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The Scriptcast

The Scriptcast

By Alison Rinehardt Mauldin

Screenwriters, unscripted.

The Scriptcast began as a podcast that transformed unproduced film and television scripts into radio plays, but gradually evolved into a casual talk format. Tune in for casual conversations with screenwriters—about their lives, their creative practice, and the craft of writing for screens.
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Tattoo Shop

The ScriptcastNov 26, 2020

A Quick Announcement
Apr 29, 202106:23
Scriptcast Conversations - Peter Barnes
Apr 15, 202101:03:13
Scriptcast Conversations - Marque Franklin-Williams

Scriptcast Conversations - Marque Franklin-Williams

Join me for a conversation with TV writer Marque Franklin-Williams, whose credits include Just Add Magic, Leverage: Redemption, and upcoming shows for Showtime, Lion's Gate, and Amazon.

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In lieu of social media, Marque would like to direct your attention to Stacey Abrams' amazing organization, Fair Fight!

Show Notes:

Robert Dinsdale's book, The Toymakers

A new take on Pinocchio

Lawrence Kasdan's quote about homework.

Marque's Recommendations:


Denzel Curry

Silent Hill 2 original soundtrack

Dune (the book)

The Dune reboot is coming out October 1, 2021

The last movies Alison saw in the theater: BBFL and Birds of Prey

The last movies Marque saw in the theater: Captain Marvel and Parasite

Marque's go-to movie snack

Apr 01, 202155:31
Hello, listener. Let's chat.
Mar 25, 202119:23
Scriptcast Conversations - Meghan Pleticha
Mar 18, 202101:30:00
Scriptcast Conversations - Ruckus and Lane Skye
Mar 04, 202156:47
Scriptcast Conversations - Emily Quiver
Feb 18, 202101:20:00
Emily Quiver

Emily Quiver

In a small conservative town, a repressed pastor's wife creates problems for herself and the other housewives after writing erotic fiction centered around a lustful, sexy Jesus.

Feb 04, 202101:24:27
Scriptcast Conversations - Holiday Edition

Scriptcast Conversations - Holiday Edition

I’ve assembled an epic round table of screenwriters and podcasters to talk about our favorite holiday movies and television, with guest appearances from some of the Scriptcast’s voice talent. Plus, an exciting announcement!

Dec 23, 202002:23:29
Scriptcast Conversations - Tattoo Shop

Scriptcast Conversations - Tattoo Shop

Join me for a conversation with screenwriter Sarah Ruttinger, author of the half hour pilot, Tattoo Shop.

Dec 10, 202036:50
Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Shop

Feminist tattoo artist Rue is determined to keep toxic masculinity out of her new shop – and she's (mostly) successful, until her grizzled former mentor shows up.

Nov 26, 202040:47
Scriptcast Conversations - The Insomniacs

Scriptcast Conversations - The Insomniacs

Join me for a conversation with stand up comic and screenwriter, Adam Quesnell, about his one hour pilot, The Insomniacs.

Nov 12, 202001:07:08
The Insomniacs

The Insomniacs

In the near future, when one dose of the drug Insomnia can render a person permanently sleepless, an ex-federal agent finds himself and his crew of eccentric private detectives embroiled in a conspiracy that may have interstellar consequences.

Oct 29, 202001:10:18
Scriptcast Conversations - Ungoverned

Scriptcast Conversations - Ungoverned

Join me for a conversation with screenwriter, professor, and filmmaker Rodney Stringfellow for a conversation about my script, Ungoverned, screenwriting, and making art in a chaotic world.

Oct 15, 202046:52


One hundred years after the collapse of the U.S. government, teenagers Will and Jess cross the lawless country on a motorcycle, in search of a cancer treatment for Will's mother.

Oct 01, 202001:15:47
The Scriptcast Trailer

The Scriptcast Trailer

A quick intro to the Scriptcast, coming to a podcatcher near you on October 1st!

Sep 25, 202002:00