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This Babe Is Not Retrograde

This Babe Is Not Retrograde

By Olga Verk

This Babe Is Not Retrograde brings mindset and astrology down to Earth. Through casual conversations we’ll explore big topics like self-discovery, resistance, purpose and everything in between. Brought to you by mindset coach Aman Kaur and astrologer Olga Verk to inspire and help you be you.
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Unpopular Opinions about Work and Career

This Babe Is Not RetrogradeJun 05, 2021

Unpopular Opinions about Work and Career
Jun 05, 202143:23
Self-Love: How to Actually Accept Your Flaws?
Feb 28, 202145:18
Is Manifesting Real? All You Need to Know About Taking Action
Jan 11, 202132:59
Deep Thoughts on Holiday Shopping and Knowing What You Want
Dec 13, 202057:14
How Not to Get Anxious When You Don't Know What's Next
Nov 16, 202027:28
On Perfectionism, Indecisiveness & Creativity
Sep 09, 202039:24
How-To's of Therapy, Attachment and Why Values Are Always the Answer
Aug 16, 202043:33
Dissecting Identity & How Astrology Can Help You Find Your Shadow
Aug 07, 202037:08
Going Inward - on Therapy, Meditation & Self-Acceptance
Jul 31, 202033:11
Building Adequate Self-Esteem
May 30, 202035:32
Adapting Better to Life Changes
May 22, 202034:46
What Does 'Retrograde' Mean? May 2020 Retrogrades - Venus, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto
May 06, 202029:32
Meditation Do's & How-To's
Apr 27, 202032:05
Dissecting Purpose and Where to Find It in Your Natal Chart
Apr 12, 202045:33
How to Listen to Your Intuition
Apr 06, 202046:34
Relationships During Quarantine and Beyond

Relationships During Quarantine and Beyond

Hey friends! On this episode we're exchanging observations on how the current world events are affecting personal relationships. As a fun distraction, we also threw some astrology knowledge at you when it comes to compatibility. 

Apr 01, 202032:51
How to Start a Life-Changing Morning Routine

How to Start a Life-Changing Morning Routine

Spoiler alert - you don't have to wake up at 5 a.m!

On this episode, we wanted to chat about morning routines and what steps you can take to transform your mindset and feel better every day. Aman, aka the Morning Babe, shared a few simple things from her practice and how to set yourself up for success.

We also thought this episode would be super helpful considering the current situation in the world. If you're lucky to be working from home right now - consider taking a few extra steps in your morning routine to help yourself stay sane and happy, because the world really needs all the positive energy it can get right now!

Mar 23, 202031:12
Dealing with Disasters

Dealing with Disasters

Hi, friends. These days, it feels like there's no way to get away from terrible news and the world is coming to an end. In this episode, we wanted to share how we're getting through the difficult times during the Coronavirus pandemic, what astrology has to say about it and how to deal with anxiety surrounding everything.

Where to find Aman:


Instagram: @amankaurco / @themorningbabe

Twitter: @themorningbabe

Where to find Olga:


Instagram: @olgaverk

Twitter: @notretrograde

Mar 15, 202022:52
Astrology 101
Feb 29, 202046:20
How to Fight Resistance to Good Things
Feb 08, 202050:19
Building a Positive Money Mindset
Feb 02, 202041:59
Intro to This Babe Is Not Retrograde
Feb 02, 202015:12