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The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour

By The Three Tomatoes

Welcome to The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcasts. Yes, we do love happy hour, and the clinking of glasses in cheers to all of you fabulous women (and men) who are fully living your lives at every age and every stage. And here’s the best news – every hour is happy hour. So whether you clink cheers with your coffee mug, or your afternoon cappuccino, remember as the song says, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.” Join us for some grownup fun, interesting, and stimulating conversations that will motivate, inspire, or just make you laugh. Cheers!
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Lust, Friendship, and Second Chances

The Three Tomatoes Happy HourJun 10, 2020

Face Fitness Exercises that Reverse the Signs of Aging
Aug 16, 202345:19
A Simple Four-step Process to Happiness

A Simple Four-step Process to Happiness

Are you feeling anxious & stressed? Do you have sleepless nights, are you finding less joy in your everyday life? Well you are not alone. Our podcast guest, Dr. Greg Hammer, a professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine and a pediatric intensive care physician, shares a proven path toward personal resilience can be implemented by anyone, anywhere, in just a few minutes a day. GAIN Without Pain, (the title of his bestselling book) is a four-step process toward happiness. GAIN is an acronym for Gratitude, Acceptance, Intention, and Nonjudgment. The biggest takeaway? “Happiness is in the present moment.”

Apr 05, 202330:25
Self-Care Strategies for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Grief
Jan 25, 202329:33
Why Anti-Wrinkle Creams and Products are Fairy Tales
Dec 14, 202243:22
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward: “The Last Movie Stars”

Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward: “The Last Movie Stars”

We had a great conversation with producer Emily Wachtel who created and produced “The Last Movie Stars,” a beautiful and moving 6-part docuseries that takes us behind the curtain of these two iconic stars, Paul Newman, and Joanne Woodward. We learn so much about who they were as people, and it pays tribute to their legacies as actors, activists, philanthropists, parents, and friends. Emily shares how the series came about, landing Ethan Hawke as the director and wonderful insider stories on the making of this 6-part series. Emily is also a lifelong friend of the Newman/Woodward family and shares many wonderful personal anecdotes. Enjoy the podcast and watch the series, now streaming on HBO Max. 

Dec 07, 202237:25
Valerie Smaldone Talks About Directing Her First Feature Film
Nov 09, 202238:14
Enhance Your Bone Health and Balance in 15 Minutes, Once a Week
Nov 02, 202251:30
Age isn't what it used to be!
Oct 26, 202227:52
Make Your Dreams a Reality
Sep 28, 202231:34
Say Your Age...Loud and Proud
Jun 22, 202238:36
Managing Your Money in Uncertain Times
May 04, 202233:22
Meet Amy Gibson: The Voice of Hair Loss

Meet Amy Gibson: The Voice of Hair Loss

After the slap heard 'round the world made headlines, the autoimmune disease Alopecia has been in the news. Jada Pinkett Smith has brought awareness to this condition and Amy Gibson has been dealing with this for most of her life. A former actress, she discovered she had alopecia at age 13 while on a soap opera. Years wearing wigs, and being ashamed, led her to eventually create her business and her discreet wig business in Beverly Hills.

Amy provides safe and comfortable solutions for women dealing with the effects of medical hair loss as well as those who want to feel more confident and increase their self-esteem. She is also the author of Sex, Wigs and Whispers - love and life with hair loss. Learn more here:

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Apr 27, 202235:53
Travel is Back! Here’s What You Need to Know
Apr 13, 202230:18
Is Happily Ever-After Possible?
Feb 23, 202233:19
Finding Balance and Peace through the Practice of Tao
Feb 09, 202229:12
Meet One of the 12 Most Powerful Women of the Mindful Movement
Feb 02, 202231:43
Managing the Aging Process with Exercise
Jan 13, 202227:31
Wine, Life, and Love
Dec 08, 202138:48
“Mom…You Just Need to Get Laid”
Nov 17, 202139:57
Celebrating Veterans Day Remembering Bob Hope
Nov 09, 202129:39
Connecting with Others Through Empathy
Nov 03, 202133:27
Improve Your Vision Naturally
Oct 13, 202135:14
Become the Happiest Person You Know
Sep 01, 202133:18
“Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old”
Aug 25, 202128:28
From Flight Attendant to Global Business Mogul
Aug 18, 202139:59
Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?
Aug 11, 202128:41
Chakras and Food: A Revolutionary Approach to Eating
Jul 21, 202131:02
The Power of Dreams
Jul 14, 202136:33
A Fascinating Conversation about Replacement Children
Jun 16, 202131:10
Why Dress? A Conversation with Designer Gabrielle Carlson
May 26, 202135:38
The Joy of Living: A Conversation with Barry Shore
May 19, 202131:48
Celebrating National Poetry Month
Apr 28, 202154:26
Memo to Brands: You Just Don’t Get Women Over 40

Memo to Brands: You Just Don’t Get Women Over 40

When it comes to marketing to women over 40, brands either don’t see us, or don’t see us as we see ourselves. Why are so many advertisers missing the mark? Erica Fite, a Co-Founder of Fancy, a woman owned NYC ad agency that helps brands understand how to market to women with a special expertise in women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond, shares her insights. They recently surveyed 500 women over 40 who had a lot to say on this topic.

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Apr 22, 202127:43
Find Your “Soul” Purpose
Apr 14, 202129:22
An Interview with West Side Story Academy Award Winner George Chakiris
Apr 07, 202145:37
Travelling Again, Long Haul Covid, and Much More
Mar 31, 202123:45
Embrace Your Crazy!

Embrace Your Crazy!

The Three Tomatoes hosted a fun and inspiring event in honor of Women’s History Month in honor of all the “crazy” women ground breakers.  Joining us were the women behind “Know Your Crazy,” a little artbook with a big message that you’re not alone in your crazy. You’ll meet multimedia artist Vivienne Boucherat who created her “little mad women,” and co-creators of the book Cindy da Silva and Rene Harbison. Special guests include: Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, and Maya Maya Azucena singer, song writer and activist for women’s empowerment. Learn more at

You can watch the video of the event here.

Mar 25, 202101:05:11
Missing Broadway? Now You Can Listen to Broadway
Mar 17, 202124:22
A Celebration of our 100th Podcast
Mar 10, 202131:11
Meet Zibby Owens NYC’s Most Powerful Book Influencer
Mar 03, 202126:31
Anyone out there suffering from stress or anxiety?
Feb 17, 202128:53
Meet the Holistic Pet Vet
Feb 03, 202133:09
The Secrets of Happy People
Jan 27, 202137:29
We’re Not Done Yet
Jan 20, 202131:48
Conversational Intelligence®: What it is and why it matters
Jan 13, 202145:04
Manifest What You Want
Jan 06, 202134:03
Love, Life, and Real Estate
Dec 16, 202032:07
What You Need to Know About Your Lungs from a Top Doc
Dec 09, 202032:37
The Other Pandemic: Mental Health and Addictions
Dec 02, 202030:51
Thanksgiving Reflections from The Three Tomatoes Team
Nov 25, 202039:57