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The Self Care Creative

The Self Care Creative

By Rayowag

The Self Care Creative is all about that work-life balance us creatives seem to struggle with. That's why I (Ray) made it my mission to talk about self care, mindset and the real behind the scenes of creativity. We'll be talking about mindfulness, mental health, creative struggles and how other creatives keep themselves sane in a world of overthinking. Follow the podcast to never miss an episode. Review the podcast and DM me a picture of it on my socials (@rayowag) for a chance to be featured and to support the show.
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21: My experience with hypnosis for anxiety

The Self Care CreativeNov 03, 2021

21: My experience with hypnosis for anxiety
Nov 03, 202125:46
20: The Flawed Exposure Therapy Standard
Sep 29, 202142:51
19: How to build self trust
Sep 08, 202119:28
18: What dropping out of school twice has taught me
Aug 18, 202127:02
17: Dear Relationship Therapists on Instagram
Jul 28, 202136:13
16: How To Get Your Life Together
Jul 21, 202116:21
15: Let's Talk About Cancel Culture
Jul 14, 202101:00:03
14: Fear of Failure - Our Society & Failure
Jul 07, 202114:32
13: My Struggles & How I Deal With Them
Jun 30, 202125:35
12: The Definition of Rest & How Self Care is Political
May 05, 202140:00
11: Lessons from having a big online audience over the years w/ Michael Cannavo
Mar 24, 202101:00:34
10: How to stay sane running a podcast as a student w/ Dodge
Feb 24, 202152:22
9: Why we need to shine more light on the struggle in success
Feb 17, 202147:44
8: Creative Overwhelm & how to deal with it
Feb 03, 202125:12
7: Why an evening routine is the best idea for creatives
Jan 27, 202111:40
6: The Flow State & How to achieve it
Jan 20, 202108:49
5: Why we need self acceptance & self compassion
Jan 13, 202119:05
4: The mindset of toxic productivity & how to get rid of it
Jan 13, 202113:45
3: What you can do to stay mentally healthy as a creative
Jan 13, 202128:20
2: Why creatives are prone to burnout & how to deal with burnout
Jan 13, 202113:41
1: My Story - mental health, blogging & creativity
Jan 13, 202137:26
The Self Care Creative TRAILER
Jan 08, 202100:20