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Thoughts on Thoughts

Thoughts on Thoughts

By Kristjana Reid, Taylor Thomas, Jessica Miller

Thoughts on Thoughts is a podcast for people looking to be more self aware, have healthier relationships and to be more fulfilled in life. The podcast is hosted by three therapists who want to share things that they have taught their clients and also things they have put to use themselves that have enriched their lives and made them healthier people. They also hope to have a little fun along the way so if that's what you're looking for, this is the place for you.
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122. Reduce Your Mental Load with Radical Acceptance

Thoughts on ThoughtsNov 06, 2023

122. Reduce Your Mental Load with Radical Acceptance
Nov 06, 202326:11
121. What to Expect in a First Therapy Session
Oct 30, 202322:43
120. How To Start Your Own Self-Care Club
Oct 02, 202331:15
119. Reduce Your Mental Load With Seasonal Journaling

119. Reduce Your Mental Load With Seasonal Journaling

This is our first episode in a new miniseries dedicated to helping you reduce your mental load/emotional labor. The mental load is all of the invisible, back of the mind stress that we carry with us every day that can really take a toll on mental health. With this miniseries, we hope to give you real tools that can help you significantly reduce the mental load in your life. This first installment is about journaling. If you are not a fan of journaling, please don't write off this practice just yet! Give this a listen and we will hopefully give you some ways to do it that will work for you. We started this series with journaling because you have to get what is unconscious conscious- what is really holding you back from making changes in your life? We also talk about seasonal journaling which is a different (and pretty fun?) way of going about this.

Seasonal Journal Prompts:

What am I most excited about?

What am I already stressed about?

How can I mitigate/eliminate this stress?

What summer outfit do I feel great in?

What is something I can decide once?

What home task will I be least motivated to do?

How can I make this easier for myself?

What will I be glad I did or didn’t do?

What do I want the season to feel like?

Other journal prompts:

Brain dump

What would my ideal day look like? What do you want me to know today? What do you want me to feel today? What do you want me to do today? OR (taking out the higher power) What do I want to learn, feel and do today?

What is worth suffering for?

Imagine being the best possible version of yourself-what would bring you closest to being that person?

If social media didn’t exist and nobody would know what you were doing, how would you live differently?

What comes most naturally to you?

What would your ideal daily routine look like?

What do you want your legacy to be?

What do you need to do to arrive at your death bed proud of yourself?

Check in with yourself: 1. Physically, 2. Spiritually, 3. Mentally, 4. Socially What can I do to recenter myself? What are my priorities in this season of life?

If you want to learn more about the mental load before diving into this episode, here is our episode all about it-


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Sep 18, 202327:12
118. How to Increase Joy in Your Life
Aug 21, 202332:27
117. Parenting: How to Keep Your Cool
Aug 14, 202331:02
116. Preserving Your Mental Health in a Social Media World with Heidi Robey
Aug 07, 202357:19
115. How to Support Teens Who are Struggling with Mental Health with Heather Ransom, LCSW, RPT
Jul 24, 202348:43
114. A Look Into Maternal Mental Health with Joni Lybbert, PMHNP
May 30, 202335:27
113. How To Have Hard Conversations

113. How To Have Hard Conversations

Let's chat about how to have difficult conversations! We talk about how to navigate setting boundaries and being emotionally flooded while having hard conversations with others Are you feeling pressured to respond to people who are trying to have hard conversations over text? We've got some thoughts on that. 

Mar 07, 202325:22
112. Tap Into The Power Of Breathwork
Feb 21, 202318:45
111. Routines that SPARK JOY

111. Routines that SPARK JOY

On this, the 50th day of January, we decided we needed an episode that may help make life feel a little bit better. We (KJ and Jessica) frequently nerd out to each other over Marco Polo about routines and systems we have that make our lives easier (and help keep our mental loads lighter). In this episode we bring you along for the conversation and hope that there is an idea or two that you want to try that will bring some joy your days! 

Jan 30, 202334:22
110. How To Break Up With Your Phone

110. How To Break Up With Your Phone

If you're feeling like you have the attention span of a goldfish, like you don't know how to socialize in person anymore and/or you want your phone to be something you forget about instead of something that's constantly fused to your hand and burning your eyeballs...then this episode is for you. We also struggle with these things so we are here to share with you some strategies for breaking up your phone. Want to see a shift in your mental health? Give some of these things a try and see how it feels. 

Jan 23, 202340:45
109. Postpartum Frontloading

109. Postpartum Frontloading

There's a lot of preparation that happens prior to having a new baby join your family. In today's episode we discuss some of the things we have personally done and recommend doing prior to having a baby to help your mental health postpartum. It would be helpful to listen to this episode if you are pregnant, hoping to be or are a family member of someone who will be having a baby. Or honestly even if you are currently postpartum, give this a listen and there may be some ideas you can utilize to help offload some mental or emotional stress! 

Dec 19, 202226:39
108. Some Life Hacks to Help You Get Motivated

108. Some Life Hacks to Help You Get Motivated

You are about to hear some life hacks to help you with motivation when you are feeling burned out. In this episode we share some of the systems that we have personally used to help ourselves get things done when we are running on empty. 

Dec 12, 202224:27
107. Case Study: The Characters of "The Family Stone"

107. Case Study: The Characters of "The Family Stone"

It's time for another cozy holiday case study with the movie "The Family Stone". We love this movie and 'tis the season for fully analyzing all of the family dynamics it contains. We hope you enjoy! 

Dec 05, 202231:27
106. Navigating Holiday Stress: Traditions & Gift Giving

106. Navigating Holiday Stress: Traditions & Gift Giving

Today we are talking about holiday stress! We process through some of our own stressors and how we are working through them and how to navigate gift giving to reduce the mental stress of the holidays. 

Nov 28, 202230:01
105. Managing Your Triggers When Parenting

105. Managing Your Triggers When Parenting

In this episode we discuss how to recognize what is going on internally for you amidst parenting struggles. We process through some situations that have come up for us recently with our own difficulties parenting and share some tips for how to manage stressful moments and triggers when they arise. 

Nov 21, 202231:24
104. Case Study: The Characters of "Gilmore Girls"

104. Case Study: The Characters of "Gilmore Girls"

What better way to combat the ill effects of Daylight Savings and seasonal depression than by doing a deep dive on the characters of "Gilmore Girls" and their attachment styles? Okay there are definitely other ways but this is what we chose to do so tune into this episode if you want to hear some psychoanalysis of your favorite TV characters. Better yet, grab a warm drink, a blanket, listen to the episode and then turn on "Gilmore Girls" for a cozy TV session. Let us know if you have any other shows/movies you want us to analyze. 

Nov 14, 202245:22
103. Q&A: Long Distance Relationships & Attachment Issues, Parenting Around Playground Battles, Work/Life Balance as Parents & Why We Ghosted the Podcast

103. Q&A: Long Distance Relationships & Attachment Issues, Parenting Around Playground Battles, Work/Life Balance as Parents & Why We Ghosted the Podcast

We're back for the first time in a year! The podcast is not dead. In this episode we address the following:

-Where have we been? Including hearing about why Jessica has listened to all 400+ episodes of "Dateline" in the past year (it's wild). 

-How to navigate a long distance relationship if you have insecure attachment

-When to intervene when your kids are struggling with other kids

-How to have work/life balance as a parent 

It feels great to be back. Thanks for sticking with us and tuning in when you can! 

Oct 31, 202230:52
102. Case Study: The Characters of "The Holiday"
Dec 01, 202125:23
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Nov 17, 202126:12
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Nov 10, 202150:32
99. Encore Episode: A Minimalist Approach to Holiday Gift Giving
Nov 03, 202121:60
98. How To Be The Buffalo with Ashlynn Mitchell
Oct 27, 202138:10
97. Q&A: Romantic Relationships
Oct 21, 202135:15
96. Encore Episode: SAD Meets Hygge- the Art of Celebrating Life & Coziness
Oct 14, 202130:13
95. Friendship Breakups
Oct 07, 202133:44
94. Foster Parenting with Rachel Garrett
Sep 15, 202142:18
93. A Look at Grief Through the Lens of 9/11
Sep 11, 202101:18:27
92. Secondary Trauma
Aug 25, 202118:05
91. My Infertility Journey: A Rare, High Risk Pregnancy
Aug 19, 202133:59
90. My Infertility Journey Part 2
Aug 09, 202133:54
89. Q&A- Navigating Friendship Breakups, How to Support Not Enable & Lots of Boundaries Talk!
Aug 03, 202132:36
88. The Mental Health Benefits of Decluttering with Lisa Tselebidis
Jul 26, 202134:11
87. Encore Episode: Boundaries 101
Jul 19, 202120:36
86. Parenting Teens
Jul 12, 202135:33
85. Making Friends as an Adult
Jul 07, 202134:20
84. A Look Into OCD with Michelle Berntson
Jun 30, 202142:38
83. The Books We Love & Think You'll Love Too
Jun 23, 202126:32
82. Encore Episode: EMDR Therapy Explained
Jun 09, 202128:25
81. Stepfamilies
Jun 03, 202128:44
80. 2021 Coping Strategy: Blast the Song "Enough for You" & Cry in the Shower
May 25, 202127:33
79. The Drama Triangle
May 17, 202126:01
78. Managing Your Expectations of Others
May 10, 202119:27
77. Physical Intimacy in Relationships with Chelsea Petersen, LMFT
Mar 29, 202142:58
76. Q&A- Setting Boundaries With In-Laws, How To Become A Therapist & What To Do When Your Kids Make You Go #$*&%!!
Mar 22, 202122:37
75. Caregiver Fatigue
Mar 15, 202121:60
74. For Those Who Want To Be In A Relationship But Aren't
Mar 08, 202121:39
73. The Pandemic Traumaversary
Mar 01, 202122:46