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The Sea is Medicine

The Sea is Medicine

By Boundless Wave

The Ocean's Power to Heal, Inspire and Transform Our Lives. Interviews with Sea Lovers from all walks of life. Hosted by Naomi of & Stay SEASPIRED!
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Underwater Magic - Brandon Verdura

The Sea is MedicineApr 06, 2022

Down under recover with Donna Halcione
Jun 18, 202349:31
Diving deep with Serap Gorunme
Jan 19, 202349:37
Soulcraft with Kyle Black
Oct 25, 202236:25
Home Is Me

Home Is Me

Listen to Kat speak of how she became a sailor, what drew her to La Cruz De Huanacaxtle, and where she found her home.  Born and raised in Southern California Katrina Liana, would camp off grid with her family, exploring the beauty of California and surrounding States. This sparked a sense of adventure and keeping it simple mindset. She was presented with opportunities as a young adult which kept her career driven and financially secure working with Apple Computer and Miramax Films in the television commercial advertising industry. In her late mid 30s she was introduced to sailing and prepared for a journey off shore. She Schooled herself in this amazing life, ultimately becoming self sufficient, skilled in navigation, rigging, anchoring, electronics, materials, etc,,,  While offshore sailing, she felt sadness not connecting with others at first. After some time passed, it was no longer sad. She felt complete. She was home and built a sense of comfort in her own skin. She had learned to love time for herself and only her. The journey of sailing brought her to this special place, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Today, she organizes programs with sailing children and seminars to bring sailors like herself together to share their experiences and helpful tips. She's also involved with non-profit organizations that protect marine & land based wildlife in Bahia de Banderas, Mexico. Kat's words of Inspiration:  "Do what you are passionate about!" "No matter where you go, you are you, you will recreate who you are. Love your home, love you." "Always observe, don't react, find the energy you want to receive." "Living more simply means having more time to do the things you love." "Wake up every day being satisfied, content. I wake up every day SO in love with the ocean, my runs, tropical heat, and wildlife." "This bay eliminates all the distractions, opening opportunities to appreciate all the surroundings and simplify. Sailing, running, hiking, learning about the critters that live here..." "Once you realize you don't need much to be happy, your world is a magical place." Find her on Facebook and Instagram @KatrinaLiana1970
Aug 12, 202255:23
Chris Hawaii Marine Life
Jul 16, 202256:48
Finding Peace with Jaime Garbin
Jul 03, 202201:10:12
Superpower Sam Evans

Superpower Sam Evans

A great chat with Photographer and Creative, Sam Evans. We dive into Maori culture, his journey in NZ, and creative pursuit. "You are your own superpower"  

Sam is a West Coast local, living at Karekare Beach in New Zealand. Capturing moments in nature has become a passion that has lead Sam to a vision of enhancing our well-being by creating awareness for our environment. Land, sea, sky and wildlife through visual stories and energetic reproductions with photography. His images inspire emotion, thought, movement, change, and love in New Zealand and around the world. 

Born in Twizel, the heart of the high country, Sam is of Ngati Kahu, Nga Puhi and Te Aupouri descent. His appreciation of nature and exploration was no farther than his doorstep from the beginning. 

Fast forward to now and with over 25 years of experience in creative industries under his belt, photography has been a natural progression. His production design & art direction work on commercials, films, and television programmes has honed his eye and allowed his talents to expand.  A lover of mindfulness, culture, deep grooves, nature, surfing, and the ocean; Sam is a true scorpio with the creative element of water flowing throughout his photography. 

"Enhance your energy field with photography & photographs. You may find it difficult to believe that photography is a form of energy reproduction & that every photograph contains energy. See for yourself by strategically placing photographs taken in moments of happiness, love & receptivity to spiritual help around your living quarters, in your work place, in your automobile, & even on your clothing or in a pocket or wallet. Arrange photographs of nature, animals, & expressions of joy & love in your environment & let their energy radiate into your heart & provide you with their higher frequency." From the book The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne W Dyer.

Jun 18, 202246:57
"Waves of Truth" Collin Dewell
Jun 04, 202201:04:34
"Celebrate the Win" - Kalani Muller
May 21, 202249:08
Medicine Man Cabil
May 06, 202233:25
Underwater Magic - Brandon Verdura
Apr 06, 202247:32
Jill Corey of Water Women Podcast
Jan 23, 202246:15
Traveling Surfer Pilates Musician
Dec 27, 202152:46
1 More Wave
Dec 04, 202146:32
Sunburnt Surfboards

Sunburnt Surfboards

Turn off the TV, put the phone down and listen to a real conversation about living the dream of surfing and shaping boards. Ian Vernon has been crafting surfboards for over thirty years, and continues the tradition of custom board building on the island of Kauai. Even though he has a social media presence, the best way to reach him is to find him on the beach or give him a call on his landline.

Insta: @sunburntsurfboards


***Please not we had some technical difficulties and the sound is funky at times***

Nov 20, 202136:20
Living The Sporadic Now

Living The Sporadic Now

In the moment with Surf Photographer Joshua Varela. How the sea has transformed his grief, fear, and problems into a life of flow, serendipity, grace and vision. 

Joshua is a creative who studied art and music in his formative years and now traverses the globe living his passion as a surf photographer. He has dabbled in board shaping, overcome health issues and remains a surfer at his core. When not traveling, he resides on the coast of California.

Find him at a surf break or on Instagram @_joshua_varela

Photo of Joshua @bigswig

Sep 14, 202150:23


Wise words from an all star surfer and forever friend... 

“Lauren Leialoha is a passionate water woman, amazing surfer, dedicated Mother and super Seaspiration. She has ridden many waves both in life and on the water and always trusts the ocean to guide her. She lives on the magical Island of Kauai with her two children.”

Find her on Instagram @lei-aloha

Aug 12, 202133:04
Judy and Ricochet the Surf Dog

Judy and Ricochet the Surf Dog

Judy shares her serendipitous journey with the surf dog Ricochet. How she raised her from a pup to be a service dog and how service became SURFice! An amazing story of healing, letting go, and divinity!

Judy Fridono is the Executive Director of Puppy Prodigies and Ricochet's guardian.

Ricochet is certified therapy dog & part of a non-profit called puppy Prodigies. She provides emotional support & healing to kids with special needs, people with disabilities, adaptive surfers, wounded warriors, veterans with PTSD and more. She is rooted in the human-canine bond and dedicated to helping individuals grow in mind, body and spirit through the unconditional love and acceptance only a dog can provide. Ricochet also provides surf therapy & she’s in an IMAX film called Superpower Dogs that is currently showing on Hulu.


Jun 16, 202147:21
Body of Wonder

Body of Wonder

Listen as Prue takes us on an adventure...traveling all over the world as a young pro surfer to working holistically in the 'field'. Renew your sense of wonder and discover how fluid life can be!!!

Prue Jeffries, CMT, RCST®, RSME

"A pioneer and visionary of Women’s Surfing, Prue Jeffries spent two decades traveling the world on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour, now known as the WSL (World Surf League). She is a published writer, editorial consultant, founder of a women’s clothing company, brand ambassador, event producer, and filmmaker.

Being with the ocean, nature and the creative flow of life informs Prue deeply. She has spent many years as a practitioner and guide supporting people with self-awareness and embodiment. Prue blends experiential knowledge from her affinity with nature, water, and movement, an understanding of the body from her athletic career, training in somatic and body-centered approaches with extensive life experiences and personal contemplative practices in order to guide and support people wholeness, well-being and unity. She is deeply passionate about the transformative potential of nature and art.

Prue is a Continuum Teacher, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Teacher, a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME), Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST)Registered Craniosacral Therapist (RCST®) and founder of the Vital Dynamics® holistic awareness process. She is also Creative Director for Watermark Arts, an endeavor that supports art inspired by Continuum and Somatic Practices.

She brings deep presence expressed in a gentle and unassuming lightness that is informed by her extensive life experiences and devotion to personal contemplative practices in order to guide and support people in reclaiming their wholeness and unity.

Watermark Arts

Surf the Flow

May 29, 202101:26:03
Jazz Ro and Conscious Swimwear

Jazz Ro and Conscious Swimwear

Stoked to talk with Jazz in La Cruz Mexico, about how she got into the Bikini business, why she chose a beach centered life, running a business with soul and why its important to create quality garments... plus more....

"After studying fashion design at Unico AUG, I decided to start a brand of long-lasting bikinis. I spent a lot of time looking for the best providers and I found them.

We create garments in low quantities to maintain exclusive designs, comfortable and of the best quality, that allow you to look good and at the same time keep you moving without fear of it moving.

Jazz Ro bikinis last much longer than a conventional bikini, they are double view, quick drying and you can double use the tops as a bralette."


May 20, 202142:48
Meditation - Supported by the Sea
May 01, 202116:05
On The Water
Apr 23, 202150:37
Home Sweet Noeta!
Apr 20, 202139:04
The Beautiful, Creative, Ocean Obsessed, Ann Myra!
Apr 09, 202127:52
Blue Space

Blue Space

Today we talk with JP about his latest venture Blue Space and how he brings wellness to the water. A platform that makes reaping the benefits of being near the water available to everyone! We also discuss his personal journey and the influence of "Blue Mind" science on our health.

Jean-Pierre Aramouni 
(JP) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Blue Space, a platform of mindful experiences elevated by the power of water. Previously, JP was part of the early growth team at Uber and UberEATs, responsible for launching the business across several markets, including London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Cairo, Casablanca and Nairobi.  JP also served as Managing Director at Tink Labs, the largest hospitality-tech startup, overseeing expansion in over 80 markets, and more recently served as VP of Market Expansion for Reef Technology, overseeing the launch of the business across 30 markets. JP is passionate about building companies that have a lasting impact on people, especially in the wellness, travel and hospitality space. JP holds a MBA from INSEAD in France/Singapore.


Blue Space:

Blue Mind:

Apr 02, 202129:50
Optimize for Joy!!!
Mar 26, 202147:33
Voice Your Heart
Mar 18, 202148:18
March 17, 2021

March 17, 2021

Mar 17, 202100:52