did Tupac really sleep with Faith, and the fight that Tupac & Suge had before the Las Vegas trip. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 22, 201830:05
Tupac Shakur's last year (accounts of Frank Alexander) Pt 1

Tupac Shakur's last year (accounts of Frank Alexander) Pt 1

There have been many stories and reports regarding the last days of Tupac Shakur. The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got the story direct from the man who was with him for his last year on earth (1995-1996), Frank Alexander. Frank wrote the best selling book "Got your Back: Life of a bodyguard in a hardcore world of gangsta rap." He was candid about: why he wrote the book, being the scapegoat for Tupac's murder, what unseen footage of Tupac he is going to release, what happened when Tupac was confronted by Crips at the House of Blues, why he was handpicked to be the bodyguard, the relationship between Tyson & Tupac, standard operating procedure when riding with an artist, how he is certain that Tupac is not alive, the reason he didn't chase Mr. Shakur's shooters, the gesture Tupac was willing to do for a family member that Janet Jackson was not, and Frank's background (growing up in southside Chicago, being in the marines, law enforcement). All this and more in part 1 of this revealing segment. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 22, 201801:00:10
Mike Concepcion speaks on his life, music biz, and so called OG's

Mike Concepcion speaks on his life, music biz, and so called OG's

The Radio Boys (Kev Lawrence, C.Truth) spoke with the elusive OG Michael Concepcion. Mike expressed himself with passion on: starting the Crips gang to combat the KKK, seeing gang life get out of hand, putting together the song "We're all in the same gang" to help cease violence in Nickerson Gardens & Jordan Downs, managing Teddy Riley, breaking the Chronic record on radio, his involvement on building Interscope, helping Bobby Brown & Ralph Tresvant get out of a sticky situation, how you really control a neighborhood, his connection to Kendrick Lamar as well as T.D.E, wanting Ving Rhames to play him in his life story, working with actor Michael Douglas on his label, helping Warren Beatty with the film Bulworth, respect for Treach of Naughty by Nature, his upcoming book "The stupid gangster," the effect his mom's passing had on him, helping keep the peace between 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, regrets he's had in life, producing Kirk Franklin's "Stomp", upcoming TV/Film projects, building a school for kids and much more. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 22, 201846:47
Hip Hop icon DJ Premier (@REALDJPREMIER)

Hip Hop icon DJ Premier (@REALDJPREMIER)

Texas native, Brooklyn crafted hip hop icon DJ Premier of Gangstarr dropped by to share his jewels on sustaining a successful career in the music game. Premier also reminisced on the early days of Gangstarr and having fist fights with his partner Guru who are still close to this day. However, Premier was not too fond of Solar who runs with Guru now, find out why. In addition to that get Premier's thoughts on D'Angleo, Angie Stone, being a hip hop artist on a major label before that was the norm, staying fit, pressing vinyl, his group NYG's, running a label, how the video for Dwyck came about, working & hanging with Christina Aguilera, turning down Limp Biscuit at first, getting drunk with Notorious BIG in 1992, and how his beef with Wynton Marsalis got settled. There is a whole lot more but you have to listen to find out exactly what. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 19, 201854:58
The Greatest Entertainer DOUG E. FRESH (@RealDougEFresh)

The Greatest Entertainer DOUG E. FRESH (@RealDougEFresh)

From our audio vault. The Original Human beat box Doug E.Fresh took some time out to join us and talk about a special event that was going down addressing the issue of depression in the community. We touched on a lot of areas including: creating the beat box, hip hop against all odds, the infamous curls, hip hop trading cards, a near robbery back in the day in queens, foreclosure on his properties, Scientology & the connection to Issac Hayes, the opening of his new restaurant, and thoughts on his sons. This is one of those classics you can't miss. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
Oct 19, 201856:06
 Multiplatinum Diamond Producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins (@RodneyJerkins)

Multiplatinum Diamond Producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins (@RodneyJerkins)

Atlantic City native Rodney Darkchild Jerkins takes time out from his busy schedule to chop it up with the Radio Boys (C.Truth & Kev Lawrence) about his relationship with Missy Elliott, putting on Gina Thompson and not working with her again, taking Brandy to the next level (the 1st album he did with her sold 8 million copies), calling in a favor from Notorious Big, the business of producing, riding through harlem with Michael Jackson and being the Quincy Jones of this generation. Thats just for starters. A lot will be revealed from this young music veteran who has made hits for Tiffany Evans, Mary J Blige, Monica, Janet Jackson, Destinys Child, Keyshia Cole, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, PCD, J-Lo, Natasha Bedingfield and Tatyana Ali (yes Ashley from the Fresh Prince). You will want to listen to this one multiple times, it's one for the history books.
Oct 18, 201840:57