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The Simplifying Teenage Podcast

The Simplifying Teenage Podcast

By Dr. Smita Dipankar - Teen Life Coach

As a teenager or young adult, you are in this exciting phase of life where you experiment and experience new things.

And it is likely that you are overloaded with information, judgments, and confusion that are stealing away the fun from the magical years of your life. You are constantly navigating through a mix of unrealistic parental expectations, endless academic pressure, peer influence, and the perplexing world of social media.

Through this podcast, we are providing you with the space, knowledge, and wisdom that can help you revive your originality, zest, and ability to take decisions and handle your daily life challenges with a fresh perspective.

The host, Dr. Smita Dipankar, Teen Life Coach and Consultant Anaesthesiologist with 19+ years of experience in the field, is here to talk to you about everything from emotional well-being to self-esteem to elevating academic performance to developing critical thinking skills and more.

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Challenges of Teenagers

The Simplifying Teenage PodcastJan 15, 2023

3 Powerful habits to let go of your past
Jun 28, 202317:36
Trailer Season 2 - New academic year! New beginnings!
Jun 14, 202301:51
Effective Study Techniques and Habits: How to Stay Focused on Your Studies During Exams?

Effective Study Techniques and Habits: How to Stay Focused on Your Studies During Exams?

How are you performing in your exams?

With the exam season in full swing, teenagers like you have a bag full of mixed emotions. Do you feel motivated on some days, but doubt, fear and panic easily creeps in on other days?

Have you revised a particular chapter many times and felt tired to read it again or do you go blank while writing your exam papers?

Well the answer lies in your studying techniques.

Hello, I am your host Dr. Smita Dipankar and I shall answer your question of “How to stay focused on studies?”

It all starts with creating a unique style of studying that aligns with you. If you feel tired of revising the same chapter repeatedly, then give yourself a surprise writing test and solve questions at the end of the chapter or try past papers.

If you feel blank during exams, then start revising while writing. Most teenagers prefer reading while revising but writing is said to have a higher recall rate. 

Listen to the entire episode to know why writing is one of the effective study techniques for you as compared to reading. I also share some more study tips and study habits that will help you to perform better. 

To connect with Teenage Life Coach Dr. Smita, mail her at ⁠⁠

Know more about her coaching programs at

***The Simplifying Teenage Podcast is brought to you by FOREVERMAGICALTEENS™ which provides coaching and counseling for teenagers and young adults to help them unlock their magical journey!

Contact to know more at or Whatsapp at +91 9372008696

Mar 14, 202319:55
Overcoming Exam Anxiety: Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Experience

Overcoming Exam Anxiety: Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Experience

Feb 28, 202316:56
Exams! What’s your story? - Your challenges around exams

Exams! What’s your story? - Your challenges around exams

Feb 14, 202321:17
Do you know how your parents feel?
Jan 31, 202317:50
Challenges of Teenagers
Jan 15, 202324:33
Welcome to The Simplifying Teenage Podcast!

Welcome to The Simplifying Teenage Podcast!

Meet your host:


She is the Founder & CEO of Forevermagicalteens™ where she provides exclusive coaching programs and workshops for teens and young adults of 13-22 yrs of age.


She found her passion as a life coach for teenagers during her daughter’s teenage journey. The heartfelt connection she felt for every teenager and the happiness she experienced while guiding & supporting teenagers & their parents, lead her to become India’s first certified life coach for teen girls. She has a knack for being a teenager's best friend and many teen boys and girls trust and rely on her to seek solutions or simply talk to her to share their problems.

Dr. Smita is also the Author of the book “Simplifying teenage” which is an easy and powerful practical guide to simplify the teenage journey exclusively for teenagers, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and everyone who knows a teenager. The book was awarded 2nd ranking in the personal transformation category in LIFT awards 2022 and got featured among the top 10 books to read in November 2021 on Delhiwire. She along with her daughter founded the 1st teen club for girls in India named Forever magical teens club, which is a safe space where teen girls can meet, talk, share, support & enjoy being themselves without being judged.

Dr. Smita was bestowed with the “Meticulous mentorship as a leader” award for her outstanding accomplishments as a change-maker in the field of education and parenting! She was felicitated with the “Supermom” award for her contributions in raising her daughter with the right values and shaping the future. Dr. Smita was felicitated as a “SHERO (She-hero)” on Woman’s Day 2022 and recognized for her outstanding community spirit, leadership, and contribution to society.

She is a speaker at an event by TEDx Rambaug on Mental health issues. She is the Co-founder of Skillistaan™, an online platform for every girl & woman, to collaborate & form a Community of Expertise in different fields to upgrade their Life skills. At Skillistaan™, they empower women, who in turn empower each other, with tips, techniques, and training in the three most important skills that every girl & woman must master for HERSELF to live a happy, relaxed and successful life. These skills are Emotion Management, Relationship Management, and Wealth Management. Dr. Smita has been invited by prestigious institutions, television shows, and media houses for events and lectures as a guest speaker on teenage counseling and parenting teens.

To know more about her teen coaching programs visit

The Simplifying Teenage Podcast is brought to you by FOREVERMAGICALTEENS™

To connect, drop a mail at

To connect over call or What's app at +919372008696

Nov 29, 202203:59