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Faith will move you Forward ~ Power Pushes

Faith will move you Forward ~ Power Pushes

By Tina E Boyd

Welcome to Faith will move you forward podcast , “Power Push” I am Tina Boyd, a wife, mother, author, speaker, business owner, and a God Marketer. I am here as a friend to help you move forward with any life challenge, to give you a power push. By sharing the powerful word of God, real life stories, and providing inspirational nuggets, your mind, heart and soul will be fueled to push forward. This podcast is based on my book. The Ride of your Life, Faith will move your forward. In 10 to 12 minutes you will have hope, something to ponder and courage to have a beautiful and freeing ride!
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Power Pushes ~ Episode 1 ~ emotions with your life challenge

Faith will move you Forward ~ Power Pushes Jun 07, 2021

Front Wheel Concept ~ Spoke 1 Beliefs

Front Wheel Concept ~ Spoke 1 Beliefs

When going through life challenges and crisis we often go to our self talk ~ our belief systems.  Sometimes our beliefs are good and sometimes they need to be revamped.  I have a special guest on with me, my sister Tami Elliott Harrison even thou we grew up together we often handle situations differently and we were given different belief systems even with having the same parents.  You will want to listen in as the timing is perfect, she was once an Olympic hopeful and went to the Olympic trails and this year she coached a girl that went to the Olympic trails.  This picture of Tami was taken for the Commonwealth Magazine, in 1983. 

Jul 26, 202115:48
Power Pushes ~ EP 2, The Front Wheel Concept

Power Pushes ~ EP 2, The Front Wheel Concept

The front wheel concept is symbolic. In your path toward moving forward, the rim is a continuous circle representing God’s promise of eternal life and His promise of His eternal love. The spokes connect the rim to the hub of the wheel. Learning about the seven spokes will guide you to dissect your challenge and learn to move forward with joy and happiness. There is work that must be done. Understanding the challenge will help you find completeness and understanding so you will have wholeness and happiness on your ride! You will learn how to use the front wheel concept to move forward, from hurt to healing, from confusion to clarity. Each of the seven spokes represents a different yet important facet of your spiritual journey. The hub is the most important part of the wheel; it is where your soul and faith are housed. It is the center of who you are. The hub pulls everything together. This is the Christ-centered hub that makes the wheel work cohesively with the rim and the spokes. Focusing on the hub will teach you how to become more centered on God and less centered on yourself.

Jun 21, 202118:54
Power Pushes ~ Episode 1 ~ emotions with your life challenge
Jun 07, 202113:52
About Power Pushes Podcast
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