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By Thomas Pisello

A podcast to help sales, content marketers and sales enablement leaders share their experiences and teach other the best path to personal and professional success.
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31: Guiding Principles to Launch and Scale your Value Selling Practice w/ Gregg Nichols (Citrix)

EvolversMar 18, 2020

166: Better Together: Aligning Sales and Marketing to Drive Revenue Growth w/ Jeff Davis (Author)
Mar 16, 202236:43
162: A Journey from Zero to Sixty: Evolving Sales Enablement Capability and Maturity w/ Bill Mathias (ACI Learning)
Mar 04, 202243:08
161: Better Enabling Sales Engineers for Success w/ John Care (MSN)
Feb 22, 202229:49
160: The Importance of Trust and Transparency in Driving Sales Success in 2022 and Beyond w/Todd Caponi (Author/Sales Performance Consultant)
Feb 15, 202244:09
159: The Secret Sauce for Scaling Your Value Enablement Programs and Practice w/Doug May (Databricks)
Feb 08, 202250:34
158: Customer Success Enablement to Assure Customer Value, Retention and Growth w/ Jess Lovell (SPINS)
Feb 03, 202235:53
157: Four Lessons Learned Developing and Launching a Value Enablement Program and Tools w/Rui Miranda and Fiona Leeson (Finastra)
Jan 26, 202237:53
156: A New Year a New You? Improving your Selling and Sales Enablement in 2022 w/ Donald Kelly (Sales Evangelist)
Jan 19, 202243:52
155: Getting All of Your Sellers to Better Articulate Your Differentiating Business Value w/ Lisa Schnare (Sales Development Consultant)
Jan 11, 202235:35
154: Implementing Revenue Intelligence to Deliver Better Sales Forecasting and More Predictable Revenue (w/ Todd Abbott Insight Squared)
Jan 05, 202234:12
153: Best of the Year 2021

153: Best of the Year 2021

Well, EVOLVERS, we made it to the end! Please take a few minutes to listen to this years Best Of moments with Tom and just a select few of our wonderful guests, such as Spencer Wixom of Challenger, Caroline Tien-Spalding of Aptology, and Jeff Collins of Coupa. 

Enjoy, and have a wonderful transition into 2022! 

#Salesenablement #digitalsales #evolveinto2022

Dec 28, 202123:23
152: Value Enablement: A Method for Creating and Scaling a Value Selling Program w/ Scott Jeffries (Slack)
Dec 16, 202132:36
151: Optimizing Training, Coaching and Onboarding for your Remote and Hybrid Sales Teams w/Jennifer Kling (VP of Marketing, SAP Litmos)
Dec 08, 202133:06
150: My Journey Building and Evolving a Business Value Program: w/Gino Colonico (PTC)
Dec 02, 202137:45
148: More Sales, Faster: Accelerating Deals Despite a More Complex Decision Environment: w/ Peter Strohkorb (CEO/Author)

148: More Sales, Faster: Accelerating Deals Despite a More Complex Decision Environment: w/ Peter Strohkorb (CEO/Author)

We all get those presumptive outreach emails or in-mails. Have any of these ever worked on you? So why is our reaction to get our own marketing and sales teams to do these at scale?

In this interview we discuss these challenges and so many more with Peter Strohkorb, author of the books “Smarketing - Sell Smarter, Not Harder” , and “The OneTEAM Method", founder and CEO of Peter Strohkorb Advisory, and sales exec and leader experience with Sony, Dell, DXC, Canon and 3M.

Peter discusses the outdated traditional sales funnel (which actually dates to the late 1800s) and how to best tune your marketing content, sales and commercial engagements to best accelerate your sales performance and customer lifetime value.

#salesenablement #contentenablement #salesoptimization

Nov 10, 202138:45
147: Value Enablement: The Business Value of Digital Transformation: w/ Shawn Tsetsilas (Digital Transformation lead- PTC)
Oct 27, 202122:38
146: Defining the Building Blocks of Sales Enablement: w/Mike Kunkle (VP Sales Effectiveness Services-SPARXiQ)
Oct 20, 202144:34
145: Myth Busters: The Need for a Bullet-Proof Business Case? w/ Jim Maholic (IT Value Consultant/Author)
Oct 14, 202143:35
144: The Value Selling Framework: Better Discovery and Articulation of Differentiating Business Value: w/ Chad Sanderson (Value Selling Associates)
Oct 06, 202138:13
143: Become a Trusted Sales Sherpa for Virtual Selling Success: w/David "D Fish" Fisher (Author, Speaker)
Sep 29, 202141:17
142: Medical Devices: Improving Remote Sales Enablement and Driving Engagement Excellence w/Jason Gwilliam (Sales Enablement Leader for Abbott's Structural Heart Division)
Sep 22, 202141:19
141: Value as a Service: Successful Value Enablement to Improve Customer Engagements and Accelerate Sales Growth w/ Jeff Collins (Coupa)
Sep 14, 202137:53
140: Same Side Selling – Evolving your sales approach from Price to Value: w/Ian Altman (Author)
Sep 09, 202142:07
139: Value Acceleration and Transformation throughout the Customer Lifecycle w/ Christopher Li (Xactly
Aug 30, 202129:42
138: The ROI Dude and the ROI Guy Talk About, What Else but ROI w/ Steven Kaplan (The ROI Dude)
Aug 23, 202137:29
137: Engagement Intelligence: Boosting IQ for Better Customer Engagements, Sales Optimization and Performance w/ Mary Shea (Outreach)

137: Engagement Intelligence: Boosting IQ for Better Customer Engagements, Sales Optimization and Performance w/ Mary Shea (Outreach)

Your sellers have more buyers than ever involved in every purchase decision, making it tougher than ever to effectively engage and get new, deals, renewals and expansions across the finish line in a timely manner.

According to my interview with Dr Mary Shea, this is where Engagement Intelligence comes into play, providing commercial team members with signals and guidance as to the right engagement channel, timing, message and content, while arming leaders with the deal and forecast insights to boost confidence and optimize actions.

#engagementintelligence #salesintelligence #revenueintelligence #salesenablement

Aug 16, 202128:57
136: Leading Value Enablement with a Six Sigma and Customer Success Approach w/ Rosalie Girard (Director of Business Value Engineering at Coveo)
Aug 11, 202124:56
135: Sales Transformation to Drive High Velocity Sales w/ Lori Richardson (LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer, Podcaster, Speaker)
Aug 03, 202136:55
134: Leveraging Insight Led Selling To Drive Better Sales and Success Performance: w/ Melody Astley and Dr. Stephen Timme (Finlistics)
Jul 29, 202134:56
133: Revenue Enablement: Combining Content, Workspaces, Value and Intelligence for Success w/Nancy Nardin (Smart Selling Tools)
Jul 21, 202133:42
132: Developing Answers that Generate Trust and Win More Deals: w/ Dr. Brian Glibkowski (Author)
Jul 19, 202134:13
131: What is Value Enablement and how can it Accelerate Your Journey to Value Excellence? w/ Dan Sixsmith (Podcast Host and Top-Sales Leader)
Jul 14, 202133:16
130: Recurring Revenue Requires a Business Development Culture- w/ Alex Moyle (Podcast Host, Author)
Jul 12, 202132:53
129: Partner Enablement: A Partner Chimes in on What Works Best w/ Murat Guvenc ( Managing Director for Accuras )
Jul 08, 202128:26
128: Supporting Hyper-growth and Driving Success with Sales and Value Enablement: w/ Mark Ebert (SVP of Sales-6Sense)
Jul 06, 202133:11
127: Closing Six Figure Deals in the Age of Digital Selling- w/ Jeff Goldstein (Author of "Winning the Six Figure Sale")
Jun 30, 202140:55
126: Sales Success: What Enablement can do to create Top Sellers - w/Scott Ingram (Author, Podcast Host)
Jun 28, 202137:49
125: What’s Hot and What’s Not: Sales Enablement Tech Trends and Adoption: w/Dan Cilley (Vendor Neutral)
Jun 16, 202132:14
124: Is there a Future for B2B Sales Reps? Absolutely! w/ Jonathan Farrington (Sandler Research/ Top Sales World)
Jun 14, 202128:58
123: Evolving from Cold Calling to Adding Value to Every Conversation: w/ Morgan J. Ingram (LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, Author, Podcaster)
Jun 10, 202133:41
122: Value Enablement: Building a Successful Value Management Program at Scale: w/ Vikas Mundada (Ping Identity)
Jun 07, 202141:47
121: Advice from the Sales Enablement Sherpa on Sales Transformation and Tech: w/ Bob Britton (Netsurion)
Jun 03, 202144:04
120: Leveraging ABM, Social Selling and Challenger for Sales Enablement Success: w Kristina Jaramillo (Personal ABM)
Jun 01, 202135:38
119: Sales 3.0: Leveraging a Growth Mindset and Technology to get to "Yes" w/ Gerhard Gschwandtner (

119: Sales 3.0: Leveraging a Growth Mindset and Technology to get to "Yes" w/ Gerhard Gschwandtner (

In order to transcend the "Death of the B2B Sales Rep" trend, you have to elevate your sales game with a better mindset, skillset and toolset.

To find out how, we interviewed Gerhard Gschwandtner, the founder of Selling Power magazine and websites, creator of the amazing Sales 3.0 conferences, founder of the Peak Performance Mindset workshops and the  author of 16 books on Selling, Sales Management and Sales Psychology, and 2 books on photography.

He outlines exactly how to evolve each of these survival elements to outperform regardless of what the next year throws at you.

#sellingpower #salestransformation #growthmindset #valueselling #salesenablement #customerengagement #CEx #salesleadership

May 27, 202131:54
118: Sales, Sales Enablement and Customer Success Challenges in 2021 and Beyond: w/Christina Brady (President - Sales Assembly)
May 26, 202127:19
117: Leveraging Evolved Value Storytelling and Sales Enablement to Drive Consumer Product Success w/ Thomas Meyers (Conagra)
May 18, 202142:21
116: Closing Time: Evolving your Sales Negotiation Skills Post Crisis: w/Ron Hubsher (CEO Sales Optimization Group)
May 13, 202133:28
115: Product Marketing: The Importance of Articulating Business Value, ROI and TCO w/ Lance Shaw (Commvault)
May 10, 202142:29
114: Evolving from Pre-Sales Engineer to Value Consultant w/ Jessica Bell (Egnyte)
May 06, 202133:40
113: ROI, TCO and Business Value Management: Best Practices for Success w/ Bill Liebler (Director of Value Management at NetSuite)
May 03, 202130:19