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Welcome to The Smell Podcast, where we explore all things smell. If you have a smell/taste disorder or are supporting a family member who does, this podcast is for you! We'll explore listener stories, news, and current research on smell and taste!
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Episode 4 - Interview with the Girl Who Can't Smell

The Smell Podcast Sep 04, 2018

Episode 117 - An Interview with Hannah Docter-Loeb

Episode 117 - An Interview with Hannah Docter-Loeb

This month, join me in listening to a conversation with Hannah Docter-Loeb, a journalist, DC native, and person with congenital anosmia. Hannah and I talk about her story growing up with congenital anosmia, about why we need universal chemosensory testing and we also discussed several of her articles focused on smell in different capacities.

Dec 05, 202329:53
Episode 116 - An Aromatic Life: Connecting with Everyday Smells When You Have Smell Loss with Katie Boateng

Episode 116 - An Aromatic Life: Connecting with Everyday Smells When You Have Smell Loss with Katie Boateng

In this special episode of the Smell Podcast, we are cross-posting an episode of An Aromatic Life where Frauke sits down with Podcaster and Smell and Taste Association of North America President Katie Boateng to discuss how to connect with smells more to enrich daily life experiences when you've lost your sense of smell. Katie shares how she lost her sense of smell and why that's changed her understanding and memory of everyday smells. Frauke explains cross-modal sensory associations and then she and Katie begin a dialogue about everyday activities that Katie wants to experience more fully.

These include:

  • Taking a shower (14:45)
  • Rose bushes (28:12)
  • Eating strawberries (34:43)
  • Cutting an orange (38:48)
  • Brewing a cup of coffee (43:45)
  • Being sweaty on a hot day (48:34)
  • Baking cookies and cakes (55:42)
  • Frying bacon (1:02:42)
  • Being at the ocean/seaside (1:06:35)

Frauke also helps Katie figure out the best way to pick a perfume and scented deodorant. Whether you can smell or not, we hope this conversation will give you tools and inspiration to enrich your everyday experiences using the senses you have. 

Nov 13, 202301:26:11
Episode 115 - An Interview with Mindy Yang, World Taste and Smell Association
Sep 05, 202329:08
Episode 114 - An Interview with Frauke Galia, The Smell Gym
Aug 11, 202331:10
Episode 113 - An Interview with Hannah Gamble Higgins
Jul 11, 202346:47
Episode 112 - An Interview with Stephanie Feurer, World Taste and Smell Association
Sep 07, 202228:35
Episode 111 - An Interview with Nicky Chaleunphone, Anosmia due to Kallmann's Syndrome
Jul 12, 202230:49
Episode 110 - An Interview with Paola Totaro, Author of "On the Scent: Unlocking the mysteries of smell - and how its loss can change your world"
Jun 28, 202234:57
Episode 109 - An Interview with Reysan Cotton (BSN, RN, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling) - On Grieving a Loss
Jun 14, 202201:06:27
Episode 108 - “What is umami? Experts explain the 'mouthwatering' fifth taste by Samantha Kubota
Jun 01, 202204:59
Episode 107 - “Lost your smell to COVID-19? Here’s how to retrain your brain” by Priyanka Runwal
May 17, 202202:25
Episode 106 - An Interview with Stephanie Magallon, Dealing with Parosmia
Apr 29, 202239:34
Episode 105 - An Interview with Katrina Nerisse, Dealing with Parosmia
Apr 12, 202238:32
Episode 104 - Broken noses - Long-term COVID-19 side effect makes everything smell rotten by Anna Johansen Brown
Mar 29, 202202:48
Episode 103 - An Interview with Amanda Dix, Congenital Anosmic! Happy Anosmia Awareness Day 2022!
Feb 27, 202218:59
Episode 102 - An Interview with Kristiana Carle, Dealing with Parosmia
Feb 15, 202224:02
Episode 101 - "Genetic risk factor found for Covid-19 smell and taste loss, researchers say" by Sarah Sloat
Feb 01, 202203:60
Episode 100 - An Interview with Mimi Ellis, Recovering Anosmic @nonosedfoodie

Episode 100 - An Interview with Mimi Ellis, Recovering Anosmic @nonosedfoodie

This week, please join me in listening to a conversation with Mimi Ellis, a recovering anosmic currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. We talk about her experiences dealing with a smell disorder, her work as a physician’s assistant in an Ear, Nose, and Throat clinic, the importance of nutrition and eating while dealing with a smell disorder, how she decided to start her business “Getting Well When You Can’t Smell” and much more.

  • Find Mimi on Instagram here and on Twitter here
  • To read "Woman works to help people regain sense of smell through cooking” by Forrest Sanders for WTVF click here
  • Find the Getting Well When You Can’t Smell website here.
  • To visit the Getting Well When You Can’t Smell Facebook Group, click here.
  • To donate to the Smell and Taste Association of North America, click here.
  • To learn more about the Smell and Taste Association of North America (STANA) click here.

The views expressed by podcast guests are their own. 

Jan 18, 202227:32
Episode 99 - "Many COVID-19 Survivors Still Can't Smell or Taste. Treating Them Isn't Easy" by Jamie Ducharme

Episode 99 - "Many COVID-19 Survivors Still Can't Smell or Taste. Treating Them Isn't Easy" by Jamie Ducharme

This week, I wanted to highlight an article called “Many Covid-19 Survivors Still Can’t Smell or Taste. Treating Them Isn’t Easy” by Jamie Ducharme. This article was published for Time Magazine on November 4, 2021.

Jan 04, 202204:14
Episode 98 - An Interview with Alexxandra Petrella, Acquired Anosmic
Nov 09, 202138:04
Episode 97 - An Interview with Jacqui Johnston, Acquired Anosmic
Oct 12, 202130:54
Episode 96 - "Distorted, Bizarre Food Smells Haunt Covid Survivors" by Deborah Schoch
Aug 17, 202105:38
Episode 95 - An Interview with Josie Wratten, Congenital Anosmic
Aug 03, 202141:49
Episode 94 - An Interview with Adam Hawkins
Jul 20, 202143:23
Episode 93 - An Interview with Charlie Atkins, Congenital Anosmic, @smell_you_never
Jul 06, 202101:11:23
Episode 92 - An Interview with Thelma Poupazi aka @paranosemia
Jun 22, 202128:52
Episode 91: “Will My Sense of Smell Ever Return? Olfactory Insights From COVID And Beyond” by Joanne Silberner
Jun 08, 202105:16
Episode 90 - An Interview with Anand Prahlad, Creator of Magic Marinade
May 25, 202121:01
Episode 89 - An Interview with Jessica Garrison, Acquired Anosmic and author of "I Lost My Sense Of Smell In My Twenties. Here’s My Advice To COVID-19 Survivors."
May 11, 202120:09
Episode 88 - “You Recovered From COVID-19. Now Your Coffee Smells Like Sewage" by Sarah Zhang
Apr 27, 202103:44
Episode 87 - An Interview with Sascha Maude, Anosmia & Parosmia due to Covid-19
Apr 13, 202130:08
Episode 86 - An Interview with Sharika Bivens, Acquired Anosmic and Blog Writer "My Anosmatic Life: Making Sense out of Scentless Life"
Mar 30, 202124:53
Episode 85 - "Will Fish Sauce and Charred Oranges Return the World Covid Took From Me?" by Tejal Rao
Mar 18, 202104:09
Episode 84 - An Interview with Dr. Kathrin Ohla about the GCCR's Smell & Taste Check
Mar 02, 202120:05
Episode 83 - An Interview with Daniel Schein, Founder of Anosmia Awareness Day!
Feb 27, 202122:22
Episode 82 - "What Can Covid-19 Teach Us About the Mysteries of Smell?" by Brooke Jarvis
Feb 16, 202104:35
Episode 81 - An Interview with Dr. Markus Haller, Corowell
Feb 02, 202127:55
Episode 80 - An Interview with Anita Dichiara, Acquired Anosmic
Jan 19, 202129:40
Episode 79 - An Interview with Luke Pierce, the Tasteless Foodie
Jan 05, 202135:45
Episode 78 - An Interview with Dr. Stella Lee and John Moore, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Dec 22, 202033:04
Episode 77 - An Interview with Michelle Alemi, Acquired Anosmic
Dec 08, 202030:02
Episode 76 - An Interview with Dr. Zack (Tsahi) Hayat, Congenital Anosmic
Nov 24, 202032:04
Episode 75 - An Interview with Toby Fife, Acquired Anosmic
Nov 10, 202031:50
Episode 74 - An Interview with Dr. Greg Pask, Insect Neurobiologist
Oct 27, 202031:38
Episode 73- An Interview with Dr. Richard Doty
Oct 13, 202029:06
Episode 72 - An Interview with Lisa Vatch, Congenital Anosmic
Sep 29, 202039:52
Episode 71 - An Interview with Glo del Monte, Acquired Anosmic
Sep 15, 202019:27
Episode 70 - A (New) Interview with Fifth Sense
Sep 01, 202031:58
Episode 69 - The Smell Podcast Two Year Anniversary, an Interview with Katie Boateng, Host of the Smell Podcast
Aug 18, 202051:21
Episode 68 - A (New) Interview with Chrissi Kelly, AbScent Founder
Aug 04, 202033:32