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This Week In Coworking

This Week In Coworking

By Hector Kolonas

Quick recaps and deep-dives from the popular email newsletters
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Recap: Week 25, 2023 - popular products, data from America and France, and moves in APAC & Africa

This Week In CoworkingJun 22, 2023

Recap: Week 25, 2023 - popular products, data from America and France, and moves in APAC & Africa

Recap: Week 25, 2023 - popular products, data from America and France, and moves in APAC & Africa

Welcome to the audio recap of this week's newsletter

In this episode we dive into what flex space products are most popular, some numbers North America & France, and take a quick overview of market moves in Australia, Singapore and Kenya.

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Jun 22, 202309:33
Recap: Week 24, 2023

Recap: Week 24, 2023

Welcome to This Week In Coworking, I’m Hector Kolonas and this is your audio recap of some important news views and market moves that you may have missed this week in coworking. In week 24 of 2023 I shared 21 summaries you may have missed in the newsletter.

In today’s audio summary I’ll be diving into just a few of them, namely dynamic pricing for coworking space, more data from the hottest flex market in the world, how one Canadian operator is giving their clients access to other operators' spaces and an Amex perk on coworking - and what it could mean for the industry.

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Jun 16, 202316:03
Recap: Week 23, 2023

Recap: Week 23, 2023

This week I explore a 95x bump in ad spend, coworking on How I Built This, a tax incentive program, Yardi acquiring CloudVO, and more residential-building coworking.

Topics covered this week in the audio recap:

  1. Chains are spending up to 95x more on Google Ads Read More
  2. Tina Roth-Eisenberg chats with Guy Raz about coworking, creativity and community on the How I Built This podcast. Listen to this.
  3. Introducing commercial revitalization tax incentive program in Manhattan Read More
  4.  Another booking platform changes hands Read More
  5. More coworking within residential buildings in Brooklyn Read More

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Jun 08, 202311:22
Recap: Week 22, 2023
Jun 01, 202311:21
Recap: Week 21, 2023
May 25, 202307:34
Recap: Week 20, 2023
May 19, 202311:23
Recap: Week 18, 2023

Recap: Week 18, 2023

This week we explore if flex is in flux, new opportunities for flex bookings, which CBDs have the most coworking spaces, a possible new pay-per-minute space, some European Coworking Day events and more

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~~~ Celebrations

🎂 coho turned 10!

~~~ News & Views

😖 Is flex in a state of flux?

🇩🇪 Spaces in north German join forces to promote coworking

~~~ Technology

👓 Trend: changing interfaces and flex space bookings

~~~ Data

🏙️ Business Districts with the Most Coworking Spaces

🤔 Some other things that World Economic Forum’s report tells us

~~~ Market Moves

⏲ Manchester gets hint of new pay-per-minute hub

🎓 Another uni + coworking partnership launches innovation lab

🚀 Further growth for in Columbus

💰 Coworking space for the 0.1% sets launch date

~~~ Discussions

Jamie Russo dives into some experiments around more work-club-y third spaces on the Everything Coworking podcast.

~~~ Events

👋 Continent-wide coworking member networking event

💓 Why coworking spaces are the beating heart of your local economy

🏙 GWA’s Immersive 2023: Changing models for changing times

🇨🇦 Save the date: Coworking Canada 2023

May 04, 202310:47
Recap: Week 17, 2023

Recap: Week 17, 2023

Welcome to the experimental audio recap of the news, views, market moves and tech updates you may have missed This Week In Coworking.

This week (and last) we saw a guide for opening new hubs, a $498k local gov. contract tender, a new time-saving tool for flex space tasks, more fractional office plays, 5 types of digital nomads, flex space capacity doubling in Ireland, and more.

Let's dive in 👇
~~~ Impact
🇬🇧 New impact-focused hub in Victoria, London by 
x+whyGrosvenor and Westminster Foundation
- via Rupert Dean
💊 The antidote to loneliness and poor mental health for founders and leaders
- via Iris Kavanagh & Women Who Cowork
~~~ News & Views
📅 Unpacking the critical steps when opening a new coworking hub
- via Claire CarpenterHappy Working Lab and The Melting Pot
🧐 The growth of “combo-coworking”
- via Steve King
📝 New paper defines 5 kinds of digital nomads
🇺🇸 A juicy short summary of GCUC North America
- via Michael Abrams & Charlotte Kirby
🤔 Is coworking the answer to what should be done with ground floor space?
- via Cal Lee
~~~ Technology
⏩ New tool speeds up flex space tasks, across other tools
- via Robert Kropp at Syncaroo
🕣 Booking platform Hubble adds part-time office offering
- via Tushar Agarwal
🔗 Booking platform Hotdesk nabs great .com domain
😖 hubli adds internal space booking engine
~~~ Data
🔟 One of the 10 shifts transforming orgs is how and where people work
- via McKinsey & Company
🔑 To offer lockers, or not to?
- via Pauline Roussel
🇮🇪 Flex space capacity in Ireland expected to double in 2023
- via WorkthereSavills IrelandRTE
~~~ Market Moves
☀️ Brighton gets a new Runway East hub
🏘️ Basildon borough council put out workspace operator tender
- via Jim Sims
🇬🇧 Cubo Work completes 7th local location and eyes international expansion
- via Marc Brough
🇨🇦 IWG plc eyes more growth in Ontario, Canada
- via Wayne Berger
🇺🇸 THRIVE | Coworking adds new location in Cumming, GA
- via Natalie Salvador
~~~ Discussions
DeShawn Brown and Cat Johnson talk about being a product of coworking, the intersection of community and tech, and how coworking space operators have a ridiculously challenging job that involves high emotional work and being able to task switch constantly on the Coworking Out Loud podcast.
Lindsay Hedenskog chats with Jose Antonio Morales about building a movement, and a space that encompasses everything a human needs to work at LAMB in Stockholm on the Visionaries podcast series.
Tim Slaughter shares the Caddo Office Reimagined story with Jamie Russo and Giovanni Palavicini on the Flex Uncensored podcast and how they grew to building 35k of neighborhood office space in 2023, and only offer 3 membership options.

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Apr 27, 202309:40