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The Selfull Caregiver Podcast

The Selfull Caregiver Podcast

By Dawnita Michelle' Brown

Hey Caregiver! Welcome to the podcast that's created with you in mind. I am Dawnita Michelle’ your fellow caregiver and selfull host. A former selfish and selfless human turned selfull. So just what is selfull? Glad you asked. In simplest terms, it’s the sweet spot between selfish and selfless. Selfish is all about me, selfless is all about you...selfull is about me and you making the caregiving journey just a little bit easier for us and our carees. Every other week you'll hear stories and learn actionable tips that you can implement along your quest to selfullness. Let's get SELFULL!
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It's Time for Discharge...Now What? Part 2

The Selfull Caregiver PodcastSep 12, 2022

It's Time for Discharge...Now What? Part 2
Sep 12, 202230:27
It's Time For Discharge...Now What? Part 1
Aug 28, 202245:41
The Other Side of Caregiving
Aug 11, 202234:21
Game Shows and Bearthdays and Respite Oh My!!

Game Shows and Bearthdays and Respite Oh My!!

Hey Caregiver!

I know it's been a while so this is a short check-in podcast from me and Mama!  We talk about getting older, watching the Game Show Network, and the importance of respite!

Parental Advisory because Mama is a trip!!

Enjoy and be selFULL!

Jul 07, 202219:33
A Tale of Two Parents: When Caregiving is the Same but the Journey is Different

A Tale of Two Parents: When Caregiving is the Same but the Journey is Different

Hey Caregiver!

It's a little easier to care for the parent who was nurturing and gave you unconditional love. But what about the parent who was not around and not so loving?

Well that’s Charlie Hurt’s story.

In this episode, Charlie will share how he cared for his mother who was his everything, and his father who was absent from his life until the last 8 years of his life.

Charlie shares his story in detail and gives it to us chaser. It's a story of redemption, forgiveness, and love.

Listen in! 🎧


Follow Charlie on FB: Charlie Hurt and IG: @charlie_hurt
Jun 09, 202201:14:08
Reimagining Family Caregiving Policies

Reimagining Family Caregiving Policies

Hey Caregiver!

I have learned so much on this caregiving journey and one of the things that I have witnessed, and have learned from others, is that middle-class people (folks that have worked all of their lives, have assets, but do not have access to 10s of thousands of dollars/disposable income) find themselves depleting ALL of what they have to get adequate health care, equipment, activities, etc. or going without.  Those that make too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to write a check for a $5000 Barton Chair or pay an agency $35/hr for around-the-clock care. And, what about the family caregiver?! Well, that's what Dr. Donna Benton, Director of the USC Family Caregiver Support Center (FCSC) and the Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center (LACRC), and I will discuss in this episode. 

Dr. Benton has over 30 years of experience in providing direct service, advocacy and programs for families caring for persons with dementia. Her research focus is on the development of online evidence-based interventions for family caregivers to improve mental and physical health and well-being and prevention of elder mistreatment. She also serves as a mentor to students interested in advocacy for caregivers. 

Dr. Benton is with us today as a representative of the California Caregiver Resource Centers, which is a network of 11 centers throughout California which annually serve over 18,000 family caregivers who are caring for adults affected by chronic and debilitating health conditions, degenerative diseases, or traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Benton's CRC (LA CRC):

Instagram & Twitter: @uscfcsc
Dr. Benton's Personal Twitter: @donnabentonphd

Statewide CRCs:
Instagram & Twitter: @caregiver_ca

May 26, 202241:41
When Your Pain Becomes Your Purpose
Apr 21, 202256:29
The Difference is You

The Difference is You

Hey Caregiver! 

Caregiving ain't for punks.  We all know that.  However, you can make a difference, by caring for yourself in the midst of the journey.  In this episode, you'll hear how Taueret K. Thomas manages to stay sane while caring for her parents, grandmother, her business, and herself.   

We'll discuss:

* The importance of taking breaks;

* Support;

* Honoring your feelings; and more.

Listen in!! 

Apr 07, 202234:11
When Career and Caregiving Collide

When Career and Caregiving Collide

Hey Caregiver!
We all know that caregiving is a 24/7 365 job! It's unpredictable…like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Couple that with a full-time job. Not, just a job, but a leadership position. In this episode, you'll hear how Jessica Guthrie, a full-time, millennial caregiver, advocate, educator, and non-profit senior executive manages it all. Oh, and add social media caregiving influencer to the list.
We'll discuss:
- Caregiving as a millennial
- The importance of having a supportive work environment
- Establishing boundaries
- Self-care
- The idea of dating while caregiving and so much more!
*This podcast was pre-recorded and since our conversation, Jessica had a horrible experience with a home health agency while on travel for work. They provided subpar care to her mom and Jessica actually shares the intricacies of it all on her personal Instagram vlog at @careercaregivingcollide. So after you listen to this episode, head on over to her IG page.
Enjoy the conversation!
Mar 10, 202232:37
A Holistic Approach to Caregiving

A Holistic Approach to Caregiving

In this episode, Quentin Rogers, former caregiver to friend, great aunt, and caregiver to mom, will share his caregiving journey and holistic strategies that he practices.
We’ll discuss topics from ikebana, to self-care, to death, and more. And as a bonus, we'll do a guided meditation!
Listen in, and join us for the ride!
Feb 23, 202244:25
This is Us

This is Us

Hey Caregiver!! We are ending this podcast year with a bang and you’re in for a real treat! Me and Mamaaaa!!

On August 5, 2018 Mama was placed on life support after she suffered a severe subdural hematoma, which resulted in a brainstem stroke.  Two months later, the neurosurgeon said that she wouldn't be able to do much of anything and that with a brainstem stroke most patients are "locked-in". Therefore, her baseline was better than most.

Three years later, post rehabs, hospitals, and hospice, she's still here and living life out-loud and not "locked-in".  While she's immobile her brain isn't. Listen in as Mama and I travel through this caregiving journey with humor. (her description) Note: She didn't laugh for months.

Parental advisory advised...Explicit Content.  Just sayin’. She loves Jesus but she might cuss a little! LOL

Listen in and laugh with us for 15 minutes. Happy Holidays and Be Selfull! Enjoy y'all! 

Dec 15, 202115:52
Long Distance Care

Long Distance Care

As we know caregiving has it's challenges. But, along with challenges come progress.  In this episode you'll hear how Marc Paylor, long distance caregiver to his dad, is making progress with his brother to ensure that their father has the best care. We'll discuss:

  • What caring remotely looks like
  • Sharing caregiving duties with siblings
  • Self-care as preservation 
  • The finances of caregiving 

Listen in and BE SELFULL.

Dec 01, 202148:01
Life After Caregiving with Christopher Graham

Life After Caregiving with Christopher Graham

Caring for one parents is hard. But caring for both parents simultaneously is even harder. In this episode we'll hear from Chris Graham who did just that...and did it graciously. In this episode we discuss:

*Caregiving as paying homage
*Caregiving being a bit easier when you're single and have work flexibility
*High and low days
*Life after caregiving

Listen in and enjoy!
Nov 24, 202123:38
All Things Caregiving with Antoinette Peele

All Things Caregiving with Antoinette Peele

In this episode we will talk "All Things Caregiving" with Antoinette Peele, who cares for her mom. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Antoinette's caregiving journey as a caregiver for her father, sister, and mother
  • The importance of estate planning
  • The ugly side of nursing facilities
  • Caring for the uninsured and more!

Enjoy and be selfull!

Nov 17, 202144:10
Couples Who Care

Couples Who Care

In this episode we will hear from Howard and Joyce Mason who are caregivers for Howard's mom. In this episode we discuss:

  • The importance of caring for parents with love
  • Self-care and selfullness
  • Accepting help and not doing it all alone
  • Words of wisdom for husbands and wives caring for parents

Enjoy and be selfull!

Nov 10, 202130:17
Journey to Selfullness

Journey to Selfullness

Hey Caregiver! Due to the nature of caregiving, caregivers are often severely selfless and giving of themselves to their loved ones. So as caregivers, how can we work to change this reality? Take a wild guess!
We can shift the narrative by embracing “selfullness.” But, just what is selfullness?
In this episode you'll learn about selfullness and strategies to help you along your journey. Listen in!
Nov 03, 202127:29
How I got here...

How I got here...

This is a two-part episode chronicling my caregiving journey.
*Part 1 is about my Peace Corps life 2 years before caregiving and
*Part 2 is about my life as a caregiver.
Oct 20, 202101:01:54
The Selfull Caregiver Podcast Trailer

The Selfull Caregiver Podcast Trailer

Creating a community of wholistically well selfull caregivers....mind, body, and spirit.

Jul 23, 202101:15