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This Wonderland Life with Alice Marie

This Wonderland Life with Alice Marie

By Alice Davis

Life is best when we live simply. Living this wonderland life is about getting back to basics in our life and our business. Taking care of our families and ourselves in a world that has lost sight of what’s really important in life.
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Relentlessly Fit with Beckie

This Wonderland Life with Alice MarieOct 22, 2021

Dating with Intent

Dating with Intent

We need to be proactive in seeking out the healthy relationships that will lead us to long-term commitments and marriage. There is no one-size-fits-all concept of dating, and it's important for us to come up with a strategy that works best for us. By practicing "dating with intent," we can make sure our courtships are done with purpose and respect - so when the time does come to make bigger commitment choices, we have considered all options carefully. Dating with intention helps define who we are as individuals and what sort of relationship dynamic fits into our lives best - without sacrificing our hard work, ambitions or expectations! Let me share some tips on how practice this type of conscious dating so you can create loving partnerships while still holding true to yourself.

Jan 27, 202314:21
7 Things I do everyday to keep my home ready for guests
Dec 02, 202218:31
Hosting tips for the Home CEO
Oct 24, 202223:28
Marathon cleaning… why do we do this to ourselves?

Marathon cleaning… why do we do this to ourselves?

Cleaning your house can be a real pain, especially if you do it all at once in a marathon session. But sometimes life gets in the way and we have to put off our cleaning routines. If that's the case, the most important thing is to get back into your routine as soon as possible. That way, you can avoid having to do a marathon clean again in the future.
Oct 24, 202207:13
Dealing with Inflation as a Home CEO
May 26, 202230:11
Homemaking While Working Full Time
May 20, 202222:11
Is homemaking a career?

Is homemaking a career?

May 12, 202223:43
Seasons of Homemaking
May 02, 202220:20
How we track our progress on the way to meet our goals
Mar 14, 202217:49
5 minutes that will change your life

5 minutes that will change your life

In this episode, I am going to share with you my biggest secret to keeping my home guest ready. 

Mar 07, 202209:25
Morning budgeting chat
Feb 28, 202214:29
Relationship Chat: How it started and where we are today.
Feb 15, 202245:19
Morning Chat
Feb 10, 202219:40
People who keep bringing up your past
Feb 08, 202214:57
Filling your cup in 10 minutes or less.
Jan 31, 202210:23
Do you have Imposter Syndrome?

Do you have Imposter Syndrome?

When we start something new or start showing up as the person we were truly meant to be, it can sometimes lead to imposter syndrome.

According to Psychology Today

People who struggle with imposter syndrome believe that they are undeserving of their achievements and the high esteem in which they are, in fact, generally held. They feel that they aren’t as competent or intelligent as others might think—and that soon enough, people will discover the truth about them. Those with imposter syndrome are often well accomplished; they may hold high office or have numerous academic degrees.

The truth is, we all deal with imposter syndrome at some point in our lives. The feeling that we are not good enough, we don't provide value, or we are just faking it til we make it. 

In reality, we all have something to contribute to others and can make a difference in their lives. Just by being who we were truly meant to be. 

When you start showing up in the world authentically, people start to notice. The people who have known you a long time, may think you are just pretending to be someone you are not, and that can lead to feeling like you are an imposter when you are just living your life.

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Dec 06, 202116:30
Getting things done
Nov 29, 202119:41
All about Herbs with Molly Racette
Nov 23, 202155:24
Relentlessly Fit with Beckie

Relentlessly Fit with Beckie

I am so happy to have one of my dear friends on the show today. We had a few technical difficulties, but still an amazing interview.

You can find Beckie online in so many places! 

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Find her podcast anywhere that podcasts are: Relentlessly Fit with Beckie

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Recommended Books: 

Body Love

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Glute Lab

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Oct 22, 202119:51
Homeschool Secrets with Tabitha
Oct 14, 202129:55
We all need to be kinder.

We all need to be kinder.

Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Week one of 75 hard is almost over, and I just wanna go over a few things that I found difficult and the things that I have learned in my first week of this challenge. And then we are going to talk about just being kinder to people. And the crazy society that we are living in right now we really need to focus on being kinder.
Sep 13, 202117:03
Reading Labels and Making Better Choices
Sep 06, 202104:52