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The Solution Wizard

The Solution Wizard

By The Solution Wizard

Kim Halerwich-Clark delves into the crevasses of the mind to explore ways to become a better version of yourself. By discussing challenges such as grief, personal finances, searching for happiness, or ways to become content in the world we live in, we will walk together through life's turmoil. We will discover ways to cope by learning how to maneuver through the many obstacles we face in everyday life.
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Everyone Has A Story

The Solution WizardDec 09, 2020

Everyone Has A Story
Dec 09, 202004:23
Upcoming Christmas Season Reminder

Upcoming Christmas Season Reminder

As the world struggles with the pandemic, our lives have changed dramatically.

Take a few moments to ponder everything you've been through during the course of your life.

You have overcome many challenges and you deserve to be honoured.

Nov 18, 202004:32
Finding the Mountain - Guided Meditation for Sleep
Oct 05, 202014:18
The Spider Who Couldn't Spin A Perfect Web
Oct 01, 202004:15
Struggling With Indecision?
Aug 25, 202004:09
The Reflection Of Life... A Little Boy's Fabulous Journey
Aug 06, 202009:41
A Special Message To Those Mothers Who Have Lost A Child
Aug 05, 202004:44
Dads Hurt Too
Aug 04, 202002:59
Do You Pray For This When Mourning A Loved One?
Aug 03, 202003:38
Does The Afterlife Really Exist?
Aug 02, 202005:27
Grief... The Hole That Never Heals
Aug 01, 202003:07
The Most Feared Question Of A Bereaved Parent
Jul 31, 202005:02
My Mother's Day Surprise
Jul 30, 202008:03
Replaying Old Arguments You've Had With Those Who Have Died
Jul 29, 202004:28
How Do You Know When You Possess A Negative Mind?
Jul 28, 202004:09
Ways to Survive Overwhelming Grief
Jul 27, 202005:43
What Do You Say To Someone Who Is Grieving?
Jul 26, 202003:47
When A Cardinal Appears, My Loved One Is Near
Jul 25, 202004:56
Finding Your True Calling
Jul 24, 202004:03
How Gratefulness Helped Me In My Grief Journey
Jul 24, 202003:25
The Hurtful Things People Say When You're Grieving
Jul 24, 202004:03
When All You Know Is That Grief Just Sucks
Jul 24, 202004:13
When Someone You Love Dies A Piece Of Your Heart Goes With Them
Jul 24, 202004:02