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This is Tas Police

This is Tas Police

By TasPolice

On This is Tas Police we speak to a wide range of Tasmanian police officers who share their stories and experiences on the job. You will find out their reasons for joining the police services and what motivates them every day. You'll also get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the officers who work for Tasmania Police.
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Episode 14: Policing in the country

This is Tas PoliceMar 01, 2023

Episode 23: You Can't Ask That

Episode 23: You Can't Ask That

This episode of This is Tas Police is the last of series one, and we've taken a different approach. We ask some of the questions you've been curious about, but never felt brave enough to ask.

You'll hear first-hand from officers on the job about the qualities we are looking for in potential recruits, including fitness and age requirements, as well as education requirements and driving abilities.

Aug 22, 202317:53
Episode 22: Sniffing out a career as a dog handler

Episode 22: Sniffing out a career as a dog handler

Wouldn't you like to take your pet to work? Some of our officers get to do that every day, but those pets are really more like colleagues. On this episode Senior Constable Josh Tringrove is here to tell us about what it’s like to train, work and live with a police dog.

Jun 20, 202311:59
Episode 21: Working in forensics

Episode 21: Working in forensics

Today’s guest will be talking to us about what it is like working for forensics services.

Constable Tania Curtis is a skilled forensic practitioner, inspirational leader and mentor who has been recognised across the country for her expertise in forensics. She has worked on some interesting cases in her time and will no doubt have some stories to tell.

Jun 07, 202316:30
Episode 20: Working in Search and Rescue

Episode 20: Working in Search and Rescue

We’ve got a lot of talented officers at Tas Police, and they all dedicate their skills and expertise to helping others and keeping people safe every day.

Today’s guests take that to the next level, often delving into the remote Tasmanian wilderness – some of Australia’s most rugged and unforgiving terrain - to track down and rescue people who have found themselves in life threatening situations.

We have search and rescue crews across the state, ready to jump into action when people are missing, when bushwalks take a dangerous turn or when something goes wrong on the water.

Kristy Eyles and Callum Herbert are both experienced officers who have more than a few stories up their sleeves.

Today we’ll find out about some of their most memorable rescues, why they love the job and how their careers at Tas Police have progressed to get them where they are today.

May 24, 202323:01
Episode 19: Behind the scenes of a murder investigation

Episode 19: Behind the scenes of a murder investigation

Detective Sergeant Leah Adams is an experienced investigator at Tas Police. In this episode, Leah is going to take us along with her as she's called in to investigate a suspicious death. We’ll get to follow the case as it unfolds, and we'll go behind the scenes to find out what it’s really like to work as a detective on a murder case.

May 03, 202313:16
Episode 18: On the fast track

Episode 18: On the fast track

If you love your job as a police officer but can hear the Tasmanian lifestyle calling, this episode of the podcast is for you as we are going to be talking to Senior Constable William Broadbridge who made the move from NSW Police.

We often talk about how people can become police officers once they finish school, or if they want to change careers, but some people might be surprised to know we also have a recruit course available for existing police officers in other jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand.

We call it our accelerated training, or fast track program.

It runs for 12 weeks and includes modules on Tasmanian legislation and Tasmania Police policy and procedures, as well as physical training and instruction on firearms and operational safety tactics.

We’ll find out what the application process and training course for fast track recruits is like, as well as hear about what policing is like on the north east coast of Tasmania.

Apr 18, 202312:27
Episode 17: I used to be a dolphin trainer
Apr 04, 202309:42
Episode 16: Partnering with the University of Tasmania
Mar 21, 202315:31
Episode 15: Celebrating Women in Policing on International Women's Day
Mar 07, 202332:41
Episode 14: Policing in the country
Mar 01, 202311:37
Episode 13: Being a detective

Episode 13: Being a detective

In this episode, we’re once again looking at the work that goes into a long-term missing person’s case.

We will be chatting with Detective Inspector Troy Morrisby about missing person Ian Nichols, who was last seen at Tasmania’s Lake Sorell in 1989.

We’ll hear from Troy about the challenges that come with historical cases like this, and we’ll get an update on where things are at.

Feb 08, 202317:50
Episode 12: Family life

Episode 12: Family life

Today we’re changing things up a little. For the first time in this series, I won’t be speaking with a police officer… instead we’re going to hear from Caroline, whose husband Ben works as a constable in Hobart.

We’ll be talking about what it’s like to be the family of a police officer, and how the job fits in and around normal life.

We’ll also discuss how close friends and family can support someone as they go through the recruit training process, and we’ll find out how it feels to see a loved one in blue for the very first time.

Jan 25, 202313:41
Episode 11: Law and Water

Episode 11: Law and Water

In this episode, we talk to Senior Constable Matthew Smith and Constable Fiona Russell about marine policing to find out what it's like to work on the water at Tasmania Police. 

Matt currently works in Marine and Rescue Services, and Fiona worked with the team between 2005 and 2012 prior to moving to King Island, where she spent eight years as part of the marine team for the island. 

Both Matt and Fi have spent a lot of time travelling around Tasmania on the 34 Marine vessels that make up the Tas Police fleet, like the Vigilant, the Dauntless and the Van Diemen.

Dec 14, 202212:20
Episode 10: Getting the balance right as a police officer

Episode 10: Getting the balance right as a police officer

On this episode of This is Tas Police, we talk to Senior Constable Harriet Green from Kingston Uniform Branch in southern Tasmania.

Harriet has worked in Launceston, Glenorchy and Hobart police stations and is now based at Kingston station where she works as a uniform officer on the watch.

We talk about what it is like working in a smaller community after her experiences in the busy city stations as well as getting the balance right between family life and policing.

Dec 07, 202211:51
Episode 9 (Part 2): Tas Police Live Stream playback
Dec 01, 202214:07
Episode 9 (Part 1): Tas Police Live Stream playback
Dec 01, 202231:23
Episode 8: Day in the Life of a Constable
Nov 22, 202212:44
Episode 7: Investigating a missing person's case

Episode 7: Investigating a missing person's case

In this episode we are going to go down the true crime path and talk to Sergeant Felicity Boyd about her investigation into a long-term missing person’s case. 

Listen to find out what investigating a case like this entails and get a sneak peek into the role of an investigator with Tas Police.


If this episode brings up any issues for you, there are a number of services you can use, including: 

  • 1800Respect on 1800 737732
  • Safe at Home Family Violence Response and Referral line: 1800 633 937
  • Lifeline on 131114 
  • beyondblue on 1300 224 636. 

And of course, if you're experiencing an emergency situation, always call 000.

Nov 15, 202215:37
Episode 6: Week in the life of a Tas Police Fast Track Recruit
Nov 08, 202209:51
Episode 5: The Police Academy
Nov 02, 202211:43
Episode 4: So, you want to be a cop

Episode 4: So, you want to be a cop

In this episode I talk to Sergeant Simon Clayton and Senior Constable Ruth Purcell from Recruiting Services, Tasmania Police.

Ruth and Simon are part of the team that gets out and about across the state, talking to interested people, young and old, about joining Tasmania Police.

As police officers themselves, they know exactly what values and skills are needed in the job, and they can tell pretty quickly whether or not someone has what it takes.

They talk about what the recruiting team is looking for when someone applies to join. They also share some tips to help you make sure you’re as ready as possible when you apply.

Oct 25, 202216:16
Episode 3: Police in Training
Oct 19, 202213:16
Episode 2: Passing the Baton
Oct 11, 202210:50
Episode 1: This is Tas Police
Oct 10, 202202:27