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Behind The Fragrance from Thomas Clipper

Behind The Fragrance from Thomas Clipper

By Thomas Clipper

We’re Matt and Antonio, the founders of Thomas Clipper, an independent men’s cologne company based in London. This podcast is all about the development our newest fragrance - Atlantic.

If you love men's fragrances (or just want to know more about them...) and enjoy seeing how a small British business brings a new product to market, this weekly podcast is for you.
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Nick Carvell & Stu Weston - Slowing Down & Design

Behind The Fragrance from Thomas ClipperMar 16, 2022

Nick Carvell & Stu Weston - Slowing Down & Design
Mar 16, 202212:14
David Evans - Direction
Mar 14, 202209:40
Haydn + Suzy - The Scent

Haydn + Suzy - The Scent

Polaris is out for pre-order right now - get it here.

Does fragrance give you a direct route to greater calm and relaxation? Our guests today think so.

Respected fragrance journalists Haydn Williams and Suzy Nightingale have taken the time to break down the role scent plays for them in finding a sense of balance in life...

Mar 12, 202209:20
Andy Grey - Space
Mar 11, 202207:56
Carl Honoré - Slow

Carl Honoré - Slow

Our new fragrance, Polaris, is available for pre-order right now (shipping 17th March). This new men's fragrance is inspired by slowing down, finding calm, and rediscovering your direction.

So in our first episode of season 2 we hear from Carl Honore, a global ambassador of the 'slow' movement.

Discover how he thinks about calm, focus and direction in this episode.

Mar 10, 202208:24
Introducing Series 2 - Polaris Launching 17th March

Introducing Series 2 - Polaris Launching 17th March

When we developed our new men's fragrance - Polaris - we wanted something to bring relaxation and calm - albeit with a bit of a playful twist. With the current state of the world, we think it's all the more important to find your direction and balance.

So on the 10th of March we're dropping season 2 of Behind the Fragrance, with episodes coming out until the new scent launches on the 17th March 2022.

We'll be speaking to fragrance experts about what helps them unwind, our friend of the podcast Grey Fox about finding direction in later life and - excitingly -  the team sending Polaris into the atmosphere about what it means to be a space agency today.

Stay subscribed - Series 2 of Behind the Fragrance is coming...

Mar 07, 202202:12
The End Of The Beginning
Jun 10, 202122:39
Our Favourite Fragrance Facts

Our Favourite Fragrance Facts

Today as a break from the fulfilment of our first Atlantic orders we've been researching some of our favourite fragrance facts. How many perfumes are there in the world? Do we all smell the same (is a rose a rose...)? Is Prince still alive? All will be revealed...

May 27, 202113:36
Our Favourite Atlantic Travel Tips

Our Favourite Atlantic Travel Tips

This week we're shipping the very first pre-ordered bottles of Atlantic (exciting!). Atlantic goes on sale for general purchase on Monday next week.  Our new neroli aside, in the wider world things are beginning to open up so we thought we'd take this chance to explore three of our favourite trips on the Atlantic - from the UK, to the USA and back across the ocean to Spain. Enjoy!

May 20, 202110:57
So You Want To Launch On Kickstarter?

So You Want To Launch On Kickstarter?

If you've ever wondered what happens after a Kickstarter ends, or how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, this episode might be of interest.

We've just completed our fifth Kickstarter and tenth crowdfunding campaign. We wanted to share a bit of the magic that goes into making a crowdfunding campaign successful. Spoiler alert: making magic involves some fairly dry logistics... We also share some of the things to avoid in crowdfunding, just in case you're about to make a terrible mistake!

May 13, 202117:01
Thomas Clipper Book Club

Thomas Clipper Book Club

Today - Thursday the 6th of May - is the final day of our Kickstarter - we’re more than double our goal thanks to your amazing support. So obviously if you’ve not backed yet this is the time, You have until 9PM UK time - go go go, thank you!

Instead of talking about Atlantic or Kickstarter today, we’re going to take a step back and talk a bit about how important scent is in culture by exploring two of our favourite books on scent.

So pull up a glass, pour yourself a chair and welcome to the first - perhaps only! - edition of the Thomas Clipper book club...

May 06, 202108:33
Mid-Atlantic *Live!*

Mid-Atlantic *Live!*

With the Kickstarter campaign to launch Atlantic midway through (back the campaign here!), in this episode we decide to explore a terrifying / exciting experiment. So, dear listeners, this week's Behind The Fragrance was recorded live on Instagram TV in front of a live Instagram audience. No script (well there was one, but we went rogue...), no canned laughter... but there will be a few references to the comments that came up from those watching live!

In this episode we cover what's been going on at Thomas Clipper HQ since the beginning of the campaign - how we're getting on and how it compares to previous campaigns. Enjoy!

Apr 29, 202121:39
Kickstarter Live + 7 Experts Weigh In

Kickstarter Live + 7 Experts Weigh In

First things first! Just moments ago our Kickstarter launched - you can follow along, share and back the project at this link until the campaign ends in three short weeks on the 13th May. In the first few days we've got some amazing offers for you, so jump in!

To celebrate the launch we've invited 7 experts in men's style, scent and lifestyle to comment on their take on the way fragrance has changed during the pandemic, what they're feeling optimistic about in 2021, and what they think of the hand-filled vials of Atlantic that we had shipped to them last week.

Enjoy! And back the project here!

Apr 22, 202120:11
Are You Ready For Next Thursday?

Are You Ready For Next Thursday?

It's a big day, Thursday 22nd April 2021... we're launching Atlantic on Kickstarter! If you're new to Kickstarter, it's a brilliant way for customers to pre-order new art and products to help fund their production. In short: it helps small businesses like us to get things made! So from next Thursday at 9AM UK time, you'll be able to be one of the first people in the world to pre-order Atlantic. Exciting stuff indeed - with your help, it's coming to life...

In this week's episode we go into our three favourite Kickstarters of all time. From Amadeus to Atlantic, via the Statue of Liberty. One of these worth mentioning is the fantastic 'The Road Goes Both Ways' by Solomon's Hollow. Check it out on Spotify. It was created via Kickstarter some years ago and is our theme music. Have a listen, it's brilliant.

And be sure to visit next Thursday (22nd April, 2021) to be one of the first to get your hands on Atlantic...

Apr 15, 202108:12
Fragrantly Asked Questions

Fragrantly Asked Questions

How can you make your aftershave last longer? What's the difference between perfume and cologne? In this episode we separate fact from fiction and (hopefully) leave you feeling more confident than ever about choosing your next fragrance.

Apr 08, 202117:53
An Atlantic Island - w. This Northern Boy
Apr 01, 202122:06
Selecting The Perfect Scent - Unboxing

Selecting The Perfect Scent - Unboxing

We’re back with another episode of Behind The Fragrance, the podcast where we let you into the development of the newest aftershave in our range: Atlantic.

This week we’re opening up the first prototypes and selecting our favourites. By the end of this episode we’ll be down to our top two. We’ll begin with the unboxing...

Mar 25, 202117:16
Creating A New Men's Fragrance - Where To Begin?
Mar 18, 202108:04