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Those Were The Days

Those Were The Days

By Those Were The Days

Stephen, Amy, Audie, and Travis revisit episodes of classic TV while trying to understand if the good ol' days were as good as we all remember. Each week they pick an episode of TV from the black and white era, up to more recent "classics" and chat about what they saw in it. Join them each week for a new show and join the conversation by emailing in your own thoughts!
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Hee Haw - Willie Nelson, Jim Stafford

Those Were The DaysFeb 07, 2023

Hee Haw - Willie Nelson, Jim Stafford
Feb 07, 202351:30
Viva Variety - S2E5
Jan 31, 202345:20
The French Chef - To Roast A Chicken
Jan 26, 202301:08:26
Justin Wilson's Easy Cookin' - Chili Rice Chicken a la Creole
Jan 17, 202351:25
Yan Can Cook - Recreate Chinese Restaurant Favorites at Home
Jan 12, 202345:59
Iron Chef - S7E11
Jan 04, 202344:43
The Twilight Zone - S2E11

The Twilight Zone - S2E11

You're entering... The Twilight Zone, with your friends from Those Were The Days! We took on an episode of Twilight Zone that certainly sticks with the vibe of the show, but may just surprise you in how it all plays out. We hope you dig this episode as much as we did!

Next week, we're starting back on our listener chosen themes like we did before the holidays. This next theme is: COOKING SHOWS! Can't wait to see what the crew picks this time.

First up is Travis! BUT he doesn't have his episode picked. Keep this podcast in your feed and we'll update you next week on what to watch.

Speaking of next week, we're all taking a Christmas break, so there won't be an episode. We'll be putting out a re-run for you and we hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for the wonderful year, everyone! Enjoy the holidays!

Dec 20, 202248:13
The Bob Newhart Show - S4E15
Dec 13, 202259:10
Perfect Strangers - S2E11
Dec 06, 202252:04
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Nov 30, 202249:11
WKRP in Cincinnati - S1E8
Nov 23, 202242:05
Bewitched - S3E7
Nov 16, 202248:35
Home Improvement - S6E7
Nov 01, 202201:07:01
Gargoyles - S2E7
Oct 27, 202201:03:09
Knight Rider - S3E5
Oct 18, 202201:06:31
I Dream of Jeannie - S5E7 and E8
Oct 11, 202258:34
Laverne and Shirley - S8E2
Oct 04, 202201:01:20
Star Trek: The Original Series - S3E1
Sep 27, 202258:05
The Flintstones - S6E8
Sep 20, 202251:10
Rerun: Episode 10 - The Muppet Show - S3E27
Sep 12, 202201:01:32
Empty Nest - S1E1
Sep 06, 202251:12
Green Acres - S4E8
Aug 30, 202256:60
Just The Ten of Us - S2E5
Aug 23, 202201:00:36
Darkwing Duck - S1E14
Aug 16, 202201:00:18
The Golden Girls - S4E20

The Golden Girls - S4E20

The Golden Girls is nothing short of legendary. The writing, the characters, the situations. It's all written and performed with the best of comedic timing and precision. Amy couldn't have picked a better episode to close out our Drugs theme. 

Not only did we chat about Golden Girls, but we announced our next topic. You voted, and we heard you. The next four episodes will be focused on Spin Offs! Those shows that came from other shows. 

Next week, Travis is getting dangerous with Darkwing Duck! Be sure to check out Season 1, Episode 14 before next week.

Don't forget to send your comments to or tweet us @thosedaysshow

Aug 09, 202255:58
Taxi - S3E8

Taxi - S3E8

If you expect to learn a valuable drug lesson from 1981 television, you may have come to the wrong place! This week we took a look at classic sitcom, Taxi! Latka bakes some of his grandmother's cookies and they may contain an ingredient that no on expected.

We had such a good time talking about this show. It's truly remarkable how dense with comedy this episode is and it really showed how the actors and writers pair together to make something that could be just "kinda funny" absolutely uproarious. 

We hope you enjoy it! 

In the meantime, our new poll is up to pick the next theme for the show, so swing over to @thosedaysshow on twitter and vote! Or just send us an email to telling us which of these you want to see us cover: Power Couples, Politics, Cooking Shows, or Spin Offs!

Next week, Amy is ready to thank you for being a friend as we watch The Golden Girls! Season 4, Episode 20. Catch the episode on Hulu and join us on Monday to see if this show holds up!

Aug 02, 202253:51
Dinosaurs - S2E9
Jul 26, 202201:00:28
Diff'rent Strokes - S4E2

Diff'rent Strokes - S4E2

Whatchu talkin' about, Travis?

Well, Travis is talkin' all about Diff'rent Strokes! This episode kicks off our month of "drug" episodes. Every good series has an anti-drug episode, or an episode where some character finds their way into the seedy underbelly of drug use. We're here for it!

Let us know what you thought of this episode by sending us an email to or hitting us up on twitter at @thosedaysshow

The next episode is going to be in TWO weeks. That gives you plenty of extra time to catch the next episode of classic tv. We'll be watching TGIF classic "Dinosaurs." We're really pumped for that one.

Watch Dinosaurs - S2E9 - Available on Disney+

Jul 12, 202249:32
The New Scooby-Doo Movies - S1E3 - Wednesday is Missing

The New Scooby-Doo Movies - S1E3 - Wednesday is Missing

The gang fires up the ol' mystery machine for this weeks episode where we review The New Scooby-Doo movies! It's a special guest/crossover episode with the creepy and kooky Addams Family! I couldn't think of a better crossover for Mystery Inc than an actual creepy family house. We had a good time with this one. We had so many memories of Scooby-Doo and the show had definitely been a part of all of our lives growing up.

We hope you enjoy it! Be sure to let us know what you thought at or @thosedaysshow on twitter

Next Week we kick off DRUGS month! 

Diff'rent Strokes - S4E2 - available on Amazon Prime Video in the US

Jul 05, 202256:00
I Love Lucy - S3E27

I Love Lucy - S3E27

Well I'm just as happy as a wet dog behind a warm stove! It's time for I Love Lucy! This time we're covering the episode where Tennessee Ernie Ford visits the Ricardos and, to no one's surprise, shenanigans ensue!

We had a great time talking about this one and we all laughed until we cried at a few points. I Love Lucy truly is the GOAT when it comes to classic TV and episodes like this prove it. 

Next week! It's The New Scooby Doo Movies with special guests The Addams Family! Watch the episode at the link below:

Also send us your thoughts to or on twitter @thosedaysshow

Jun 28, 202252:15
The Muppet Show - S3E27

The Muppet Show - S3E27

It's time to play the music! It's time to light the lights!

That's right, ya'll. This week we cover everyone's favorite bunch of fuzzy entertainers, The Muppets! The Muppet Show was, and continues to be, a cultural phenomenon of television. In a world where prime time was mostly all about human beings, the world welcomed a bunch of puppets into their lives and the rest was history. This episode features special guest Harry Belefonte, who is just a joy to watch. We had a blast with this episode. We hope you enjoy it!

Next Week! I Love Lucy - S3E27 with special guest: Tennessee Ernie Ford!

Let us know what you think of the show. Send us an email or tweet us at @thosedaysshow

Jun 14, 202201:00:56
The X-Files - S3E20
Jun 07, 202201:03:57
Inspector Gadget - S1E17
May 31, 202256:25
Bobby's World - S1E2
May 26, 202255:34
Voltron - S1E4
May 17, 202201:05:03
Garfield and Friends - S4E4
May 10, 202256:34
Doogie Howser, MD - S1E1
May 03, 202201:06:20
Batman - S1E1

Batman - S1E1

Greetings, old chum! On this episode, our heroes cover Batman from 1966! Some may consider this the one true Batman, other may see it as too campy to bother with. Which side do we land on? Listen in to find out! We had a great time chatting about this old gem, and we think you will too. Don't forget to let us know what you think by tweeting us at @thosedaysshow or emailing

Next week! Check out "Doogie Howser, MD" Season 1 Episode 1! It's the last episode of our "Pilots" themed month. Write in and tell us what you think!

Doogie Howser is available to stream on Hulu

Apr 26, 202201:09:03
The Greatest American Hero - S1E1

The Greatest American Hero - S1E1

On this episode, our retronauts take a look at The Greatest American Hero. A sci-fi/superhero comedy/drama thing from the early 1980's. This episode was a feature length pilot that was more of a TV movie than a regular show, and it certainly used its runtime to the fullest. Enjoy the show!

Hosted by Audie Norman

Next week, Stephen takes us on an another superhero adventure. This time with Batman 1966! When the Dark Knight wasn't so dark at all. Find that episode on at

As always, send us your feedback to or hit us up on Twitter @thosedaysshow.

Apr 19, 202201:30:01
Alf - S1E1

Alf - S1E1

On this episode, the nostalgianauts review the very first episode of Alf! For those who have no idea, Alf was a show about an alien that crash lands in a family's garage and immediately starts causing all kinds of sitcom appropriate trouble. This episode is wonderfully hosted by TVsTravis as he regales us with tales about his fond memories of watching Alf. We also chat a bit about the final episodes of Alf, the difficult TV shoot, what it's like to watch an 80's show after years away, and whether we want to watch another one.

Next week, Audie has us tackling the very first episode of The Greatest American Hero! The pilot is available for free with ads on Watch it before the show and give us your feedback!

See you next time.

Apr 14, 202256:27
The Pilot Episode
Apr 05, 202251:46