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The sweetest station around for romance story lovers, brought to you by indie author K.McCoy!

On Sunday's, a new romance writer will be featured to share their latest stories and to answer questions from the 'Love Files'

Join us as we talk about romance, in its many forms, here on The Stories Station!
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The 'Holiday Bliss' Takeover!

The Stories Station PodcastDec 06, 2023

The 'Holiday Bliss' Takeover!

The 'Holiday Bliss' Takeover!

We here at the Stories Station Podcast wanted to treat you sweet listeners to something extra special, as this is the last episode of the year.

So we invited authors Mo Flames, E.A . Noble, and ShaRhonda Sharpe to join us as our December feature authors!

And with the release of our upcoming novel, Holiday Bliss being days away, of course we had to talk about it!

The ladies shared their thoughts on what it was like working on anthology, as well as shared a few teasers to the stories that they wrote for this holiday romance read.

After listening in to this episode, be sure to check out Penning Valley's first-ever Christmas anthology and add it to your TBR this holiday season!

Dec 06, 202321:45
When Fantasy Meets Romance
Dec 03, 202325:31
Hot Holidays!

Hot Holidays!

Everyone, please welcome Monique Fisher back to the podcast!

In this twenty-two minute episode, we catch up with her newest release, Hot For Teacher, and how it was inspired from a SNL skit that they watched.

We also talk about briefly about the end of the WGA strike (yea!) and how it is possible to write across different mediums, as Monique Fisher has done throughout her career.

Make sure to check out her book after listening to this episode and follow Monique Fisher on all socials today!

Nov 19, 202321:43
All the pieces of me!

All the pieces of me!

This week we here at The Stories Station Podcast had the pleasure of catching up again with the super talented Allison K. Garcia!

In this 17 minute episode we discussed Nanowrimo, the new POVs in her Mosaic series, as well as book two in said series, These New Pieces of Me.

Oct 29, 202317:00
Project Chaotic Romances!

Project Chaotic Romances!

Please welcome up and coming Romance author Aiyana McCoy to The Stories Station Podcast!

And enjoy this thirteen minute episode, as we discuss writing multiple books at one time, putting a spin on popular tropes, and what's it like being a 'mood reader'.

You can now read Aiyana McCoy's young romance story, Project Protection online now!

Oct 22, 202312:44
Sweet Queen's Fantasy Baby!
Oct 15, 202314:34
Your Cozy Romance Era

Your Cozy Romance Era

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Leonor Soliz this week to chat about their recent slow burn and dual POV Cozy Romance, Yours, For Now!

Listen in to find out how watching a Zac Efron documentary and coming across a Nora Roberts book at a second hand store lead to launch of Leonor Soliz's writing career.

Also, we discussed how empowering saying the word "fat" can be, as well as why she loves hearing from readers how her stories made them feel.

Don't forget to add Leonor Soliz's books to your TBR after enjoying this episode today!

Sep 24, 202315:07
Hot Stepmom Season!

Hot Stepmom Season!

We know that all the Spooky and PSL lovers have been coming out to celebrate early, but we here at The Stories Station Podcast are still in summer mode.

With that said, please welcome indie author M. L. Sexton to the podcast!

Her series, Hot Stepmom Summer, is all about single moms that are into women.

M.L. Sexton also shares with us in this podcast why they wanted to write these stories, the challenges that come with writing in other genres, and what genre they'd like to pen for next.

Be sure to follow M. L. Sexton after listening to this episode over on Instagram and Tik Tok today!

Sep 17, 202313:07
Power of the Moonlight!

Power of the Moonlight!

Happy September sweet listeners!

This week's featured author is Jasmine Nicole, the indie author behind Moonlight: A Skater Love Story.

Listen in as we discuss her journey to picking up and running with her particular brand of Black Romance stories, and what career she was aiming for besides writing while in college.

After today's chat, please check out Jasmine Nicole's book, Moonlight: A Skater Love Story online today!

Sep 02, 202316:08
Respectfully Friend Zoned

Respectfully Friend Zoned

This week, the sweet Evelyn Sola sat with us and shared key factors into the characters that she writes, as well as the premise to her latest story, Friend Zoned!

Aug 20, 202314:40
Beautifully Flawed Beings

Beautifully Flawed Beings

Join us as we chat with Darlene Cunningham about her recent novels, So This is College and Black People Don't Ski.

In this 20 minute episode, she shares with us why she chose the name Black People Don't Ski, and why Diane, the main character is the way she is in So This is College.

Aug 06, 202319:25
A Spicy Valentine's Day Special!

A Spicy Valentine's Day Special!

Happy Valentine's Day romance readers!

This very special episode is all about Cupid's Kiss, a spicy anthology that I and a few amazing authors have put together for your reading pleasure.

Listen in as we chat about what inspired these lovely stories, and learn more about the authors featured in the anthology.

         Want more? 

Check out the information below! 

Are you ready to spend Valentine's Day with us?

Our novel, Cupid's Kiss, features several beloved tropes - including the alpha hero, grumpy/sunshine, and the ever classic soulmates!

Follow these fiery couples along their journey toward finding love - on their own terms.

With Valentine's Day as the theme, each of these six racy stories showcase strong and passionate male leads that are paired with caring and charismatic leading ladies - it's sure to leave you wanting more.

So, grab your sweets and get ready to explore page after page of Cupid’s Kiss today!

                                                                                    Here are the featured authors and their stories for our anthology:

Darie McCoy         "Just Kiss Me"

Ryker Stephens was just minding his business, playing blackjack at Anton’s, when he laid eyes on a beauty who immediately captured his attention.  Love was the last thing on his mind.  However, from the moment she walked into his arms, literally, his new mission became providing whatever she needed—and he didn’t even know her name yet.

Mo Flames            "Make You Mine"

Tanya Ryan is the smart and attractive talent acquisition agent for one of Atlanta’s most popular socialites. She can’t risk losing her highest paying client lusting after her brother. Yet her client’s brother is unwavering in his pursuit to get Tanya to acknowledge their attraction.

Niccoyan Zheng    "Venus Next Door"

Isaac Lam likes his quiet non-festive cul-de-sac just the way it is. Everyone stays to themselves and minds their own business. One visit from his new neighbour Venus 'Vee' Desmond and he senses things are about to change. 

J. Nell                    "Bows and Arrows"

Carys is taken aback when summoned before the council for a special meeting. He is presented with a rare assignment - a mission that, if successful, would alter his life forever.

Latrell R. Morris    "The Gentleman in Red"

Middle school teacher Trina Jackson lives an ordinary life. She comes home, grades papers, watches TV, and repeats it the next day. One evening, she spots a shiny, red sport’s car parked in her former neighbor’s reserved spot. She’s fascinated with the beauty. Unknowingly to Trina, someone’s fascinated with her.

K. McCoy              "The Continental Honeymoon"

Tasha Daye-Grant couldn’t be happier to be Jerome’s wife. Until she finds herself unable to voice her unique request to her husband while on their trip overseas.

Feb 05, 202323:40
Before I Let You Go
Nov 13, 202216:34
Bringing all the Smoke!
Nov 06, 202246:04
In Due Time
Oct 16, 202229:01
When Characters are in Retrograde
Sep 18, 202233:16
Gotta Put Me On!

Gotta Put Me On!

Sweet listeners, please welcome Amaya Black and Imani Jay to The Stories Station Podcast!

These two romance authors stopped by to chat about their sizzling and spicy stories from Season 5 of The Lunchtime Chronicles, and it was a MOOD, lol 

Listen to this 30 minute episode as we discuss their author journeys, why they write what they like, and what it's been like being a part of not one, but TWO incredible collaborations with other indie authors this year.


Want to know more about Amaya Black?

Amaya Black is a USA Today Bestselling author currently living in the Carolinas. She is a fiance and mommy to a bouncy boy and gentle pitbull. She's been writing since she was in fourth grade and went on to major in Creative Writing at a great southern and all women's institute.

Her motto of the moment is: "Be so good they can't ignore you."

Interested in learning more about Imani Jay?

If you like bite-sized, steamy romances with hunky alphas and their sassy curvy girls, you’ve found the right gal for your needs!

Sep 18, 202234:24
The Sweet Taste of Success
Sep 04, 202252:14
Give You Your Flowers
Aug 21, 202233:32
Sweet Quickies!
Jul 24, 202238:15
What's Right For Me
Jul 10, 202237:27
Finding the Depths of my Soul.
Jun 19, 202218:47
Meant to be Loved

Meant to be Loved

Join us this week as one of our returning featured authors, K. Lashaun, talks about her latest Black Contemporary Romance, To Be Loved

We also dived into the topics of having a good self editing process and exactly how intimate it is to be 'seen' by someone you love. 

For more information about this week's featured author, continue reading below!

K. Lashaun is an adult contemporary author born and raised in the great state of Alabama. Her start in writing followed the typical blueprint for most authors - consuming an insane amount of books at an early age before turning that love of reading into a knack for story telling. She enjoys crafting imperfect, unapologetically black love stories. Thank you! 

Make sure to follow K. Lashaun at the link below:

Jun 12, 202237:24
She Ain't Done Y'all!
Jun 05, 202239:06
Brave and Untamed!

Brave and Untamed!

Join us here at The Stories Station, as we chat it up with Jan Jan Untamed!

In this episode we talk about writing what you want as an author, why they also write under a pseudonym, and which readers should take heed to the warmings given about their stories.

After enjoying this episode, please go and follow Jan Jan Untamed over on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok! 

May 22, 202227:48
That Dark Ish!

That Dark Ish!

Join us this week as our featured author, Niccoyan Zheng, talks about her debut novel, Consumed! 

For more info on this breakout author, make sure to follow her on Amazon and Facebook today!

Apr 24, 202229:27
Easier Said Than Done.

Easier Said Than Done.

Join us this week as our featured author, Darie McCoy, talks about her latest AMBW Romance, Sano's Queen.

We also dived into the topics of knowing your brand and exactly who it is that we write for as an author.

For more information about this week's featured author, continue reading below!

Darie McCoy has had a life long love affair with books that has led her to try her hand a penning some of the stories that have been floating in her head for years. Since the flood gates are open, new characters are inviting themselves to the party. Darie loves to learn, so when characters show up and send her to the search bar, who knows where the next story will take her.

Be sure to follow her on Amazon and Facebook today!

Mar 20, 202234:38
Baby Give Me One More Chance!
Mar 13, 202240:59
A1 Wholesome Content!
Mar 06, 202222:25
Making 'Ruthless' Moves
Feb 13, 202249:59


We had the pleasure of sitting down with breakout indie author, J. Nell!

Join us as she gives us all the intel on The Gideon Brothers, her first ever series!

From the concept, to the crazy scenes that her characters talked her into writing, J. Nell shares what it has been like getting these stories out into the world for their avid readers.

J. Nell was born and raised in the city of Rochester, in the fast-paced state of New York. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family you can almost always find her working one or both of her full-time jobs.

J. Nell has a Bachelor’s Degree in African American Studies and English Literature from SUNY Brockport University and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in African American Studies also from SUNY Brockport University. She is an Outreach Specialist and an Eligibility Analyst in Government Services.

J. Nell spends most of her free time reading, cooking, traveling the world, listening to music, and singing. An admitted sports fanatic, she feeds her addiction to football by watching the Denver Broncos games on Sunday afternoons.

Be sure to follow Author J. Nell over on Amazon, Facebook, and Goodreads today!

Feb 06, 202251:37
By Any Other Name...
Jan 30, 202226:08
Sweet Whiskey!

Sweet Whiskey!

Our featured author this week is the lovely L. Loren!

Listen in as we discuss her latest story, Tennessee's Whiskey, as well as what to do when a book cover goes wrong.

And hear from the self proclaim 'LoveRotica' author on why she gave her story a 3.5 smooch rating!

Bestselling author, L. Loren holds a Business Management Degree from the University of Mount Olive. 

As a former call center supervisor, her desire to write lay dormant for years, until she found the courage to live her dream. 

She is currently based in Charlotte, NC with her loving and supportive husband.

Find out more about L. Loren by visiting her website!

Jan 23, 202222:41
Real Black Girl Magic!
Jan 16, 202226:26
Going ALL IN!
Jan 09, 202232:54
She Ain't Done!
Jan 02, 202221:25
Kindness and Fresh Snow

Kindness and Fresh Snow

Hello sweet listeners!

For the final 'Heart of the Season' Anthology takeover, join us as we chat with Katrina Rosemond, the indie author behind Kindness and Fresh Snow, the extremely unexpected yet resonating holiday short story from the anthology.

Afterwards, be sure to follow her over on Instagram at kat_rosemond_writes to keep up with their upcoming works!

Dec 26, 202119:34
Miracle Dawn

Miracle Dawn

Hello Sweet Listeners!

Join us as Romance author, Myria Wild and I talk all things when it comes to their short story for The Heart of the Season Anthology, Miracle Dawn.

We also turned a question into TV adaptions for several other stories in the anthology, which was super fun!

And remember to check out more from Myria Wild on Facebook and Instagram.

Dec 19, 202112:25
Melt Into Me

Melt Into Me

Join us as Allison K. Garcia and I chat about our Christmas anthology, 'The Heart of the Season'!

We also talk about a few other authors from the anthology, the importance of 'Chosen' family, working on future holiday stories with other authors and just how many short stories could easily be adapted for TV from this anthology.

Don't forget to check out more of Allison K. Garcia's work on her social media!

Dec 12, 202120:46
A Cajun Country Christmas

A Cajun Country Christmas

Join us for this special holiday episode, featuring the talented indie author, Karen Lopez!

During this podcast, we talked about her amazing short story A Cajun Country Christmas, as well as why she considers herself to be an 'Inspirational' writer above all else, and what Christmas was like growing up in the South.

Be sure to follow this incredible author on all social medias after the episode! 

Dec 05, 202117:30
The Heart of the Season - All Month Long!

The Heart of the Season - All Month Long!

A message from your wonderful host, K. McCoy, about this month's featured authors!

Dec 01, 202100:34
Love Ain't Enough!
Nov 28, 202128:03
Episode 25 Teaser!

Episode 25 Teaser!

See what's up next during our interview with Mo Flames!

Nov 25, 202102:51
Alpha Males and Billionaires!

Alpha Males and Billionaires!

This week's featured guest, the lovely and multi genre writing Tamika Brown, joined us to tease a bit about their story for the Savage Bloodlines Box Set!

Also, we talked about her first IR story, Sips of Irish Cream, what putting your thousands of words into two paragraphs can be like, and how working with your family can actually be a good thing.

For more about Tamika Brown, check her out at the link down below!

Nov 21, 202124:35
Episode 24 Teaser!

Episode 24 Teaser!

See what's up next during our interview with Tamika Brown!

Nov 17, 202101:51
A Dangerous Dare
Nov 07, 202114:12
Episode 23 Teaser!

Episode 23 Teaser!

See what's up next during our interview with Michelle Hardin!

Nov 03, 202101:22
Unfiltered and Unscripted

Unfiltered and Unscripted

Happy Halloween sweet listeners!

This week's featured author is the wild card and 'rookie' to the Romance Author's club - Shirra Lynn!

Shirrá Lynn is a native of Washington, DC. A writer of Interracial Romance, she is also a hobbyist poet and floral designer. When she isn’t writing or snipping roses, she loves spending time with her family, especially her nieces and nephew. In college, during a critique session in a creative writing class, her professor described her writing style as ‘too colloquial’. Shirrá took this appraisal and used it as a catalyst to produce stories that are engaging, real and speak to the heart.

‘Love and War’ is her debut romance novel.

To get your copy of 'Love and War', click on the link below!

Oct 31, 202101:07:48
Episode 22 Teaser!

Episode 22 Teaser!

See what's up next during our interview with Shirra Lynn!

Oct 27, 202102:43
Lashaun's Truth

Lashaun's Truth

This week's featured author is the super imaginative  K Lashaun!

For the next thirty minutes, listen in as we talk about how characters take up residency in our heads rent free, K. Lashaun's editing process, and found out what smooch rating she delivers for Love's Truth and In This Moment.

Want to know more about this week's guest? 

Keep reading!

K. Lashaun is an adult contemporary author born and raised in the great state of Alabama. Her start in writing followed the typical blueprint for most authors - consuming an insane amount of books at an early age before turning that love of reading into a knack for story telling. She enjoys crafting imperfect, unapologetically black love stories.

Thank you!

Now be sure to follow K. Lashaun at the link below:

Oct 24, 202129:11