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The Uncommon Career Podcast

The Uncommon Career Podcast

By Patricia O.

Find God’s calling and land the most fulfilling role of your life. Listen for a confidence boost and heart to heart about what's holding you back from getting past the paper cut, doing well on the interview, and negotiating your best job offer. Hear from Christians living out their calling, and find out how they made it. Stick with me and Learn to take a career leap of faith, with or without a big network, fancy title, or ton of experience.
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#1 Your most important asset: How mindset can (and will) determine your life story

The Uncommon Career PodcastAug 21, 2022

#12 Bridget Lynch: How God moves us from "helping the one" to "helping the many"
Nov 15, 202238:31
#10 The kryptonite to your calling

#10 The kryptonite to your calling

Did you know your past experience impacts your response to future opportunities? While "trauma" may sound like a far fetched idea, or maybe someone else's problem, you may be surprised to know that impactful negative experiences and yes, trauma, affect much if not most of society (that includes me, and that might also include you). Today, I'll cover key insights from Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk's best-selling book, The Body Keeps the Score. Learn how "the greatest source of our suffering are the lies we tell ourselves" (quote from Dr. Van Der Kolk's book), how these life challenges affect us well into our adulthood, how they can keep you from your calling and purpose, and of course, small actionable steps you can take to overcome the impact and move in freedom & into your calling.  

Nov 01, 202242:00
#9 Prepare for a career/vocational transition like a pro
Oct 23, 202230:45
#8 Chris Grainger - Engineer with a God-given purpose starts men's ministry
Oct 15, 202245:50
#7 You can't out-give Him: How God responds to your generosity
Oct 02, 202218:15
#6 Three ways to answer "Tell me about yourself"

#6 Three ways to answer "Tell me about yourself"

There is an underutilized opportunity in the response to your the "Tell me about yourself" question. Learn to use your response to this first interview question to set the tone for the rest of the interview, connect with your hiring committee, and lead the conversation towards your strategic position as a top candidate. In this podcast we cover two myths we believe about the "tell me about yourself" response, three strategies to help you stand out from other candidates, and the one way you should always end your response. I'll also share a little encouragement on getting rid of interview jitters by refocusing your attention away from yourself and onto serving your hiring committee.  

Sep 25, 202215:37
#5 Stephen Jarvis Morris: Former Army Ranger turned Corporate Coach talks leadership
Sep 18, 202256:57
#4 The power of walking in your calling and the 5 steps that help you get there

#4 The power of walking in your calling and the 5 steps that help you get there

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[1:00] My story [6:27] Old and New testament examples  [8:10] What might it look like today, based in scripture [11:40] 5 Steps to Clarify Your Calling

Welcome to the uncommon career podcast, helping you to find God’s calling for your career, and land a fulfilling well paid, and impactful position. Join me each week for practical guidance, career motivation, and Biblical insight based on Christian values.

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Sep 12, 202220:06
#3 Is the work you do meaningful? How to make world-wide impact Monday-Friday
Sep 04, 202221:50
#2 Swap these three time-wasting tasks to fix and accelerate your career search
Aug 28, 202215:04
#1 Your most important asset: How mindset can (and will) determine your life story

#1 Your most important asset: How mindset can (and will) determine your life story

If you find yourself striving, putting way too much pressure on yourself, or just don't feel like you are "good enough" to get that coveted position... buckle up, listen in, and learn from my mistakes! This is a story about how my negative mindset ruined my chances at a prestigious position, and held me hostage in survival mode - all until I made a decision to change my mindset and invest in the skills that would help me take charge of my career and ultimately, my life. 

Aug 21, 202213:32
Aug 19, 202202:35