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Thrive Tribe Podcast with Charles Clark

Thrive Tribe Podcast with Charles Clark

By Charles Clark

Charles Clark is a mindset expert, 3x National Champion athlete, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. The Thrive Tribe Podcast shares amazing interviews from ordinary people who found a way to thrive in their mindset, business, sport, health, and personal life— so you can embody the meaning of THRIVE as you conquer your goals.
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No More Excuses with Charles Clark

Thrive Tribe Podcast with Charles ClarkJun 26, 2020

No More Excuses with Charles Clark
Jun 26, 202003:52
Why Pruning is Necessary with Charles Clark
Jun 19, 202003:15
How to Cope with Your Setbacks with Charles Clark
Jun 12, 202002:24
Pain Before You Succeed with Charles Clark
Jun 05, 202002:38
There is No Such Thing as Writer's Block with Charles Clark
May 29, 202002:41
Your Capacity Has To Be Greater Than The Demand with Charles Clark
May 22, 202003:06
Fear is Boring with Charles Clark
May 15, 202002:38
The Brilliance of Big Thinking with Charles Clark
May 08, 202003:00
Failed Attempts Are Better Than Missed Opportunities with Charles Clark
May 01, 202002:20
The Solution to Alleviate Burnout and Have More Joy with Charles Clark
Apr 24, 202003:03
Recharging: The Best Way to Reduce Stress and Increase Energy with Charles Clark
Apr 17, 202002:26
How to Focus: Two Proven Ways to Concentrate Better and Boost Productivity with Charles Clark
Apr 10, 202004:03
(Negative Self-Talk) How to Subdue Self-Sabotage with Charles Clark
Apr 03, 202003:18
Quarantine Your Worry with Charles Clark
Mar 27, 202002:27
How To Be Consistent With Your Goals During the Rough Patch With Charles Clark
Mar 20, 202002:22
Forgiveness Makes You The Best Version of Yourself With Charles Clark
Mar 13, 202002:20
How to Create a Legacy Through the Power of Leadership with Charles Clark
Mar 06, 202002:29
The Big Problem with Living Insecure with Charles Clark
Feb 28, 202002:50
Stop Comparing and Start Creating with Charles Clark
Feb 21, 202002:50
The Danger of Complacency with Charles Clark
Feb 14, 202002:16
How To Stop Overthinking with Charles Clark
Feb 07, 202002:19
A New Season Of Thriving with Charles Clark

A New Season Of Thriving with Charles Clark

Let's start the year off right with a new season of the Thrive Tribe Podcast. Thriving is more than just a gold medal. It is impact. It is life transformation. It is excellence. It is integrity. It is intentional living. Thriving is all the things most people forget when they are determined to achieve a great goal. The upcoming podcasts are designed to explore the dimensions of what it means to thrive. You'll hear from people who are crushing failure and living out their calling. And with an added bonus, I'll be bringing you my Thrive Thoughts (lessons that challenge you to take thriving to the next level), each Friday for the next 20 weeks. 

Ready, Set, Thrive!

Feb 06, 202000:51
5 Habits To Becoming A Brain Boss with Trudy Stone
Sep 16, 201931:31
The Mind Game of Meditation with Hailey Lott
Aug 19, 201928:08
Habits Start Fires with John Lee Dumas
Aug 05, 201913:36
How to Show Up For Yourself
Jul 22, 201930:49
Your Passion Needs Fashion
Jul 09, 201919:16
The Power of Fear
Jun 24, 201934:50
3 Money Magnet Habits
Jun 20, 201933:55
Build Your Brand Using Instagram
Jun 10, 201929:12
Creating A Healthy Romantic Relationship
Jun 05, 201940:60
Generosity In My Gift

Generosity In My Gift

Rodney Smith is a giver of life, founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service. “More people should give. Too many people expect, they just take, take, take, take. It’s a powerful thing in giving. You get your blessing back for sure.” Are you ready to give in your community? Listen to this episode to get a fresh take on the power of giving in your community and starting your crazy idea.
May 28, 201915:54
4 Steps to Master Your Mood and Control Your Health

4 Steps to Master Your Mood and Control Your Health

Theresa Depasquale is an entrepreneurial fitness expert, author of “Boss to Bikini”. “Decide the life you want… Figure out your boundaries and say no to everything else.” Are you ready to step into mental fitness? Listen to this episode to learn the four steps to mastering your mood and controlling your health.
May 21, 201922:32
Activate Your Confidence

Activate Your Confidence

Rachel Luna is an best selling author, international speaker and Sales Confidence + Mindset Strategist. “The world is filled with hurt people and I am here to heal them.” Are you ready to activate your confidence? Listen to this episode to break down your personal barriers and activate your confidence.
May 13, 201929:18
Don’t Give Up… Fight

Don’t Give Up… Fight

Christine Handy is an author and breast cancer survivor, she shares how a disease nearly killed her awakened and built her character. “I actually want to live… now my life is a life of service and a life of inspiring others, and that's really living.” Are you fighting to survive? Listen to this episode to find ways to turn your hardships into championships.
Apr 29, 201926:42
Unlocking Your Inner Inventor

Unlocking Your Inner Inventor

Donteacia Seymore, American inventor and award-winning innovation strategist, shares how to get started with your invention, she never thought she would be an innovator but she took a chance with her vision. She talks about what inventors need to do to take their idea to product. “A lot of people have ideas but they don’t write it down… once you get it out of your head… it becomes a real thing and the motivation to act upon it becomes greater and greater. Do you have an idea or vision for your life? Listen to this episode to take the next steps to build your invention.
Apr 22, 201940:12
Travel The World For Cheap

Travel The World For Cheap

Courtney Smith, a well-versed world traveler, shares her secrets to traveling for cheap while advocating for sustainable and cultural travel in the minority community. She talks about how she traveled to close to 20 countries. “Flights are typically cheapest about six weeks out of your travel date.” Where do you want to travel next? Listen to this episode to figure out how to get those jet wheels rolling. Learn Courtney’s secrets and heart for traveling the world.
Apr 16, 201918:56
How to Pivot and Become the Fastest Rugby Player in the World

How to Pivot and Become the Fastest Rugby Player in the World

Carlin Isles, the world’s fastest rugby player, shares his overnight success pivot, turning $500 to one amazing fairy tale story. He talks about how he changed careers from a simple vision and a whole lot of faith. “You can't wait to feel something to get at a dream… the action has to lead the feelings.” Do you think you can’t bounce back from the goal you never accomplished? Listen to this episode, it’s possible. Learn Carlin’s ways of pivoting in unfamiliar territory.
Mar 18, 201916:11
Making Life Meaningful Through My Illness

Making Life Meaningful Through My Illness

Shay Barber shares her incredible story of overcoming insecurity. She talks about how getting breast implants changed her life forever. “It’s the perception that people see.” Perception means a lot to so many, but is perception always reality? Now, she is finding freedom in embracing who she truly is. Shay is learning to walk without shame and fighting to create a movement of healthy mindset in women dealing with insecurity and breast implant illness. Learn her strategies of gratitude and progressive change in this podcast episode.
Feb 23, 201925:14
The Seven Figure American Dream

The Seven Figure American Dream

Having an answer to your problem allows you to confidently handle life’s adversity and trials. This is exactly how Danijel Velicki faced life. In this episode, we’re going to hear from Danijel, a Thrive Triber and financial educator, who pivoted from an uncontrollable circumstance in life to becoming one of Inside Businesses’ “40 Under 40.” He shares how he not only built the career he pre-destined for himself, but he also created the ultimate American dream for him and his family.
Feb 13, 201924:45