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The Introvert Marketer

The Introvert Marketer

By Tiffany

I'm your host, Tiffany Garside, International Marketing Strategist, and Copywriter. This podcast is designed for introverted entrepreneurs who wants to dominate their industry without sacrificing their energy. As an introvert, I know all too well what it feels like to be utterly exhausted from the chaos in the world. Entrepreneurship shouldn't be this way and neither should marketing.

Through the written word (aka selling with words) your copy and content can pack a punch that will establish your legacy and help you acquire wealth. You can do and have everything you desire, with words.
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Make it Count! Creating Word-Worthy Copy

The Introvert Marketer Apr 01, 2022

10. Observation Therapy: The Art of Empathy

10. Observation Therapy: The Art of Empathy

Welcome back fellow introverted entrepreneurs!

The Introvert Marketer: The Art of Empathy

In this episode of The Introvert Marketer, we explore the art of empathy and how it can be used to build stronger connections with your audience and fuel your expansion via storytelling in marketing

We start by defining empathy and then we take some timer to dissect 3 main ways you can empathize with your community today!

Empathy involves putting yourself in your audience's shoes and understanding their needs, desires, and pain points. By being empathetic, you can create messaging that resonates with your audience and drives more effective communication.

We then explore marketing tips for introverts by incorporating empathy into your brand. Some of the tips we cover include:

  • Conducting market research to understand your audience
  • Using storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience
  • Focusing on benefits, not features, to speak to your audience's needs
  • Using social proof and testimonials to build credibility and trust
  • Being authentic and genuine in your messaging

We also discuss some common mistakes that marketers make when trying to be empathetic, such as assuming that everyone in your audience is the same, or using manipulative tactics to try to connect with your audience. The introvert marketer podcast is your personal safe space to feel confident and united with other entrepreneurs and marketers like you.

Grab your cup of tea or coffee, sit back and lets discuss how you can use your superpower of empathizing with others to connect with your consumers on a global stage!


Jul 11, 202306:23
The Power of The Introvert: I Do My Best When I'm Alone
Jul 06, 202205:16
Do NOT Delete | Email Marketing Tips for Service Providers
Apr 21, 202211:16
Checking Your Balance: Avoiding Burnout as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Checking Your Balance: Avoiding Burnout as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Hey Introverted boss! I'm your host Tiffany Garside, Freelance Copywriter turned International Marketing Strategist. In this episode we're talking about something that has become somewhat of a buzz word... burn out. 

Burn out for us as introverts looks a whole lot different from our extroverted counter parts so I'm taking this time to tell you about how I handle burn out being in business 6 years, how it comes up, and what you can do when you inevitably face it. By the end of this episode you're going to know exactly how to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur or at least lessen it. 

Tune in to hear entrepreneur burn out signs so you'll know exactly what to do when this situations arises for you. 

If you need to get in contact with me for website copywriting, rebranding/repositioning your business send an email to or go to 

Apr 05, 202210:43
Make it Count! Creating Word-Worthy Copy

Make it Count! Creating Word-Worthy Copy

Welcome back to the Introvert Marketer Podcast! I'm your introverted host, Tiffany Garside - International Marketing Strategist and Copywriter. Today's let's dive in and discuss how you can make maximum impact with your words. As an introvert entrepreneur, we all know how uncomfortable it is to constantly go out of our zone of premium "alone time," well sis, I've mastered the art of allowing my words to do the heavy lifting in business even as a marketing professional. 

Learning copywriting for creatives and service-providers is essential for attracting those ideal clients and educating your audience on demand. Think of this episode like your 1:1 mini-training with me. I'm taking you through a few of the steps I go through with my clients when they need to increase their visibility, conversions, and community base. Grab some tea, coffee, lemonade (or whatever else you drink) and let's get into it!

In this episode, I'm giving you the low down on exactly how I find clients without jumping through all the hoops extroverts will tell you are necessary to have a thriving company. 

Now, if you're a service-provider listening in right now I'm happy to tell you my program, "Ignite Your Copy" (Group Coaching) is now available with 4 spots!! 

// Sign up here so you can lock in a sustainable business (without losing your sanity)


Apr 01, 202209:39
Put a Ring on It: Commit to International Success

Put a Ring on It: Commit to International Success

Welcome back introvert boss. In today's episode I'm going into depth about how I (a 26 year old entrepreneur) started an international brand back in 2017. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey, and with these marketing tips I'm about to spill you too can increase your international presence and become a global powerhouse from your home office. 

Grab some tea or coffee and let's get right into it. 

Want to join the next Ignite Your Copy Group Coaching class?

Want to discuss working 1:! to elevate your brand message, rebrand, or launch your offers with captivating copy? Email me 

Mar 15, 202208:04
One Thing is NOT Like the Other Sales Page Vs. Landing Page
Mar 08, 202209:02
Foundations for Success: Copywriting Tips

Foundations for Success: Copywriting Tips

Have you been DIYing your copywriting (website, social, emails, blogs etc.)?

Do you wonder why your business seems like it has hit a brick wall in terms of growth? 

Are you stumped when it comes to creating content and sales copy for your program launches? 

Your marketing message is probably lacking. Tune into this message and find out why. I'm breaking down the exact steps you can take to hone in on a more precise, client attracting message. 

Welcome back to The Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast! In this episode let’s discuss foundational tips for your success aka copywriting tips for a service-based business. As an entrepreneur writing and knowing how to properly articulate your value is crucial. 

Let’s jump right in! Visit for marketing assistance.

Mar 01, 202209:55
Making Moves to Strategize YOUR Freedom

Making Moves to Strategize YOUR Freedom

In this episode, I'm spilling the beans on that one time I was sooo burned out, I ended up refunding clients and shutting down my business for four months. 

This was a crucial time in my evolution not only as an entrepreneur, but as an introvert. Now days, I make sure I'm aligned with my capacity, and what I can take on realistically. 

My advice for you? Just because you CAN do everything - doesn't mean you should. 

Thanks for listening. Be sure to write a review so more introverted bosses can relate to this topic with us. 

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Feb 23, 202207:20
Eye on Africa (Freedom Looks Good on You)

Eye on Africa (Freedom Looks Good on You)

Hey introvert boss! Welcome to The Introvert Marketer Podcast, I'm your host Tiffany Garside, Freelance Copywriter turned International Marketing Strategist. We're going to shed light together on our introverted ways, how we can find success with the written word, while cultivating a safe space for our personalities to shine. Our introverted ways come with a lot of strengths that happen to be our "saving grace" in business. We're going to dig deep into that topic, and how you can build a life that supports who you are right now through captivating content and the written word. 

In this episode, I'm taking you with me on a journey through my life the past 5 years as an entrepreneur. From losing my dad and quitting my job to having $10k months in business and working with over 400 companies and agencies globally. It has been an incredible ride and I'm ready to spill all the beans. Not to mention, the fact that I became a Digital Nomad in 2020 and now reside in East Africa! 

There are so many stories to share and this is just the tip of the iceberg sis, so let's get into it!

*Leave a review and let me know your thoughts and topics you'd like to hear*

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Feb 15, 202207:14
February 14, 2022

February 14, 2022

Feb 14, 202200:41