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Fair Tips Talks

Fair Tips Talks


Step into the complex topic of fair tipping with TIPJAR and The Tronc Advisor, as we uncover the upcoming Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act in detail. Gain a deep understanding of the challenges surrounding these changes as we embark on a journey of exploration and clarification.
Prepare to unlock valuable insights, gain expert perspectives, and discover actionable strategies that will empower you to thrive in the dynamic landscape of tipping. ‘Fair Tips Talks’ is your compass for navigating change, seizing opportunities, and revolutionising the hospitality industry!
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Episode One: Unravelling the New Tipping Legislation

Fair Tips TalksOct 10, 2023

Episode 4: Dangers Of Non-Compliance

Episode 4: Dangers Of Non-Compliance

Embark on a candid exploration of the consequences of non-compliance with the new tipping legislation!

Gain invaluable advice for operators at risk, insights into common non-compliance areas, and practical solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of tipping practices. We'll delve into the critical role of communication, discuss potential financial and reputational risks, and offer guidance on staying within legal boundaries.

Don't miss this insightful session focused on ensuring compliance, safeguarding your brand, and nurturing positive industry relationships!

Nov 21, 202334:08
Episode 3: A 'People First' Approach To The New Legislation

Episode 3: A 'People First' Approach To The New Legislation

Get ready for an electrifying Episode 3 of "Fair Tips Talks"! 

We're diving deep into how the new tipping and tronc legislation supercharges inclusive workplace cultures. Our remarkable panel unravels its provisions for fair treatment, navigates business challenges, and serves up hot advice on aligning policies with people-first approaches.

You'll gain insights from businesses that have already not just complied, but fully embraced the new legislation. Discover how they put employee well-being above all else!

Operators join the party to share their tales of adapting while keeping that people-first groove alive. And, of course, we'll explore the fantastic benefits for businesses that make fair treatment and satisfaction the stars of their tipping and tronc practices. Join us for a sizzling discussion at the crossroads of legislation, workplace culture, and business success.

Oct 30, 202355:29
Episode 2: New Tipping Legislation and Agency Workers

Episode 2: New Tipping Legislation and Agency Workers

In Episode Two of our webinar series, FAIR TIPS TALKS, we're delving deep into the impact of the new tipping legislation on agencies, agency workers, and industry operators.

We'll tackle the challenges operators face when relying on agency workers, along with compliance strategies. Plus, we'll explore how shifts in tip allocation and reporting are reshaping dynamics between staff agencies and businesses.

Discover the advantages of running a tronc and the potential for collaborative efforts between operators and staff agencies. Technology's role in streamlining tip management will be a key focus.

Lastly, we'll discuss how this legislation might influence recruitment, retention, and relationships within the industry!

Oct 16, 202338:13
Episode One: Unravelling the New Tipping Legislation

Episode One: Unravelling the New Tipping Legislation

We're so excited to share Episode One of our webinar series!

In this session, we'll delve into the new tipping legislation's implications on your day-to-day operations, discussing both the challenges it poses and the opportunities it presents.

We'll consider the long-term benefits that this Act might bring to your business, and explore the importance of staff education and how these changes may affect your team dynamics. Finally, we'll address the potential financial impact and share insights on how technology solutions can simplify compliance.

You'll leave with valuable resources for further information and a sneak peek of our next webinar in this enlightening series. Don't miss this opportunity to stay informed about the new tipping legislation! 

Oct 10, 202354:01